Homoventures Chapter 1, Part 6

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Homoventures session logs
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Exploring in the ruins, Justen and Xan find a glass-lined hole that runs deep into the ground. At the bottom of this pit, they encounter a guardian naga, who turns out to be a transformed human named Sirris, once they manage to restore him using water from the bottom of the well.


Session date: Jun 28 2012
Diablotin date:

[DiablotinNarrator] Xan, after a few days, you feel more or less recovered from the centipede poison, and able to proceed with your explorations.
[Xandhil] (yay!)
* Xandhil will probably be trying to push Justen to move on before then, but he is a good nursemaid ;)
* Justen has been poking around the ruins in the immediate area where you made your camp, but so far hasn't come up with too much of interest. No artifacts, no human remains, just dusty sand and glass and the shells of some buildings.
[Xandhil] Well, we're probably on the outskirts still - probably pooer people and less important stuff anyway
[Xandhil] if any of the other cities I've been to are anything to judge by
[Justen] Yeah... these buildings, if they were houses, weren't very big.
* Xandhil nods
[Xandhil] I guess we should try and go further in to the city
[Justen] So... I guess we keep going in.
[Justen] yeah.
[Xandhil] and be more careful this time >.>
* Justen squeezes your shoulder.
[Justen] If we find something worse... are we prepared to run?
* Xandhil flexes his wings
[Xandhil] yes
[Justen] Okay.
[Justen] Where will we go to, if we have to get out fast?
[Justen] Back here?
[Xandhil] I actually have a spell that is especially meant for running away
[Xandhil] it is just hard to cast when you are covered in centipedes
[Xandhil] here works
* Justen gives a half smile at that.
* Xandhil leans over and kisses him
* Justen kisses back.
[Xandhil] we'll be okay.
[Xandhil] ready?
[Justen] I hope so.... we should be watching for what they described, sickness or anything like that.
[Xandhil] Well other than the poison I haven't felt anything
[Justen] No, me neither.
[Xandhil] maybe it really is something that only affects humans
[Justen] But if you start to feel anything weird, you should let me know right away.
[Xandhil] I will
* Justen nods.
[Xandhil] and the same for you
[Justen] Of course.
[Xandhil] you're not immune to *everything
* :p
[Justen] No... not everything.
* Xandhil squeezes his hand
* Justen smiles.
[Justen] All right, I'm ready.
[Xandhil] :D
* Justen shoulders the pack with most of your stuff in it, and you two set off.
* Xandhil will lead on, further in to the city
* Xandhil will stop to sketch stuff now and then, glad his hands are less shaky
[DiablotinNarrator] You proceed onwards into what remains of the city. It seems sort of odd to you - not just the architecture, what's left of it, but the layout and so on as well.
* Xandhil will try and sktch a map as well, to see if he can figure out what the oddness is
* Xandhil is glad he could draw on his father's experiences in exploring and such!
[DiablotinNarrator] It doesn't seem like a *normal
* city, for lack of a better term. Nothing that seems like places for markets, the buildings are very uniform, not a lot of individuality in the construction (although they're in ruins so maybe there used to me more decoration or things like that...)
[Justen] It looks like it was all built by the same person.
[Xandhil] yeah....
[Justen] It's weirdly regular - like ... planned.
[Xandhil] maybe it was
[Justen] Maybe.
[Xandhil] like, maybe the government regulated stuff like buildings and streets and stuff?
[Justen] Could be...
[DiablotinNarrator] It is laid out in a pattern, you realize as you explore further.
[Xandhil] which would be weird - I mean they'd have had to have planned the whole city before they built it
[Xandhil] unless there is an older part we haven't found yet
[Justen] yeah, maybe.
* Xandhil looks at his map
[Justen] Maybe this was like... housing for poor people, or visitors, or something.
[Xandhil] there *is
* a pattern here
[Xandhil] yeah
[Xandhil] or priests ot... who knows :/
[Xandhil] workers?
* Justen looks over to see what you're talking about.
[Xandhil] slaves?
* Xandhil shows you
[Xandhil] (what is the pattern? ^-^)
[DiablotinNarrator] It looks like it would once have formed a big circle, with roads leading into some central point.
[Xandhil] built in rings...
[Justen] A wheel?
[Xandhil] it really was planned then.
