Homoventures Chapter 4, Part 4

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Homoventures session logs
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After their bath, Justen and Xan meet Abelet Sotiris for dinner, and discuss the possibility that the discovery is the Tomb of Orelius of Orelius, the founder of Psyra, and the political implications this might have. They set off the next day, and one evening in the middle of nowhere they encounter a charming Satyr.


Session date: June 24 2014
Diablotin date: Spring 2275

<DiablotinNarrator> So, after you are both thoroughly bathed, you can make your way to the restaurant where you're meeting Sotiris
* NPC1 is now known as Sotiris
<Xandhil> (technically i think we're supposed to meet him back at the museim)
<DiablotinNarrator> (oh, fair)
<DiablotinNarrator> You can meet him back at the museum in order to make your way to the restaurant then :)
* Sotiris is waiting for you at the appointed time
<Xandhil> good evening :)
<Sotiris> Good evening to you as well.
<Sotiris> I hope you've brought your appetites. The restaurant is not far.
<Xandhil> I think we've managed to work one up, wandering around all afternoon
* Xandhil says with s sly smile at Justen
* Justen manages not to snicker at that
* Sotiris will lead the way there, although his progress is somewhat slow due to his cane and somewhat stooped back.
* Xandhil is in no real hurry, so all is well
* Xandhil can make small talk along the way as well, asking him if he's been doing any interesting research, etc
* Sotiris is pleased to make conversation
<Sotiris> I did have the opportunity to look up your father, after you departed. He has done some quite interesting work.
<Xandhil> (my potatos were done, sorry)
<Xandhil> I'm sure he'd be peased to hear it! What all did you find?
<Xandhil> (pleased)
<Sotiris> (hm, I don't know what sorts of historical things San would have published?)
<Xandhil> (uhhh... stuff! Lots of early emire things, I suspect - he is less interested in actual Imperial history and more stuff that is happening around the edges, if that makes sense)_
<Xandhil> (he may have written some stuff on Am too)
<Sotiris> (hah, hopefully he gave Xan some credit ;)
<Xandhil> (I would imagine at least some, while then taking credit for the fact that Xan is *his* son ;)
<Sotiris> Well, I found I had in fact read his work on the discoveries at Am, although apparently his name had slipped my mind - I'm not as young as I used to be, I'm afraid. Are you by chance the young man who was involved in that expedition?
<Xandhil> We both are, yes
<Sotiris> Very interesting!
<Xandhil> I recall my father's account made less mention of Justen's help though
* Xandhil says with a grin
* Justen sort of shrugs
<Justen> I was mostly just there as the muscle.
<Xandhil> I'm not discounting the usefulness of muscle
<Sotiris> No, indeed - many an expedition might have failed without adequate muscle.
<Xandhil> exactly
<Xandhil> it was not the most hospitable area, for sure
* Sotiris nods with interest
<Xandhil> (irony - the Viva la Vida jukebox song made me think of homos and the bandit king ;)
<Sotiris> (heh)
<Xandhil> (Song cannot escape the gravity well of Diablotin :V)
<Sotiris> Here we are.
* Sotiris indicates the entrance to Antalya's, which is a small but quite elegant-looking restaurant.
<Xandhil> excellent!
* Sotiris is greeted warmly by the hostess, who clearly knows him well
* Sotiris gets his usual table by the window ;)
* Xandhil will be polite with her
<DiablotinNarrator> The waiter brings you bowls of olives and warm, crisp bread for you to nibble on
<Sotiris> For my guests from out of town, please bring us an assortment of dishes to sample - whatever is best today.
* Sotiris requests without actually asking you what you want
* Xandhil blinks, but nods
<Xandhil> that would be great, thanks.
<Sotiris> I've been coming here for forty years - I trust that they will take good care of us :)
* Sotiris says after the waiter departs.
<Xandhil> it is a pretty encouraging endorsement, at least :)
<Sotiris> So - what has brought you to take part in this expedition? Does your father have more books he wishes to write based on your travels?
* Sotiris asks with a smile
<Xandhil> heh
<Xandhil> Maybe I'll even write one of my own!
* Sotiris nods encouragingly
<Xandhil> it did sound too intruguing to pass up though
<Sotiris> Intriguing, yes...
<Xandhil> have you heard anything more about it?
<Xandhil> The notes that Sleyght left me were somewhat vague - I suppose he figured we'd be catching up soon enough
<Sotiris> Only what your M. Sleyght had to tell.
