Homoventures Chapter 3, Part 5

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Homoventures session logs
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Pavo questions the new arrivals as to where they come from. They also speak further with Ardent and with César.


Session date:
Diablotin date:

  • Pavo is lounging comfortably

[Pavo] So... where are you really from, then?

  • Pavo asks casually

[Xandhil] hmm?

  • Pavo gestures to Justen

[Justen] Me? [Pavo] Freckles. Nobody who grew up in the city has skin like that. [Xandhil] . o O (crap) [Justen] Uh... I've travelled around some.

  • Xandhil wishes he could cast glibness on someone else
  • Justen says vaguely.
  • Xandhil will see if he can surreptitiously cast it while Pavo is distracted ].]

[Justen] Bodyguard...ing. [Pavo] Of course you have.

  • Pavo says soothingly.

[Xandhil] (Y/n?) [DiablotinNarrator] (I forget, can you do it still/silent?) [DiablotinNarrator] (well I guess it already is silent, it only has somatic) [Xandhil] (Yeah) [DiablotinNarrator] (so.. still, or no?) [Xandhil] (not still no) [DiablotinNarrator] (oh actually - it is only personal, too. you can't cast it on another person.) [DiablotinNarrator] (or are you trying to cast it on yourself?) [Xandhil] (I am tryign to cast it on me while he is distracted with Justen, yes ;) [DiablotinNarrator] (ah, I see) [DiablotinNarrator] (you can try, making a Bluff check, and I'll give him a Spot roll to see if he notices) [Xandhil] (we don't have cat to roll with - roll20?) [DiablotinNarrator] sure [Xandhil] (16) [Xandhil] (err tht's a like - 29. I rolled a 16) [DiablotinNarrator] You believe you've managed to cast it without him noticing. [Xandhil] He's got particularly sensitive skin

  • Xandhil puts in

[Pavo] Clearly...

  • Pavo says, reaching a hand out to touch it playfully.
  • Justen gives a little shiver and a smile.

[Xandhil] I don't know what would happen if he were to be exposed to much sun regularly...

  • Xandhil makes a face, thinking of some of his past sunburns

[Pavo] He'd probably get a burn. It hurts quite a lot when one has fair skin and isn't used to it.

  • Justen nods

[Pavo] So I'm glad you didn't suffer that, at least. [Xandhil] hmm

  • Xandhil contemplates this sun 'burn' issue

[Xandhil] we'd have figured something out [Pavo] Well, take care if you decide to keep on travelling - the shade seems to have kept you safe so far. [Xandhil] I think we're going back to the city

  • Justen nods in agreement

[Pavo] And what will you do when you get there? [Xandhil] I'm not sure, but I think we will look in to Lord Kalman's invitation

  • Pavo nods

[Xandhil] and see what we might be able to do to help make things better here, since there isn't anywhere else to go [Pavo] Well, in that case, perhaps I'll see you again sometime.

  • Xandhil smiles at that
  • Pavo sounds a bit wistful.

[Xandhil] that would be nice [Justen] we'd like that, yes :) [Justen] do you come to the city sometimes? [Pavo] Very rarely... the situation is so... unpleasant there, I avoid it as much as possible.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] Understandable :/ [Pavo] Once I thought maybe I could change things for the better there. But it didn't work at all as I'd hoped... now it's best if I stay here. [Xandhil] what happened?

  • Pavo looks uncomfortable, pained even.

[Xandhil] oh, you dont' have to tell us [Pavo] I'm sure you know of my daughter... [Xandhil] I'm sorry, I'm just overly curious -_-

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] of course @_@ [Pavo] I helped her to her current rank - I thought, from there, we could work together to improve things. [Xandhil] ahh. [Pavo] But she turned out to have ideas of her own. [Xandhil] I...yes. [Xandhil] :/ [Xandhil] I'm sorry.

  • Pavo waves a hand lightly.

[Pavo] Children... what can you do.

  • Xandhil nods

[Justen] I guess you don't talk to her much, then?

  • Justen says sympathetically.

[Pavo] Since she has attempted to have me killed more than once... no. [Xandhil] another good reason to stay out of the city - or maybe it is all the same ;p [Pavo] It's not unrelated, certainly.

  • Xandhil nods

[Pavo] My son, however... well. I've probably bored you enough.

