Janus and Hayley discuss his latest research, 7/4/2005

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  • Hayley is stretched comfortably on the bed, watching you get ready to sleep after all the dancing.

<Hayley> So... what were you so excited about earlier this evening anyway? ^-^

  • Janus finishes brushing his hair, and climbs into the bed.

<Janus> Hm? <Janus> Oh yes! <Hayley> You said you'd tell me later, and now it's later.  :)

  • Janus 's expression becomes more animated.

<Janus> So it is! <Janus> Well, you recall that sluagh girl, Tamara...

  • Hayley rolls onto her side and regards him, eyes shining with interest and, of course, love.
  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> How is she? <Janus> I've been working with her for quite a while now; she's a very interesting case! <Hayley> Should I be jealous?

  • Hayley teases.

<Janus> Oh no, no.

  • Janus laughs.

<Janus> No one is as interesting as you. ^_^ <Hayley> We can test that hypothesis later, perhaps... ^-^

  • Janus grins.

<Hayley> What *is* her case, though? <Janus> Oh, well. <Janus> It's rather complicated...

  • Janus tries to think of how best to summarize.

<Janus> She has been ... altered by being fused with the spirit of a departed Fae who was not yet returned to a mortal body. <Hayley> Oh?

  • Hayley 's eyes widen. That does sound interesting.

<Hayley> Altered how? <Janus> Hers is very much a unique situation. I've not found anything in any of my books that speaks of another case. <Janus> She is not... exactly Sluagh, for one thing. <Hayley> No?

  • Hayley smiles mysteriously.

<Janus> No... <Janus> I am trying to think of how to explain it...

  • Hayley waits patiently.

<Janus> When the other was sealed into her body, she absorbed his glamour, his... essence. Her fae mien has altered to reflect that. <Hayley> What was he? <Janus> A sidhe. Very old and powerful. <Janus> This energy seems to have pushed her back from the end of the cycle of reincarnation... <Janus> She no longer speaks with the dead.

  • Hayley reaches out to twine a lock of your hair around her finger.

<Hayley> Has she picked up any sidhe tendencies to make up for it? <Janus> Well... she has teeth. <Janus> And she does not smell so foul.

  • Hayley giggles.

<Hayley> I noticed that she smells pretty good... but I hadn't noticed the teeth. <Janus> I did not really know her before her transformation, so it is hard to pick out the details.

  • Hayley nods.

<Janus> But there is more... As far as my magic can discern, her current lifespan has been greatly extended! <Hayley> Oh?

  • Janus crosses his legs, Indian-style, and gestures with his hands as he speaks, obviously quite excited.

<Janus> Yes!

  • Hayley looks a bit concerned now, but continues to listen with interest.

<Janus> I had been looking for an application for this knowledge to our situation...

  • Hayley worries about Sidhe being sacrificed to extend her life...

<Janus> It did not look as though that was going to be viable, but... <Janus> Then I realized I had been restricting myself too much. <Janus> I have a new idea... <Hayley> So what are you considering now?

  • Janus has a very intent look on his face.
  • Hayley untwines the hair from her fingers and reaches for one of your hands.

<Janus> I don't need to find a spirit to merge with you... <Janus> Something else... <Janus> Something that will keep you just as you are, as though you were in a freehold, wherever you are. <Janus> The blood is the key... <Janus> It is a powerful bond. <Janus> The blood of the dragon.

  • Janus interlaces his fingers with yours but is half off in another world.
  • Hayley isn't sure how she feels about that.

<Hayley> Won't I take on certain draconic traits then? <Janus> Oh no no. <Janus> Sleet certainly hasn't. <Janus> Ah, Tamara, that is. <Hayley> ... <Janus> The blood is what I used to seal the other into her, though. <Janus> Tamara is also called Sleet.

  • Janus explains, upon seeing your confusion.

<Hayley> I gathered. <Janus> Oh, well. <Janus> Do you see? <Janus> I am so close. <Janus> So close! <Hayley> I was just trying to reconcile what you said about her taking on certain sidhe traits with my not taking on draconic traits, but I think I understand now that you used dragon's blood to seal the sidhe spirit into her...?

  • Hayley asks for clarification.

<Janus> Yes, yes! <Janus> Exactly!

  • Janus affirms excitedly.

<Hayley> All right... <Hayley> And you have reason to believe that it was the dragon's blood, not the sidhe spirit, that extended her life. <Janus> No... <Janus> But I could find something else. <Janus> That particular avenue... is not an option. <Hayley> No...

  • Hayley seems relieved that you don't think you'll be able to find another spirit to bind to her.

<Hayley> Well, it sounds very interesting, indeed...

  • Janus nods.

<Janus> Soon, I will find a way! <Janus> And then we will be together, forever!

  • Janus wraps his arms around you, beaming.

<Janus> ^_^ <Janus> ... Aren't you pleased?

  • Hayley kisses you on the lips.

<Janus> I will take that as a 'yes...' <Hayley> Of course I want to be with you. <Janus> :) <Hayley> . o O (But the way it's going to happen scares me... -_- I'd rather you didn't cross the Tuatha.) <Janus> Nothing can stop us! <Hayley> Hmmm... Be careful about hubris, though, love.

  • Hayley kisses you again.

<Janus> Do not worry about anything...

  • Janus nuzzles into your hair.

<Janus> It will be fine.

  • Hayley smiles and cuddles up to you more closely.

<Hayley> We had a hypothesis to test, if you aren't too tired... <Janus> Oh, did we? ^_^ <Janus> Well, if it is for science. <Janus> ^_^

  • Janus leans in and kisses you.
  • Hayley kisses him back and reaches down to do something very interesting to him indeed.