<Sotiris> And a few rumours, the truth of which I cannot say.
<Xandhil> oh?
<Sotiris> Word has spread from some of the workers on the rail who have returned to the city, with the temporary cessation of the project.
* Xandhil liostens
<Sotiris> They say that it is the tomb of Orelius, which was hidden by his djinn so that it would never be defiled. They speak of curses on those who would dare to enter it.
<Sotiris> The common folk, they believe in such legends. But so far I have not heard any proof of even the tomb's age, let alone its occupant.
* Xandhil nods
<Sotiris> If it is truly the tomb of Orelius it would be a momentous discovery.
<Xandhil> definitely!
<Sotiris> The father of our nation...
* Sotiris says a bit ironically
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> I've read some about Orelius, but I haven't has as much time to soend on him as I would have liked
<Xandhil> How much is really known about him?
<DiablotinNarrator> The waiter brings you some more appetizer-looking dishes as you converse - a bowl of mashed roasted eggplant, a salad of finely-chopped cabbage and radishes dressed with oil and lemon juice, some tiny delicate dumplings filled with seasoned lentils, small lamb meatballs in a peppery sauce
* Xandhil thinks his dad would love this food
<Sotiris> In some ways, much is known about him, certainly more than most people from that age. It is difficult to separate the facts from the legendary tales at this point, however.
* Xandhil nods
<Sotiris> It seems fairly safe to say that someone of that name did exist, and did unite the previously scattered peoples of this land into a kingdom.
<DiablotinNarrator> (brb bio)
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> but the details are harder to separatev at this point, I suppose
<Xandhil> what about the Djin?
* Sotiris nods
<Xandhil> (err, genies, sorry >.>)
<Xandhil> (or I gues he said djinn, whatever)
<Sotiris> The tale that his birth was prophecied by signs and portents may at least possibly be true. The account of his horse Anchialos descending from the heavens to bear him on his back... less plausible.
<Sotiris> As for the genies - or djinn in our language - it is... well, I would not entirely discount such tales. Beings of that nature do seem to exist, but to hear of many of them serving one human is more challenging to believe.
<Sotiris> He would have had to have some means of magical control over them, if it was true.
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> if that was true, I can imagine why they might want to hide him, and his treasures, away after he died.
<Xandhil> if it was something that couldn't be destroyed
* Sotiris nods
<Sotiris> Yes - some sort of magical item, perhaps.
* Xandhil nods
<Sotiris> There are certainly tales about various of his weapons, his steed, his companions and his wife... In artistic depictions he is traditionally shown holding a staff, and many powers were attributed to it.
* Xandhil nods
<Sotiris> but whether these are based in any fact is impossible to say.
<Xandhil> maybe we'll find out :)
<Sotiris> Yes... perhaps you will.
* Sotiris frowns, seeming more concerned or perturbed.
<Xandhil> what is it?
<Sotiris> I attempted to speak to M. Sleyght of my concerns with this expedition, but I was not reassured by his responses.
* BalthNote (~balthcat@ has joined #gnomeland
<Xandhil> what concerns?
<Sotiris> Well, for instance - where will the items and artifacts uncovered as a result go? Back to Diablotin.
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> I see, I think
<Sotiris> We have an excellent university here, and scholars who would have greater knowledge of the area and context who would be just as qualified to preserve and study them
<Xandhil> (are there any big church holdings in Psyra?)
<DiablotinNarrator> (how do you mean holdings? like land?)
<Xandhil> (more like temples and such)
<DiablotinNarrator> (yeah, in Nys I'm sure there are some major temples)
<Xandhil> I don't know what kind of arrangements Sleyght has made with Reverend Mother Alma - but she's the one who is financing the expedition.
* Sotiris nods
<Xandhil> It might well be worth your time to send her a letter
<Sotiris> I will see what can be done about that, yes.
<Sotiris> I feel strongly that, if this is as significant as it seems it may be, it is important to the people of Psyra that it remain here.
<Sotiris> But there will be those who may see it as ... a rallying point, as well.
* Xandhil nods
<Sotiris> It is a delicate matter - pride in our history, yes, but taken too far, it could be seen as fodder for the anti-Empire types.
<Xandhil> I can see how it would be considered.... bad form, for researchers from Diablotn to come in, open up the tomb of Psyra's founder, if that's what this is, and take it all back to the imperial capital where it will be pretty inacessible
* Sotiris nods
<Sotiris> Precisely, yes. You see the issue.
