Homoventures Chapter 2, Part 5

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Homoventures session logs
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Xan gets to read an ancient text about the Seven; Xan and Justen take part in a Vrag sex ritual. Tazenir talks about the shadow curse with a Vrag-worshipping girl named Keldriia.


Session date:
Diablotin date:

[DiablotinNarrator] All right, you are still in the underground community/compound of Hlintarn, hangin' out.

[DiablotinNarrator] While Ghilana atar'Quil, the high priestess, has given you permission to stay, you soon find that you aren't given complete freedom to explore.

[Tazenir] fuckin' lame

[Tazenir] (what are we allowed to see/do?)

[DiablotinNarrator] There are certain sections of the complex that are barred and locked, and/or actually guarded by armed guards.

[Xan] (Do they have a library? ^-^)

  • Xan will ask around and try and charm his way in if we're not supposed to be in there :3

[DiablotinNarrator] Oddly, you note that these sections seem to particularly be areas that would lead further down, not up to the surface, where (one would think) greater threats might be.

[DiablotinNarrator] You are, with Ranighar's accompaniment, allowed access to the library, however.

  • Rhyl is quite pleased with that!
  • Xan is happy to do lots of 'exploring' there, if rhanigar doesn't terribly mind >.>

[Tazenir] argh

[Tazenir] Justen, help me out here

  • Ranighar can't hang out with you constantly, but he is happy to spend a few hours a 'day' there with you at least.
  • Justen shrugs.

[Justen] I dunno - we could train? They have these guards, they must practice somewhere, right?

[Tazenir] yeah, that's what I was thinking

[Tazenir] better than sitting around for ages at a time :p

[Ranighar] There are training facilities, yes - I can introduce you to some of the guards, they can show you where.

[Tazenir] great!

  • Justen is happy to go along with that.
  • Ranighar will hook you up, then :)
  • Tazenir is happy to do some training/showing off/whatever
  • Tazenir is curious how much these guys are like other SK in that regard

[DiablotinNarrator] A lot of them seem to do unarmed combat, although there are a goodly minority who use spears and maces and such. No other spiked chain users though ;)

[Tazenir] (coo')

  • Ranighar is also willing to answer questions/discuss theology stuff with you brainy types during library time.
  • Xan has so many questions @_@

[Xan] (...is than an invitation to ask them? ^-^)

[DiablotinNarrator] (a few anyway - I don't want to spend hours on them, but I can try to handle any that are pressing :)

[Xan] Do you know what they did here before Serpent was freed?

[Xan] and I mean - what do they believe happened?

[Xan] I mean it's obvious something changed, right?

[Ranighar] Well, they still worshiped in the same ways, as far as I know. I wasn't here then, but as far as I know from people who were, the main changes were, the priests' powers grew. Before that, Ghilana was really the only one who had much beyond basic powers.

[Xan] has that changed anything here though?

[Xan] I wonder how she had any at all...

[Ranighar] There are more priests now - like me, and others.

[Xan] but she's still in charge of everything

  • Ranighar nods.

[Ranighar] Her family always have been, at least here.

[Xan] are there more communities like this?

[Ranighar] There are other groups... we've reached out to them where we can, where we know of their existence, but I suspect there are more that are so well hidden, even we don't know about them.

[Xan] huh

[Xan] so, how much do you know about what happened?

[Xan] About Serpent being freed?

[Ranighar] When?

[Xan] But hmm, I guess, also I wonder what they.. or you, whatever believe here *before* too, why It's power was so limited

[Ranighar] (...could you clarify that into English? ;)

[Xan] (believed here)

[Xan] (I guess there should also be another comma after whatever :p)

[DiablotinNarrator] (you are asking why they believed its power was limited before?)

[Xan] (yes)

[DiablotinNarrator] (ok)

[Ranighar] Its power was limited before because of the injury inflicted upon it when the Well was broken. It withdrew to heal and renew itself, and when it was ready, it returned, bringing with it the stars.

[Xan] hah

  • Xan grins

[Xan] that's cool

[Ranighar] I see you believe something different? :)

[Xan] well, sort of

[Xan] I can kind of buy that, I guess...

[Xan] just we know more details

[Xan] well, I do

[Ranighar] Oh?

