Homoventures Chapter 2, Part 8

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Homoventures session logs
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Xan and Justen leave the Shadow Plane and return home. Tazenir has an introspective conversation with Sabren. Xan discusses Eletyl with Arek.


Session date: December 20, 2012
Diablotin date:

  • Ranighar can be found for talking to.
  • Xandhil will search for him maybe the day after talking to Eletyl?
  • Justen will come along if you want him to.

[Xandhil] (yes please)

[Xandhil] (always? [3333)

  • Justen accompanies you, then :)
  • Ranighar is found doing some cleaning around the temple.

[Xandhil] ah hey - do you have a minute?

[Ranighar] Hm? Oh, certainly.

[Xandhil] cool

[Ranighar] Is something the matter?

[Xandhil] no...

  • Ranighar nods, smiling then.

[Ranighar] What can I do for you, then?

[Xandhil] well, there's a couple of things

[Xandhil] It has been really exciting to be here...

[Xandhil] But I have things I need to take care of back home

  • Ranighar nods

[Ranighar] So you will be leaving soon?

[Xandhil] yeah

  • Justen nods as well

[Xandhil] we're not sure exactly when - there is so much stuff I want to look at in the library still!

[Justen] My sister is having a baby sometime soon, though, so we have to get back for that.

[Ranighar] Oh, well, of course!

[Xandhil] yeah...

[Ranighar] You would be welcome to come back some time, I'm sure.

[Xandhil] . o O (*my* baby @_@)

[Xandhil] thanks :)

[Xandhil] Actually...

[Xandhil] I have a sister, who follows Vrag

[Ranighar] oh?

[Xandhil] I think there is a lot she could learn here, if she would be allowed to come.

[Ranighar] well...

[Ranighar] If you brought her, I think that would probably be all right. So we would know who she was and so on.

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] we're kind of a distinctive family.... but I could do that

  • Ranighar smiles.
  • Xandhil too

[Ranighar] Not that you would have to stay the entire time she was here - just I think it would go more smoothly if you were here to vouch for her and help her settle in.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] Right.

[Xandhil] She's nicer than me, she'll make her own friends faster ;p

  • Ranighar chuckles.

[Justen] He's not kidding ;)

[Ranighar] Well, that's good to know, I suppose :)

  • Xandhil gives Justen a Look
  • Justen gives you an innocent smile ^-^

[Xandhil] thanks ;p

[Ranighar] I think opening the place more to outsiders can only be a good thing, really.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] probably

[Xandhil] ....and along the same lines, there is one more thing

  • Ranighar nods, listening

[Xandhil] Eletyl

[Ranighar] ...what about her?

[Xandhil] She's..

[Xandhil] Well, she needs friends

[Xandhil] We talked to her a bit

[Xandhil] She can't just let her mom keep hiding her away

  • Ranighar listens curiously

[Xandhil] She needs a way to get to know people here

[Justen] She's really lonely.

  • Justen adds

[Xandhil] yeah

[Ranighar] Oh.

[Ranighar] I sort of assumed... it was her own choice. I knew her mother kept her out of things to some extent, but I didn't think it was against her will.

[Xandhil] She's scared people won't accept her

[Ranighar] oh... poor girl :/

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] she might be right.... I mean... she is kinda different

[Xandhil] but they *definitely* won't if they have no idea who she is :p

  • Ranighar nods

[Ranighar] Different how?

  • Xandhil shakes his head

[Xandhil] well...

[Xandhil] colourful?

[Justen] Not quite as much as us.

[Xandhil] yeah

[Ranighar] o_O

[Ranighar] So her father was... not from around here, I take it.

[Xandhil] no

[Ranighar] It was never something that seemed polite to ask about.

[Ranighar] I assumed everyone who has been here longer than me knew about it, and just didn't talk about it for some reason.

[Xandhil] I don't know

[Ranighar] So... what will her mother think of this?

[Ranighar] If I try to talk to her, for instance.

  • Xandhil looks thoughtful

[Xandhil] I think she kind of understands that things need to change

[Justen] And Eletyl is supposed to talk to her, too. So that should help.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] that's sorta what I meant

[Xandhil] but yeah

  • Justen glances at you

[Justen] You should probably know...