  • Xandhil shrugs, snuggling back against Justen

[Xandhil] we're comfortable ^-^ [Justen] I'm not bored. [Pavo] He was once Lord of Trade. Maybe that was before your time.

  • Xandhil listens

[Pavo] Now that trade no longer exists, so to speak... he's made some tentative approaches to our position. [Xandhil] oh? [Pavo] I still don't know if I trust him - he's very much his mother's son, with all that entails. But I've been trying to have Kalman sound him out, see what his intentions are. [Pavo] He's dubious, which is fair... [Xandhil] Kalman is dubious, you mean?

  • Pavo nods.
  • Xandhil does not know what being his mother's son entials but isn't sure if he should ].]

[Xandhil] how is he like his mother? [Pavo] He can be.. erratic. Unstable.

  • Xandhil nods

[Pavo] But maybe things have changed. Maybe.

  • Xandhil looks thoughtful
  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] I suppose time will tell

  • Pavo nods.

[Pavo] I think I'll retire now. I hope you enjoyed yourselves :)

  • Pavo stands, stretching

[Xandhil] we did - I suppose we ought to go back to our room as well

  • Xandhil juuust stops himself from saying 'good night' @_@

[Justen] Thank you.

  • Justen also stands, gathering up his clothes
  • Xandhil will do the same

[Pavo] Sleep well...

  • Pavo withdraws, leaving you on your own.

[Xandhil] back to the room? [Xandhil] I'd like to get a little more cleaned up ].] [Justen] yeah, me too. [Justen ] ... probably no one would blink if we just walked through the halls like this, would they. [Xandhil] maybe that, then back to the room [Xandhil] and no, probably not [Xandhil] why - wanna? ^-^ [Justen] I just don't have that many changes of clothes ;) [Xandhil] yeah [Xandhil] me either [Justen] no point in getting them more dirty than I have to. [Xandhil] lets just go find a bathroom or something, and then to bed

  • Justen agrees with that plan

[Xandhil] (back - so we can go and get cleaned up and go back to our room?) [DiablotinNarrator] yup [DiablotinNarrator] no untoward occurrences [Xandhil] (keen) [Xandhil] so - do you want to go back to the city tomorrow? [Justen] well... are we planning to go with the others?

  • Xandhil smirks and shakes his head as he realized he said 'back' even though it is just you two

[Xandhil] the others? [Justen] well, I know you said Ardent wanted to go with us. [Justen] I wasn't sure if we were also - or alternately - travelling with Kalman and his people. [Xandhil] oh [Xandhil] I'd talked to Ardent about going back with him [Xandhil] I guess we should find out his plans?

  • Justen nods

[Xandhil] what did you think of him? [Justen] He seems okay. We didn't talk too much, but he's a decent fighter. [Xandhil] okay [Justen] so I think it'd be good to have him with us while we travel. [Justen] and plus, like you said, at least he knows his way around the city and stuff. [Xandhil] yeah [Xandhil] I guess we can talk to him tomorrow and see? [Justen] I guess if Kalman and Cesar were supposed to be delivering him here for safekeeping, they probably won't be keen on him travelling back with us. [Justen] So maybe we should plan around when they're going to leave - preferably after, I guess?

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] I guess if they think he is past the stage where he might do something d-angerous ].] they may care less, but yeah

  • Justen nods

[Xandhil] but [Xandhil] sleep now [Xandhil] :) [Justen] yeah... we can find out when they're leaving, and plan around that.

  • Xandhil nudges Justen to lie down so that he can lie on top of him
  • Justen gets into bed obligingly

[Xandhil] sounds good to me [Xandhil] do you think we're doing okay? [Justen] I think so... it was kind of close tonight, but he didn't press us too much on things, so that was good I guess. [Xandhil] yeah [Justen] ... do you think he's suspicious still? [Xandhil] yes [Xandhil] I think everyone here probably is, and probably has reason to be :p [Justen] he told us all that stuff anyway, though [Xandhil] *nod* [Xandhil] maybe he thought that if we're assassins we would already know :p [Xandhil] or he was high [Xandhil] but [Xandhil] my spell is very convincing :p [Justen] you did a spell?