  • Xan glances at Rhyl because he doesn't know how much time he has spent going through father's old notes

[Xan] well

[Rhyl] (probably less than you ;)

[Xan] It was weakened when the well here was broken

[Xan] that's definitely true

[Xan] but it... well, I suppose you could debate its *intent* in the matter

[Xan] but it was trapped in the gate on the colour plane

[Xan] and that happened after

  • Ranighar listens intently.

[Xan] after it was weakened, the priests there tried to gain more power for themselves and failed, and the Well there was destroyed...

[Xan] after that new gods arose and over threw the Court of the Stars

[Xan] and Serpent was trapped in the Arch

[Ranighar] The usurpers.

[Xan] yeah

  • Ranighar nods.

[Xan] The Seven, the gods of the wheel

[Ranighar] We know of them, yes.

[Xan] oh?

[Xan] I bet Alma would love to hear about that @_@

[Xan] what do you know of them?

[Ranighar] Well... I should say, we have a legend about them. But it is very old, and probably .... up for interpretation.

[Xan] well

[Xan] I'd love to hear it anyway

[Xan] don't worry, you're not going to offend us or anything

  • Xan grims eagerly
  • Ranighar smiles.

[Xan] (grins)

[Ranighar] I wasn't too worried about that - I more meant that I don't know if anyone really understands it.

  • Ranighar will go and retrieve an old scroll off one of the shelves.

[Xan] oh

[Xan] okay :)

[DiablotinNarrator] (just checking in my notes for something ;)

[Xan] (n/p)

[DiablotinNarrator] (ok, this thing is long - he will let you read the entire scroll, but maybe it's easiest if I email it to you :)

[@BalthCat] (and meeeeeee)

[DiablotinNarrator] (I thought I could c/p it but it'll flood)

[DiablotinNarrator] (hee, ok Cat)

[Tazenir] (^-^)

[DiablotinNarrator] (yay!)

[DiablotinNarrator] (sent)

[Tazenir] (reading)

[DiablotinNarrator] (kk)

[DiablotinNarrator] (it's long, I'll hang out while you read :)

[DiablotinNarrator] (you may be able to tell where I scammed bits of it from, perhaps ;)

[DiablotinNarrator] (thank you Sumerians for your crazy-ass mythology)

[Xan] ...can I copy this? @_@

[Ranighar] If you wish, certainly.

[Ranighar] I don't really know what most of it means.

[Xan] well... some of it sort of makes sense, a bit

[Xan] But I'm not a priest

[Xan] but wow

  • Xan keeps reading

[Ranighar] It's very old. Probably parts of it are lost.

[Ranighar] One of the things we hope we might find if there are other groups like us, is that they would have other writings we don't.

[Xan] yeah @_@

[Xan] I mean this is pretty disjointed

  • Ranighar nods.

[Ranighar] That's why I think probably there were other parts. Or maybe it's pieces of different things, put together.

[Xan] I'm guessing the latter

[Xan] the styles are different

[Xan] some of it might go together

[Ranighar] Obviously this scroll is a later copy.

  • Xan looks at the handwriting

[Xan] yeah

[Xan] its really interesting that you have this at all, though

  • Ranighar nods.

[Ranighar] (The handwriting appears to be from several different scribes, you would say)

  • Xan will make notes on that stuff too

[Xan] I need to think about it more though, thanks :D

[Xan] hell

[Xan] that was probably worth the whole trip out here on its own @_@

[Xan] but I have a question

  • Ranighar smiles.

[Ranighar] Of course.

  • Xan should probably not swear by hell >.>

[Xan] what's down below that all the guards are, uhm, guarding?

[Ranighar] Oh... Well, sometimes there are attacks.

[Xan] from who?

[Xan] or what?

[Ranighar] There are creatures that live in the darkness below... the Eyeless.

[Xan] nice

[Xan] what are they like?

[Ranighar] They infest some of the lower caverns and tunnels... we block them out where we can, but sometimes they slip through.

[Ranighar] Individually, they are fairly weak - but they tend to swarm.

  • Xan makes a face

[Xan] I haaaate swarming things -_-

[Xan] Ask Justen about that -_-

[Ranighar] They don't see - they sense through... smell, movement, things like that.

[Xan] although he just sets them on fire :p

[Xan] makes sense, with the name...

[Ranighar] Hopefully you won't encounter any.

  • Ranighar says, trying to be reassuring.
  • Xan nods

[Xan] hopefully not

  • Rhyl also nods hopefully.