[Xandhil] what?

[Justen] Just thought we should tell him...

[Justen] She is *really* lonely.

[Xandhil] oh yeah....

[Justen] Like... she might try to jump the first person who's nice to her.

[Xandhil] I tried to forget that part -_-

[Xandhil] but yeah

[Justen] well, make that third person.

[Justen] >.>

[Ranighar] ...ah.

[Ranighar] well, I will ... be careful of that.

[Xandhil] yeah

[Ranighar] Try and be very clear that I just mean 'friends'.

[Xandhil] right

[Ranighar] Do you think that will be enough?

[Xandhil] I hope so?

[Xandhil] She really needs to learn to feel better about who she is

[Xandhil] but she really can't do that if she's always hidden away

  • Ranighar nods.

[Xandhil] but trying to have sex with everyone isn't gonna help either :p

[Ranighar] no.

[Ranighar] I'll do what I can, then.

[Xandhil] thanks.

[Xandhil] And thanks for everything else too - you've been really awesome!

[Ranighar] It has been an honour to meet you both.

[Justen] Thank you, yes. And you've helped me get a lot better at speaking shadar-kai :)

  • Ranighar gives you both hugs of farewell

[Ranighar] I hope I'll see you again.

  • Xandhil gives him a Xan hug

[Xandhil] well you'll be seeing me, at least :)

  • Justen gives him a Justen hug ;)

[Justen] Probably me too - we'll see :)

[Ranighar] Safe travels, then, until we meet again.

[Xandhil] you too :)

[Xandhil] (Xan hugs are rarer, unless you;re Justen, or family ^-^)

[DiablotinNarrator] You and your bros and Justen can travel back to Llorfir then. The trip is largely uneventful, at least of the 'potentially fatal' type of event.

[Rhyl] Oh my gods, I hope I can write this all up as a special project or something @_@

[Xandhil] yeah...

  • Tazenir shrugs at Justen

[Justen] Maybe not *all*? :)

[Xandhil] well

[Xandhil] maybe a book :V

  • Tazenir shakes his head

[Tazenir] glad you two had fun :p

  • Rhyl smiles but looks intimidated at the thought

[Xandhil] no rush though...

[Rhyl] I don't know if I could write a whole book...

[Xandhil] I wanna show father that scroll we copied though

[Rhyl] Yeah, he'll love that.

[Xandhil] :D

[Rhyl] Just don't let him try and take credit for it ;)

[Xandhil] pdfft, hardly :p

[Xandhil] he wouldn't do that to us, anyway

  • Tazenir scowls quietly

[Rhyl] No, I know. He'd probably be all "as my son discovered, blah blah blah".

[Rhyl] Say hi to everyone for me, okay? and tell them I'll come home to visit when my classes are over.

[Xandhil] I will!

[Xandhil] anything else I should pass on?

[Tazenir] Hi to mom and dad, I guess :p

[Xandhil] :/

[Rhyl] :/

[Tazenir] >.>

  • Tazenir sighs though

[Tazenir] tell 'em I might try and come visit - see if that ritual worked

  • Rhyl smiles a little at that.
  • Xandhil too

[Xandhil] I will.

[Xandhil] Mom will be glad, I'm sure

[Tazenir] yeah...

[Rhyl] It was really fun. Mostly. I'm glad I went, but I'm glad to get back too.

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] That's usually how I feel when I get home

[Xandhil] But then after a few months of nothing but books...

  • Xandhil shrugs

[Xandhil] I mean

[Xandhil] You can carry books :)

  • Rhyl smiles at that.

[Rhyl] Yeah, but I think I'll be content with books for quite a while.

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] maybe ^-^

[Xandhil] man

[Xandhil] I think the best job ever would be like.... people paying me to travel around to cool new places and read @_@

[Rhyl] Well, probably someone would pay for that.

[Tazenir] weirdo ;p

[Rhyl] People who don't like to travel, or can't for whatever reason.

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] really old Scholars maybe ^-^

[Xandhil] I should see if there's a market for it....

[Rhyl] or ones with little kids, or who have jobs that don't let them leave for long periods of time...

[Rhyl] you should!

