Homoventures Chapter 4, Part 1

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Homoventures session logs
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Justen tells Xan about the discovery of an archaeology site in Psyra - an massive tomb unearthed during the construction of a new railway line. Xan approaches Theodore Sleyght, hired by Alma de Béziers to head the expedition, about assisting with the project, and Sleyght accepts. Xan talks to Arek about Genies, a type of mythical creature he believes might be related to angels.


Session date: May 27 2014
Diablotin date: Spring 2275

[DiablotinNarrator] so, your trip to Andusk was 2274
[DiablotinNarrator] I forget if I specified a month or not
[DiablotinNarrator] ah, summer 2274
[DiablotinNarrator] (thank you logs I posted!)
[Xandhil] hee
[Xandhil] yes I was just looking ^-^
[DiablotinNarrator] so, maybe this is the following spring or so? would that be a good enough break? :)
[DiablotinNarrator] assuming that Xan is doing smaller jobs in between and Justen is continuing/getting close to finishing school
[Xandhil] (sure!)
[DiablotinNarrator] 'kk
[Xandhil] (I forget how long they were actually away, but that stil sounds good to me)
[DiablotinNarrator] (yeah, that part I don't remember either. a few weeks?)
[DiablotinNarrator] Anyway - Justen comes home from school one day with some interesting news...
[Justen] Hey, guess what?
[Xandhil] hmm?
* Xandhil half peeks up out of a book he was reading
[Xandhil] (book)
[Justen] I was talking with Adelise today after class and she mentioned something that sounded interesting
[Xandhil] sorry what?
* Xandhil tries to pull himself out of what he was reading
[Justen] Her family has that railway, right? and they're putting down lines basically all the way to the edge of the Empire
[Justen] that's not the interesting part.
[Justen] unless you're really into railways
[Xandhil] the de Beziers?
[Justen] Yeah.
* Xandhil nods
[Justen] So I guess somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Psyra, they were, I don't know, blowing up a mountain or something to lay the tracks, and the workers found some kind of big ... tomb? graveyard? really old, apparently.
[Justen] They stopped the construction so that someone could look at it properly.
[Xandhil] oh-ho?
[Xandhil] Someone eh?
* Xandhil grins
[Xandhil] hwo are they picking a 'someone'?
[Justen] Oh, I guess they already picked him. Someone that Alma knew from the Antiquarian Society.
[Xandhil] oh
[Xandhil] :/
[Justen] sorry :/
* Xandhil tried to think who it could be
[Justen] I didn't mean to get your hopes up, I just thought you'd think it was interesting.
[Xandhil] no, it is cool
[Xandhil] that's the problem ;p
[Justen] aww
[Xandhil] I bet they'll find all sorts of neat stuff....
* Justen comes to give you hugs
* Xandhil accepts hugs
[Xandhil] I can't complain that I never get to do anything interesting, can I-_-
[Justen] not really, no
[Justen] I made her promise to tell me if they found anything really cool, though.
[Xandhil] good
[Xandhil] well there will probably be papers and stuff
[Xandhil] at least it will be good reading...
[Justen] yeah, but maybe not for months. we have the inside scoop ;)
[Xandhil] do you know who they are sending?
* Justen thinks for a second
[Justen] Theodore Sleyght.
[Justen] (he's an archaeologist in the society that alma knows/knew, according to my database ;)
[@BalthCat] (He's the one who researched Alma's touchy touch thing)
* Longpig (Longpig@76-10-139-130.dsl.teksavvy.com) has joined #gnomeland
[Justen] (right)
[Xandhil] hmm
[Xandhil] well he has good training I guess
[Xandhil] I've read some of his other papers
* Justen nods
[Xandhil] maybe he might need some research assistance >.>
[Xandhil] you know
[Xandhil] while he is in the field >.>
[Justen] that could be. it can't hurt to ask, I guess.
[Xandhil] I shoudl go talk to him
[Justen] he's kind of an old guy, he can't be going to do it all himself.