  • Xandhil nods

[Justen] I didn't even notice. [Xandhil] ^-^ [Xandhil] it is pretty subtle

  • Justen 's Spot is a 3 ;)

[Xandhil] and you were both distracted [Justen] true... [Justen] he was pretty distracting ;)

  • Xandhil grins

[Xandhil] not bad for an old shadar-kai hedonist?

  • Justen nods

[Justen] I'm sorry if I didn't do so well tonight - I was kind of tense, in case something went wrong. [Xandhil] hmm?

  • Xandhil snuggles down

[Xandhil] you were fine

  • Xandhil kisses your chest

[Justen] okay :) [Justen] maybe not our best performance ever ;)

  • Xandhil shrugs

[Xandhil] it seemed to please ;) [Justen] yeah :)

  • Justen kisses you

[Xandhil] mmm

  • Xandhil kisses back

[Justen] sleep now?

  • Xandhil nods

[Lan-gaming] (hee! anyway - where do we go from here?) [DiablotinNarrator] (well, I guess you wanted to find out when people were planning to leave) [DiablotinNarrator] (so... whoever you wanted to ask about that :) [Lan-gaming] (Ardent is possibly the most pertinent?) [DiablotinNarrator] (okay)

  • Pavo is now known as Ardent
  • Ardent can be found in his room next to yours if it's early, or later on elsewhere in the house - gym, or over a meal, etc.

[Lan-gaming] (gym maybe, if Cesar isn't there, or maybe wait out the end of training and talk to him after?) [DiablotinNarrator] (okay) [DiablotinNarrator] Cesar is in fact not there today, so you can talk to him

  • Ardent is working out some excess energy on the practice dummies

[Xandhil] hey! [Ardent] hey - you guys here to train? [Justen] Yeah.

  • Xandhil shrugs

[Xandhil] well, he is, anyway [Xandhil] I might just watch ^-^

  • Justen gives you a Look ;)

[Xandhil] ].]? [Xandhil] fine [Xandhil] you're just going to kick my ass again though :p

  • Justen nods, satisfied.
  • Xandhil sighs

[Justen] I'll go easy on it. I like that ass ;) [Xandhil] don't look so smug ;p [Xandhil] I know you do ^-^ [Ardent] I'll go against you if you want - I'm probably easier to beat than him.

  • Ardent says wryly.

[Xandhil] you think? [Xandhil] I thought your dad was an ex-gladiator? ;p [Ardent] He was, but I'm not. [Xandhil] he didn't train you? [Ardent] No, he did, but... it's not the same as training in the pits. [Ardent] He didn't kill me if I screwed up.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] that's.... fair @_@ [Xandhil] well, alright then [Ardent] ready?

  • Xandhil looks for something that approximates a rapier or, failing that, some other light blade

[Xandhil] I guess? [DiablotinNarrator] You can find a light sword, sure. [Xandhil] :/

  • Xandhil is better with a rapier, but he'll take what he can get
  • Ardent is indeed a better fighter than you ;)

[Ardent] (but you put up a good fight, you think.)

  • Xandhil is sneaky and quick, but that's the most of his advantage

[Ardent] (yeah... in a straight-up face-to-face fight in a well-lit room, that only goes so far...) [Xandhil] (indeed - though he has bonuses to feinting ;)

  • Justen steps in before you're thoroughly defeated to 'protect' you ;)

[Xandhil] My hero -_- [Justen] Hey, this is when you sneak around and stab him in the back ;)

  • Xandhil says, getting up off the ground and rubbing his arm where he failed to block a hard blw

[Xandhil] heh [Xandhil] I'll try to remember that [Ardent] Maybe I should too... [Xandhil] heh [Xandhil] maybe a good idea [Xandhil] but I'm not planning on stabbing anyone :p [Justen] Well, no one here anyway.

  • Justen amends, stepping back to take a breather for a moment.

[Xandhil] fair [Xandhil] I prefer to leave the stabbing to other people, generally speaking

  • Ardent nods, also stepping back.