[Xan] I sorta wondered if there wasn't more of the complex down there, swarming monsters is much less awesome

[Ranighar] There is going to be a ceremony later - would you be interested in attending?

  • Xan eyes Rhyl

[Xan] what kind of ceremony?

  • Rhyl looks intrigued

[Xan] I mean I geuss that is sort of what we are here for, so probably yes, I'm just curious :)

[Ranighar] A gathering and release of sexual energy.

[Ranighar] (had to think for a sec how he would describe it ;)

[Xan] oh, could be fun

  • Xan smiles

[Xan] . o O (Figures, Serpent @_@ Justen will like that though ^-^)

[Ranighar] Well, you are welcome to attend - I don't mind guiding you if you wish.

  • Ranighar says with a smile.

[Xan] sure!

[Xan] I'll let Justen and Taz know

[Ranighar] Very well. You should fast until after the ceremony, then.

[Ranighar] I have to go and begin preparations, but I'll come collect you when it's time.

[Xan] Fast as in don't eat or uh, don't fuck?

  • Ranighar chuckles.

[Ranighar] I meant don't eat, but you might also want to save your energy.

[Xan] no promises >.>

[Xan] but I have a lot of energy ]:D

  • Ranighar looks amused.

[Xan] why do we fast?

[Ranighar] To purify our bodies.

[Xan] fair enough

  • Ranighar rises to go, then.
  • Xan eyes Rhyl after he's gone

[Rhyl] Um... do you want me and Taz to stay away, then? Or should we go too and just... I don't really know what it'll be like, but ... if you think it would be awkward, we can ...

[Rhyl] I mean, I'd like to go, but ...

[Xan] so we'll all stay on different sides of the room, right Mr nipple chain I didn't need to know about? ;p

  • Rhyl blushes

[Xan] Taz may not be into it anyway

[Rhyl] Yeah, maybe not. it might be more chanting and getting into complicated poses than he's interested in.

[Xan] I mean if it's a really small ceremony it could get awkward I guess, but hopefully there will be enough people that it won't be an issue

  • Rhyl nods.

[Xan] heh

[Xan] I have Justen, anyway ^-^

  • Rhyl nods.

[Rhyl] I'm sure we can probably keep our distance >.>

[Xan] works for me!

[Rhyl] (back to your room then?)

[Xan] (yup!)

  • Justen will get back a bit after you do, all sweaty from training ;)

[Xan] mmmmm

  • Xan licks him

[Justen] Heh. Did you have fun with your books?

[Xan] yes!

[Xan] Ranighar showed us this super old scroll about the seven that will make people back home flip their shit!

[Justen] Oh?

[Justen] Why?

[Xan] also he invited us to an orgy later

[Justen] ... well, that's MUCH more interesting than some old scroll ;)

[Xan] yeah I thought you'd say that ^-^

  • Xan breathes in your sweaty boysmell

[Xan] mmph you need more workouts like that

[Justen] I do, actually. Taz handed me my ass :p

[Xan] I bet he did

[Xan] dude he has been training since he was what... ten?

[Xan] ;p

[Justen] Yeah, and he has poor social skills so he expresses himself through violence, unlike me, who prefers diplomacy ;)

[Xan] with the Radmachers, even, before Niki, anyway, bah

[Xan] heh

[Xan] I like diplomacy

  • Justen kisses you.

[Xan] but I have a wider definition that just 'make them want to sleep with me' ;)

  • Xan kisses back

[Justen] And yet, you always seem to manage that - you're the one who got invited to an orgy after all ;)

[Xan] it was a general invite I think

[Xan] Though Ranighar did offer to 'guide' me. or us, not clear on that one

[Justen] "Guide"... what? Your cock up his ass? ;)

[Xan] hee, possibly

[Xan] everyone want it ;p

  • Xan kisses you again

[Xan] do you wanna fuck now or save it for the orgy

  • Justen grins.

[Xan] we're not supposed to eat anything

  • Xan remembers

[Xan] we can just have sex for dinner ^-^

[Justen] oh, bah. I hope I don't pass out. I can at least have water, right?

[Xan] no idea

[Xan] supposed to keep our bodies pure

[Xan] I'm not gonna tell on you ;)

  • Justen gets some from the pitcher, then.
  • Justen gets his sweaty shirt off to let it air out ;)

[Justen] ...do you think whatshername, Eletyl will be there?