[Xandhil] yeah
[Justen] I say go for it :)
[Xandhil] it probably can't hurt?
[Justen] The worst he can say is no.
[Justen] and hey - if it's for the railway, I bet we'd get free passage out there.
[Xandhil] hmmm true!
[Justen] I might not be able to go until my classes are done though :/
[Xandhil] oh, hmmm
[Xandhil] when's that?
[Justen] Three more weeks.
[Xandhil] okay
[Justen] they can't have dug up everything by then, right?
[Xandhil] well, I'll see what he says
* Justen nods
[Justen] if you want to go without me, I'd understand
* BalthNote (~balthcat@ has joined #gnomeland
[Xandhil] >.>
[Xandhil] I'd *rather* go with you...
* Justen smiles
[Xandhil] but...
[Justen] well, see what he says. maybe I can come out and join you in a few weeks.
[Xandhil] yeah
* Xandhil is trying reaaaaaally hard not to count his chickens before they hatch ]..
[Xandhil] >.>
* Justen gives you a kiss
[Justen] go find out.
* Xandhil kisses you, but slightly distractedly
[Xandhil] okay
* Xandhil needs to find out how to find Sleyght first!
[Xandhil] (Am I misremembering that he was shifty?)
[DiablotinNarrator] (I don't think he was shifty)
[Xandhil] (I'm confsing him with someone else - whoever it was that broke into the society and also was evil - tiphaigne Deverara maybe?)
[DiablotinNarrator] (yeah he was shifty)
[DiablotinNarrator] (Theodore is pretty innocuously nice as I recall)
[Xandhil] (keen)
* Xandhil will see if he can track him down via the Society :3
[DiablotinNarrator] That should be possible.
[DiablotinNarrator] I forget, is Xan a member there, or just a regular guest? ;)
[Xandhil] (i don't see why he wouldn't be a member...)
[Xandhil] (his dd could vouch for him ^_^)
[Xandhil] (father, rather ;p)
[Xandhil] (it woudl be a good place to meet clients ^-^)
[Justen] (okay :)
[DiablotinNarrator] You can go by the Society and try to track him down
[Xandhil] (though now I wonder how well liked he would be, or if some of the people might consider him a little mercenary >.>)
[DiablotinNarrator] Probably the simplest would be just to ask someone how you can find him, and getting his address
* Xandhil will do so!
[DiablotinNarrator] You find that he has a house in the Pav, so after a bit of a walk (or ride, whatever you'd rather) you can arrive there
* Xandhil probably has a bike
[DiablotinNarrator] (hee. adorbs.)
* Xandhil is one of those reckless cyclists ;)
[DiablotinNarrator] Lenzcover.jpeg ;)
[Xandhil] (heee)
* Xandhil will cycle over to Sleyght's place, anyway
* NPC1 is now known as Theodore
* Theodore is now known as Sleyght
[Sleyght] (hah not taken :p)
[DiablotinNarrator] When you get there, some porters are in the process of loading various trunks and chests into a heavily-laden cart
* Xandhil feels immediate pangs of jealousy
* Sleyght is directing the process
[Sleyght] Now that one is very delicate, so please be sure it doesn't get jostled around...
* Sleyght is a man in his 50s or so, with curly greyish hair (what's left of it anyway) and a bit on the stout side.
* Xandhil will pull up to the side out of the way of the general traffic
[Xandhil] M. Sleyght?
[Sleyght] oh, I beg your pardon! M. Orecalo, ah, junior, is it not?
* Sleyght at least recognizes you even if he might not remember your first name ;)
[Xandhil] Yes, that's me - Xandhil.
* Sleyght nods, a bit distracted
[Xandhil] So I guess it is true then - You're going to Psyra?
[Sleyght] Indeed, yes! Has the news spread at the Society already?
