Loch Duchampe

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Loch Duchampe is a human wizard on the Irrdin'errin. A now-elderly man of 76, Duchampe rose from humble beginnings and has served on the council for some forty years. He is wise and studious, still quick-witted despite his advancing age, and has never acted as though his human background put him at a disadvantage in the council. He obviously sees himself as fully equal to the SK members, and superior to some of them. He has long been allied with Antjri Dinh, and there are whispered rumours that they are lovers, although this is not confirmed, as sleeping with another member of the council is strongly looked down upon, and would certainly be cause for censure from the other members, if not worse. All that can be said is that if they are, or were, then they have been very careful about it. The fact that Dinh is a powerful abjurer may be helpful in matters requiring discretion.

Now a Lich!

Andusk analogue to Loch du Champe.