<Xandhil> I think the Reverend Mother would definitely understand the delicacly of the situation
<Sotiris> Then I will send her a message, if you believe it could help.
<Xandhil> I do.
<Xandhil> That said, I can't imagine Sleyght would be happy to leave with nothing but notes either - hopefully there can be some kind of compromise
<Xandhil> at least, with a discovery this big, I can't imagine it woud even be possible to take *everything* of interest.
<Sotiris> It is also possible - and now I am speculating more - that if it proves to be Orelius's tomb, but it does not correspond to the legends and fantastical tales, some people may try to discredit it, or worse, damage it so that it cannot be used to discount their beliefs.
<Xandhil> hmm
<Xandhil> that's more tricky
<Xandhil> especially when combined with the first issue
<Sotiris> In the more rural areas, where this is located, such beliefs may be held much more seriously.
* Xandhil loks to Justen
<Justen> Well, it's in the middle of nowhere, I thought?
<Xandhil> this almost seems even more up your alley, really
<Justen> Are there even going to be people around who might try to damage it?
<Xandhil> who knows
<Sotiris> M. Sleyght will have to engage workers, at the very least.
<Xandhil> Sleyght was planning to rely on local labor
* Xandhil nods
<Sotiris> There is a village not too far from the site, I understand.
<Sotiris> A place called Imbros.
* Xandhil nods
<Sotiris> I would expect that any local labour would come from there.
<Xandhil> Well, I guess we can try and keep an eye out while we're there, at least
<Justen> Yeah - we can supervise the workers, and try to listen for any talk like that.
<Xandhil> (does Justen know any syrene yet? ^-^)
<Sotiris> It may not be as much of a problem as I've worried over.
<DiablotinNarrator> (a few key phrases... probably not the ones that would be useful for supervising workers >.>)
<Xandhil> (that's what I though ;)
<Sotiris> A colleague from the university did accompany M. Sleyght, and perhaps she will be able to provide some helpful context for the more complicated issues surrounding the discovery.
* Sotiris doesn't sound 100% confident of this, though
<Xandhil> well, presumably she at least won't want to lose out on her own research materials!
<Sotiris> yes, certainly so.
<Sotiris> she is very ambitious, and young - she would certainly not want to give up such an opportunity.
* Xandhil nods slowly
<Xandhil> hopefully if she becomes more invested i the idea of keeping stuff here, she can approach the issue constructively
<Sotiris> I hope so
<Xandhil> this is all delicious, by the way - thank you for the reccomendation, and for accompanying us :)
<Sotiris> You're very welcome.
<DiablotinNarrator> The waiter brings what must be your main dishes - whole fish stuffed with saffron-rice, a large dish of broiled peppers and onions, and the piece de resistance, some very hot clay pots that he breaks open at the table to pour out the very tender beef and barley stew within
* Justen is impressed with the food ^-^
<Justen> (food Justen and San could both enjoy, what)
<Xandhil> (I know :V)
<Xandhil> I should tell my father to come here just for the food @_@
<Sotiris> Perhaps it would remind him of his home - he is Cozovode, is that correct?
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> Half, anyway
<Sotiris> There are some similarities in the cuisine, I understand, although of course they do not eat meat. But olives, lemons, peppers.... these things are more difficult to grow in Diablotin.
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> maybe I can bring him something back :)
<Xandhil> the olives here are delicious
<Sotiris> Perhaps some preserved lemons and olives. They would travel well.
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> he would love that
<Xandhil> ("This is why yiu are the favoured child, Xan")
<Justen> (heh)
<Justen> ("all Taz brings us is knocked-up girls")
<Xandhil> (do we have more chatting to do here?)
<DiablotinNarrator> Dessert consists of slices of various types of sweet melon, some soft cheese topped with fig preserves, and a few delicate pastries sprinkled with sugar
<DiablotinNarrator> (just me making myself hun
<DiablotinNarrator> (hungry)
<DiablotinNarrator> (and one more thing)
<Xandhil> (hee)
<Sotiris> I wish you safe travels and good luck in your excavation.
<Xandhil> thank you!
* Sotiris bids you farewell, then.