[Xandhil] I don't know - I heard through the De Beziers, though indirectly
[Sleyght] ah, I see. Well, yes, I am. Reverend Mother Alma asked me to make a study of the discoveries there, and I'm quite excited at the prospect.
[Xandhil] I imagine!
[Xandhil] Do you know what they've found? Everything I heard was vague - from non specialists, you know
[Sleyght] Well, the information I've received is somewhat vague as well. It appears from what I understand to be a large funerary complex, very ancient, although the date is difficult to determine at this distance.
[Justen] Certainly long before Psyra joined the Empire, at least.
[Justen] (ee)
[Justen] (ww)
[Sleyght] Certainly long before Psyra joined the Empire, at least.
* Xandhil nods
[Xandhil] well that wasn't all that long ago, really - certainly not from a historical perspective
* Sleyght nods
[Sleyght] There was apparently some damage done in the process of excavating for the railway - I hope it wasn't too serious.
[Xandhil] ahh, that's too bad.... but I suppose they might not have found it otherwise.
[Xandhil] How are you going to be handling all the work?
[Sleyght] well, I'm planning to hire locals once I'm there to do the digging and so forth. And there are a couple of colleagues at the college in Nys who I'm hoping will agree to assist with the more technical aspects.
* Xandhil nods
[Xandhil] That makes sense...
* Xandhil tries not to sound to diappointed
* Sleyght gives you a bit of an appraising look
* Xandhil smiles a little sheepishly
[Sleyght] Would you be interested in assisting as well, M. Orecalo?
[Xandhil] I would be most happy to provide whatever assistance I can.
[Sleyght] I don't know whether there would be much in the way of compensation, although of course I could provide transportation to the site and so forth.
* Sleyght seems to have heard the muttering that you might be a bit mercenary, as mentioned ;)
[DiablotinNarrator] (sec phone)
[Xandhil] honestly, i think the opportunity is compensation enough - there so much new to learn!
[DiablotinNarrator] (back - repair guy coming tomorrow or Thurs)
[Sleyght] Well, that is certainly true.
[Sleyght] In that case, I'd be glad of your assistance.
* Xandhil grins excitedly
[Sleyght] When would you be able to depart?
[Xandhil] I have a few things I'd need to make arrangements for
* Sleyght nods
* Xandhil says thinking of Solange and gloating to San ^-^
[Sleyght] (hee)
[Xandhil] But I shoudln't think it would take more than a few days
* Sleyght nods
[Xandhil] (remind me how open we are re: homos at this point? I don't know what things would be like publically for J&X, or how they might describe each other?)
[Xandhil] (I am sure Justen is all for being open and honest but Xan might be more circumspect depending on context >.>)
[Xandhil] (but it they are a known couple, I dunno /o\)
[DiablotinNarrator] I think that saying 'friend' might be safest with a person whose attitudes you aren't certain of. It's not universally accepted, but probably people who know them even slighly would suspect anyhow.
[Xandhil] I know my friend Justen would be very interested in coming along as well
[Xandhil] He has to finish his exams for law school though, which won't be over for another few weeks
[Sleyght] Ah, I see.
[Xandhil] he's assisted me with these sorts of thinsg before, in Am
* Sleyght nods, having no doubt heard about your explorations there
[Xandhil] but he cold come out later... if you'd be interested in having him as well
* Sleyght is doing some mental calculations
[Sleyght] The trip to Nys by train will take about eight days. Then to travel to the site itself, another two or three by horseback.
* Xandhil nods
[Sleyght] And in between that, I intend to do some research in Nys, speak to my colleagues, as I mentioned... and I'm given to understand it would be politically wise to make a stop at the Duchess's palace to inform her of my activities, so goodness knows how long that might take.
* Xandhil nods
[Sleyght] In any case, I very much doubt that I will make it to the site before Fifth month. Would that be sufficient time for your friend?
[Xandhil] If you think it might be mre valuable, I could spend some time doing some research in the libraries here, and coem with him to meet you later
[Xandhil] I think so, yes
[Sleyght] That could be helpful, indeed. Anything you can discover would be useful, I'm sure.
