Janus is disappointed in Hayley, 7/12/2005

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  • Hayley is meeting you for supper/tea as usual. You've not seen much of her yet today, since she was out again now that the Church threat
 is over (for now).
  • Hayley is wearing a pale green dress, the colour of foxtail grasses before they turn purplish.
  • Janus is wearing a deep maroon floor-length leather coat with a high collar over a long black robe.
  • Janus comes in and sets down his scythe before shrugging the coat off onto a chair.
  • Hayley 's hair is carefully arranged in an upward sweep, only to be released in a tumble of curls.
  • Hayley smiles happily.
  • Hayley comes over to give you a kiss.

<Hayley> How was your day? <Janus> Hello dear... <Janus> Oh, allright. <Janus> It is far too warm, though. <Hayley> Oh, you northerners.  ;) <Hayley> I thought the weather was lovely. <Janus> I am melting...

  • Janus sinks gracefully into a seat.

<Hayley> Melting?  :o <Hayley> There's some iced tea and some lemonade if you'd care for some. <Janus> Oh, that would be nice.

  • Hayley pours a glass and brings it over to you.

<Janus> Thank you...

  • Janus takes a drink.

<Hayley> You're very welcome. It wouldn't do to have you melt into a blue and pink puddle on the floor... I'd be very sad. <Janus> Well, it heartens me to know I would be missed. <Janus> How was your day, then?

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> Oh, it was good. I went to visit my brothers; they're doing well.

  • Janus nods...

<Hayley> I helped out a bit on the farm they're staying at. <Hayley> Very mundane. <Hayley> It's when I got back to the castle that things took a surprising turn... <Janus> Oh?

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> I, um, I got a letter from Rachel. <Janus> From Rachel?

  • Janus repeats, surprised.
  • Janus frowns somewhat uncertainly.
  • Hayley nods, looking rather surprised herself.

<Janus> Well. That's... nice.... <Hayley> Unless a pooka is playing a trick on me and is a very good forger of handwriting and official seals...

  • Hayley nods.

<Janus> What did she have to say? <Hayley> Not a whole lot. It wasn't a very long letter... <Hayley> But she wrote that she feels she would like to speak with me. <Hayley> We're invited to Emerald Fields, if you have the time... <Janus> I could arrange some... <Hayley> She says she can't really justify coming back here so soon... she's been delinquent in her duties there, she's been away so much. <Hayley> So if you could, that would be good. <Janus> Allright...

  • Janus frowns again, looking distracted.

<Hayley> Well, thank you. I appreciate it, and I'm sure she does too.

  • Hayley smiles slightly.

<Janus> ... When would you like to go? <Hayley> Well, let me check my date book.  :P

  • Hayley teases.

<Janus> I mean... Within the next few days? A week from now? What sort of time frame...?

  • Hayley shrugs.

<Hayley> My schedule is pretty much free. You're the one who is in demand. So perhaps it would be best for you to find out when you can

 safely leave the Kingdom for a few days, and we'll take things from there. :)
  • Hayley suggests sensibly.

<Janus> A few days? <Janus> How long does she plan to talk to you? <Hayley> Sure, if you think you can manage it. <Janus> O_o <Janus> I don't know if I can do that. <Hayley> Oh! <Hayley> Well, perhaps a day then... <Hayley> I'm not entirely sure how long she needs to speak with me. <Janus> Allright, well... I will see what I can do. <Hayley> I guess I was also hoping to have time to see what Georgia is like and keep you to myself. ^-^ <Hayley> But if you can't swing it, I shall endure.  :) <Janus> It is hot and unpleasant. <Janus> ¬_¬ <Janus> . o O ( I hate the Kingdom of WIllows ) <Hayley> Oh, right.

  • Hayley smiles fondly.

<Hayley> I guess it is more advantageous to come from a hot climate than a cold one... it's easy enough to get warmer when one is cold,

 but not so easy to cool down when one is hot.

<Hayley> You should have grown up in a desert, then life would be much easier on you.  ;) <Hayley> . o O (Grown up in a desert, like me!) <Janus> I quite like the climate here. <Janus> Most of the time. <Hayley> I find it chilly.

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> Anyway... <Hayley> What did you do today aside from wilt from the heat, or is it a state secret?

  • Hayley teases.
  • Hayley looks up as dinner is brought in by a handful of servants.

<Janus> Oh, well

  • Janus glances over the servants.

<Janus> Nothing terribly interesting.

  • Hayley nods, uncertain whether it really was boring or whether you are unwilling to speak of it in front of the servants.

<Hayley> Ah well. <Hayley> (Supper is a nice, refreshingly cool meal... salad and vichysoise or something.  :) ) <Hayley> Have you made any progress with your research?

  • Hayley asks once the servants have left.

<Janus> Actually, it's coming along quite well!

