Imogen Westlake

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Imogen’s mother was the mistress of a series of wealthy men - they supported her and her two daughters in a respectable, if necessarily discreet, lifestyle. One of them, Phorien Arsenios, the Count of Kielce, was likely Imogen’s father, or at least, he was her mother’s patron during Imogen’s childhood. Her older sister Elanor’s father was Ser Ramon Lozada, another nobleman and Lord Marshall of the Order of the Spoke. Imogen has followed in her mother’s footsteps to a certain extent, using her beauty and charm to gain wealth and favor in certain sectors of the city. She has managed to secure two patrons of her own, both prominent nobles. The first is Maxime Silveira, son of the Duke of Brissarthe and Chief Sorcerer of the Empire. The second is Sylvanne Marcoux, daughter of Dominik Rademacher, and his wife Laurine, the Duchess of Baudissin. For the moment, neither is aware of the other’s involvement with Imogen, and she is content to keep it that way for as long as possible, although she knows that eventually she will likely be forced to choose one or the other, or lose them both.

Imogen always wanted to be sorcerer when she was younger, but found that she didn’t have the necessary magical aptitude. Instead, she has made something of a hobby of the associated fields of study - spellcraft, using magical devices, etc.

Imogen is strikingly beautiful, curvaceous and tall with long wavy chestnut hair and vibrant green eyes. Moreover she knows how to use her beauty to its best effect by accentuating it with clothing and cosmetics, as well as with her excellent manners and charm. She is able to blend in well with many different environments, from low-class bars to high society parties. She has no strong loyalties to her lovers, aside from what they can offer her - she has no expectations of marriage or even a long-term commitment, so she intends to get what she can while she can.