[Xandhil] excellent
* Xandhil grins
[Xandhil] oh one more question....
[Xandhil] do you know if the site is secure?
[Sleyght] My understanding is that they have been trying to keep word of it from spreading, and the de Beziers have compensated the workers adequately that hopefully they aren't tempted to pry into it further.
[Sleyght] Of course the construction has been delayed, but that's to be expected.
* Xandhil nods
[Sleyght] The site is apparently quite isolated, so I don't think there should be trouble with people wandering out to have a look at it from town.
[Xandhil] I was more concerned about whether it had any internal dangers
[Xandhil] if it is a gravesite...
[Sleyght] ah! quite sensible, yes. Apparently the workers feel it is most uncanny, and that as well seems to discourage them from investigating it further.
[Sleyght] However, I haven't heard anything about specific threats - aside from bandits, that is.
* Xandhil nods
[Sleyght] Apparently they are something of a nuisance about the railways.
* Xandhil nods
[Xandhil] alright
* Xandhil is goign to bring his sword just in case >.>
[Sleyght] I'll provide you with the information I've been given concerning the site, to aid in your research.
[Xandhil] alright
* Sleyght has a folder of papers
[Sleyght] I'll send word by wire when I reach Psyra to let you know where I'm staying. and if I depart before you get there, I'll leave directions for you so that you should be able to find me when you arrive.
[Xandhil] perfect
* Sleyght shakes your hand.
* Xandhil shakes firmly
[Sleyght] I shall look forward to seeing you again, then.
[Xandhil] indeed! And I will leave you to oversee the rest of your preparations - if you need us to bring anything else when we come, just send word.
[Xandhil] thank you!
* Sleyght nods
[Sleyght] You're most welcome, M. Orecalo. Oh, that is photographic equipment, please place that on top...
* Sleyght says, returning to his supervision of the loading process
* Xandhil will leave him to it then, and bike back hime with the notes :D
[Xandhil] Justen!
[Justen] yeah?
* Justen looks up from the reading he's doing (or trying to do)
* Xandhil says s he races back into their apartment
* Xandhil holds up the folde
[Xandhil] we're going to Psyra :D :D :D
[Justen] really?
* Justen grins
[Justen] When? How?
[Xandhil] Yes!
[Xandhil] In Fifth-month, by train
[Justen] Perfect :)
[Justen] How'd you talk him into it?
[Xandhil] I mostly just looked really disdappointed
[Xandhil] and then, uh...
[Xandhil] I did say that the opportunity was reward enough >.>
* Justen laughs
[Justen] So we're doing it for free, then ;)
[Xandhil] well, sorta
[Xandhil] I mean yes
[Xandhil] but it isn't liek we won't get anything out of it ;p
[Xandhil] anyway
[Xandhil] I am going to work on some research
[Xandhil] He has to travel out there and confer and politic and stuff
* Justen smiles at your enthusiasm
[Xandhil] so we won't really be that far behind
[Justen] I'm glad it worked out :)
[Xandhil] me too!
[Justen] so what are you going to research?
[Xandhil] I've just got the notes :p
[Xandhil] I'll look them over and figure out from there
[Justen] okay
[Justen] let me know if there's anything I can do. carry your books for you or whatever ;)
* Xandhil smiles
[Xandhil] you worry abut your own studies ;p
[Xandhil] how is it going?
[Justen] oh, okay I guess.
[Justen] I'll be glad when it's done. br>[Justen] the reading just takes so much time
* Xandhil nods
[Xandhil] you're good at it though
[Xandhil] the whole lawyering thing
* Justen smiles faintly
[Justen] I hope so. otherwise this was a huge frustrating waste of time and money ;)
* Xandhil comes and stands behind you, glancing over your shoulder at what you;re slogging through and kissing your head
[Justen] mm
[Justen] go read your notes, I'll finish this, before we distract each other too much
[Xandhil] okay
* Xandhil will go and entrnch himself in a comfortable chair
* Xandhil tends to curl up when he is reading, like a cat
[Xandhil] (a cat who reads ;p)
[DiablotinNarrator] heh
[DiablotinNarrator] The notes give more detail than what Sleyght told you, but it's still a bit sketchy in places.
