Homoventures Chapter 3, Part 1

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Homoventures session logs
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Xan and Justen are hired by Princess Ilphere to visit Andusk, as she has been having disturbing dreams about the place, and especially Father Willem. They speak with Reverend Mother Alma and also with Sanadhil about the dream plane.


Session date:
Diablotin date: Summer 2274

[DiablotinNarrator] So, it is summer 2274 according to my calculations :) [DiablotinNarrator] Xan, you've been taking the past year, in between baby stuff, to set up your new business [Xandhil] :D

  • Xandhil assumes it has been pretty slow/boring to start...
  • Xandhil is employed as a 'researcher'V

[Xandhil] :V [DiablotinNarrator] Probably - a few small jobs, mostly local or not too far out of town.

  • Justen has, after some waffling, started back to school.
  • Justen probably needs some courses before he can get into law school properly.
  • Xandhil will; be happy to help him study, of course ^-6

[Xandhil] (^-^) [Justen] (sure, I'm sure you're a big help ;) [Xandhil] (I'm sure I am! I'm very good at studying ;3) [Xandhil] (My dad is a professor, obviously I am qualified ^-^) [DiablotinNarrator] (clearly :) [DiablotinNarrator] Mercy and Solange are doing quite well, with help from you and the rest of her family of course. Solange is just starting to toddle, and stretch her wings in a way that suggests she might try flying soon. [Xandhil] :3 [DiablotinNarrator] Mercy has a baby-leash just in case ;) [Xandhil] goood plan [DiablotinNarrator] So - I guess you are being called to Reverend Mother Alma's office for a consultation. Justen can come with you, or not, as you prefer. [DiablotinNarrator] (I bet I know what you prefer ;)

  • Xandhil won't call him unless he thinks there is any particular reason

[Xandhil] (I mean, unless he isn't busy) [Xandhil] (I think Xan would worry about not looking professional if he drags his boyfriend with him everywhere ].]) [DiablotinNarrator] (let's say he's studying - you wouldn't want to bother him ;) [Xandhil] (Unless Justen is technically an employee or something?) [Xandhil] (okay, yeah) [DiablotinNarrator] (I don't think technically, no. just an unofficial helper ;) [Xandhil] (keen)

  • Xandhil will show up a few minutes early for his appointment, then
  • @Alma has her offices well furnished practically, not ostentatiously, but you'll likely notice some things are out of the average priest's budget.
  • @Alma is reading something at her desk when her assistant brings you in.

[@Alma] Oh, yes, it is that time isn't it?

  • @Alma thanks her assistant.
  • @Alma smiles, "Xandhil, how are you?"

[Xandhil] yes, good afternoon, Reverend Mother. [Xandhil] I'm good - excited to know what this is about :)

  • @Alma stands from her desk and will go over to give you a hug.

[Xandhil] How are you?

  • Xandhil will return the hug

[@Alma] You're looking handsome today :)

  • Xandhil is a million times more huggy than his dad, although only with poeple he knows well

[@Alma] Me, I'm good... busy, but good. [Xandhil] what only today?

  • Xandhil teases
  • Xandhil nods - tha's about as expected

[@Alma] I'm sure there are days when you're out adventuring when handsome is not entirely appropriate :)

  • @Alma will direct you to a comfortable, sturdy seat across the desk from her chair.

[Xandhil] well, fair enough. I can be less pretty if I have to be, afterall

  • Xandhil will sit
  • @Alma arranges her robes as she returns to her seat.

[@Alma] First things first. How are Mercy and Solange? [Xandhil] they're good! [Xandhil] Solange is walking all over the place now, and starting to try and figure out what her wings are for [Xandhil] Which makes mercy happy and also terrified. She has a little harness for her, just in case [Xandhil] I think she may have gotten it from mom [Xandhil] I think I recognize it, anyway, from when Em was little [@Alma] Yes, I remember the tentative flaps... [@Alma] And then suddenly you're three times as mobile as any other toddler @_@ [@Alma] I can assure you that legs are enough to get you into trouble.

  • Xandhil smiles

[@Alma] And Justen? He's busy today? [Xandhil] He's studying [Xandhil] I think he has a test coming up [@Alma] Yes, I heard he went back to school.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] I think he tried talking to Adelise about it [@Alma] Wish him well for me. Mercy and Solange too, of course. [@Alma] Good, good, I was going to say, he could ask her any time. [Xandhil] Of course [@Alma] If she tries to say she's too busy, I'll remind her she's not THAT busy :) [Xandhil] Oh I think he got to see her [Xandhil] but she may have tried to put him off [Xandhil] People don't always realize how stubborn he can be [@Alma] That might be exactly the key... she is very career focused. :) [Xandhil] Or they think that just because he hasn't really wanted to do much with himself yet means that he can't

  • Xandhil nods

[@Alma] Luckily some of us know better. [Xandhil] yes :) [@Alma] Visiting Am... was more than just adventure. I understand that. [@Alma] I'm not sure about the Shadow Plane though, that seems more like adventure :) [Xandhil] No, there was a lot to think about there too [Xandhil] But you're right - Am was special. [@Alma] I'm glad you did, though... it's a part of our history as a people and an Empire... [@Alma] Anyway... to business.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] yes - I am super curious! [@Alma] You may shortly be in a position to help me with something. [@Alma] Princess Ilphere has contacted me inquiring about the materials needed to Plane Shift to Andusk. [Xandhil] oh?