[Xandhil] ...yeah
[Xandhil] well
[Justen] Or like... a bullseye.
[Xandhil] Maybe the well is in the middle
* Xandhil eyes him
[Justen] Something important must be.
[Xandhil] lets go and see.
* Xandhil smiles excitedly
[Xandhil] we know it shoud be this way
[Justen] Okay.
* Justen gives you a quick kiss before proceeding on.
* Xandhil kisses back, but a tad impatiently!
[Justen] Okay, okay, I get it - kissing later, exploring now :)
[Xandhil] :D :D
* Xandhil is practically bouncing
[DiablotinNarrator] You continue onwards towards the centre of the city - Am, if that's what it was.
* Xandhil will continue his sketching but it more willing to just fill things accordung to the pattern unless they clearly don't match up
[DiablotinNarrator] As you get closer, the buildings do get bigger, and somewhat more varied in appearance, but still quite regular in comparison to Diablotin, say.
* Xandhil will drag justen in to some of them
[Justen] ...More important people's houses?
[Xandhil] maybe!
[Justen] Or some sort of public buildings, like... temples or courthouses or schools or I don't know, I'm just guessing here.
* Xandhil says, nodding
[Xandhil] well, they're all empty, so it is hard to say
[Justen] Yeah.
[Xandhil] I bet someone who knows more about architecture might be able to say though
[Xandhil] from how they're laid out inside
* Justen nods.
* Xandhil says, remembering things he has read, and making some more quick sketch maps
[Xandhil] I wonder if I could find Seth Argo - he's like a total expert on these things.
[Justen] Didn't he kind of go crazy?
[Xandhil] yeah
[Xandhil] but still!
* Justen shrugs.
[Justen] When we get back to town, sure.
[Justen] We can see if we can find him.
[Xandhil] yeah
[Xandhil] well there aren't a lot of adventuring architects @_@
* Justen chuckles.
[Justen] No, I guess they figure they can make money in more comfortable surroundings.
[Xandhil] boring ;p
[Xandhil] anyway
[Xandhil] we can move on, I'm doen with this one :)
[Justen] All right :)
* Xandhil closes his book again
[DiablotinNarrator] As you walk on, the ridges in the glass gradually grow deeper, more like waves almost.
[DiablotinNarrator] like something radiating outwards...
* Xandhil was just thiking that
[Xandhil] I wonder...
[Justen] Hm?
[Xandhil] maybe it came out of the well
[Justen] It what?
[Xandhil] ...
[Xandhil] Whatever Kavreshar did
[Justen] Maybe.
[Justen] Maybe it was just centred there.
[Xandhil] the way the glass is rippling
[Xandhil] yeah, maybe
* Justen nods, nudging a ripple with his toe.
[Xandhil] Are you doing okay with this?
[Justen] I guess.
* Xandhil asks, looking up at you searchingly
[Justen] I'm trying not to look too hard at the body outlines.
[Justen] Especially the ones where it looks like they crawled for a while.
* Xandhil takes your hands again
[Xandhil] I love you, okay?
[Justen] I love you too.
[Xandhil] And this had nothing to do with you
* Xandhil repeats firmly
[Justen] How would you feel if you knew your father did something horrible? Killed people?
[Xandhil] Justen...
[Justen] I mean, I know he wouldn't, but ... if he had.
* Xandhil says in the 'think about that one for a moment' tone
[Xandhil] maybe not my *father*....
[Justen] Oh.
[Xandhil] :/
[Justen] Yeah...
* Xandhil squeezes your hands
* Justen squeezes back.
* Xandhil smiles
[Justen] Our parents aren't us.
[Xandhil] exactly
* Justen repeats, as if it's something he's heard a lot.
[Xandhil] its true though, okay?
* Justen nods slowly.
[Justen] I've never even met him...
* Xandhil slips his arms around your waist
[Justen] well, not that I can remember.
[Justen] I don't think it counts.
[Xandhil] would you want to?
[Justen] I don't know.
[Justen] Some days I think I would... just so I could ask him things.
[Justen] Like .. why, mostly.
* Xandhil nods
[Justen] Why this... why me and Mercy...
[Xandhil] Why would you trust him?
[Justen] Other days I think if I saw him I would be too terrified to ask him anything.
* Xandhil reaches up and brushes your cheek
* Xandhil nods at that as well
[Justen] And... he's not really my father, not really. He just... helped make me.