[DiablotinNarrator] There are some drawings done in a non-professional hand that show what the place looks like
[DiablotinNarrator] It seems like this complex is underground, or partially so now that it's been slightly exploded >.>
[DiablotinNarrator] Possibly it was dug into the hills themselves by ancient stoneworkers
* Xandhil bets there are totally undead ;p
[DiablotinNarrator] (I'm picturing it like Cappadocia - turkey-cappadocia-A%C3%A7%C4%B1ksaray-Ruins-gulsehir.jpg)
[Xandhil] (I was also picturing it like that ;)
[DiablotinNarrator] (convenient ;)
[DiablotinNarrator] so, you want to take the next couple weeks to do research on this?
[Xandhil] (yeah, see what is known about the area - i don't think Xan has studied Psyra that much in depth)
[DiablotinNarrator] okay
[DiablotinNarrator] you can make a k:history check, and a gather info check
[Xandhil] (so trying to get a better handle on the history of the region, and figuring out what he might be able to pinpoint about this particular site)
[Xandhil] (Am I still level 7? >.>)
[DiablotinNarrator] (ah, heh, good question.)
[DiablotinNarrator] (we can assume you went up to lv 8 after Andusk, or sometime between then and now - although I won't make there be a combat tonight or anything so all you'd have to figure out right now is your skill points?)
[Xandhil] (Yeah, I assume both of those skills would be going up, which makes life easier)
[Xandhil] (And int woudl be going up as well)
[DiablotinNarrator] (yarr)
[Xandhil] (history first, then GI - both are the same)
[Xandhil] !roll 1d20+13
* @BalthCat rolls for Xandhil:
[ 1d20+13 ] getting
[ 16 ] which, after the modifier
[ 13 ] totals
[ 29 ].
[Xandhil] !roll 1d20+13
* @BalthCat rolls for Xandhil:
[ 1d20+13 ] getting
[ 11 ] which, after the modifier
[ 13 ] totals
[ 24 ].
[DiablotinNarrator] nice :)
[Xandhil] (:D - though arguably I could have taken 20 I suppose ;p)
[DiablotinNarrator] heh
[DiablotinNarrator] well, you did good enough :)
* Xandhil is probably a little distracted with other preparations anyway ;p
[DiablotinNarrator] Okay, so - history of the region. Obviously you know it came into the Empire about 450 years ago when Princess Thyatera, who was the last of the Arakhthos dynasty, married the Emperor at that time, Gerart Lail. Then she died, it was very sad. Psyra tried to separate again but that didn't go so well for them.
[DiablotinNarrator] prior to that, it was an independent kingdom, covering the area from Calydon to the mountains.
[DiablotinNarrator] It had long been influenced by the Aveyrone empire, traded with them, etc. Missionaries had converted its people many centuries before the political union.
[Xandhil] (what did they beloeve before?)
[DiablotinNarrator] Although they had a few quirks in the way they practiced the Way of the Wheel, they've followed it for well over a thousand years.
[Xandhil] (I vaguely recall hints that they bwere serpent worshippers, but I don't thin that is well known or openly discussed?O)
[DiablotinNarrator] Well, what limited amount you can find about that suggests that they had an animistic/ancestor worship sort of faith.
[DiablotinNarrator] if they were, that's not in the books you consult
* Xandhil wonders if they were already there, or if maybe they were settled by another group of refugees from Am
[DiablotinNarrator] You would say, judging by the illustrations, that this tomb/complex must predate them being converted to the Wheel, since there's no obvious indications of the Wheel as a symbol or the customary sorts of things you would expect to see on graves in Aveyrone.