  • Xandhil tries to remember exactly what he knows abot Andusk

[Xandhil] That's... the shadow dream? [@Alma] Yes, the dream of the Tal-Antar of Sarasagel, which became a demiplane in its own right as her dream aged. [@Alma] I was naturally curious and a little hesitant, but the Princess made a solid case for it. She would like to hire you to travel there and see what you can learn about one of its denizens who poses a threat to its inhabitants. [Xandhil] oh?

  • Xandhil tries to sound more chill about that then he is and, while he does sound more chill than he is, still sounds excited ^-^
  • @Alma takes a deep breath.

[Xandhil] But you've been there before, right? [@Alma] Yes... [@Alma] She told me she's had troubling dreams about a man named Father Willem, a priest of Rat in Andusk... and sadistic psychopath. [Xandhil] okay... [@Alma] He's a member of the undercity, the human resistance against the racist and cruel government of the city of Saraknyel... and while he works with them, if he poses a threat to them... [@Alma] If you chose to go, I would also like you to do some watching for me as well. [Xandhil] Okay...

  • Xandhil is tring to process all this and remember what little his father has ever said about the place
  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] Should I talk to Princess Ilphere about the rest? [@Alma] Yes, she knows more about the potential danger, if there really is one, of Father Willem... and...

  • @Alma pushes about some papers and books until she finds a notebook

[@Alma] ... my notes have been copied here for you. [@Alma] I think you'll see why I call him a sadistic psychopath. [Xandhil] oh, thank you!

  • Xandhil will take and peek briefly

[@Alma] .oO( I should have giving him that at the end... ) [Xandhil] but what it is you would like done? [@Alma] He's not the only one who is of concern to me. Despite everything... I feel obligated to help make things better in Andusk, but I'm concerned about the people I might be helping. [@Alma] You know that Andusk is in many ways reflective of our plane? [@Alma] Most people have, or have had, analogues in Andusk. [@Alma] Mine is... [@Alma] She's a bit of a fanatic. [Xandhil] okay...

  • Xandhil loks pensive for a moment
  • @Alma will tell you about Mother Alma generally, how she's a ghost, how strong her conviction is... how she's a giant racist.

[Xandhil] I think I remember heard that now - about the reflecdtios part. I think that's why father didn't like to discuss it ].. [Xandhil] ].] [Xandhil] right [@Alma] Though her hatred of the Shadar-kai has waned somewhat as she has come to terms with the fact they are not, truly, Shadar-kai, as she was not, truly, ever human. [Xandhil] is the whole place racists then? [Xandhil] oh hmm [@Alma] Uh...

  • @Alma thinks.

[@Alma] I'm sure not everyone. [Xandhil] (Sen isn't racist ;) [Xandhil] great. :p [Xandhil] but - why does she thinkt that aren't really shadar kai? [Xandhil] or Human [Xandhil] I mean - because they were created from a dream? [@Alma] Their substance is of the dream plane. [Xandhil] ].. [Xandhil] ].] [@Alma] Unlike Shadar-kai who are tied to the shadow plane, the Shadar-kai there are something else. [@Alma] She hated the invaders and interlopers who conquered a part of the Material Plane... only to find out they were never invaders, that it was their home to, and that it wasn't the Material Plane [Xandhil] are they toed to the dream of the shadow plane? [Xandhil] (tied) [@Alma] That... I have wondered, and do not yet know. [@Alma] If you find out, let me know :) [Xandhil] Um, sure :) [@Alma] That is, if you chose to take up Ilphere's offer.

  • Xandhil grins

[@Alma] You may reconsider after reading my notes. It was not a pleasant experience in the slightest. [Xandhil] well... but it would be different to plane shift, wouldn't it, from what happened when you went? [@Alma] Yes... but...

  • @Alma sighs.

[@Alma] It is a place of pain... [@Alma] And the chaos that came in the wake of the Tal-antar's awakening has only made things worse. [@Alma] I would not... I am not asking you to go. [@Alma] I could not do that.

  • @Alma looks worried

[@Alma] But if you're going anyway... [@Alma] I want you to tell me what you learn of things. [@Alma] I want you to learn what you can about Mother Alma [Xandhil] okay... [@Alma] About the resistance... who can be trusted, who wants what's best for the people of the city. [Xandhil] I can try [Xandhil] I don't know how I'd really judge that, though

  • @Alma is a little shaken up, perhaps, at the idea of you going there, and seems to have lost her flow.

[Xandhil] I guess I cn try and find out what p=poeple want [@Alma] Exactly! [Xandhil] but I don't know how I would judge what is actually best for them @_@ [@Alma] Slavery, gladiator fights... oppression under the Shadar-kai... 03* Longpig is now known as Ilphere [@Alma] The people of Andusk deserve better.