  • Rhyl encourages you

[Xandhil] maybe I will :D

[Xandhil] I could do regular research too...

  • Rhyl nods

[Xandhil] people will pay for that some

  • Tazenir eyes Justen
  • Justen shrugs to him

[Tazenir] You know he's gonna drag you into this

[Justen] oh, probably.

[Justen] I don't mind being his bodyguard. I like his body - I don't want it to get damaged ;)

[Xandhil] ^-^

[Xandhil] Well it isn't like you're doing anything else, anyway ^-^

  • Xandhil clings to Justen

[Justen] Yeah

  • Tazenir rolls his eyes

[Tazenir] come on, Rhyl, I'll walk you back to the school

[Rhyl] Okay.

[Tazenir] if I have to watch any more of these two I'm gonna puke :p

  • Rhyl gives Xan a big hug before leaving, though

[Xandhil] Pfft, you'll miss us ^-^

  • Xandhil hugs you both!
  • Tazenir hugs Xan back

[Tazenir] Stay out of trouble.

[Xandhil] You're telling *me* that? ;p

  • Xandhil punches Taz in the arm

[Tazenir] I can handle trouble :p

  • Xandhil just rolls his eyes.

[Xandhil] Do think about coming home though, okay?

[Tazenir] I'll think about it

[Tazenir] Come on, Rhyl.

  • Rhyl will follow him, waving goodbye to you
  • Tazenir looks back to Justen though

[Tazenir] Take care of him

  • Tazenir orders

[Justen] Always.

  • Tazenir nods, and will walk off with middle bro
  • Rhyl accompanies Taz as far as school, then

[Xandhil] (no one sent hellos to Dez :V)

[Rhyl] (aww, Rhyl included him in 'everyone' :)

[Rhyl] (same with Em)

[Xandhil] (true, just Taz being a dick, then, as usual...)

[Rhyl] (heh, yes)

[Rhyl] Are you just going home, or ...?

  • Rhyl inquires as he is about to separate from Taz

[Tazenir] dunno

[Tazenir] I might drop in on a friend, why?

[Rhyl] No reason. I just ... wanted to make sure you were okay.

  • Rhyl says with a casual shrug that is all "no biggie"

[Tazenir] I'm alright, Rhyl

[Rhyl] okay. good.

  • Tazenir pauses thoughtfully, though

[Tazenir] I guess I was just thinking.... there's still not a lot for me to come back to here

[Rhyl] :/

[Tazenir] Maybe I should do something about that

[Tazenir] I'll see you around, okay?

[Rhyl] Sure.

[Rhyl] I'm here, at least.

[Tazenir] yeah :)

[Tazenir] you were with me though - you don't count ;p

[Rhyl] oh, fine :)

  • Rhyl heads off, then, waving goodbye.
  • Tazenir will maybe wander towards Sabren's place then :3
  • Tazenir supposes she might not appreciate an unwashed adventuring type showing up at her door, but.... enh
  • Tazenir will knock, or whatever the visiting etiquette is here
  • Tazenir isn't even sure she'll be home
  • Sabren opens the door and immediately grins to see you there.

[Sabren] Hey, it's you! I started to wonder if you were dead or something :p

[Tazenir] nope, not dead

[Tazenir] close, though

[Sabren] Yeah?

  • Tazenir shrugs

[Sabren] Come on in, tell me what happened.

[Tazenir] (i wonder if the Shadarkai have a word for nerds ;p)

[Sabren] (heh, probably)

  • Tazenir comes in, then

[Tazenir] My brothers are big nerds. They wanted to check out the Vrag followers, so I went to look after them

  • Sabren chuckles

[Sabren] Did they need a lot of looking after?

[Tazenir] a bit

  • Tazenir shrugs

[Sabren] Good they had you there, then.

[Tazenir] Yeah...

[Sabren] Do you want anything to eat, drink? You look like you've been dragged through a bush backwards.

  • Tazenir frowns though, because Xan totally saved his ass, but on the other hand if he hadn't been there in the first place it would have been a lot worse

[Tazenir] a drink would be great

  • Sabren will get you something tasty and alcoholic then.

