Homoventures Chapter 3, Part 7

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Homoventures session logs
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Conversation with the patrons and staff of an inn reveals more details about Father Willem and his recent arrest by the authorities.


Session date:
Diablotin date:

  • Barkeeper looks up when you come in

[Barkeeper] Welcome. Anything I can get you? [DiablotinNarrator] The rest of the conversation also dies away as people eye the newcomers. [Xandhil] Ahh, yes... [Xandhil] We were hoping we might be able to get a room? [Justen] Maybe also some food, something to drink :) [Xandhil] please

  • Barkeeper nods

[Barkeeper] There's a room, sure. [Barkeeper] As for food, there's the mixed grill, or the stew. [Xandhil] (heeeey what do we even have for money ].])

  • Xandhil glances around to see what other people are eating

[Barkeeper] (heeey good question. you can have some unadorned - i.e. not with some weird guy's face on it - precious metals or gems if you want?) [Barkeeper] (whether people will accept that sort of payment is another matter, I suppose) [Xandhil] (that works for me) [DiablotinNarrator] Most people seem to have what you assume is the mixed grill - some unspecified meatstuffs wrapped in flatbread. [Xandhil] we'll go for the mixed grill, thanks [Barkeeper] Coming up.

  • Justen smiles and thanks her

[Barkeeper] Just have a seat, it'll be right out.

  • Justen looks around for a good place to sit

[Xandhil] thanks

  • Justen gestures to a table not too far from the guys who were talking when you came in - although not right up next to them, so as not to look too suspicious

[Justen] there? [Xandhil] (hee, that is just what I was typing ;) [Xandhil] sure [DiablotinNarrator] (heh)

  • Justen goes to have a seat then. The room is warm and a bit smoky and dank-smelling, but the table seems clean at least.
  • Xandhil sits with
  • Barkeeper returns a short while later with two wrapped-up hunks of grilled meat.

[Barkeeper] It's a silver each.

  • Xandhil nods and will fish around for a worn looking coin

[Barkeeper] You new here? I haven't seen you around. [Xandhil] yeah

  • Justen nods in agreement

[Barkeeper] Someone must've let you in, I guess. Watch your step, anyway.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] thanks?

  • Barkeeper eyes your 'coin' a bit uncertainly, but, hey, it's silver, so she'll take it
  • Barkeeper gives you the grilled meat in return, and goes back to her post behind the bar

[Justen] [w] We shouldn't ask what's 'mixed' about the grill, should we ;)

  • Xandhil shakes his head

[Justen] Ah well. Smells pretty good.

  • Justen takes a big bite.

[Justen] actually, tastes pretty good too :) [Justen] or maybe I'm just hungry [Xandhil] mahybe

  • Xandhil eyes the meat dubiously
  • Xandhil is probably not a really big met eater

[Xandhil] [q] It seemed less dubious than the stew, anyway

  • Xandhil tries some

[Justen] [q] hey, you don't want it, I'll take yours and you can try the stew ;)

  • Justen finishes his up pretty quickly, licking his fingers clean
  • Chatty_Guy at the next table has resumed his story, you note
  • Xandhil listens
  • Xandhil pretends to be eating, but eyes Justen

[Chatty_Guy] ...they came right into the temple, and he didn't even fight back

  • Xandhil will casually cast Detect Thoughts as well

[Chatty_Guy] He talked to them for a bit and then he just went along with them [Chatty_Guy] Sure it still counts as 'captured'. They had their swords out and all, just in case. [Xandhil] . o O (no it doesn't D:)

  • Chatty_Guy says to someone who protests that it doesn't sound like there was much of a fight

[Chatty_Guy] Well you know - I bet he was covering for them others so they could get away.

  • Chatty_Guy is thinking that he's very relieved Willem is finally gone, because creepy @_@

[Xandhil] (Is anyone else thinking anything notable?) [DiablotinNarrator] Other people are mostly just thinking that it's all pretty weird. [DiablotinNarrator] mixture of relief and confusion. [Chatty_Guy] I mean, they didn't catch any of the women.

  • Xandhil glances over at that point, to see how the chatters react

[Chatty_Guy] So they're all still around... I hear maybe gone lower for a while. [DiablotinNarrator] (wary, concerned, confused) [Xandhil] ...What temple?

  • Chatty_Guy glances over at you
  • Xandhil asks, after another moment

[Chatty_Guy] Why you want to know? [Xandhil] uh, well, right now I'm just trying to figure out how safe it really is down here. [Chatty_Guy] Well, as long as you don't worship the Seven, you should be okay. [Xandhil] right... [Xandhil] but was it down here? [Chatty_Guy] It was the temple of Rat they burst in on this time. [Chatty_Guy] Yeah, down here. [Xandhil] does that happen a lot? [Chatty_Guy] Mostly they leave us alone.

  • Chatty_Guy says with a shrug

[Chatty_Guy] Unless you do something to cause trouble. [Justen] We weren't planning on it. [Xandhil] who were 'they', anyway? [Chatty_Guy] The Voiceless.

  • Chatty_Guy says, lowering his voice slightly
  • Xandhil raises his eyebrows

[Xandhil] I don't really know a lot about them... [Chatty_Guy] You know. The guards they cut the tongues out of, so they can't tell what they see.