[Xandhil] that's right
[Xandhil] Martan is your father, and he's really cool :)
[Justen] Yeah, he is.
* Justen says with a smile.
* Justen strokes your hair.
[Xandhil] he and your mom made you into a pretty awesome guy, really :)
[Xandhil] I mean, I'm prettty fond
[Justen] Thanks... I'm trying to remember that.
* Xandhil nods
[Xandhil] I hope I can help?
[Justen] You do.
[Xandhil] good
[Xandhil] You're a good person, and I love you.
* Xandhil hugs you again
* Justen smiles at that.
* Justen hugs back.
* Justen takes a deep breath, ready to keep going.
* Xandhil keeps hold of one of your hands and will pull you along
[DiablotinNarrator] It is late in the day, though still light, when you get to the centre of the city.
[Xandhil] do we want to look around a little first?
[DiablotinNarrator] The buildings disappear here, leaving just a large open circular space.
[Xandhil] or make camp and look tomorrow....
[Justen] I want to look now.
[Xandhil] good :D
[Justen] It's sexy how excited you are ;)
* Xandhil makes another quick sketch and gives you smouldering eyes
[Justen] Maybe I should have said camp, so I could get you on your knees sooner...
[Xandhil] soon
* Xandhil bites his lip
[Justen] mmhmm.
[Xandhil] I might be too distracted to enjoy myself if we stop now though ^-^
* Justen chuckles.
[Xandhil] all this discovery is *very
* exciting >:D
[Justen] I can tell ^-^
[Xandhil] mmph
* Justen says, grabbing your ass.
* Xandhil kisses you passionately
[Xandhil] but come on, let's go >:D
[Justen] Yes. It gets dark late here, but it still will get dark...
* Xandhil nods
* Xandhil pushes on into the open space, then
[DiablotinNarrator] You move out into the empty circle.
[DiablotinNarrator] The wind swirls around you, making a sort of vortex of drifting dust/sand/ash.
* Justen tugs his scarf over his face more.
* Xandhil will do the same
* Xandhil puts his wings away too
[DiablotinNarrator] At the centre of the circle, the dust swirls around a hole in the ground, a glass-lined tunnel going straight down.
* Xandhil will cast detect magic
[Justen] ...
* Justen steps carefully to the edge to look down.
* Xandhil will as well, once his spell is active
[DiablotinNarrator] No magic other than what's on you two.
[Xandhil] its inactive...
[Xandhil] we could go down
* Xandhil suggests
[DiablotinNarrator] The hole goes down further than you can see.
[Justen] Is this it?
[Xandhil] maybe?
[Justen] The ... Arch, well, gate, whatever they called it.
[Xandhil] it could have been
[Xandhil] but there's no magic or anything now
[Xandhil] maybe there is something further in, though
[Justen] There's nothing... like, isn't there supposed to be a ... an actual thing?
[Justen] this is just a giant hole.
[Xandhil] well... its broken.
[Justen] Yeah...
[Xandhil] the arch magic has moved on
[Xandhil] I think there is only supposed to be one in the plane
[Xandhil] I wanna go down.
[Justen] right.
[Justen] Me too...
* Xandhil grins
[Xandhil] good :D
[Justen] Teleport down?
[Justen] Or are you gonna carry me? ;)
[Xandhil] you know you *could
* make your own wings
* Xandhil points out
[Xandhil] or no wait
[Xandhil] maybe you can't
* Xandhil can't remember actually, heh
[Justen] nope.
* Xandhil looks at you curiously
[Xandhil] well
[Justen] I mean, I could make decorative ones I guess?
[Xandhil] I don't know if my teleport is good enough
[Xandhil] oh fuck that
[Justen] Do you want to fly, then?
* Xandhil casts spiderclimb on you
[Xandhil] hah
[Xandhil] there
[Justen] Oh, cool :)
[Xandhil] :D
[Justen] How long will this last?
* Xandhil pulls the wings back out
[Xandhil] half an hour?
[Xandhil] I can cast it again though
[Justen] All right.
[Justen] if I start to fall, I'll teleport :p
[Xandhil] I can recast when the time is getting close :p
[Xandhil] but yeah
[Xandhil] lets go :D
[Justen] Okay.
* Justen will start to climb down the side, then.