  • Xandhil nods

[@Alma] I want to know who wants things to be better for everyone, not just themselves. [@Alma] Not just for the humans, or the Shadar-kai

  • Xandhil nods

[@Alma] Anyway... I can't scry, or even particularly read Mother Alma well... so that's where you come in :)

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] is she dangerous? To me, I mean? [@Alma] She is likely dangerous to everyone. [@Alma] She's intensely mistrustful [Xandhil] okay [Xandhil] that is good to know [@Alma] We both revere Owl and yet she mistrusts me. [@Alma] Her worship of Owl is much more... absolute. [Xandhil] is there anyone there that might be helpful at all? [@Alma] Yes, there are some others who are still active in the resistence. [@Alma] Both are more likely to understand a compromise solution to things... [@Alma] Ailden is one

  • @Alma describes him, or at least him from a while ago
  • Xandhil makes notes in his book

[@Alma] And Martan

  • Xandhil also makes notes
  • @Alma describes him.

[Xandhil] ...is that mr. Olivier's ...reflection? [@Alma] Yes. Though we're not entirely sure who Martan is... [@Alma] (er sorry) [DiablotinNarrator] (that's right... Ailden = Aden. Martan = ??? but probably not Martan ;) [@Alma] No... well, perhaps yes... in a sense... it's not Martan Olivier's direct reflection... I don't think he HAS an analogue... [@Alma] But perhaps the dream mirrored him another way. [Xandhil] or... maybe he just wouldn't be...recognizable ].. [Xandhil] ].] [@Alma] Ailden, however, is the analogue of the Chancellor [Xandhil] okay [@Alma] (Or whatever he is now) [DiablotinNarrator] (uh yeah, I think that's correct :) [Xandhil] (There isn't really any advancement from that point ;p) [@Alma] (Yeah, I figured) [DiablotinNarrator] (unless he quit or got fired, and I don't know why he would)

  • @Alma looks up at a knock at the door.

[@Alma] Yes? [@Alma] [Assistant] Your three o'clock is here, Reverend Mother. [@Alma] Yes, I'll be with them shortly [@Alma] [Assistant] It's uh... three thirty, Reverend Mother. [@Alma] Oh... [@Alma] Oh, dear. [@Alma] Well, I should have arranged for more time perhaps. [Xandhil] oh wel - I can try and make another appointment after I speak to Princess Ilphere, maybe? [@Alma] Yes, exactly... [Xandhil] okay [@Alma] Well, no just come by and visit. [@Alma] Danyel would be glad to see you. [@Alma] Read my notes.

  • @Alma stands again to see you out.

[Xandhil] okay, I can do that :) [Xandhil] thank you

  • Xandhil will give you another hug before leaving
  • @Alma gives you another hug before you go, this one feeling a little bit more protective

[Xandhil] And if I dfo go, I'll be careful, I promise [@Alma] Good. [@Alma] And don't go on my account, alright?

  • @Alma looks at you with sincere-face.
  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] I'll see what she thinks this is about.

  • @Alma nods
  • Xandhil smiles, and will let you get to your other appointment
  • Xandhil will then go eagerly read about father willem, the psycho murderer racist @_@

[DiablotinNarrator] (and wererat afficionado) [Xandhil] (I assume if has all the stuff form the dream, at least - is there anything newer?) [Xandhil] (yes) [@Alma] (Some newer, yes.) [DiablotinNarrator] there would be stuff reflecting the deteriorating situation since then - food shortages, more violence, etc. [@Alma] (And a bit more stuff local to Mother Alma since htat's who Alma would by scrying most,their family)

  • Xandhil will try and get to see the princess then

[DiablotinNarrator] Teatime at the palace? [Xandhil] (fancy!)

  • Xandhil tends to copy his father's habit of dressing elfy when he has to dress up

[DiablotinNarrator] (possibly also his father's clothes, which he has stolen ;) [Xandhil] (hush ;)

  • Ilphere bustles into the room where you have been waiting, only slightly late...
  • Xandhil stands and smiles
  • Ilphere is smartly dressed in a dark, rich red dress with black and silver accents which match the streaks in her dark hair.

[Ilphere] Xandhil...! I am so glad that you could come.

  • Xandhil bows politely

[Ilphere] Oh...! I always forget how grown up you are... [Ilphere] My goodness...! [Xandhil] Of course, your highness, everything I've heard so far has been so intriguing

  • Xandhil smiles

[Ilphere] Oh yes, very much so...! [Ilphere] I had the most fasciating dream... [Ilphere] But you've come from Alma's, haven't you... What has she told you...? [Xandhil] She gave me some information about Father Willem, and said that whatever you wanted to hire me for had somethign to do with dreams you'd been having about him, yes [Ilphere] Father Willem, oh yes...! [Ilphere] Yes, I feel that he is up to something... [Ilphere] Some kind of shenanigan...!