[Xan] huh

[Xan] I always forget about girls >.>

[Xan] maybe?

[Xan] (oh, girls, right, they have sex too...)

[Justen] (heh)

[Justen] Well, I'll defend you if she tries anything ;)

[Justen] I'll take the blow for you if necessary ^-^

[Xan] I guess it is a ritual and her mother is the high priestess

[Xan] mmm, maybe you should stay away from her too, just in case, if you can

[Xan] I don't want you to get hurt, or in trouble, or anything

[Justen] Okay.

[Xan] ugh man maybe it is a bad idea if she's going to be there :/

[Xan] I don't wanna fuck her but it's kind of weird with her around

[Justen] Could you ask Ranighar?

[Justen] if she's likely to be there, I mean

[Xan] yeah

[Xan] I should have thought of that

[Xan] bah, girls >.>

  • Justen snuggles you.

[Xan] mmm

[Justen] It'll be okay. Ranighar said he'd guide you, right? So that probably means he'll stick with us.

[Xan] yeah...

[Xan] but she's probably more important than him

[Xan] well, we'll see

[Xan] I can leave if I have to

  • Justen nods.

[Justen] I should probably take a nap, honestly... >.>

[Justen] but if you want to cuddle up, we can do that :)

[Xan] I like cuddles

  • Xan says in an innocent 'I'm definitely not going to try and seduce you after we're in bed voice

[Justen] I just would be embarrassed to faint during an orgy ^-^

[Xan] are you really that worn out?

[Justen] I don't know how strenuous this is going to be! I should save my strength ;)

  • Justen says in an 'I could probably be seduced' voice

[Xan] well you do have a *lot* of strength ...

[Xan] but Ranighar said it would be good to save our energy

[Xan] but that really just made me want to fuck you >.>

  • Xan admits
  • Justen laughs.

[Xan] I can be good though

[Xan] I don't want you to pass out either

[Justen] Everything makes you want to fuck me. Toast makes you want to fuck me ;)

  • Xan cuddles

[Xan] mmm, toast

  • Xan grabs your butt
  • Justen steers you over to the bed.

[Xan] mmm how about you just lie there and I can send you off to sleep ^-^

[Justen] All right :)

[Xan] mmm

  • Xan will do so then, and curl up to nap with you after
  • Justen enjoys his nap ;)

[Xan] (hee)

  • Ranighar will arrive to escort you what feels like a few hours later.

[Xan] hey :)

[Xan] is there anything we should wear, or not wear?

[Xan] also - do you think Eletyl will be there?

[Ranighar] Something loose, easy to remove?

  • Xan nods

[Ranighar] Oh... no, she never comes to these.

[Xan] oh okay, good.

  • Ranighar looks a bit puzzled.
  • Xan bets the colour stuff is too hard to explain

[Ranighar] Why do you say 'good'?

[Xan] oh

[Xan] heh >.>

[Xan] I don't really like girls

[Xan] she came to see us, though

[Ranighar] Ah. Well, there will be women there...

[Ranighar] oh, she did?

  • Ranighar seems surprised by that.

[Xan] yeah, I just didn't want things to be weird >.>

[Ranighar] Perhaps she was curious about you...

[Xan] yeah

[Ranighar] She doesn't normally ... mingle.

[Xan] no kidding

  • Xan nods
  • Xan eyes Justen, wondering about his thoughts on full disclosure
  • Justen shrugs.

[Xan] It was just weird, we felt really drawn to each other for some reason.

  • Xan shrugs

[Ranighar] Hm.

[Ranighar] I don't know.

[Xan] anyway, if she's not going to be there, I'm not going to worry about it :)

[Ranighar] It might be something to speak to Ghilana about, if it persists.

[Xan] well, I'd like to talk to *her* more about it too, but.... not at a ceremony >.>

[Xan] I think we're ready though

[Xan] If Justen will crawl out of bed :3

[Ranighar] Very well.

  • Justen pries himself up and tugs on a shirt.
  • Justen runs his fingers through his hair, trying to make it semi-presentable at least.

[Justen] All right, I'm ready.

  • Rhyl also emerges from his room, raring to go :D Is Taz coming too?