  • Janus perks up at the mention of his work. :)

<Hayley> Oh, yeah?

  • Hayley smiles.

<Janus> The difficulty lies in that the theories are not easily tested...

  • Hayley always like hearing him talk about his research. His intellect is one of the most attractive things about him for her. ;)
  • Hayley nods.

<Janus> The models all seem to make sense...

  • Hayley nods.

<Janus> But in the end I often have to resort to omens and such to determine if my predictions are accurate... <Hayley> And have you had any success with those? <Janus> Of course, one must be very certain that the omens themselves are reliable, which requires preparations of other cantrips... <Janus> And so on. <Janus> It is very time consuming.

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> Well, you know that if there's any assistance I could render you, you need only ask... <Janus> Still, I think I might be ready to make an attempt in the very near future... <Janus> Maybe even by the end of the month...! <Hayley> Oh, that soon? <Janus> Well, I cannot say for certain. <Hayley> So, have you solved the riddle of what to use in place of the sidhe's spirit? <Janus> I think so. <Hayley> What are you thinking of? <Janus> ...

  • Hayley asks curiously.

<Janus> You must swear not to tell anyone...

  • Hayley smiles.

<Janus> If this works, and it were to become known, well... There could be problematic consequences. <Hayley> Janus, who would I tell? <Janus> I don't know. <Hayley> Oh...

  • Janus says, a trifle defensively.
  • Hayley feels a bit apprehensive now.

<Hayley> Well, of course I wouldn't betray your work to someone else. <Hayley> It's your intellectual property. <Janus> Well... <Janus> ... <Janus> It's the balefire, you see... <Hayley> Oh...

  • Hayley looks surprised.

<Janus> It's so simple... <Hayley> . o O (Well, it's better than killing babies or virgins, at least marginally.) <Janus> Well... It isn't really. <Janus> Anyhow, I'm sure you can see why we would not want the knowledge to be widespread.

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> It sounds like an interesting theory, for sure. <Hayley> But I must admit I'm a bit concerned about the ramifications... <Hayley> I'm not sure how I'd feel about being... bonded with balefire. <Janus> What do you mean? <Hayley> Well... it's sacred. <Hayley> And what if the Dreaming is angered by this use? <Hayley> And well... <Janus> It's my freehold. <Janus> I can do with it as I please. <Hayley> ... <Janus> It won't be harmed anyway... <Janus> Just a tiny sliver of flame. <Janus> No one need ever know. <Hayley> The balefire is given into your keeping as a sacred trust for all the faerie folk under your protection... <Hayley> Not just for you. <Janus> There will be no appreciable difference!!

  • Janus is frustrated that you don't seem to be pleased with his plans.

<Hayley> Well, perhaps not. But if I am concerned for you and for your land it's only because I care for you so much.

  • Hayley reminds you gently and perhaps a bit sadly.

<Janus> You don't think I know what I'm doing. <Hayley> ... <Hayley> I think you are extremely intelligent and that you research your studies throughly.

  • Janus toys with an empty teacup, frowning slightly.

<Hayley> But... I admit that I am uncomfortable sometimes, when it comes to... challenging the Dreaming and perhaps going against its desire. <Hayley> Because the Dreaming is just so big. And it's alive... and I don't know what it will accept and what it will not accept. <Janus> How is it any different than using Dreamcraft to impose one's will upon it? <Janus> I have studied magic and the Dreaming for nearly two hundred years, and you are lecturing me about its nature? <Hayley> Not lecturing you.  :/ <Hayley> I'm just trying to express to you some fears I have, that's all. <Janus> Don't you trust me? <Hayley> Yes, I trust you.

  • Hayley sighs.

<Hayley> I'm just afraid. <Janus> Well, there is nothing to fear. <Janus> I will be in full control of the situation. <Hayley> Yes, Janus.

  • Hayley smiles wanly.
  • Janus sets the cup aside.

<Janus> ... <Hayley> If I start spewing out glamour like a balefire I guess that'll be interesting.

  • Janus is unamused.

<Hayley> I'll never be left alone... nevers and everything fluttering around me all the time. <Janus> I have gone to considerable trouble for this enterprise. <Janus> I take it very seriously. <Janus> You do not seem to share my enthusiasm. <Hayley> Janus... <Hayley> I do find it interesting. <Hayley> I just... I'm old fashioned. <Janus> Do you not want me to do this? <Janus> Is that what you are avoiding saying? <Hayley> I want to be with you, but I am afraid that the way it's going to happen will just get us into more trouble. <Hayley> And I just don't know where it will end.

  • Janus 's eyes flash, then darken.
  • Janus opens his mouth to say something, then appears to think better of it, snapping his jaw shut again.
  • Hayley looks at you pleadingly. She wishes you could stand in her shoes for a day. :/

<Janus> If you want my permission to call your little friend...

  • Janus says lowly.

<Janus> ...