  • Ilphere waves her hand around.
  • Xandhil nods

[Ilphere] But the dreams don't truly tell me enough... [Xandhil] Is it just something to do with Andusk? [Ilphere] I need to... see @_@ [Ilphere] Yes... or no...! [Ilphere] Probably..! [Xandhil] okay... [Ilphere] I saw a river of blood... [Ilphere] And he was... directing it somehow, into a canal or a channel.

  • Xandhil listens

[Ilphere] He is killing, killing so many people, to fill up the river...

  • Ilphere gets a faraway look in her eyes as she recalls.

[Ilphere] So many... [Xandhil] ...more than usual?

  • Xandhil asks

[Ilphere] Right! So I feel he is up to no good...! [Xandhil] I mean, Accoeding to Alma, he is already a murderer, um, hobbyist [Ilphere] It would seem to be with more purpose than before... If that is possible...?

  • Xandhil nods

[Ilphere] There is a specific goal... but what...? I cannot see!

  • Ilphere begins to pace.

[Xandhil] and that's what you'd like me to try and find out? [Ilphere] Yes... well no...! [Ilphere] It would be... quite dangerous to approach him directly. [Xandhil] right [Xandhil] but we can investigate without getting anywhere near him [Xandhil] if there is that much murdering... [Xandhil] but finding out what it is about might be harder [Ilphere] Yes... If we could scry him that would certainly facilitate matters...! [Xandhil] I'll see what I can do [Xandhil] how...his...does it need to be? [Ilphere] Well a body part would be ideal...! [Xandhil] ... [Xandhil] okay [Ilphere] But I did say to be careful, didn't I...? Some hair perhaps... [Ilphere] Oh my, Sanadhil would be so cross if you were harmed on my account...! [Xandhil] so, more personal is better, then [Ilphere] Precisely.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] Well, I will probably talk to him., or try [Xandhil] Andusk is the adventure he talks about the least [Xandhil] I don't think he was very comfortable with it [Ilphere] He found it unsettling on many levels I fear...

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] but it won't be the same for me... or for us [Xandhil] I don't think I would want to do this without some backup [Ilphere] The Dream Walk is an interesting experience... Not everyone cares for it... [Ilphere] Hm..? who will you take...? [Xandhil] Well... Probably Justen, if I can. I don't think I'd want to take Taz, if we're supposed to be looking at the undercity. reverend Mother Alma said it was pretty racist there. [Ilphere] Oh yes. [Ilphere] And definitely not if you want to get anywhere near Willem...! [Xandhil] right [Xandhil] Justen and I can blend in better if we have to [Ilphere] Of course... how handy...! [Xandhil] very handy

  • Xandhil agrees with a smile

[Ilphere] Oh, the other thing... [Ilphere] Pheria...! [Ilphere] I am ever so curious to see what she is up to. [Ilphere] Alma is very stingy with her information...!

  • Ilphere purses her lips into a frown.

[Xandhil] I don';t know if she really has mcuh [Xandhil] everything I got from her is all about mother Alma, anyway [Ilphere] Well, I suppose it is unlikely they would interact overmuch...!

  • Xandhil nods

[Ilphere] Do you need anything to help you on your trip...?

  • Xandhil considers

[Xandhil] well, i might like any more information you have on Andusk and the people, if you have any notes? [Xandhil] and - Alma talked about Plane shifting, ut you mentioned dreamwalk - how were you planning to send us? [Xandhil] And is there maybe something we could use to get out quickly if we needed to? [Ilphere] Notes, yes! so many notes... [Ilphere] Dream walking is more unpredictable... and for a novice it can be dangerous, as we once discovered...

  • Xandhil nods

[Ilphere] Although you would not have the precise problem we encountered... [Ilphere] Still, I think Plane Shifting would be safest...! [Xandhil] ?me nods [Xandhil] okay... [Ilphere] I can lend you an item that will allow you to return, yes. [Xandhil] Oh, excellent! [Ilphere] They *can* be unpredictable... [Xandhil] what can?] [Ilphere] So I will send you there myself, and you will only need to use it on the way back. [Xandhil] okay [Xandhil] I'm prety good at making items work how I want them too though [Ilphere] Excellent...!

  • Ilphere claps her hands together.

[Ilphere] Then it is settled. When do you wish to leave...? [Xandhil] any other items you think might be handy in Andusk too... [Xandhil] I'll need to talk to Justen [Xandhil] I think he has some schoolwork to sort out, but hopefully soon! [Ilphere] Of course...! [Xandhil] I'll let you know _ i am guessing that you'd want us to go as soon as possible [Ilphere] That would be optimal... :)

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] well, send me your notes then, and I'll talk to my father, and once I speak to Justen I can let you know hopw soon we'll be ready to go [Xandhil] thank you - this is really exciting :) [Ilphere] No, thank *you*...! [Ilphere] :v

  • Justen is at home studying... in theory.
  • Xandhil comes home in the late evening looking all excited
  • Justen is asleep over his books.
  • Xandhil smiles, and will set down his notes before taking off his shirt and stretching off his wings and coming over to stand behind him
  • Xandhil moves the books away carefully, and takes Justen's hand

[Justen] ...hnmnn... [Xandhil] Justen... [Justen] yeah? [Xandhil] you fell asleep reading again

  • Justen opens his eyes and sits up

[Justen] oh... [Xandhil] its almost 6 - how long have you been studying? [Xandhil] study-napping [Justen] uh... since I got up. [Justen] whenever that was ].] [Xandhil] three?