[Tazenir] yeah sure, I like fucking

[Tazenir] off the clock even :V

[DiablotinNarrator] heheh

  • Ranighar will lead you all to a room you haven't been in yet - it's a large chamber with a number of smaller alcoves jutting off it, and you would certainly say it's set up for orgying.

[DiablotinNarrator] There are a fair few people there already, and more arrive after you do.

  • Xan informs Taz of the splitting up so as to avoid awkwardness plan
  • Tazenir rolls his eyes

[Tazenir] oh whatever, I'm not gonna slip and stick it in you :p

[Xan] :p

[Tazenir] this from the guy who fucked half the pleasurehouse in the common room

[Xan] Oh shut up! :p

  • Justen can't help smiling at that.

[Tazenir] heh heh ]:D

[Tazenir] Fine though, I don't particularly want to watch you chase after half the boys here anyway

  • Tazenir looks at Justen

[Tazenir] I'm calling all the hot chicks on this side though :V

  • Tazenir designates half the room

[Xan] Ugh

[Justen] Fine with me. I promised to protect Xan anyway, in case any ladies tried to touch his naughty bits ;)

  • Xan leans up against him

[Xan] my valiant hero ^-^

  • Tazenir rolls his eyes
  • Justen puts an arm around your shoulders.

[Xan] :D

[Xan] Should we mingle or what?

  • Xan asks Ranighar

[Tazenir] I'm off

[Ranighar] The ceremony will be starting soon - there will be a chance for... mingling later :)

  • Tazenir will go start chatting up girls on his side of the room ;)

[Xan] okay

[Xan] is it okay if I translate for Justen, quietly?

[Ranighar] it might be distracting during the ceremony itself.

[Ranighar] after the drawing-in, though, it should be all right.

[DiablotinNarrator] Ghilana comes into the hall about that time, escorted by several other priestesses.

  • Xan nods and squeezes Justen's hand
  • Rhyl also shifts off to the other side of the room, to avoid potential awkwardness
  • Rhyl is now known as Ghilana
  • Ghilana steps up onto a slightly raised platform, flanked by her associates. The crowd goes quiet, watching her. You notice that one of the other priestesses is carrying a large cup.
  • Ranighar sticks close to you and Justen.

[Xan] (all priestesses?)

  • Xan watches

[Ghilana] (yes)

[DiablotinNarrator] (sorry, writing up some mystic claptrap ;)

[Xan] (hee, n/p)

[Ghilana] The cloak of darkness is upon us; within its folds we struggle. But it is merely our own shadows that darken the path before us. The shadows part before us like the stretching of the Serpent's coils.

[Ghilana] Before you can approach the wisdom of the eternal, you must learn to part your body from your mind, to dissipate the shadow, and to live in the eternal. For this, you must live and breathe in all things, as all that you perceive breathes in you; to feel yourself abiding in all things, and all things abiding in you. To be one.

[Ghilana] Gain mastery over your thoughts, strivers for enlightenment, if you would cross the threshold.

[Ghilana] Hold mastery over your soul, seeker after truth, if you would reach your goal.

[Xan] . o O ( blah blah blah Mystic claptrap )

[Ghilana] Have mastery over your body, frail vessels. Let them draw in the power of the Serpent and release it back to the universe as tribute.

  • Ghilana 's priestess associate with the cup offers it to her, and she holds it up - carefully, it looks like it's heavy.

[Ghilana] Receive this offering, Great Serpent, from your humble followers. Let our bodies sustain you, as you sustain us.

  • Ghilana sips from the cup, then passes it back to the priestess, who begins to circulate, offering it to everyone.
  • Xan wonders what's in it @_@
  • Ranighar sips from it when it comes by, and then the priestess offers it to you.
  • Xan will sip
  • Xan looks and sniffs first :3

[DiablotinNarrator] It's a dark liquid - smells and tastes sort of honeyed-sweet and almost a little sickly.

  • Xan bets its drugged, but that's okay
  • Justen takes a drink too when it comes his way.
  • Tazenir will also, cynical but secretly hopeful >.>

[DiablotinNarrator] You do feel a certain ... focusing of your energy. Like everything is boiled down to this moment, like the past and future are less important. and also, you have to admit, although maybe it's just you, like you're pretty damn horny.

  • Xan eyes Justen
  • Justen winks at you.