[Tazenir] thanks

[Tazenir] I'm all turned around as to what cycle it is in the city, man

  • Sabren tells you the date and such

[Tazenir] thanks

  • Sabren rolls the mattress into a sitting position for you guys to make yourselves comfortable.

[Tazenir] how've things been here?

[Sabren] Oh. Okay, I guess. Kind of boring.

[Sabren] I got this, though.

[Tazenir] hmm?

  • Sabren sticks out her tongue to show you her new stud.

[Tazenir] nice!

[Tazenir] who from?

[Sabren] thanks :)

  • Tazenir is immediately thinking about blowjobs

[Sabren] Ah, this sand artist guy, Nel - he's pretty okay.

  • Sabren gives you a quick 'are you jealous' look
  • Tazenir shrugs

[Tazenir] the Vraag people are weird

[Tazenir] No one there even had any ink

[Sabren] Everyone says they're crazy.

[Sabren] huh.

[Tazenir] They don't even fight the same

[Sabren] ok, that *is* weird.

[Tazenir] They're not crazy

[Tazenir] just different, I guess

  • Sabren nods.

[Tazenir] They think we're crazy :p

  • Tazenir tries to remember how that one priestess put it

[Tazenir] that we burn ourselves out, I guess

[Tazenir] trying to feel things

  • Sabren listens pensively.
  • Tazenir shrugs

[Tazenir] I dunno

[Tazenir] I'm no scholar, I don't know how that shit works

[Sabren] Yeah, me neither.

[Sabren] I guess I do sometimes do stuff to keep myself from feeling ... empty?

[Tazenir] yeah...

[Tazenir] they think they have a better way

[Tazenir] I dunno though

[Tazenir] it's still just... lots of fucking, same as here :p

  • Sabren laughs

[Sabren] Well I guess they're not totally weird, then

  • Tazenir shrugs, not really able to explain it, because it was different, some how

[Tazenir] heh, not totally

[Tazenir] and I mean - they had some good fighters

[Tazenir] but none of them knew how to use a spiked chain

[Tazenir] but they could just fight with their bare hands, some of them

[Sabren] so you got a chance to learn from each other, then?

[Sabren] that's cool.

[Tazenir] well, to show off, anyway

  • Tazenir grins
  • Sabren smiles

[Tazenir] maybe learn a bit

[Tazenir] but that's the sort of shit it takes years to get good at

[Sabren] Yeah, I guess.

[Sabren] ... hey, uh.

[Sabren] did you come straight here when you got back?

[Tazenir] ...

[Tazenir] more or less...

[Sabren] heh.

[Tazenir] why, do I smell? :P

[Sabren] Yes, but also... you miiiissed me ;)

  • Sabren teases
  • Tazenir shrugs again

[Tazenir] i like you :p

[Tazenir] did you miss mee?

  • Tazenir teases back :p

[Sabren] Yeah.

[Sabren] I missed you.

  • Sabren says frankly.
  • Sabren leans over to give you a kiss, smelly or not.
  • Tazenir kisses back, exploring this new tongue stud :D
  • Sabren teases you a little with it before pulling back

[Tazenir] mmph

[Tazenir] I like this sand art friend of yours. he has good ideas

  • Sabren smiles at that.

[Sabren] Listen, uh... there's probably something you should know about me. I mean, if you didn't already figure it out and stuff.

[Tazenir] what?

[Sabren] I'm an egalitarian. I don't believe in all that rank and hierarchy bullshit, and ... some people have a problem with that.

[Sabren] Like... I kind of don't have a clan anymore because of it.

  • Sabren admits

[Tazenir] Is that a thing?

  • Tazenir asks, curious

[Tazenir] Egalitarians?

[Sabren] Yeah. It's a thing. Not a really big thing, but there's a fair few of us I guess.

[Tazenir] hmm.

[Tazenir] Well, I didn't grow up here.

[Sabren] Mostly people like me... artists and people who don't have clans to start with and people who feel like the system's fucked them over - literally :p

[Sabren] Yeah. I think that's part of why I like you, you don't have all those hang-ups some people do.

  • Tazenir nods

[Tazenir] No one really seems to expect much of me here, so I guess it hasn't really bothered me

[Sabren] So we don't give head to get ahead. We just do it because we want to.