* Xandhil is super curious!
[DiablotinNarrator] Reading back further into their history, you can find indications that before they were a kingdom, they were a scattered/disunited set of tribes or small communities
[DiablotinNarrator] The first ruler who united them, which was probably around 600 or so in your chronology, was named Orelius, and there are various legends about him.
[Xandhil] (such as?)
[DiablotinNarrator] (writing ;)
[Xandhil] (*impatient<*)
[DiablotinNarrator] He had mystical advisors/servants of some sort, what sound to you like elemental spirits or entities who could perform great tasks at his command - like parting the waters of Lac Imbros to let his soldiers cross, or protecting him from fire
[DiablotinNarrator] The book you're reading calls them 'genies', which is probably a poor transliteration of some Psyrene word ;)
[Xandhil] neat
[DiablotinNarrator] Another legend is that after he died, these entities created a monumental tomb for him, but it was hidden away so that none of his enemies could desecrate it.
[Xandhil] hmmmmmmm
[DiablotinNarrator] Now, that's a common legend for folk heroes, and you wouldn't want to read too much into it, but still....
[DiablotinNarrator] it's tempting I'm sure ^-^
[Xandhil] hidden tomb styories could have
* basis in reality
[Xandhil] even if they don't belong to one semi-mythical person >.>
[DiablotinNarrator] quite >.>
[DiablotinNarrator] These genies crop up in other Psyrene legends and tales too.
* Xandhil reads mmore about them :3
[DiablotinNarrator] not specifically
* genies, necessarily, but the term is used for various creatures
[DiablotinNarrator] They seem to come in different types, reflecting different elements. Genies of fire, water, air, earth...
* Xandhil makes Justen engage in exciting 'fire genie' rp ^-^
[DiablotinNarrator] They don't necessarily get along with each other, or with humans, but they aren't inherently malevolent either.
[DiablotinNarrator] in some stories they can grant wishes
[DiablotinNarrator] (hee)
* Xandhil has some wishes ^-^
[DiablotinNarrator] Other common features suggest that they fly, they can turn invisible, can travel great distances...
[DiablotinNarrator] Knowing their true name is supposed to grant power over them
[Xandhil] huh
[Xandhil] that would be awkward
[Xandhil] . o O (Okay so maybe I *do* compare myself to mythical creatures sometimes, so? >.>)
[DiablotinNarrator] They seem to have interest in human creations, such as artworks, weapons, books, jewelry, games, etc. Sometimes there are tales of travelers encountering them and beating them at a game, or tempting them with a rare book, and using that to gain control of them.
[DiablotinNarrator] (at least temporarily... it doesn't always turn out well for the traveler)
[Xandhil] neat...
[DiablotinNarrator] Tales say they can look similar to humans, although especially handsome/attractive ones... in their natural forms, they are humanoid but reflect the element they are connected to, so for instance having blazing eyes and skin, or with their legs trailing away into a column of air
[DiablotinNarrator] (any other particular questions?)
[Xandhil] (definitely sexy genie rp ;)
[DiablotinNarrator] (hee)
[Xandhil] (I dont' think so?)
[DiablotinNarrator] (he can grant you some wishes... if you ask nicely ;)
* Xandhil might hve to tempt him ^-^
[DiablotinNarrator] (indeed!)
* Xandhil can probably manage that ^-^
[Xandhil] (arethere any stories about havg to fight genies?)
[DiablotinNarrator] Yes... most typically, unless they're bound somehow, they'll run away/disappear if things aren't going their way
[DiablotinNarrator] They can be formidable enemies, though.
[DiablotinNarrator] Some are magic-users, some wield weapons... much like humans, really.
[Xandhil] (cool)
[DiablotinNarrator] and of course each has some sort of elemental powers that reflect their nature
* Xandhil doesn't know anyone like that >.>
[DiablotinNarrator] no not at all
* Xandhil does wonder if there is some relationship there
[DiablotinNarrator] actually this all does sound a little oddly familiar ;)
[Xandhil] like, if they fit into the cosmology somehow
[Xandhil] or if they are just theior own thing
[Xandhil] yeah...