[Xan] ^-^

  • Xan sidles closer wondering when the boning starts

[DiablotinNarrator] Once the cup has finished circulating, Ghilana begins a chant. It sounds very old to you, full of archaic phrases and pronounciations, but it's quite hypnotic. Others join in, evidently knowing the words, but not everyone is, and you don't seem too out of place for not singing along.

[DiablotinNarrator] People are also beginning to mingle, as promised ;)

  • Xan tries to understand the words, but also have his hands down Justen's pants ;3
  • Ranighar smiles at that.

[Ranighar] I guess you're ready to proceed.

[Xan] oh yeah ^-^

[Xan] do we need to do anything special?

[Ranighar] Well, it's up to you. You could just have sex as usual, or I could try something more... challenging, but possibly also more interesting.

[Xan] I like sexy challenges

  • Xan says, squeezing Justen

[Justen] It's true, he does ;)

[Ranighar] Very well, then.

  • Ranighar beckons for you to come with him, over into one of the smaller alcoves, which are nicely set up with cushions and such to make them comfortable.
  • Xan follows
  • Justen too.

[DiablotinNarrator] Within the smaller space, the sounds echo weirdly, or maybe that's whatever you just drank kicking in more strongly...

[snipped for some ritual sexytimes]

  • Ranighar gets up, though, and begins putting his robe back on.
  • Justen snuggles closer to you.

[Xan] carry me back to the room? ;p

  • Xan snuggles back though

[Justen] If you want, I will ;)

[Justen] I might die when we get there, but I'll try.

[Xan] maybe not right this second

  • Xan flops across his sweaty chest

[Ranighar] You can stay as long as you need.

[Xan] thanks again

  • Xan smiles up at him

[Ranighar] I'll speak with you again soon, I'm sure.

  • Ranighar smiles back.

[Xan] I hope we aren't' expected to be anywhere tomorrow though @_@

  • Ranighar just chuckles and leaves you two to your snuggling.
  • Justen grabs a blanket so you aren't shivering at least, and will warm you up a bit with his own heat as well.

[Xan] mmmmcozy

[Xan] I love you Justen

[Justen] I love you too.

[Justen] ... what was that you said, when you were coming?

[DiablotinNarrator] You don't remember saying anything more coherent than moans.

[Xan] I don't remember saying anything @_@

[Justen] It wasn't in shadar-kai, I don't think, but I have no idea what it was.

  • Justen kisses you some more.

[Xan] what did it sound like?

  • Justen doesn't seem overly concerned about it, just mildly confused.

[Xan] I can ask Ranighar later

  • Xan says between kisses

[Justen] ... words? I dunno. you were coming, you sounded like a guy who was coming ;)

[Xan] I meant what did the words sound like

  • Xan pinches him

[Xan] dummy

[Justen] well it wasn't a language I recognized, I don't know.

  • Xan says affectionately, and kisses him again

[Xan] okay.

Tazenir got his own mini-session during the Vrag sex ritual: [DiablotinNarrator] Picking up after Ghilana's speech?

[Tazenir] okay

  • Tazenir isn't paying much attention to start, waiting for the good part to start, but then starts to wonder about her words

[Tazenir] (actually lemme refresh my memory of what she said exactly)

[DiablotinNarrator] (sure)

[Tazenir] (okay!)

[DiablotinNarrator] The cup circulates around, and is finally taken back to the priestess who seems to be ...the cup-keeper?

  • Tazenir is condidering potential partners

[DiablotinNarrator] She is, you can't help but notice, quite attractive - maybe a bit older, like 200 or so, short, curly pewter hair, and looks like she has a good body under the robes, although it's hard to be sure of course.

[DiablotinNarrator] (where 'older' = maybe like the equivalent of late 20s or so, not like ...50 ;)

  • Tazenir gives her a suggestive smile then

[Tazenir] (heh)

  • Keldriia catches your look and smiles back.
  • Keldriia takes care of her remaining duties, but once people are starting to disrobe and get busy, she comes over to you.
  • Tazenir will wind his way over there

[Keldriia] You must be one of the visitors.

  • Keldriia says once you manage to connect through the crowds

[Tazenir] that's right

[Tazenir] Taz

[Tazenir] did you grow up here?

[Keldriia] Yes, I did. My name's Keldriia.

[Keldriia] We don't see a lot of outsiders. People have been talking about you.

[Tazenir] oh?

