Janus visits Anastasius, 10/4/2005

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  • Anastasius will receive you and Hayley at Slieve Aneirin, with Irene.
  • Anastasius will let the girls take care of each other, while we discuss your current issue in one of my studies :)

<Anastasius> (I'm not sure how much looking around you would do when you get here, but there is very definietly glamour in the air here, and not just in the freehold, just, generally, although there is sort of a dark flavour to it) <Janus> (yum)

  • Hayley smiles supportively at Janus and gives him a little encouraging squeeze before running off with Irene - as much to tell him she'll be all right as to let you know her heart's with you as you try to figure out what happened to Rachel.

<Anastasius> (There is also a fort commanding the mountains, now) <Anastasius> (we can get ourselves installed comfortably, in any case... would you have sent a letter ahead of time explaining the basics of the issue. or what?) <Anastasius> (or rather, I assume you have, but what would have been in it?) <Janus> (yes) <Janus> (everything?) <Anastasius> (okay) <Anastasius> I have considered the information you gave me very carefully, and I have looked into it some.... <Anastasius> have you learned anything new? <Janus> Not really. It has been *exceptionally* frustrating work.

  • Janus paces the room, scowling, while Rook sits and watches from the top of some bookshelf.

<Janus> We have resumed scrying attempts, but there seem to be several copies scattered about... It's useless. <Janus> All of it, useless! <Janus> All the years I've spent researching magic, all that I've given to the arts, and it avails me nothing. <Janus> Nothing! <Anastasius> have you invested much study into the shadow arts? <Janus> Some... <Janus> I am familiar with an art that lets one alter one's appearance and manner, but I don't think that it is what we are dealing with here... <Anastasius> Yes, Facade <Janus> That's the one. <Anastasius> I agree that it couldn't explain everything that happened, certainly not when it becaume clear what the body was. <Janus> And if someone had been using Facade to pose as Rachel, the enchantment would have been dispelled when she died, as well <Anastasius> It is *possible* that, if whoever is responsible for this had it well planned out, that it culd have been used to make the doppleganger appear as her corpse, when it fact, it as never her to begin with, nor even truly alive. <Anastasius> It doesn't seem likely that you or your father would have overlooked that, though, and besides which, it is only incidental <Janus> Whatever it was... it seemed as it should, up until that third day. <Janus> Inside and out.

  • Anastasius nods

<Anastasius> I do have a theory on what it may have been. <Janus> Oh? <Anastasius> (question... wold you have ever shown me aneirin's book?) <Anastasius> As I recall, Aneirin mentioned in the introduction of his work on blood magic that it was not, initially, the only form of magic banned by the Tuatha that he's investigated. <Anastasius> he mostly mentioned it to dismiss it, of course, because he wasn't .... psychologically equipped to study itt <Janus> Oh. That. <Anastasius> Indeed. <Anastasius> I have done *some* research into it, previously, and so I was able to find what may have been the ritual used to create the false-rachel. <Anastasius> A reference to it, at least. <Janus> . o O ( That's... convenient... ) <Janus> Really. <Janus> What is it, then? <Anastasius> here.

  • Anastasius will show you a scroll written in an old celtic script

<Janus> (what does it say) <Anastasius> (It is a description of the tradition of leaving 'changeling' babies, from the fae point of view, although generally it is assumed that people have always used effigies, the ritual described here is different. It talks about how the couple who wanted to steal the child would have sex on a bed made of gathered organic material, and they would imbue said bed with the energies of their desires, and then sahpe it, whether leaves and <Anastasius> whether leaves and earth, or logs, or whatever, into a form of the child to be stolen, and it is this creature that they would replace the human baby with, and when the magic wore off, it would turn back into whatever it was made of) <Janus> Where did you get this? <Anastasius> (The scroll also exlains that the tuatha have now banned this form of magic, and those who continue to follow the practice have been heavily geased when discovered) <Anastasius> Eire keeps few secrets from me these days. <Janus> From whom? <Janus> I want to know who else has this information. <Anastasius> I recovered this from the ruins of a monsatery, in Kerry. <Anastasius> In a chamber sealed with an ancient weaver ward <Anastasius> However, I *have* heard of other who have been investigationg this particular magical path. <Janus> Well, who?

  • Janus barely restrains his impatience.

<Anastasius> Queen Morwen, which is why I am surprised that it hasn't been brought to your attention already. <Anastasius> I am not sure what *her* sources on these things are, of course, but I understand they are best studied with a partner <Janus> That UTTER COW! <Janus> "Like a daughter to me," she said!

  • Janus is livid.

<Janus> That cunting *whore*. <Anastasius> I am sure she will have an interesting explanation to present you with. <Janus> Oh I am *sure* she'll think of something. <Anastasius> I *suppose8 it is possible that she is not familiar with this particular ritual

  • Janus seethes.

<Janus> Why? Why would she want to do this? Why would anyone?! <Janus> What is there to gain?! <Anastasius> It could be someting as simple as wanting to test their power against your own. <Janus> Well she may have that chance!!

  • Janus snaps.

<Janus> If that's what she wishes, she can see how she fares against my whole family. <Anastasius> Well, I would advise you not to be *too* rash. If she *is* responsible, who knows what she may be prepared for if you confron her directly? <Janus> I will soon have the truth of it. <Janus> There is no-one more accomplished at Soothsay than my mother, and she emloys a mortal with an uncanny sort of Sight as well. <Janus> (+p) <Anastasius> so I am told. I hope this matter is quickly resolved, and your daughter found safe. <Janus> My daughter no longer exists. <Janus> Her name is no more. I would have to recreate her from scratch. <Janus> The implications of that are... <Janus> ...staggering...

  • Janus seems to lose a bit of his energy.

<Anastasius> . o O ( maybe they just renamed her because they couldn't stand how whiny she is.... ) <Anastasius> Ah, well, I lack you mastery of Naming, of course... <Anastasius> But If I can be of any further assistance... I understand how important your family is to you. <Janus> Whoever is responsible... <Janus> First I shall have their eyes. Then I shall have their blood... and their Name, and their soul.

  • Janus vows with a dark, hate-filled intensity.

<Anastasius> As is your right.

  • Anastasius nods, his red eyes glowing eerily.

<Janus> I shall need to learn more of this other art. <Anastasius> I have some resources I could put at your disposal in that matter.

  • Anastasius conseiders.

<Janus> Thank you. That would be most helpful. <Anastasius> I know of someone else who may be of assistance.

  • Janus listens.

<Anastasius> A magus who has put herself at the disposl of my court.... her people's approach to magic may provide some useful insights.\ <Anastasius> Kerry Shae <Anastasius> I can send her to you, if you wish. <Janus> I should like to meet her, yes... <Anastasius> that can be arranged.

  • Janus nods.

<Anastasius> very well. <Anastasius> I do have some additional materials here, if you wish to examine them now... <Anastasius> (we can end here if you want to go to bed) <Janus> (ok) <Anastasius> (~The hero of concordia, the man they call.... janus~) <Janus> (heh)