[DiablotinNarrator] power-wise, they sound not entirely unlike Arek and... whatever his deal is.
* Xandhil was thinking that
[Xandhil] (also the Justen bits)
[DiablotinNarrator] he doesn't have the elemental association (at least as far as you know) but apart from that.
[DiablotinNarrator] yeah. Justen has the fire, of course :)
[Xandhil] maybe this was another way that some angels escaped?
* Xandhil shoudl talk to his dad >.>
[DiablotinNarrator] (are you asking that to someone, or just pondering to yourself ;)
[DiablotinNarrator] you can certainly talk to your dad :)
* Sleyght is now known as Arek
[Xandhil] have you even been to Psyra?
* Xandhil assumes yes ;p
[Arek] Well, not for a while, but yes.
[Arek] I didn't stay too long
[Xandhil] do you know anything about the genies?
[Arek] ah... a little.
[Xandhil] is that like ' yes but not a story you probably want to hear becuaxde you're my son'?
[Xandhil] (because)
* Arek smirks.
[Arek] I only met one. He wasn't overly welcoming.
* Xandhil nods
[Arek] In fact I think he specifically showed up in order to .. persuade me to leave.
[Xandhil] oh?
[Xandhil] you got kicked out by a genie?
[Arek] 'kicked out' sounds so violent >.>
[Xandhil] un huh...
[Xandhil] (sec)
[Arek] We had a ... professional disagreement, and I elected to depart.
[Xandhil] (back)
[Xandhil] right
[Xandhil] evicted ;p
[Xandhil] what was he like?
[Xandhil] from your brief encounter?
[Xandhil] I mean
[Xandhil] I was reading all these stories about them, that they can do, and so on
[Xandhil] They almost sound like they could be describing Justen, or you, or even me and Em
[Justen] Tall, dark, handsome... looked like he might be made out of rock...
[Justen] (ww)
[Xandhil] only more elemental, I guess
* Justen nods
[Justen] (oh ffs)
* Arek nods
[Arek] I can't say for certain.
[Arek] I wouldn't be surprised if others like me... got away, made their deals with whatever powers...
* Xandhil nods
[Xandhil] that's what I wondered...
[Xandhil] well
[Xandhil] Maybe we'll run into one
* Arek smiles at that
[Arek] If you do, maybe you can find out.
[Xandhil] I'll try!
[Xandhil] is Father jealous? ;p
[Arek] Oh, terribly. He's in the middle of grading, he'd like nothing more than to run off to an archaeological site in the middle of nowhere.
* Xandhil grins
[Xandhil] that shoudln't make me so happy, should it >.>
* Arek chuckles
[Xandhil] I just have to translate
[Xandhil] if he is jealous that is his way of being proud ;p
[Arek] He is, you know.
[Arek] He's very proud of your accomplishments.
[Xandhil] he's probably reserving judgement until he knows what we come back with ;)
[Arek] That too ;)
[Arek] Keep safe, all right?
[Xandhil] we will
[Xandhil] thanks dad
* Arek gives you a hug
* Xandhil hugs back
[DiablotinNarrator] After Justen has turned in his last papers, you are finally ready to go.
* Xandhil has been packing stuff in preparation
[Xandhil] (packing for both of us)
* Xandhil has been trying to prepare him for the fact that he will probably find it boring >.>
[DiablotinNarrator] The wire you received from Sleyght indicated that he's staying at a place called the Sabbas Inn, in the capital city of Nys.
[DiablotinNarrator] (heh)
[Justen] You'll keep me entertained, right? ;)
[Xandhil] well I'll try ^-^
[Xandhil] but I'll also be busy
[Justen] well, I can help with stuff too, as long as you tell me what to do.