[Xandhil] thanks though

  • Xandhil says to Ardent

[Xandhil] I probably needed that [Ardent] hey, you're welcome [Xandhil] Justen always goes too easy on me, apparently -_- [Ardent] you did pretty good - I thought it would be over faster [Xandhil] I am tougher than I look, at least ;) [Ardent] apparently so! [Ardent] so... are you guys planning on staying here a while longer? [Xandhil] We were talking about that yesterday [Xandhil] we were going to ask when you were thinking of leaving

  • Xandhil grins

[Ardent] I figured I'd wait and go with you, unless you were going to stay here a lot longer. [Ardent] Like... I don't know if I could wait another week. [Xandhil] no - I don't think we have too much reason to stay at this point

  • Xandhil shakes his head

[Xandhil] definitley not that long@_@ [Ardent] okay, good [Xandhil] uh - how soon do you think you *could* leave? [Ardent] Well, anytime, I guess. The only thing is, my gear is locked up - I assume because they figured I'd just run away if I had it. [Xandhil] oh? [Xandhil] do you know where it is [Xandhil] ? [Ardent] I think Cesar's room.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] think we could talk him into giving it back? [Justen] (are you asking him or Justen?) [Xandhil] (Him) [Ardent] Uh... maybe? I guess it depends how convincing you are. [Justen] We can be pretty convincing, I think... ;) [Xandhil] yeah

  • Xandhil grins

[Ardent] Well, if you can get that, then I can leave whenever you want. [Xandhil] okay [Xandhil] well [Xandhil] (what time of day is it?) [DiablotinNarrator] let's say mid-morning

  • Xandhil looks to Justen then

[Justen] You want to go now? [Justen] or after we get cleaned up, maybe... [Xandhil] sure [Xandhil] spending lot of time getting cleaned up @_@ [Justen] heh [Xandhil] :D [Xandhil] lets go then - where can we find you later?

  • Xandhil asks, turning to Ardent

[Ardent] I was just going to go back to my room after lunch.

  • Ardent says with a shrug
  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] okay [Xandhil] we'll track you down if we're successful :) [Ardent] okay - good luck

  • Justen will go with you to get cleaned up, then

[Xandhil] (^-^) [Justen] So... what's our plan? [Xandhil] magic's a plan [Xandhil] it's a good plan [Justen] true... [Justen] we have to get him alone, I guess

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] maybe we'll get lucky ;p [Xandhil] .. [Justen] ... [Xandhil] not like that [Justen] heh [Xandhil] though heck, who knows :p [Justen] he still looks pretty good, for an old guy ;) [Xandhil] he still looks like Cesar though ;p [Justen] fair [Justen] ...soooo, kind of cute, then? ;)

  • Justen teases
  • Xandhil sighs

[Xandhil] I'm going to tell Alma you said that [Justen] hah [Justen] you know she's going to want a full report anyway. [Xandhil] yes [Justen] 'full' [Xandhil] you just reminded me we're supposed to be, uh, collecting :p [Justen] oh, yeah. [Justen] well, maybe getting lucky isn't a bad way to go about that ;) [Xandhil] fair [Justen] she doesn't have to know where we got the hair from...

  • Justen grins

[Xandhil] she'll guess :p [Xandhil] anyway [Xandhil] lets see if we can find Cesar [Justen] sure

  • Justen leaves an extra button undone on his shirt just as a precaution ;)
  • Xandhil smirks and roll shis eyes

[Xandhil] why are *you* everyone's type, sheesh :p [Justen] hey, I don't know if I'm his... I'm just being proactive ^-^ [Xandhil] well, let's go, anyway

  • Justen heads off with you to look for Cesar

[DiablotinNarrator] After a bit of hunting around, you manage to locate him - with Kalman, in the library.

  • Kalman is reading, while Cesar is just sort of staring off out the window.
  • Cesar turns when you come in, and gives you a smile, while Kalman merely glances up and nods politely.
  • Xandhil will cast glibness now, since it will last most of an hour ;p

[Xandhil] (well, um , not while they are watching I suppose ;)

  • Xandhil smiles/nods in return

[Cesar] How are you doing?

  • Xandhil again wishes he was telepathic - life just isn't fair ;p

[Xandhil] Oh, um, pretty good

  • Xandhil says quietly, not wanting to disturb Kalman

[Justen] We didn't see you at the gym this morning... :) [Cesar] I was packing some things up - we're leaving tomorrow. [Xandhil] oh?

  • Xandhil glances at Kalman again

[Xandhil] Actually, could we talk to you in the hall for a moment? [Cesar] Oh... sure, I guess? [Xandhil] (To Cesar) [Xandhil] thanks

  • Xandhil will step back out then
  • Cesar will go out to the hall with you. Kalman looks up as he goes, but doesn't seem overly suspicious.