  • Xandhil teases

[Justen] :p [Justen] it's just hard to get through it all... [Xandhil] I know [Xandhil] do you want me to help? [Justen] maybe later... [Xandhil] I can read you bits [Justen] yeah :) [Justen] it's easier for me to remember it that way.

  • Xandhil smiles

[Xandhil] did you have anythign to eat yet? [Justen] somehow it makes more sense when you say it. [Justen] uh... I had some bread and cheese. but I think that was a while ago.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] Did you want to go out? [Justen] sure. as logn as it's somewhere with food. [Xandhil] that was what I meant ;p [Justen] oh. [Justen] heh.

  • Justen stands up and stretches, then.

[Xandhil] you do still have a test :p [Xandhil] is it tomorrow? [Justen] well you had your shirt off... [Justen] I thought you might have something more fun in mind ;) [Xandhil] :p [Xandhil] when have you ever known me to go out without a shirt? [Xandhil] I just wanted my wings out [Xandhil] but we could saty in if you prefer ^-^ [Justen] no, I want someone to bring me food I don't have to clean up after.

  • Justen hugs you, though.

[Xandhil] mmmm

  • Xandhil snuggles

[Xandhil] okay mayeb this is a good reason to have my shirt off too [Justen] and the test is the day after tomorrow, not tomorrow. [Justen] so I have a whole extra day to study. [Xandhil] oh, hmm [Xandhil] how much more class do you have after that? [Justen] then I have a paper to hand in by the end of the week, and that's it. [Xandhil] okay [Xandhil] I want you to come with me on an adventure :3 [Justen] oh? [Justen] what is it? :) [Xandhil] I'll explain over dinner :) [Justen] okay.

  • Justen waits for you to get your shirt back on so we can go out
  • Xandhil will do so, and go with you to probably some nice local place
  • Justen orders a hearty meal, and some ale to go with it.
  • Xandhil eats more lightly, but also has a celebratory drink

[Xandhil] so! [Justen] so... tell me about this adventure :)

  • Xandhil says after we've ordered

[Xandhil] I've been hired.... by princess Ilphere :D [Justen] ooh, royal adventures! [Xandhil] yeah [Xandhil] and! [Xandhil] she wants us to go on an adventure.... to another plane :V [Justen] okay...? [Xandhil] to Andusk [Xandhil] did your mother ever mention it? [Justen] uh... yeah, sort of. [Justen] It's like a mirror plane, inside a dream or something? It was pretty confusing. [Xandhil] yeah [Xandhil] it kind of is

  • Xandhil is trying to think of how to best explain

[Xandhil] how much very early history stuff did you pick up from your mom? [Justen] Honestly, I kind of tuned out some of that stuff... it's not that she wouldn't talk about it, but I probably didn't pay as much attention as I should have. [Xandhil] okay [Xandhil] but - you know this city was set up by the Shadar-kai, right? [Xandhil] and the founders came and kicked them out? [Justen] yeah, I remember that

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] well, they had a Queen [Xandhil] and she'd been through the arch, so she had a tie to the city

  • Justen nods, listening

[Xandhil] and she escaped to sarasagel... the ruined shadow plane city we went to to get to llorfir [Justen] the creepy colour-ghosts-infested ruins [Xandhil] Things didn't go well for the Shadar-kai there, so she was eventually put into magic sleep [Xandhil] yeah [Xandhil] anyway [Xandhil] while she was asleep, she dreamed of a sort of... alternate version of Diablotin - like, what would have happened if thwe Shadar-kai had won [Xandhil] and because she was tied to the city, it was more than just a dream - it became a real place, but was a reflection of people here [Justen] because like... the Arch knew what was going on here, even if she didn't? [Xandhil] I guess [Xandhil] I don't think anyone is exactly clear on that, but that's what they seem to think

  • Justen nods

[Xandhil] anyway, my father, the pricess, and the chancellor woke her up [Xandhil] and that broke the connection [Xandhil] so stuff that happened after that is less of a reflection [Xandhil] and the queen isn't controlling things there anymore, so it has all gone kind of crazy