  • Tazenir grins

[Tazenir] I'm down with that

[Sabren] or if we don't, we don't. but with you... I like to :)

[Tazenir] I guess

  • Sabren runs her hand up your leg, giving you a little squeeze.
  • Tazenir says, though, frowning now that he is thinking about himself, and not just about getting head from you ;)
  • Tazenir lets himself get distracted from those thoughts though

[Sabren] I just figured you deserved to know.

[Tazenir] but I mean hey, be my guest ^-^

[Sabren] In case it might screw anything up for you...

  • Tazenir thinks

[Tazenir] Probably I'd get in some kind of trouble if I got you knocked up

  • Sabren nods.

[Sabren] Well, if they knew.

[Tazenir] yeah

  • Tazenir agrees

[Tazenir] And... I dunno. being away made me think more about things

[Sabren] oh?

[Tazenir] Like... I was pretty pissed at stuff back home when I came here, but I had lots of chances to do things I liked and didn't have to think about

[Sabren] like home on the colour plane?

[Tazenir] yeah

[Tazenir] but here, I could fight and train all I want, and just have chicks shoved at me to fuck

  • Sabren nods, listening

[Tazenir] I don't know. Maybe I do want more than that though?

[Tazenir] like it sounds like - who the hell *wouldn't* want that?

  • Sabren gives a little laugh

[Tazenir] But then, like, Xan comes along

[Tazenir] And drags me off to actually go *do* shit

[Tazenir] and... well maybe, great this is a chance to use my training

[Tazenir] but without him... what then?

[Tazenir] Nothing.

[Tazenir] I don't know

  • Tazenir frowns, not sure he is explaining himself well

[Sabren] You want something more... useful?

[Tazenir] maybe.

  • Sabren thinks for a moment

[Tazenir] Probaby the clan leaders would tell me that getting chicks knocked up is plenty useful, though

[Sabren] Yes, I'm sure they would :p

[Tazenir] but sure... for them

[Tazenir] yeah

[Tazenir] It just all feels lazy

[Sabren] Too much of the same thing, even if it's a fun thing, can get boring.

[Tazenir] like Xan is all going on about how he wants to start some business, to go adventuring, and read

[Tazenir] yeah

[Tazenir] I don't feel like I'm actually *doing* anything

  • Sabren nods

[Sabren] Maybe you need to shake things up a bit.

[Tazenir] yeah, maybe

[Sabren] Try something different. Like we were saying before... keep that empty feeling away.

[Tazenir] well, what then?

[Sabren] ...

[Tazenir] yeah :/

[Sabren] Come stay with me for a while.

  • Sabren offers suddenly

[Tazenir] huh?

[Sabren] Just ... to try it out. I'll introduce you to my friends, and maybe that will help get something started.

[Sabren] Tell the matrons you need a break or your dick'll fall off ;)

  • Tazenir chuckles

[Tazenir] Okay.

[Tazenir] if you mean it

[Sabren] Yeah.

[Sabren] I didn't know I did until I said it, but I do mean it.

  • Tazenir nods then

[Tazenir] Okay. Yeah, I'd like that.

[Sabren] If it isn't working out after a few cycles, no hard feelings.

  • Tazenir nods

[Tazenir] sure

  • Tazenir can agree to that

[Sabren] Well, are you gonna get naked and ravish and pillage me or what?

[Tazenir] oh, fuck yeah ]:D

  • Tazenir will get down to that, then!

[Sabren] (yay!)

  • Xandhil lets himself into the house and finds it all quiet

[Xandhil] ...anyone home?

  • Arek pokes his head out from his study, and grins.

[Xandhil] hey dad :D

[Arek] you're back :D

  • Arek comes over to give you a big hug.
  • Xandhil hugs back
  • Arek kisses you too, since he can get away with it ;)
  • Xandhil sighs but endures ;p

[Arek] Come, sit down, you must be exhausted.

[Arek] Do you want some tea?

  • Arek fusses over you a little, like he always does when you've been away.

[Xandhil] sure, thanks dad..

  • Xandhil indulges ;p

[Arek] How was your trip? How is Justen? And your brothers, are they well?

  • Arek peppers you with questions as he pours some tea for you.