[Xandhil] Sorry, I know how much *I* hate it when people are talking and I'm reading ].]

  • Justen as well

[Cesar] Heh, he can block out anything when he wants. I could have an entire conversation with him and if he's absorbed in a book, he won't notice.

  • Cesar says fondly-if-exasperatedly
  • Xandhil grins

[Xandhil] Must be nice! [Cesar] For him, sure. [Xandhil] heh [Xandhil] yes ].. [Xandhil] ].] [Xandhil] (I asuume Xan is actually more ot less like that too, but hey - lying :V) [Cesar] (heh. probably San too ;) [Xandhil] (yes) [Xandhil] (But he probably gets annoyed on principle ;) [Cesar] (hee) [Xandhil] (if he notices ;) [Cesar] So, what did you want to talk about? [Xandhil] Um, about Ardent, actually. [Cesar] Oh. He's a good kid... troublemaker, sometimes, but he means well.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] I've talked to him a bit

  • Cesar nods

[Xandhil] he told me why he's here ].] [Cesar] He just... got in over his head. [Xandhil] that's what he said, yeah [Cesar] It was for his own good to get away for a while. [Xandhil] is he in danger still, if he goes back? [Cesar] well.. it's hard to say. [Xandhil] oh? [Cesar] Partly it depends who knows he's back. [Xandhil] ahh, right [Xandhil] so if it is the Kizers - not so safe?

  • Cesar shrugs

[Cesar] The Kizers don't all get along - there are probably some of them would be just as happy to see Marl dead - but they tend to band together when there's a threat from outside. [Xandhil] (Marel @_@) [Cesar] (er, yes. him :) [Xandhil] (Though really, it is probably still true ;p) [Cesar] (heh)

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] was he really counted as a threat? [Cesar] Not a serious one. [Xandhil] I figure they must have people coming after them all the time :p [Cesar] yeah. they're used to that. it's only personal with him because of who his parents are. [Xandhil] yeah, that;s what Ardent said [Cesar] is he talking about getting back there? [Xandhil] yeah [Xandhil] he really wants to leave [Xandhil] he asked us to come with him, but I think he might try and take off soon anyway

  • Cesar sighs

[Cesar] Maybe it'll have been long enough for things to calm down... maybe. [Xandhil] what does he need to avoid? [Cesar] Doing stupid shit and thinking he can get away with it? [Xandhil] heh [Xandhil] well, yes... [Xandhil] fair [Xandhil] but I meant more specifically, assuming things are only... kinda calm? [Cesar] Well, he'd better avoid the Kizers. Maybe also his dad, who'll be pretty pissed to see him back in the city.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] what about his girlfriend? [Cesar] Oh, her.

  • Cesar sighs again

[Xandhil] he was a little worried about that [Cesar] She's a bad influence, but nothing I say's going to keep him from seeing her again, I'm sure. [Cesar] 'Girlfriend' is probably a strong term ].] [Xandhil] oh?

  • Xandhil shrugs

[Xandhil] well... [Cesar] I'd say he should avoid her too, but I imagine she's most of the reason he wants to get back. [Xandhil] a pretty big part.. [Xandhil] who is she? [Cesar] Her name's Corisende. she's, uh... she's with the Cozovode embassy. [Cesar] Do you know much about them? [Xandhil] A bit [Xandhil] not much [Xandhil] I try to avoid the association

  • Xandhil admits

[Cesar] I imagine, with your looks... you probably get that a lot. [Xandhil] yeah

  • Cesar is looking you over pretty intently ;)

[Xandhil] I'm probably related to *someone* there but I don't really want to dig too deep :p [Cesar] Yeah... you look like... well. You're probably right.

  • Cesar says, trailing off a bit.

[Xandhil] -_- [Xandhil] (I don't imagine he looks that much like sen, but who knows?) [Cesar] (not overwhelmingly so, no... but I think there may be a slight resemblance, in that they are both 'less-scrawny San' in a way ;) [Xandhil] (fair ;) [Cesar] anyway... Corisende is ... like you, I guess, maybe? except she grew up there. [Xandhil] in the embassy? [Cesar] yeah. and some of them are none too fond of her seeing Ardent either - or at least, if they thought things were serious, they wouldn't be happy. [Xandhil] why do they care? [Cesar] because, humans? something about blood being diluted and I don't know what other bullshit. [Xandhil] ...I don't want to think about the options D: [Xandhil] anyway [Cesar] yeah. [Xandhil] well [Xandhil] I do think that, one way or another, he's goign to try and go b ak in the next day or so

  • Cesar sighs, but nods.