  • Justen nods

[Justen] ... more crazy? [Xandhil] yeah [Xandhil] it was already pretty crazy [Justen] because from what I remember, it wasn't exactly a great place to start with. [Xandhil] Alma said almost everyone there was some kind of racist - the humans hate the Shadar-kai, and the Shadar-kai are in charge and use the humans mostly as slaves [Justen] ...fun... [Xandhil] yeah [Xandhil] anyway [Xandhil] the princes wants me to kind of... spy on this really crazy guy, because she thinks he might be doing something really dangerous [Justen] uh... okay? [Xandhil] he's a psycho murderer who turns people into wererats [Justen] ...wow. [Xandhil] and she is worried he is up to something...worse than that [Justen] that's troubling. [Xandhil] yeah [Xandhil] and then she and the reverend Mother both wanted us to check on some other things [Justen] okay... [Xandhil] I guess Alma has been in contact with her...reflection, is the term she used, over there [Justen] so, far be it from me to turn down what sounds like a really cool job but... why can't they do it themselves? Just too busy? [Xandhil] to help the humans make things better for themselves [Xandhil] ].] [Xandhil] because of course I asked that [.[ [Justen] I mean, it's fair - a princess and a reverend mother probably have a *few* other things they should be doing. [Xandhil] yeah [Xandhil] I think maybe it also might be weird for them because they have reflections? [Xandhil] But we wouldn't, I don't think [Justen] oh. and we ... don't, I guess? [Xandhil] We were both born after [Justen] because we were born after it changed? [Xandhil] yeah

  • Justen nods, pleased that he figured it out :)

[Xandhil] Although, I guess you and Mercy were born closer ].] [Xandhil] but still after!

  • Justen nods

[Justen] but still.. our parents, and people their age, they probably have .. reflections, whatever, there? [Xandhil] yeah [Xandhil] well [Xandhil] I guess no one could figure out if your dad did

  • Justen nods

[Xandhil] There was someone there called martan... but they didn't think it was him [Justen] oh... okay. well... uh... [Justen] he might not be a 'him' there, if he exists.

  • Justen says, a bit more quietly.
  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] that was what i thought too [Xandhil] that maybe they just didn't recognize him

  • Justen nods

[Xandhil] your mom might know more [Xandhil] and my dad [Justen] Yeah. we should probably talk to them before we go, if possible. How soon did they want us to leave?\ [Xandhil] as soon as possible [Xandhil] so after you turn in your paper :p [Justen] heh [Xandhil] but I can help with that :) [Justen] ok :)

  • Arek is always happy to have you two over for dinner anyway :)
  • Xandhil will come over in the late afternoon to hang out with his dad and see anyone else who is around
  • Arek is in the kitchen making some salad for dinner

[Arek] Oh, hello there :) [Xandhil] hey dad :) [Xandhil] Justen is coming over in a bit too - he wanted to study a bit on his own [Arek] oh, how is it going? [Xandhil] good I think [Xandhil] he needs something to read his notes out to him :p

  • Arek smiles

[Xandhil] I do't know what it is [Arek] Something like you? ;) [Xandhil] hee, i guess [Xandhil] but I can't always read him everything :p

  • Arek nods

[Xandhil] and I tried looking at his notes the other day [Xandhil] half the time even I couldn't figure out what he;d meant [Xandhil] mixing up his letters and stuff [Arek] ah... well, he's probably out of practice. hopefully it'll get easier once he's back longer. [Xandhil] practice? ;P [Xandhil] you're optimistic

  • Xandhil teases
  • Arek shrugs, smiling

[Arek] or he'll find ways to deal with it. [Arek] your father says good students do that - find shortcuts and tricks they can use to make the work go faster.

  • Xandhil nods

[Arek] I don't know, i never went to school ^-^ [Xandhil] yeah - right now I think he just finds it really frustrating [Xandhil] so I guess it is good he had to do these other classes first [Xandhil] I mean, so he can figure out how he needs to learn [Arek] that's too bad... do you think he'll stick with it, though? [Xandhil] I do [Xandhil] As long as the people who count keep telling him he can do it

  • Arek nods

[Xandhil] he's less likely to listen to the ones who aren't [Arek] well, I wish him good luck with it [Xandhil] You can tell him later :) [Xandhil] Is father home yet? [Arek] that's true :) [Xandhil] I wanted to ask him about a new job that princess Ilphere has hired me for [Arek] Oh? He should be home shortly, I expect. [Xandhil] okay [Xandhil] is anyone else home? [Arek] Em took Ilyana out to the park a little while ago. [Arek] they'll be home by dinner, though. so should Dozilva. [Xandhil] Well, it will be nice to see Em for a bit too, while she's home :) [Arek] It's been so nice to have her back.

  • Arek agrees.

[Arek] It's quiet without her ;) [Sanadhil] oh I'm sure that mus be terribl;e [Sanadhil] Father must really hate all the silence :p

  • Arek smiles.

[Arek] Yes, and I had just started a new book, too...

  • Xandhil makes a face

[Xandhil] augh, dad :p [Arek] well, I had! [Xandhil] I'm sure you will find some time to finish it [Arek] I'll have to remember what I thought was going to happen next when I get some time to work on it again.

  • Xandhil says neutrally

[Xandhil] :p

  • Xandhil sighs

[Arek] No one's making you read them ;) [Xandhil] true

  • Sanadhil slips in to the kitchen

[Sanadhil] In my experience, one rarely needs to *make* Xandhil read anything... [Sanadhil] but what were you discussing? [Xandhil] Dad's books :p

  • Arek smiles

[Sanadhil] ahh [Xandhil] but hi father! [Arek] My trashy novels.