* Xandhil will wait for him to get a bit don before flying carefully down the hole
[DiablotinNarrator] The glass ripples down the sides of the hole like a frozen waterfall as you descend.
[DiablotinNarrator] (I forget, do you have dark vision or lowlight or what?)
[Xandhil] (dark, thanks Dad!)
[DiablotinNarrator] (hee)
[DiablotinNarrator] Yeah, so it's getting very dark the further down you go, but fortunately you can both still see :)
* Xandhil tries to tresist the urge to get too far ahead of justen, and will occasionally stop and hover for a bit to make notes
* Xandhil will be sure to refresh his spell as well @_@
[DiablotinNarrator] It probably takes a couple of refreshes, yeah.
* Xandhil can give him two hours today
[DiablotinNarrator] On the plus side, it's warmer and less windy down in the hole...
[Xandhil] (yeah it is ;)
[Xandhil] (that's what she said ;)
[DiablotinNarrator] (that's what he said?)
[DiablotinNarrator] (hee)
[DiablotinNarrator] Finally, the tunnel opens up into a large underground ... cavern? area, anyway. it does not seem natural in the slightest.
[Xandhil] huh
* Justen probably has to teleport the last little bit anyway, since he can't drop that far safely.
* Xandhil makes furious notes
* Xandhil makes sure his sword is loose in its sheath
[DiablotinNarrator] At the centre of the chamber, directly beneath where the tunnel opens to the sky, is a pool.
* Xandhil will go and look :3
* Justen does as well, curious.
[DiablotinNarrator] It is ringed with black and white stone, and full of water, which seems like it should ... not be the case, in this climate, in this place.
[Xandhil] this is it @_@
[Justen] Did it... was it always way down here?
* Xandhil casts dm again
[Xandhil] no idea
[Xandhil] maybe there was another way down before
[Xandhil] or maybe that's part of why they needed the angels
[Justen] Maybe it sank into the earth like a hot penny on butter @_@
[Xandhil] that doesn't explain the cavern though
[Justen] No, I guess not.
[Xandhil] (no magic?)
[DiablotinNarrator] The floor and, from what you can see, walls of the cavern are similarly lined with glass, more jagged and rippled than above.
[DiablotinNarrator] Where are you looking? At the well mainly?
[Xandhil] (mainly the well but I can look around the cavern some too)
[DiablotinNarrator] The well is not radiating magic. However, there is a source of magic somewhere in the cavern.
[Xandhil] There is something magic here... but not the well
* Xandhil looks in the direction
[DiablotinNarrator] Faint illusion.
[Xandhil] come on
[Xandhil] its illusion
[DiablotinNarrator] Roll listen please.
[Justen] !roll 1d20+4
* @BalthCat rolls for Justen:
[ 1d20+4 ] getting
[ 17 ] which, after the modifier
[ 4 ] totals
[ 21 ].
[Xandhil] !roll 1d20+7
* @BalthCat rolls for Xandhil:
[ 1d20+7 ] getting
[ 13 ] which, after the modifier
[ 7 ] totals
[ 20 ].
[DiablotinNarrator] You both hear it at the same time - something moving. You can't see it, but it's in the direction where you perceived the magic.
[DiablotinNarrator] It sounds... slithery, and large.
[Xandhil] annnnd somethign si coming this way
[Xandhil] D:
* Justen gets out his flail, ready.
[Xandhil] (err, howe many spiderclimbs have I cast?)
[DiablotinNarrator] (let's say 3)
[Xandhil] (eep - pnly one 2nd lvl spell left :3)
* Xandhil draws his sword
[q] Is it invisible?
* Justen asks, looking around desperately for whatever is making the sound.
[DiablotinNarrator] (um, what languages does Xan speak?)
[Xandhil] maybe...
[Xandhil] (Elven, Abyssal, Celestial, Shadar-Kai are what I have listed)
[DiablotinNarrator] (ok)
[Xandhil] (but I don't think I necessarily worked out all his int bonus languages - i would assume probably also draconic)
[Voice] Are you the one?
* Justen starts at the voice, but you're pretty sure he doesn't understand it.
[Xandhil] the one?
* Xandhil repeats in clelesgtioan
* Xandhil turns to justen
[DiablotinNarrator] (wtf)
[Xandhil] its asking if, well I gues if one of us is The One
[Xandhil] (No idea what ahppened there. In Celestial)
* Voice sounds male, rather hoarse, deep.