[Xandhil] I know you were holding on to his gear - but I guess you guys are leaving soon too? [Cesar] I'm not surprised, I guess. all I promised Dom was that I'd bring him here and try to get him to stay for a while, but... I never figured he'd stick around that long.

  • Cesar nods.

[Xandhil] I don't think there is too much to keep him here [Xandhil] not, uh, if he's in to girls ;p

  • Cesar nods

[Cesar] yeah, that's a problem. [Cesar] at least, one particular girl.

  • Cesar says with a shrug

[Xandhil] well, I was thinking, That since Justen and I are heading back that way anyway, we could go with him, and maybe try and keep an eye on him [Cesar] Would you? [Cesar] That would be a relief - at least knowing he's not trying to walk back alone. [Xandhil] yeah

  • Cesar smiles

[Xandhil] it works out pretty well for us, too, really :) [Xandhil] since he might actually know the way to go on purpose -_-

  • Cesar nods

[Xandhil] but if we do that - would we be able to get his stuff from you? [Cesar] I was going to store it in the equipment room next to the gym - I'll leave the chest unlocked, though. [Xandhil] okay [Cesar] I hope it goes okay for you all. [Xandhil] thanks [Xandhil] I think we will try and stop in to see what we can do, once we've had a chance to kind of settle back in [Xandhil] depending on how things go [Cesar] All right - I'll look forward to seeing you again, hopefully. [Xandhil] thanks - so will we :) [Cesar] And you two... take care of each other. [Xandhil] we will

  • Xandhil says, taking Justen's hand

[Justen] always.

  • Justen agrees
  • Xandhil nods
  • Xandhil smiles at Justen

[Cesar] always is a long time. [Xandhil] we know [Cesar] but I hope you're right. [Xandhil] thanks

  • Cesar will return to Kalman, then, unless you had further to talk to him about?

[Xandhil] (Not really) [Cesar] ('k) [Justen] maybe he's too old and married for casual seducings ;)

  • Justen says as you wander off
  • Xandhil rolls his eyes

[Xandhil] mybe neither of us are his type ;p [Justen] I dunno, he was giving you a pretty long look. I think you're closer than I am, anyway ;) [Xandhil] yeah you know [Xandhil] I am Not Thinkin About That [Xandhil] because

  • Justen chuckles

[Xandhil] I paid attention to the things Alma told us :p [Justen] oh I remembered that bit. [Justen] I almost want to meet this Sendhel guy. [Justen] or at least, see him from across a room. [Justen] maybe that's safer ;) [Xandhil] no [Xandhil] lets not [Xandhil] lets not and freely and openly adit that we have not [Justen] well if Ardent wants to get back to his girl, and she's at the Cozovode embassy. [Justen] ...

  • Xandhil sighs

[Xandhil] we *do* have a mission here, remember? [Justen] fair... [Justen] maybe we should go spend tonight with Pavo again, and this time remember to get some hair ;) [Justen] mission! [Xandhil] would you like that? ^-^ [Xandhil] tell him we're thinking of leaving tomorrow? ^-^ [Justen] I wouldn't complain ;) [Xandhil] If his other guests are off, he may be busy entertaining that ;p [Xandhil] (them) [Justen] maybe, yeah. [Justen] so maybe we should see him this afternoon instead ;) [Xandhil] I guess ;p [Xandhil] we are on a mission ;p [Justen] well if you don't want to, it's okay. [Justen] ^-^ [Xandhil] no, its fine [Xandhil] mybe we can get an invite to the orgy ;p

  • Justen laughs

[Justen] if he tests us enough, he'll decide we're worthy? ;) [Xandhil] heh [Xandhil] I see how it is - you just want to prove we can put on a better show ;) [Justen] I'll try :)

  • Justen pulls you close for a kiss
  • Xandhil kisses back

[Xandhil] I love you [Justen] I love you too. always. [Xandhil] always

  • Xandhil leans against you close
  • Xandhil will happily forget everything we are suppose to be doing and just cuddle with you in the hallway for a few minutes being sappy