  • Sanadhil smiles

[Arek] do you want this celery in the salad? it's a little wilted but I think it's still all right. but maybe I should save it for soup tomorrow...

  • Arek asks his mate

[Sanadhil] Did I tell you about the one student I caught reading the Countess of Yessyr in calss? [Arek] oh, no! that's splendid :) I hope you read out a bit in front of everyone before you confiscated it. [Sanadhil] Oh i did [Sanadhil] I read her the end [Sanadhil] because I'm cruel

  • Arek chuckles
  • Sanadhil smiles smugly

[Arek] you are... delightfully so. [Xandhil] D: [Sanadhil] but salvage what's good to the salad and use the rest for the soup? [Sanadhil] I'm sure it would be fine without though [Arek] nobody wants limp vegetables in their salad, true.

  • Sanadhil smirks
  • Arek says with a saucy smile
  • Xandhil sighs resignedly

[Xandhil] So, Father... [Sanadhil] yes Xan?

  • Sanadhil says, turning his attention to his son slowly

[Xandhil] Princess Ilphere has hired me for an expedition! [Sanadhil] Oh really? [Sanadhil] She hadn't said anything to me... [Xandhil] Well, I don't think she'd been really plannign it for a while so much as something came up and now she thinks it might be important.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Arek] That sounds like Ilphere... [Sanadhil] Very much... [Sanadhil] Where is she having you go] [Sanadhil] ? [Xandhil] Andusk. [Arek] ...

  • Sanadhil gives Xan a sharp look

[Xandhil] I talked to Alma about it some too [Xandhil] She doesn't want me to go, because it's so dangerous [Sanadhil] It is dangerous. What does Ilphere want there? [Xandhil] She said she's been having dreams about father Willem - Alma gave me all her notes about him, so I know what he's like already. But in her dreams, he's, well, it sounded like he was getting ready for some kind of huge sacrifice.

  • Sanadhil considers.

[Sanadhil] Sacrifice is already quite common in Andusk, even on a relatively large scale. The Shadar-kai there predominately follow the form of Serpent worship thatwas practices in Diablotin before the founders came, where it is heavily mixed with demon worship and focused on the darker aspects of Serpent. [Sanadhil] But father Willem is particularly troubling.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] She said she didn't know if it was something that was just relevant to Andusk or not [Arek] ... meaning it could affect other planes? [Xandhil] but if she was dreaming about it... maybe. She wasn't sure [Xandhil] which is I think why she wants someone to go [Xandhil] they can't scry on him normally - she wanted to see if we could maybe get something to help with that.

  • Sanadhil frowns

[Sanadhil] that requires something personal to the subject... ideally part of them...

  • Arek makes a slight grimace
  • Sanadhil smiles apologetically

[Xandhil] I know. But we can try and find out what he is up to other way as well.

  • Sanadhil considers

[Sanadhil] I don;'t know what all was in Alma's file, but there are some things you need to understand about Willem [Sanadhil] He is incredibly strong willed. [Sanadhil] Ilphere led several of us on a dream walk when we woke the queen - we inhabited out copies there. Most of us were able to subsume the consciousnesses of our copies, but Willem could not be subsumed. [Sanadhil] I would not expect any of your magic to work on him.

  • Xandhil listens, and nods

[Sanadhil] The other things is that he has a seer [Arek] he's probably only gotten more powerful, to have survived this long there... [Sanadhil] a madwoman [Sanadhil] yes, precisely... [Sanadhil] but this woman, Raina, may warn him about you. You will need to be exceedingly careful if you engage with him at all

  • Xandhil nods again, more slowly

[Xandhil] ...but you're not telling me not to go?

  • Arek frowns

[Sanadhil] You're an adult. I'm sure Alma has already told you how terrible and awful it is, and you still seem intent [Sanadhil] It is a very rare opportunity - I can understand the appeal. [Arek] I would worry about you if you do... but I won't tell you what to do with your job, or your life. [Arek] I...

  • Arek glances to Sanadhil
  • Sanadhil was going to add something else, but glances back

[Arek] go ahead. [Xandhil] what, dad? [Arek] :You should tell him about Sendhel. At least warn him.:

  • Arek thinks to Sanadhil.

[Sanadhil] :I'm getting to that...: [Arek] :all right...: [Sanadhil] I was going to say, though, that once you're there, don't feel too obliged to pursue your objective. If it seems too dangerous, don't be afraid to back out. [Sanadhil] There are concerns other than Willem, as well

  • Xandhil nods, considering his dad's advice

[Xandhil] like what?

  • Sanadhil sighs and eyes Arek

[Arek] :/ [Sanadhil] There are certain people and, hmm, social circles, perhaps, that you would do best to avoid [Xandhil] okay... [Sanadhil] The elven embassy. [Sanadhil] There is - or was, at elast, a man there called Sendhel.

  • Arek comes over to put his hand on Sanadhil's, comfortingly.

