Jedrezej nhe Qani

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Jedrezej, called 'Jed' by his friends, is a young Shadar-kai man who was trained as a wizard by Gelin te Kenep, one of the most well-known and prominent wizards in the Shade. He came to Diablotin with his mother, Rikkah sel Andis, a singer, when he was fairly young, so he is very acclimatized to the city and has no particular desire to return to the Shadow Plane. He has long silver hair and dark eyes. Having been brought up assisting with his mother's performances, he now works as Aubrienne Romilly's assistant in her stage show, where he affects various trappings of 'greyface', such as darkening his complexion and adding various fake piercings and tattoos, in order to enhance the exotic nature of the act.