[Xandhil] oh I can probably manage that, my sexy genie assistant ]:D
* DiablotinNarrator chuckles
[DiablotinNarrator] (er)
* Justen chuckles too ;p
* Xandhil has probably told just more than he really cared to know abotu everything ^-^
[DiablotinNarrator] heh
* Justen is at least intrigued by the genie stuff
[Justen] (and the implications for him)
* Xandhil has probably done a more thorough summary of stuff for Sleyght
* Xandhil figured
[Justen] At least we have a sleeping car on the train
[Justen] eight days and nights in seats would be ... not very fun.
[Xandhil] yeah...
[Xandhil] this shoudl be nice and cozy
[Xandhil] I d like trains
[Justen] yeah, I remember ;)
[Xandhil] maybe not as much as your mother though
* Justen nods
[Xandhil] but I am looking forward to it
[Xandhil] for lots of reasons ^-^
[Justen] it'll be fun
[Xandhil] yeah
[Xandhil] I've never been out that way either
[Justen] me neither
[Justen] You know, I was looking up some stuff about their law code. I guess they have a few differences from us that they managed to hold on to.
[Xandhil] oh?
[Xandhil] I remembere hearing something about inhereitance being different
[Xandhil] but I don't remember thedetails
* Justen can chat to you about the details :)
[Justen] They tend to default to the youngest child, not the oldest. I guess the assumption is that the older ones will have had more time to establish themselves...
[Xandhil] (woot)
[Xandhil] huh
[Xandhil] that must make life interesting
[Xandhil] and weird
[Justen] I guess... I mean, I think like here, most people would leave something to each of their children.
[Xandhil] yeah
[Xandhil] I was just thinking - you see older kids get pretty resentful of siblings already in some families
* Justen nods
[Xandhil] and that's without that
[Justen] but you also see younger kids getting shut out of titles and all that - having to go into the army or the church or whatever, not because it's what they want but just because they need to do *something*
[Xandhil] yeah, true
[Justen] I guess either way it's the sort of thing that people will be resentful about.
[Xandhil] yeah but... your parents can always have another kid
[Xandhil] well not *always*
[Justen] I hope mine can't @_@
[Xandhil] pft
[Xandhil] your *legal* parents
[Justen] them too!
[Justen] they have enough already!
[Xandhil] well right, but say you;re the youngest
[Xandhil] you think you're set
[Xandhil] then - bam - surprise sibling!
[Justen] yeah... but if you were the oldest, you'd know you were set. This way maybe it forces them to ... I don't know, not be quite so sure of their position.
[Xandhil] yeah
[Xandhil] I can see that being good
[Xandhil] less complacent
[Xandhil] have to go out and get a real job just in case
[Justen] heh, yeah
[Xandhil] I mean, assuming your family has enough that you wouldn't anyway
* Justen nods
[Xandhil] Cynical Xan bets rhey have somr really vicious folk-tales though :p
[Justen] oh, probably, yeah.
[Justen] Anyway, another thing that's interesting about Psyra is that I guess they basically invented ass-fucking ;)
[Xandhil] oh pfft I doubt it ;p
* Justen chuckles
[Justen] okay maybe not 'invented'.
[Xandhil] refined?
[Xandhil] ...
[Xandhil] rearfined? ;p
* Justen snickers
[Justen] but it was much more acceptable there, or at least it used to be.
[Justen] I don't know how it's viewed now.
[Xandhil] well
[Xandhil] I guess we'll find out ^-^
* Justen nods
[Justen] They even used to have some kind of official ... not exactly marriage, but official recogition of relationships for men with men.
[Justen] but that was one of the things we got rid of when we invaded them ;p
[Justen] sorry. when they 'joined the Empire'.
[Xandhil] aww
[Xandhil] we shoudl brig that back
[Justen] heh
[Justen] maybe they still have it out in the boonies where we're going ;)
[Justen] who knows
* Justen puts his arm around you
[DiablotinNarrator] You set off on your trip, then... which we will resume next time :)