[Xandhil] The trip was great, Justen is as wonderful as always, and my brothers are doing well

[Xandhil] I don't think Rhyl will want to go on any more trips with me, though :p

[Arek] Oh, no?

[Arek] Did he not like being away from school for that long? or was it the sleeping on the ground? ;)

[Xandhil] heh

[Xandhil] No.... we got in a bad fight, and I think it scared him

[Xandhil] he's fine though

[Arek] Oh :/

[Xandhil] just a little too exciting

[Arek] I'm glad he's all right, but ...

[Arek] Did he get hurt?

[Xandhil] It was pretty bad...

[Xandhil] Taz and Justen both went down

[Arek] O_O

[Xandhil] and then it was just me and Rhyl

[Xandhil] he did really good though - kept his head, used his spells really well

  • Arek nods, looking relieved.

[Xandhil] but still

[Xandhil] we were all pretty freaked out after

  • Arek puts his hand on your shoulder as he brings you your cup of tea.

[Xandhil] thanks

[Arek] I'm glad you're all safe.

[Xandhil] me too

[Xandhil] :)

  • Arek comes to sit across from you at the table.

[Xandhil] where is everyone?

[Arek] San and Dozilva are at work, Dez is... I'm not sure, and Em is out with her friends, I believe shopping for hats?

  • Xandhil shrugs

[Xandhil] ....what day is it? :p

[Arek] (... I suppose Ilyana should be around too, shouldn't she. it's that time :)

[Xandhil] (yes, but she's quiet ;)

[Arek] (heh)

[Arek] And Ilyana is upstairs napping.

  • Xandhil nods

[Arek] It's [date]. You were gone nearly two months, all together.

[Xandhil] ....have you heard anything from Mercy?

[Arek] (I think that works out, anyway, time-wise :)

[Xandhil] (something like that, yeah ;)

[Arek] She's doing all right. No baby yet, but she's pretty ready for it to get here, I think.

[Xandhil] okay

[Xandhil] I'll go over and see her later

  • Arek nods.

[Xandhil] if she doesn't want to kill me at this point :p

  • Arek chuckles.

[Arek] She might, but she won't really mean it.

[Arek] It's just hard at that stage to remember how you wanted it in the first place ;)

[Arek] Give her a back rub or make dinner for her or something, she'll forgive you.

[Xandhil] yeah... @_@

[Xandhil] okay

[Arek] ... are you ready for this?

[Arek] silly question, I know.

[Xandhil] uh.... probably not?

[Arek] yeah.

[Xandhil] I don't know

[Xandhil] I'm still not sure what all she wants form me

[Xandhil] I mean, we've talked about it

[Arek] it's kind of impossible to get ready, doubly so for you, where your role is less... clear.

  • Xandhil nods

[Arek] just keep talking to her, and keep letting her know you're there if she needs you, I guess.

[Xandhil] I will

[Arek] I know you will.

  • Arek smiles.
  • Xandhil smiles back
  • Xandhil still looks nervous but that's probably par for the course ;p

[Xandhil] Dad...

[Arek] yes?

[Xandhil] there was a ....person we met, while we were away

  • Arek tilts his head, listening.

[Xandhil] the woman who was the leader of the church there had a kid with a succubus

[Arek] o_O

[Xandhil] he was long gone though

[Xandhil] yeah

[Arek] well, I don't think it was me, at least.

[Xandhil] I don't know what she was thinking

[Xandhil] She told me his name was Merathel...

[Arek] Huh.

[Xandhil] anyway the kid, Eletyl....

[Xandhil] Wasn't really a girl, or a boy?

[Arek] ...

[Xandhil] the mother raised... her? like a girl, but she wasn't really

[Arek] in-between?

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] She said she didn't feel like a girl

[Arek] it happens sometimes. I mean, even without demonic interference.

  • Xandhil nods, listening

[Arek] Some people are just born that way. Like you said, usually the parents will pick one and go with it, because it seems easier, but it might not be the right one because... how can you tell, with a baby?

  • Xandhil nods
  • Arek considers for a moment.

[Xandhil] her life was pretty messed up, for lots of reasons

[Arek] I can only imagine.

[Xandhil] like, her mother even hid from everyone that she had red hair

[Xandhil] so, she didn't have any friends or anyone to talk to

[Arek] Could she shapeshift?