[Tazenir] What've they been saying? ]:)

[Keldriia] Oh... various things. They say you're scholars, but I have to say, you don't strike me as the bookish type.

[Tazenir] yeah, that's more my brothers' thing

[Keldriia] So did you come along to keep them safe?

[Tazenir] yeah, you never know

  • Tazenir shrugs

[Keldriia] In case we turned out to be evil monsters.

[Tazenir] heh

  • Keldriia says with a hint of a smile.

[Tazenir] or in case something came up along the way

  • Keldriia nods.

[Tazenir] I heard you sometimes get monsters coming up from below too

[Tazenir] anyway, you don't look like an evil monster to me :)

[Keldriia] Yes, the eyeless ones... they can be troublesome.

[Keldriia] Oh, good :)

[Keldriia] Would you like me to welcome you more ... properly? :)

[Tazenir] do get to mix up that cup stuff yourself, or do they just make you hold it?

[Tazenir] (damnit we need to stop typing at the same time ;)

[Keldriia] (hee, sorry)

  • Tazenir reaches out to pull her to him
  • Keldriia doesn't object ;)

[Tazenir] I wouldn't mind a proper welcome, that sounds great

[Keldriia] Very well. I could pull rank and get us an alcove, if you wanted.

[Tazenir] an alcove eh?

[Tazenir] Sounds good to me

[Keldriia] They're more comfortable, anyway :)

  • Tazenir remembers seeing cushions and stuff
  • Keldriia will find an alcove for the two of you, then

[Tazenir] So do you ladies run this place then?

  • Tazenir asks, pulling her down into his lap

[Keldriia] Well... we assist Ghilana. She really runs the place.

  • Keldriia 's robes hitch up around her nicely-plump thighs.

[Tazenir] no priests helping out thopugh?

  • Tazenir runs his hands along said thighs

[Keldriia] Not for this ceremony... they do other rites.

[Tazenir] ahh

[Tazenir] less sexy ones?

  • Keldriia smiles.

[Keldriia] It depends what you think is sexy I suppose.

[Tazenir] well, you're a good start

[Keldriia] Thank you.

  • Tazenir grins
  • Keldriia starts working on getting your shirt off.
  • Tazenir is probably wearing something sleeveless, with maybe a little lacing on the chest
  • Keldriia unlaces it then, in order to pull it off over your head.
  • Tazenir knows all about the easy access clothing
  • Keldriia runs her hands through your tousled hair once it's removed, studying your face.
  • Tazenir raises his arms to help her with that
  • Tazenir hitches up her robe a little further too
  • Keldriia has nothing on under it ;)
  • Tazenir grins and cocks his head

[Tazenir] nice, that's the way to do it

  • Tazenir says, fondling your ass

[Keldriia] It's very practical.

  • Keldriia says, smiling.

[Keldriia] I've never seen anyone quite like you, Taz.

[Tazenir] oh?

[Tazenir] the eyes?

[Keldriia] Your eyes... and your skin, when you blush...

  • Keldriia brushes the back of her hand over your cheek

[Tazenir] One of parents is from the colour plane

  • Tazenir says dismissively

[Keldriia] Ahh.. that makes sense.

[Keldriia] But you live here? You speak our language perfectly.

[Tazenir] Rhyl's the same as me, and Xan's my brother too, but his mother isn't Shadar-kai

[Tazenir] I do

[Tazenir] I didn't grow up here though

  • Tazenir pushes her robe up further
  • Keldriia helps you with that, pulling it the rest of the way off.
  • Keldriia has nice big breasts, soft and full, and generous curves to her stomach and ass.

[Keldriia] (the boobs at least you could notice through the robe ;)

[Keldriia] You grew up on the colour plane?

[Tazenir] yeah...

  • Tazenir strokes her body

[Tazenir] ...

[Tazenir] that stuff that, uh... Ghilana? was talking about, with the serpernt and the shadow and stuff...

[Tazenir] what do you know about that?

  • Keldriia squirms pleasantly on your lap.

[Keldriia] Quite a lot. Was there something you wanted to know more about?

[Tazenir] have you ever heard of the shadow curse?

[Tazenir] Like, is that what she was talking about?

[Keldriia] I've heard that- it refers to losing mastery over your soul.

  • Keldriia nods to your second question.

[Keldriia] In part, yes... hm. You live in the city, I take it.