<Justen> So stuffed @_@
* Justen says after you've left the restaurant behind
<Justen> stuffed like one of those fish
<Xandhil> yeah
<Xandhil> so good though
<Xandhil> man
<Xandhil> I am sure we will not have food like that at the site
<Xandhil> and that is a tragedy
<Xandhil> I coudl eat like that every day
<Xandhil> we shuld move here
<Xandhil> so we can go to that place for forty years
<Justen> I was going to say... it's to make us bitter for six weeks of stale bread and dried meat ;)
<Xandhil> heh
<Xandhil> and olives
<Justen> If you want - we could do that for a while. Forty years or so ;)
<Xandhil> I don't think psyran's are allowed to have meals without olives
* Justen nods
<Xandhil> Psyrenes, rather
<Justen> I guess even in the middle of nowhere, there'll be olives.
<Xandhil> Imbros will have sommething, I'm sure
<Xandhil> probably some other good things
<Xandhil> and we can always sneak back here ;)
<Justen> maybe lots of lamb?
<Xandhil> ppph lamb
<Xandhil> (oooh rather)
<Justen> if it's sort of hilly, they're probably shepherds and stuff there.
* Xandhil nods
<Justen> So, are we leaving tomorrow?
<Justen> or is there more stuff we need to do first
<Xandhil> I don't know
<Xandhil> i think we're okay to go
<Xandhil> the instructions didnt say we needed to arrange for anything else, I don't think
<Justen> just our own rides I guess?
<Justen> and whatever food we'll need for a few days until we get there
<Xandhil> right
<Xandhil> we can take care of that probably pretty easily
<Xandhil> sand can be on our way by late mornnig?
* Justen nods
<Justen> Sounds good to me
<Xandhil> is there anything else you wanted to do here first
<Xandhil> ?
<Justen> well... it's a pretty interesting city. but if I was going to see more, I'd want to spend a couple weeks. Maybe on our way back we can take it more as a vacation?
* Xandhil nods
<Xandhil> that sulnds good to me!
<Xandhil> as long as things don't get complicated >.>
<Justen> And go to that restaurant about five more times ;)
<Xandhil> un huh
<DiablotinNarrator> (do you need to break for dog walking? now might be a good time)
<Xandhil> (yes, that would be great!)
<DiablotinNarrator> ('kk)
<Xandhil> (bakc!)
<DiablotinNarrator> (yay :)
<DiablotinNarrator> (I changed into a less sweaty dress -_- it's like 95% humidity here)
<Xandhil> (it is actuakky not bad here! thunderstorms elsewgere cleared everything out - it was only 85 when I walkied home :o)
<DiablotinNarrator> (all the thunderstorms missed us today, except for about 10 minutes in the afternoon :(
<DiablotinNarrator> (but anyhow!)
<DiablotinNarrator> In the morning you can make your preparations to depart
<DiablotinNarrator> Are you planning to buy horses, or ... rent them? I imagine that's a thing you can do, with a goodly deposit
<Xandhil> (is the deposit more or less than it would be to try and sell them back later?)
<DiablotinNarrator> Probably what there might be, as I think about it more, is a pony express kind of situation - you could ride the horses to another waystation and leave them there for some other traveller(s).
<Xandhil> (okay, that makes sense - we'll just do that then :)
<DiablotinNarrator> That way you wouldn't have to deal with them while you're at the site - but you also wouldn't have them while at the site ;)
<Xandhil> (somehow, I think we'll be okay to get around ;)
<DiablotinNarrator> heh
* Justen has a 4 ride, wooh
<Xandhil> >.>
<Justen> You'll be okay
* Justen assures you
<Justen> These horses are lazy bastards who just want to amble.
* Justen 's horse takes exception to this and snorts
<Xandhil> unhuh
<Xandhil> well
<Xandhil> it will be faster than walking
<Xandhil> I wonder how populated it is around here...
<Xandhil> well
<Xandhil> I mean
<Xandhil> clearly here
<Xandhil> but between here and there?
<Justen> Once we get outside the city?
<Xandhil> yeah
<Xandhil> (Oh maze is crying :()
<Xandhil> (lonely kitty ius lonely :( )
<DiablotinNarrator> (aww :(_
<Xandhil> (I'm going to move into that room for a bit - if the internet is too crappy I'll be back though)
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<Xandhil> (That failed a lot more dramatically tha I expected, sorry -_-)
<DiablotinNarrator> (sokay)(
<DiablotinNarrator> (are you ready to go on?)
<Xandhil> (yes)
<Xandhil> (argh *ALL* the cats are super whiny/bratty tonight :p)
<Xandhil> (thye're driving me nuts!)
<Xandhil> (but I'm god. we pony-express it out :)
<Xandhil> (good)
<DiablotinNarrator> (hee)
* Justen is happy to give you riding pointers if you need them. you'll still be sore as hell the first night, I expect.
