Kalman Vak'andres

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Kalman Vak'andres is a shadar-kai nobleman and, secretly, a human sympathizer. He appears about 27, with black hair. Although his background and heritage would make it next to impossible for him to participate in human resistance efforts, he has played his part in other ways, by funnelling funds to the underground, buying slaves whom he then surreptitiously frees, and, via his aunt Thumire, doing some subtle lobbying for human rights. He is a widower with several children.

Kalman bought out the contract of gladiator Boden of Gouge at the height of his fame. Ostensibly serving as breeding stock, he was evidently a valued member of the family until his death some ten years ago.

Kalman's true feelings for the captured savage may be far more... affectionate, which may account for his sympathy and assistance with securing the contract of César from the Arena, at Sendhel's request.

Andusk analogue of Kalman vak Andras.