Lathra Scales

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Player: wererogue

Race: Shadar-kai

House: Houseless

Class: Cleric

Alignment: Neutral Good

Vital Statistics:

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Height: --

Weight: --

Eyes: Grey

Hair: White

Skin: Grey


Cabaret medic and serpent priest.

Lathra became a priestess of Vrag in Llorfir, and, finding it hard to live with the skepticism in the shadow plane, moved to Diabolotin 3 years ago. She was drawn to the shows in the city, and soon made a few friends among her favourite performers. Several stars found her religion enticing, and she agreed to teach it to them. As her small flock or parishioners/patrons grew, she found herself with a reputation as cleric-to-the-stars, eventually being recruited as a full-time chaplain at Titania's Cabaret.

It was on the advice of one of her patrons that she adopted the surname "Scales" to help her fit in with the entertainment crowd.

While she initially made some friends in the Shade, recently Lathra has felt a bit out of place there, since there are some who see her as a sellout or traitor for spending her time mostly with the rich and famous.

Owns a snake, Frank