* Xandhil just wants to fly ;_;
* Justen will give you butt-rubs ;p
<DiablotinNarrator> ('m trying to remember if I said how many days' ride it would be from the city. 3 or something?)
<Xandhil> (I don't remember - I can see if it is in the logs?)
<DiablotinNarrator> (I'm just looking, but you can look too, it might be faster :)
<DiablotinNarrator> (another two or three by horseback.)
<DiablotinNarrator> (was what Sleyght told you)
<Xandhil> (cool)
<DiablotinNarrator> The first day you are passing by smaller communities, farms, etc. Near the city the land is somewhat flatter, and the river provides necessary water for irrigation.
<Justen> By the second day, you are moving into a more hilly region, so your progress is a bit slower, and signs of human habitation are fewer and farther between. More large vineyards, olive groves, and so on, as well as the occasional flock of sheep or goats.
<Justen> (oops, ww)
<Xandhil> (n/p)
* Xandhil will fly some then because he rarely gets to and treavel always seems like an excellent opportunity >.>
<Justen> (fair :)
* Justen might take the opportunity to stop at a local vineyard and buy a couple bottles of wine ;)
<Justen> if they're good, we can buy more on the way back as gifts ;)
* Justen suggests
<Xandhil> cool :)
* Justen cracks one open after you've made camp for that night
<Justen> (I should ask, how are you camping? tents, out in the open? it's warm and dry enough to sleep outside if you want, I wasn't sure how much stuff you brought/bought :)
<Xandhil> (outside is probably fine
<Xandhil> (we can have a tent if we need it?
<Xandhil> (but if it is nice we might not bother setting it up)
* Justen is fine with being outside but I didn't know if Xan might have higher standards ;)
<Justen> (but that makes sense)
<Xandhil> (as long as we hjave bedrolls ;)
<Justen> (yup :)
* Xandhil migh put down a tarp or a blanket but we shoud be fine
* Justen offers you the bottle once he's had a swig
* Xandhil will relaly be sleepoing on Justen anyway ;)
<Xandhil> such class
<Justen> it's pretty good - or maybe I'm just worn out and anything would taste good.
* Xandhil teases as he takes it from you
* Xandhil tries it, sipping more than swigging
<Justen> clearly we have to finish the bottle, since we can't really put it away.
<Xandhil> and hope nothing bother us in the middle of the night?
* Justen chuckles
<Justen> if something wants to join us for a drink, that's okay with me
<Xandhil> un huh
<Xandhil> as long as it's hot? ;p
<Justen> enh, it's dark... ;)
<Xandhil> :p
* Xandhil takes another sip
<Xandhil> well you can drink as much as you want anyway
<Xandhil> it is pretty good though
* Justen nods
<DiablotinNarrator> It's dark, and the many stars are bright overhead. From somewhere in the distance, you can hear faint music.
<DiablotinNarrator> Sounds like flute music, kind of melancholy-sounding.
<Xandhil> there's a drinking buddy for you
* Xandhil says, passing him back the jog
<Xandhil> (jug)
<Justen> Some lonely shepherd? ;)
<Xandhil> (did this scene just go all Machen on us? >.>)
<Justen> (hahahah maybe a little)
<Xandhil> well you are prettier than a sheep ;p
<Justen> Thanks ;p
* Justen takes another drink
<Justen> Should we save some for our new pal? ;)
<Xandhil> its your wine :V
<Xandhil> share with whoever you like
<Justen> well, if he gets here in time. otherwise, he's out of luck.
<Xandhil> heh
<DiablotinNarrator> The music does seem like it's getting closer.
<Xandhil> huh
<Xandhil> maybe they are comping for a drink...
<Xandhil> or its aghost
<Xandhil> one of the two, for sure ;p
<Justen> great...
<Justen> ghost would be less fun, as far as options go
* Justen scans the hills around you, trying to see where the sound might be coming from
<w> over there
* Justen points
* Xandhil looks
<DiablotinNarrator> You can just see at the crest of a hill a figure silhouetted (mainly as it's blocking out stars). It looks human-sized, but there's something ... off about its shape, but in the dark it's hard to make out.
<Justen> o_O
<Xandhil> ...
