Janus asks Hayley to attend Samhain with him

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  • Hayley taptaps on Janus' door.

<Hayley> (I'm shameless, aren't I? A genuine IC ho.)

  • Hayley wonders what he's up to since he's not answering.

<Jonquil> (I have to go soon if I want to get a ride downtown,,,)

      • Jonquil is now known as Janus
  • Janus will open the door eventually.

<Hayley> (It's just 4:00 - the game's at 6-ish, right?) <Hayley> (How does he look?) <Janus> (yeah , but if I want a ride...) <Janus> (he looks... um... rumpled I guess) <Hayley> (When's your ride?)

  • Hayley smiles and straightens his clothes out.

<Janus> (sometime soon0 <Janus> Hullo Hayley... <Hayley> How's you? <Janus> Oh, quite alright... <Janus> ... <Janus> Is everything alright? <Hayley> Funny; I remember you usually being much more dapper. <Hayley> Everything's fine on my end of things. <Janus> Oh, I'm afraid I fell asleep..

  • Janus smoothes down his hair.

<Hayley> You always did maintain an odd schedule. <Hayley> Tally mentioned something about Rachel...? <Janus> Rachel? Hm? <Janus> Oh yes... <Janus> She has been granted a title in Concordia, and a freehold.

  • Hayley 's eyes widen.

<Hayley> Really?

  • Janus puffs up a little.

<Janus> Indeed..

  • Janus nods.

<Hayley> You must be pleased! <Janus> In the kingdom of Willows... <Hayley> . o O (I am, oddly enough.) <Janus> I do hopes this won't mean seeing more of Fiachra.

  • Janus makes a face.

<Hayley> Ooooh, that ought to be... interesting.

  • Hayley seems dubious.

<Janus> (-s) <Hayley> Isn't the Kingdom of Willows... sort of... bad? <Janus> Well, I didn't find it the most pleasant of locales, no. <Janus> Frightfully warm. <Janus> Meilge has a lot of friends there, as well.

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> Do you think she can pull it off? <Janus> Of course.

  • Hayley seems concerned.

<Janus> I shall be frightfully worried about her though. <Janus> :/ <Janus> She will not want to hear that. <Hayley> My lips are sealed. <Janus> She will be coming here before leaving for Concordia... <Janus> At least, I hope that she will be. <Hayley> ... <Hayley> Are you going to send me away while she's here? <Janus> I haven't received a reply from her as yet.

  • Hayley asks suspiciously.

<Janus> No Hayley, I am not.

  • Janus says with resolve.

<Janus> You may stay, or avoid her as you please.

  • Hayley practically glows with pleasure as she breaks out into a radiant smile.
  • Janus seems to have been getting better since Hayley's return, although things were rocky at first.

<Hayley> I'm going to *stay*.

  • Hayley hugs Janus.

<Janus> She may be... difficult, but I expect you know that.

  • Janus hugs her back, with pleasure.
  • Hayley nods.
  • Hayley has started looking a bit older since her birthday in September... ^-^

<Hayley> (makeup. She's really trying hard to close the age gap so Janus will feel more comfortable with her.) <Janus> (lol) <Janus> (that's hilarious.) <Hayley> (It has the unfortunate side effect of making her more desirable, as well, but maybe he's growing immune to that by now. ^-^) <Janus> (hell no) <Janus> What is the date today, Hayley? <Hayley> October 20. 11 days to Tally and Aidan's birthday. <Hayley> Oh yeah, it's also Samhain. <Janus> Indeed it is!

  • Hayley grins impishly.

<Hayley> Why? <Hayley> (meaning, why did he ask?) <Janus> It is the custom of my mother to throw a most lavish costumed affair... <Hayley> ...

  • Hayley seems a bit uneasy at that.

<Hayley> Are you going to go?

  • Hayley asks quietly.

<Janus> I'm expected...

  • Hayley nods.

<Janus> Would you like to come? <Hayley> ... <Hayley> I would like to, very much... <Hayley> But even in a costume... Dovev will know who I am. <Hayley> Do you think it's really wise?

  • Hayley asks wistfully.

<Janus> No-one will harm you. <Hayley> I- don't want to cause more friction between you and your mother. <Hayley> I've done enough already. <Janus> Well, if you don't wish to go... That is understandable.

  • Janus hides his massive disappointment.

<Hayley> I want to go. <Hayley> But not if it will make things worse for you.

  • Hayley regards him seriously.

<Janus> My mother already knows you are here, with me...

  • Hayley nods.
  • Janus repeats.

<Hayley> But me being here... and me being in her own home are two quite different things... aren't they? <Janus> Well... she doesn't even have to see you... and she will be so busy...

  • Janus grasps at straws.
  • Hayley 's eyes shine with love for Janus.

<Janus> Why, she may not even have the time to concern herself with it. <Hayley> Well... if you think it will be all right, it would be an honour to accompany you to the ball.

  • Janus smiles handsomely.

<Janus> Oh, splendid!

  • Hayley smiles shyly.
  • Janus takes her small hands in his.

<Janus> I shall be the envy of every man there. <Janus> :)

  • Hayley rolls her eyes and laughs.

<Hayley> Keep dreaming.

  • Hayley teases, pleased with the compliment even though it is silly. ^-^

<Hayley> (Envious of an oathbroken underaged Satyr girl?) <Hayley> I love you so much! <Janus> What sort of costume would you like?

  • Hayley exclaims suddenly and with youthful exuberance. ^-^

<Hayley> Hmmm... <Hayley> Can I go as a sidhe?

  • Hayley grins impudently.
  • Hayley is pleased by the wicked irony of that costume idea.

<Janus> Well, getting those horns might be a chore... <Janus> (+rid of) <Hayley> I could saw them off. <Janus> That sounds frightfully permanent; I rather like them. <Hayley> Do you really? I'm always poking you with them. <Hayley> I should think they'd be rather tiresome.

  • Hayley flirts shamelessly with Janus.

<Janus> One gets used to it. <Janus> :) <Hayley> What are you going to go as? <Janus> I have not decided... <Janus> I don't usually attend these things out of anything more than a sense of duty...

  • Hayley gently nudges Janus back into the room he emerged from so that they can sit down.

<Hayley> I know... I remember.

  • Janus sits down, looking relaxed.

<Hayley> I hope you'll strive to actually have *fun* this time. <Janus> For you, I shall try.

  • Janus says with mock resignation.

<Hayley> All right. Will you bring down the moon for me while you're at it?

  • Hayley teases.

<Janus> Is it very heavy? <Hayley> Not for you, surely.

  • Hayley smiles coyly and traces a circular design on his chest.

<Hayley> You can do anything, can't you?

  • Hayley leans forward and gazes up at him endearingly.
  • Hayley pulls back away from him when he doesn't take the hint, trying to cut her losses. ^-^

<Hayley> We could go as Titania and Oberon, and make asses of ourselves. <Hayley> That might be fun.

  • Hayley says thoughtfully.