  • Xandhil looks dubious
  • Justen nods like that sounds familiar

[Xandhil] do they cut their hands off too, so they can't write? [Chatty_Guy] look, I'm just going off what people say. None of those bastards ever say a word. [Justen] We called them the Hush.

  • Justen suggests carefully.

[Xandhil] yeah [Chatty_Guy] Sure, that too. [Xandhil] I just think the rumours are dumb [Chatty_Guy] I don't plan to get close enough to find out. [Xandhil] fair...

  • Xandhil shrugs and eats another piece of mixed

[Chatty_Guy] Anyway, when I was up top just a little while ago, I heard they're holding him at the Arena. [Chatty_Guy] That'd be some kind of show, if they're stupid enough to actually do it. [Xandhil] ... [Xandhil] . o O (I wouldn't want to be in the audience, let alone the ring...) [Chatty_Guy] Not that I'd go see it. [Chatty_Guy] Cause I like still being alive :p

  • Chatty_Guy 's friends seem to agree with that sentiment @_@

[Xandhil] is this guy really that scary?

  • Xandhil prompts ;p

[Chatty_Guy] well... to them, yeah. [Chatty_Guy] They say he's killed a hundred darkies, maybe more. And some he doesn't kill, just turns into rats that follow him around. [Chatty_Guy] I mean... he's done good stuff down here, for some folks. but he's... well, there's something about him that's just... off.

  • Chatty_Guy taps his head.

[Chatty_Guy] I probably said enough. Never know who might be listening... [Xandhil] right. [Chatty_Guy] What's your names, by the way?

  • Xandhil glances round 'nervously and slinks down in his chair
  • Xandhil rolls his eyes so that only justen can see ;)

[Xandhil] (Ahh sorry I missed your question ;p) [Xandhil] Xan [Justen] I'm Justen. [Xandhil] (I'm blind apparently :p) [Xandhil] you? [Chatty_Guy] Meric.

  • Xandhil nods

[Meric] I keep the shop across the way - sells all sorts of stuff, if there's anything you need - or need to sell in a hurry. [Xandhil] thanks, I'll keep that in mind

  • Xandhil says honestly
  • Meric finishes up his drink, then

[Xandhil] (did we actually get drinks? :3) [DiablotinNarrator] [Justen] (you can have water for free... or Mystery Alcohol of some kind ;) [DiablotinNarrator] * Justen will always spring for the Mystery Alcohol, wherever you travel :) [DiablotinNarrator] [Justen] (mystery meats, mystery alcohol... he's a man of mystery, what can I say :)

  • Xan looks down at his plate of mostly eater meats and pushes the rest at him

[Justen] you don't want the rest? [Xan] we could maybe get some mystery alcohol to take with us to the room?

  • Xan shakes his head

[Justen] yeah, okay :) [Xan] too mcuh met

  • Justen will finish up the meat gladly

[Xan] or [Xan] maybe I just want to stuff you full of meat ]:D [Justen] well, that could be arranged too ^-^

  • Justen will order some of the booze in a to-go cup ;)
  • Xan too ^-^

[DiablotinNarrator] The bartender can provide, and also tell you where your room is [Xan] thanks [DiablotinNarrator] The room, once you get there, is simple, and obviously quite dark - the 'bed' is more of a pile of furs [Xan] cozy ^-^ [Justen] yeah. I've slept in worse ;) [Xan] mmhmmm [Xan] better than a tent in the sand wastes [Justen] piles of glass and centipedes... [Xan] yup [Xan] ever since we got to the city [Xan] it's struck me more [Xan] that this time - we cna't just go home on a whim [Xan] not that we ever have [Xan] but now we can't [Justen] yeah... [Xan] well, we could use the item [Justen] we can still get away from here, though, if we need to [Xan] but we probably shouldn't [Justen] maybe we should establish a spot we'll go to, if we get separated or whatever in an emergency. [Justen] I don't want to misplace you ;)

  • Xan smiles

[Xan] that's a good idea [Xan] we could go back to pavo's

  • Justen nods

[Xan] if we get in trouble here, it would be pretty safe, I think [Justen] that seems likely, yeah. [Xan] back to the garden then? [Justen] just outside, so we don't pop in on anything awkward? ;) [Xan] by that little gazebo? [Justen] sure [Xan] I don't really think being outside is much guarantee though, really

  • Justen chuckles

[Justen] well it isn't for you... tart ;)

  • Xan sits down in the furs with his cup and pats the spot beside him
  • Justen comes to join you

[Justen] I seem to recall you have a fondness for gazebos anyway ;) [Xan] that was more like... some ornate latticework [Xan] with a bench [Xan] as I recall [Justen] close enough ^-^

  • Justen lies back on the furs, making himself comfortable

[Xan] fair :)

  • Xan drapes himself across, taking a big drink of his mystery liquor before setting it side, hopefully out of flailing distance
  • Justen wraps an arm around you lazily

[Xan] mmm [Justen] mmm... nice to have a room to ourselves [Xan] we had a room at Pavo's... [Xan] but it is nice [Justen] yeah. [Xan] hmmm [Justen] I was never entirely convinced it was 'to ourselves' there, though ;) [Xan] planning and then sex, or sex and then planning? [Xan] well, fair [Justen] I might fall asleep after sex, fair warning ;) [Xan] hmm [Xan] well we c an plan later [Justen] okay :)

  • Justen snuggles you closer, then
  • Justen tips your chin up for a kiss

[Xan] mmm

  • Xan kisses back