* Xandhil casts mage armour on himself and Justen just in case
* Justen puts his hand on his flail, also just in case
<Xandhil> (well I supose we could be in our actual armour but I was assuming we'd been getting ready to sleep >.>)
<Justen> (yeah, I was assuming you weren't wearing it)
<w> it has to know we're here
* Justen says with a nod to the fire
<w> maybe I should say something - either scare it off, or if it's just some shepherd like we said, he can come closer and stop freaking us out :p
<Xandhil> (go ahreead...)
<Xandhil> (err)
<w> Go ahead...
* Justen uses some of his very basic Psyrene ;)
<Justen> Hey! We have wine!
<DiablotinNarrator> The music stops momentarily.
<DiablotinNarrator> The figure moves quickly down from the top of the hill, so that you can't really see it anymore. but you can hear it coming closer.
* Justen stands, flail in hand, just in case
* Xandhil crouches, sword in hand as well, just in case
<DiablotinNarrator> The entity, whatever it is, moves closer, its pace slowing as if it's being cautious in approaching you.
<w> tell it we don't mean any harm, I don't know enough Psyrene for that :p
<Xandhil>[p]hello? We dpn't mean you any harm!
<Xandhil>[p] Who are you?
<DiablotinNarrator> The figure takes a few steps closer, just to the edge of your firelight, so that you can start to make it out.
<DiablotinNarrator> It is male, at least from the waist up, but with curling horns like a ram's, and hairy legs that bend backwards at the knee like a goat's.
<Xandhil> (\Do I know what it is at all?)
<DiablotinNarrator> (you can make a... check of some kind. what do you have that might be appropriate? k: nature?)
<Xandhil> (nope :/)
<DiablotinNarrator> (not sure, then)
<Xandhil> (no mentions of satyrs in all the history books I was reading though? :3)
<DiablotinNarrator> (heh... maybe in the folklore books more likely?)
<Xandhil> (I mean.... goatloegged horned men? ;)
<DiablotinNarrator> (you have a vague recollection of something about it from one of the folklore books, but not much detail)
<Xandhil> ('kk)
* Sotiris is now known as Satyr
<Xandhil> (If he isn't armed or anything, I'll put the sword down >.>)
* Satyr is carrying a flute and looks to have a dagger at his belt (pretty much the only clothing he has on >.>) but it's not drawn.
<Satyr>[p] you said you have wine?
<Xandhil>[p] We do!
* Xandhil nudges Justen to give him the jug
* Justen holds up the bottle
* Satyr seems skittish, but steps forward close enough to take the wine from Justen before stepping back
* Satyr takes a huge gulp of the wine
<Xandhil> . o O (I don't know if it's that good...)
* Justen puts his flail down too once it seems like this... whatever it is... isn't violent
* Satyr seems happy with the wine, grinning
<Xandhil>[p]Do you live around here?
<Satyr>[p] Here and there...
<Satyr>[p] Most people aren't safe, but you - you're not the same.
* Xandhil looks at Justen to see if he caught that
<Xandhil>[p]How do you mean?
* Justen is a bit lost in this conversation
* Xandhil translates quietly fro him
<Satyr>[p] Most people don't fly, for one thing.
<Xandhil> (for)
<Xandhil> >.>
<Xandhil>[p] True. I was hoping no one would notice.
<Satyr>[p] I keep an eye on things around here. I notice.
<Satyr>[p] You like the music? I'll play more for you.
* Satyr offers, setting down the jug and lifting his flute
<Xandhil> oh, sure!
<Xandhil> it's nice :)
<Xandhil> ([p])
* Satyr begins to play again, a more cheerful, lilting tune than before
* Xandhil be's polite, unsure what he thinks about being noticed
* Justen seems bemused but intrigued by all this
<DiablotinNarrator> You can roll a Will save, DC 18.
* Xandhil leans against Justen
<Xandhil> (hah)
<Xandhil> !roll 1d20+7
* @BalthCat rolls for Xandhil: [ 1d20+7 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 7 ] totals [ 11 ].
<Justen> !roll 1d20+4
* @BalthCat rolls for Justen: [ 1d20+4 ] getting [ 19 ] which, after the modifier [ 4 ] totals [ 23 ].
<Xandhil> (lol)
<Justen> (hah when did Justen ever make a will save in his life ;)
<Xandhil> (apparelty against getting seduced by satyrs, ironically enugh ;p)
<Justen> (heee... he might not need the spell-like effect for that ;)
<Justen> (he'd just do it for fun ;)
<Justen> (but it is, in fact, a Charm Person effect)
<DiablotinNarrator> (and maybe this is a good place to call it for tonight? I will be up early as butts with the workers coming)