  • Hayley sighs. That's not what she wanted.

<Hayley> No... <Janus> I will eat iron filings before I make myself beholden to *them*. <Hayley> I know you feel that way. <Hayley> I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. I love you so much, and I respect your opinion on the matter. <Hayley> I'm just very frightened of crossing them again. <Hayley> But perhaps they won't care. They didn't care that you broke the curse. <Janus> You think they will punish you for accepting my gift instead of theirs? <Janus> Let them try!! <Janus> Would you rather *die* than entrust yourself to me? <Janus> ... <Janus> . o O ( ...Again? ) <Hayley> Janus - no. <Hayley> But will you please tell me what your Omens hint will happen if you bond me with balefire, when you know? <Janus> . o O ( I would have been wiser to tell you nothing. >:( ) <Janus> Fine. <Janus> As you wish. <Hayley> Thank you.

  • Janus gets up from the table.

<Janus> I'm going out.

  • Hayley watches you stand.

<Hayley> I wish you would stay with me. <Hayley> . o O (I'm frightened and want you to hold me, even if you can't convince me it will all turn out all right.  ;_; ) <Janus> That is what I am trying to accomplish. <Hayley> I know.

  • Janus goes and sits by the window instead.

<Hayley> I have agreed to do it, haven't I? Even though I am frightened. <Janus> ... <Hayley> It's just the fear I needed to have addressed... <Hayley> Before it got carried away. <Janus> It will be fine. I promise.

  • Hayley nods, then gets up and moves towards you, kneeling on the floor and laying her head on your lap, as Rachel often did when she was a girl and scared or lonely.
  • Hayley needs comforting. ;_;
  • Janus absently strokes your hair.

<Janus> ...

  • Hayley will move up onto the seat next to you if there's room, once she knows she's forgiven for nearly bringing up the ToD words again.

<Janus> <m> You shouldn't sit on the floor...

  • Hayley shrugs. She has slept on floors at the foot of your bed before, after all, back when she was still your 'ward' in Oxford.
  • Janus gazes out the window.
  • Hayley slips her arm around your waist and snuggles up to you, curling her legs up to her chest while leaning her head on your upper arm.

<Hayley> Are you happy here, being a prince and all?

  • Hayley inquires curiously. He always seems a little melancholy so it is hard to tell. Sometimes one must just ask. ;)

<Hayley> (I also just want to be close to my beautiful Janus for a while...  :) ) <Janus> I like it here.

  • Janus says simply.

<Hayley> (empathy, he means it sincerely or is he being slightly evasive?) <Janus> (well, he does like Aberystwyth, if that's what you mean) <Hayley> (ok, he likes Aber, but how about being a prince?  ;D ) <Hayley> It is a beautiful place. But are you enjoying being a prince, or is it something you think you might someday come to enjoy, even if you don't right now?

  • Janus shrugs.
  • Hayley looks up at you and smiles.

<Hayley> If there were one thing you don't have right now but which would make you happier, what might it be?

  • Hayley wonders if he'll answer or be evasive again.

<Janus> ... I don't know. <Hayley> Really?

  • Janus just doesn't feel especially like chatting.
  • Janus sighs.

<Janus> What about you?

  • Janus turns it around.

<Hayley> Hey, I asked you first. <Hayley> You're the one who seems melancholy much of the time, which is why I ask. I'm usually pretty chipper, aren't I? <Janus> I suppose.

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> So, obviously, I am pretty happy with what I have. <Hayley> ... <Janus> Well... I am glad, then. <Hayley> You just don't feel like talking much right now, do you...  :/ <Hayley> Oh well. <Hayley> Would you like me to rub your shoulders or something? That will keep me busy enough that I might stop pestering you for conversation. ^-^ <Janus> I am fine... <Janus> ... <Janus> Well... If you really want to. <Hayley> :) <Hayley> I wouldn't have offered if I didn't.

  • Janus seems to have been utterly drained of his earlier energy.

<Hayley> :/ <Hayley> You seem tired - would you like to lie down on the bed or one of the couches while I have my way with you? <Janus> Allright.

  • Hayley smiles patiently.
  • Janus goes to lie down in your room, then.
  • Janus still seems largely distracted by his unspoken thoughts.

<Janus> . o O ( No-one understands... no-one *appreciates* my work... except Anastasius. -_- )

  • Hayley ministers to him skillfully.

<Hayley> Janus... I'm sorry if I hurt you...

  • Hayley says after a while, quietly.

<Hayley> I love you. <Janus> It's fine. I'm just tired. <Hayley> Okay...

  • Hayley finishes the massage, then encourages you to shift into a more comfortable position. She then cuddles you affectionately and comfortingly until you drift off or decide to get up do something while the evening is still young.
  • Janus will probably just sleep for a while.
  • Hayley will watch you lovingly and eventually drift off herself, still cuddling you.