[Xandhil] Is that your...double?

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] he's a deviant hedonist [Sanadhil] btu he's also more dangerous than most people reaslize [Sanadhil] he's very astute, a clever spy, and an expert poisoner

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] so avoid him? [Sanadhil] yes. [Sanadhil] he's likely to find you...and Justen... too intriguing ].]

  • Arek nods

[Xandhil] ...right.

  • Xandhil thinks he is reading that one right

[Arek] I believe my double is ... long gone from there. so you shouldn't have him to worry about, at least. [Sanadhil] You should also prepare Justen, if he is going with you - I think he will reaact poorly to the level of slavery and general injustice [Sanadhil] it is a very coersive sociaty, even among those presumed to be free [Sanadhil] I'm sure things are only worse now that the queen isn't maintaining order directly

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] that's what Alma said [Xandhil] she told me about Mother Alma [Xandhil] She wants me to check up on her too, if I can [Sanadhil] -_- [Sanadhil] Be careful of her [Xandhil] I know [Xandhil] She told me about her spying

  • Sanadhil sighs

[Arek] .. how are you going to get back from there? if you need to escape... [Xandhil] The princess is going to give us an amulet of the planes [Xandhil] and I might ask her for a scroll too [Xandhil] as an extra backup

  • Arek nods

[Arek] The Amulet is tricky to use... I hope you won't have any troubles with it.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] She's going to send us there directly [Arek] all right

  • Arek seems a little reassured by that

[Xandhil] Alma has offered to get us some equipment as well, if we need or want it [Xandhil] I'm going to look in to what might be useful while Justen finishes his last paper

  • Arek nods
  • Arek gives Sanadhil's hand another squeeze before releasing it
  • Sanadhil smiles at that

[Sanadhil] I'll try and think about what elese you might need to know before you gp [Xandhil] Okay - the princess is supposed to send me her notes as well. between you two and Alma, I think we'll be almost as prepared as we can be.

  • Sanadhil nods

[Sanadhil] I hope so, and I hope you will both be very careful. [Arek] Get out if anything seems like it's going wrong... don't stick around to find out how. [Sanadhil] People in Andusk are much more suspicious, and they are very careful in their protections [Xandhil] okay [Arek] Don't trust anyone... [Sanadhil] Life is cheap there, in every way you might imagine, but I do value yours, and I would much rather you come back

  • Sanadhil nods

[Arek] And ... don't let yourself be swayed by people's resemblances to people you may know and love here. [Sanadhil] My experience is that good people are exceedingly rare - they simply don't survive. Everyone looks out for themself, to some degree or other. [Arek] They're not the same people, even if they remind you of them. [Xandhil] Right, dad, I know. [Sanadhil] Good. [Arek] Okay.

  • Arek moves to hug you.

[Xandhil] And we shoudln't have doubles, right? [Xandhil] Because we were both born after the queen left?

  • Xandhil hugs him back

[Sanadhil] That is...hmm. [Sanadhil] It is possible Justen might have a vague analogue, but they woldn't be very much like him - be very careful

  • Xandhil lets go of his dad and looks at his father

[Xandhil] I wondered about that, because his mother was already pregnant then, wasn't she? [Sanadhil] I'm not sure, but it is possible... [Arek] maybe like... echoes. [Sanadhil] She was associated with Willem, though, her double. [Sanadhil] be aware that it is a possibility. [Xandhil] okay [Arek] ... would that be difficult for him? to ... possibly meet her? [Sanadhil] ...She's likely dead. [Arek] Maybe. [Xandhil] :/

  • Arek agrees

[Xandhil] well... I'll talk to him about it [Xandhil] after his test :p [Xandhil] and his paper ].]

  • Sanadhil nods

[Xandhil] thanks though. [Xandhil] I do feel better prepared, at least [Sanadhil] good [Sanadhil] We can talk about it more later if you like - I haven't thought about it in years, so I may remember something else of use later [Sanadhil] But we should finish getting dinner?

  • Arek nods

[Arek] Yes, you could get the table set for... what, seven?

  • Arek adds up quickly to make sure that's right.

[Sanadhil] Of course, dear.

  • Sanadhil leans over for a quick kiss
  • Arek smiles and gives a kiss back

[Sanadhil] Just let me put away my things [Xandhil] Oh I can do it :) [Sanadhil] alright. [Sanadhil] Did you ever notice how much more eager they are to do chores once they've been away from home? [Arek] well, lucky you - you can sit down and relax for a few minutes :) [Sanadhil] I'm sure there will be something that requires my attention by the time I come back dwnstairs [Arek] Probably Ilyana ;) [Sanadhil] likely

  • Sanadhil smiles though, and turns to head up the stairs
  • Emkathon returns home shortly with the aforementioned Ilyana, who is grimy from playing outdoors.

[Emkathon] Okay, go get cleaned up before dinner...

  • Sanadhil meets her coming back downstairs, and will take her to help with that
  • Xandhil will help set the table :3
  • Emkathon gives Xan a hug, still excited to see him