[Tazenir] yeah

[Keldriia] You see how they drive themselves to extremes, to excess, in order to maintain feeling.

  • Tazenir wonders why he is talking about this shit when he has a perfectly nice naked lady in his lap

[Tazenir] I guess?

  • Tazenir shrugs, because okay maybe he doesn't >.>
  • Keldriia considers.

[Keldriia] They may not express it that way, I suspect.

[Tazenir] no...

[Tazenir] I mean I guess they're extreme

[Tazenir] they don't see it that way though

[Keldriia] But whether they know it or not, that is what they're doing.

[Keldriia] In order to keep hold of their souls, to keep from losing sensation, becoming numb to life and pleasure and joy, they must continually push themselves further - whether they do that through bodily mutilation or sensual pleasures or combat...

  • Keldriia runs her hand down to your chest, finding the barbell through your nipple and playing with it as she speaks

[Tazenir] how's that different from this

[Tazenir] ?

  • Tazenir nods to the writing bodies beyond the alcove
  • Keldriia smiles.

[Keldriia] At least we know why we're doing it.

[Keldriia] And we have other methods too... less ...visceral, but effective.

[Tazenir] oh?

  • Keldriia kisses at the corner of your mouth
  • Tazenir smirks

[Keldriia] Meditation... contemplation... gaining mastery of our souls by exploring them more gently, not always seeking to shock them into feeling.

[Tazenir] I don't know

[Tazenir] I don't think I have trouble feeling things when I'm here

[Keldriia] I don't know how things are where you come from originally. But do you feel out of touch with your soul?

[Tazenir] not when I'm here

  • Tazenir repeats

[Keldriia] But there?

[Tazenir] ¬_¬

  • Keldriia presses gently, also pressing gently on your cock as she moves her hips atop you.

[Tazenir] mm, yeah forget about it

  • Tazenir moves you kiss you
  • Keldriia kisses back, but doesn't seem inclined to just forget about it

[Keldriia] what is it like? a coldness inside of you? A dead spot in your heart?

  • Keldriia sounds concerned

[Tazenir] It's not really 'like' anything

[Tazenir] it's not like you feel that there is something wrong

[Tazenir] you just don't give a shit about things

[Keldriia] Emptiness?

[Tazenir] and nothing seems important, good or bad

[Tazenir] You don't feel empty

  • Keldriia nods

[Tazenir] it's not something you know is missing

[Keldriia] you seem to know, though.

[Tazenir] now

[Keldriia] Ah...

[Tazenir] that's what I mean - I feel fine when I'm here

[Tazenir] normal

[Tazenir] not like I'm pushing myself or anything

[Tazenir] but when I go home... fuck, I don't know

[Tazenir] I didn't know anything was wrong

[Keldriia] I see. I recall reading something about that... about travelers to other planes who experienced such things.

[Tazenir] no one did

[Tazenir] yeah

[Keldriia] There's a ritual I could try, if you wished. It might help.

[Tazenir] that's what my mother said

  • Tazenir nods

[Tazenir] she said it needs a restoration, here, or a miracle or wish, there

[Tazenir] She's a wizard

[Keldriia] Yes. A restoration, I could do that for you.

  • Tazenir sais, as if that explains why she would know this shit, clearly ;3

[Tazenir] okay

[Tazenir] what does it take?

  • Tazenir asks, hopeful that it may involve getting to the shagging ;)

[Keldriia] Well...normally I would do the necessary incantation, which takes a little while, and sprinkle you with diamond dust.

[Keldriia] But I think I could adapt it a little, to be more... pleasurable ;)

[Tazenir] sounds good to me!

[Keldriia] All right. Just a moment, let me get my supplies. You could get undressed the rest of the way.

  • Keldriia gets off your lap and goes to get... whatever it is she needs.
  • Tazenir doesn't need too much encouragement for that

[snipped for ritual sex magic]

[Keldriia] I hope it helps... I suppose you won't really known until you go back, though.

[Tazenir] yeah

[Tazenir] it was fun anyway

  • Keldriia nods.

[Tazenir] you got diamond sparkles all over the place though, heh

[Keldriia] It happens...

[Keldriia] You'll pay us back one way or another, I'm sure ;)

  • Keldriia gets her robes on and leaves you to think about that...

[Tazenir] hmm...

  • Tazenir makes a mental note to talk to xan and Rhyl later >.>