[Xandhil] no

  • Arek nods.

[Xandhil] She had the telepathy though

[Xandhil] and some charms

  • Arek nods.

[Xandhil] I can't imagine being that lonely, though... :/

[Arek] Poor child. How old?

[Xandhil] I dunno.... maybe 15?

[Arek] :/

[Xandhil] yeah

[Arek] So... I consider myself male, but I can be whatever I feel like, and that's all right. And some succubi consider themselves female, but they can switch too. And some never like to switch. But there are some who don't really see themselves as either male or female - there are words for them in our language, for that ...not-male and not-female state.

  • Arek tries to explain.

[Arek] it's complicated.

[Arek] and I don't even know if that's what happened here.

[Arek] it's a possibility, at least.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] She would probably feel better to hear that

[Xandhil] Justen and I just didn't know what to say

  • Arek nods.

[Xandhil] but.... Em might want to go back there

[Xandhil] I need to talk to her

[Arek] oh?

  • Arek looks slightly dismayed, but nods.

[Xandhil] what?

[Arek] I just... she's so young still :/

[Xandhil] yeah.... but she's Em.

[Arek] I thought it might still be a few years until she left.

[Xandhil] she doesn't have to go now

[Xandhil] but... you know she'll probably want to >.>

[Arek] I know :/

[Xandhil] anyway :/

[Xandhil] Ranighar - he was the priest who brought us out there - said that I should bring her if she does, because they know me already

[Xandhil] so I could talk to her again

  • Arek nods.

[Arek] Em would... I'm sure she would enjoy that.

  • Arek tries to put on a smile.

[Xandhil] she won't stay away, dad

[Xandhil] She wants to do things *here*

[Xandhil] she just needs people she can study with for a bit

  • Arek nods.

[Xandhil] she's not Rhyl

[Arek] when is he coming home, anyway?

[Arek] for a visit, I mean :/

[Xandhil] When his classes are over

[Xandhil] but, uh, I don't know when that is -_-

  • Arek nods.

[Xandhil] Mom might...?

[Arek] Dozilva might know, yes.

[Arek] .. and... Taz?

  • Arek asks a bit warily.

[Xandhil] he said he'd think about it

[Arek] really?

  • Arek is impressed, that's more than he expected.

[Xandhil] he did

[Xandhil] you know the ritual mom was talking about?

[Xandhil] The restoration?

  • Arek nods

[Xandhil] The priests there knew it

[Arek] and he got it done?

[Xandhil] priestesses, really

[Xandhil] yeah

  • Arek smiles

[Xandhil] I had to too.... Justen and I got attacked by these monsters that like.... consume parts of you

[Xandhil] they tried to steal my face @_@

  • Arek looks dismayed at that

[Xandhil] anyway

[Xandhil] he said maybe he would come see if it worked

[Arek] Well. He would be welcome, of course.

  • Arek says stubbornly.
  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] he's still mad at father though :/

[Arek] :/

[Arek] it's not going to get better with them on different planes, ignoring each other.

[Xandhil] yeah

[Xandhil] :/

[Arek] if you go back there and see him before he comes here, you should let him know... his mother and I will both try to help things go smoothly. We've talked about it.

[Xandhil] okay

  • Xandhil sounds warily encouraged

[Xandhil] . o O (That will just make father more cranky though, won't it?)

  • Xandhil yawns
  • Arek cocks his head, hearing some fuss from upstairs

[Xandhil] Ilyana?

[Arek] That'll be Ilyana. Do you want to see her, or would you rather escape and rest yourself?

[Xandhil] I'll go up with you for a bit, but I might just steal my bed back

[Xandhil] justen's mom is going to keep him forever anyway

  • Arek chuckles

[Arek] She might be shy, she hasn't seen you for a while, but she usually warms up pretty easily.

[Arek] but just let me know when you need a rest and I can take her out for a walk or something.

[Xandhil] okay

[Xandhil] thanks dad

[Xandhil] it's good to be home

  • Xandhil stands up and gives you another hug :3

[Arek] It's good to have you back, Xan.

  • Arek gives you another quick hug before heading up to get Ilyana up from her nap.