[Xandhil] [c] Who are you?
[Voice] [c] The guardian.
[Xandhil] he says he's the guardian
[Justen] The guardian of what?
* Xandhil repeats Justen's question
* Justen asks warily, still holding his flail.
[Voice] [c] The guardian of the Gate.
* Xandhil will translate
[Voice] [c] Are you here to release me?
[Xandhil] .... should I tell it we don't know?
[Justen] I guess? I mean, I don't know. I don't know if we can, or should, or what we'd be releasing it from.
* Xandhil nods
[Xandhil] [c] We came to explore - all the tales of this place are long lost, but we both are descended from... the Court of Stars.
* Xandhil doens't have a better term for it
[Voice] [c] Then you are the ones... the ones who will free me from this burden...
* Voice is filled with relief, it seems.
[Xandhil] [c] what is your burden?
[Xandhil] (assume translation in general)
[DiablotinNarrator] (k)
[Voice] [c] Eternity. Vigilance. Failure.
[Xandhil] [c] I don't understand
[m] I don't trust things I can't see.
* Justen grumbles warily.
[m] well, who knows what 'release' mans.... but lets see what we can learn?
* Justen nods, lowering his flail slightly.
[Voice] [c] I will show you my curse.
[Xandhil] [c] okay
* Xandhil waits
[DiablotinNarrator] From the direction of where the voice is coming, you see a faint shimmering, then a form taking shape.
[DiablotinNarrator] It is serpent with a man's body, or a man with a serpent's body, his head hung with heavy strands of ... not hair, flesh? his torso scaled like the rest of him. Around his neck is a thick collar that connects to a chain that is set into the floor - he has some room to move, but not a lot.
[Xandhil] ...
[DiablotinNarrator] visual aid: http://kyoht.deviantart.com/art/Sezzeh-Naga-Pose-20662732 :)
[DiablotinNarrator] also this one is pretty too ;) http://kyoht.deviantart.com/gallery/29575100?offset=24#/d3jnnt (although this fellow is black and white, not red)
[Xandhil] [c]why were you cursed?
[Voice] [c] I did not stop them. Could not stop them.
[Xandhil] [c] who were you? Do you know what happened here?
[Voice] [c] I was the guardian. I was here.
[Justen] ...
[w] he's just been trapped here, more than two thousand years?
* Xandhil nods
[Xandhil] [c] what did they try to do?
[Voice] [c] To open the Gate. To pass beyond.
* Xandhil lowers his sword further, thinking
[Justen] Who trapped him?
* Xandhil repeats
[Justen] Who did this to him?
* Justen asks, sounding angry.
[Voice] [c] The instrument of justice.
* Xandhil rests a hand on Justen's arm
[Xandhil] [c] what will you do if we release you?
[Voice] [c] I will... cease.
* Xandhil explains to Justen
[Justen] Does that mean die? We're supposed to kill him?
[Xandhil] maybe
* Justen looks upset.
[Xandhil] its what he wants
* Xandhil says, soothingly
* Xandhil turns back to him
[Xandhil] [c] How?
[Justen] I'm not an instrument. I'm not here because he sent me here to do a job for him.
* Justen says stubbornly.
[Xandhil] No one sent you here, Justen.
[Justen] Maybe they did, and we just can't tell.
[Xandhil] I refuse to believe that.
[Justen] The old woman, she said there was a purpose...
* Xandhil says, holding his arm a little more tightly
[Justen] is this it? Is this why we're here?
[Xandhil] We're here because we wanted to come, and see, and learn what we could.
* Justen paces a bit, agitated.
* Xandhil lets go fo him then, hugging himself defensively
[Xandhil] Because we wanted to do this together
[Justen] ...
[Justen] Why didn't Mercy get sent, hm? If this is a mercy thing, shouldn't it have been her job :p
* Xandhil says trying not to sound as upset as this whole stupid 'predestination' thing really makes him
[Xandhil] Its no one's job!
[Voice] [c] Tell him it is justice. This is just.
* Voice appears to either understand what he's saying, or just... know, somehow.
[Voice] [c] This punishment has been unfair, unbalanced. He can put it right.
* Xandhil doesn't translate right away
* Justen glances at you.
[Justen] What's he saying?
[Xandhil] he... he says what was done to him was unfair.
[Justen] ...
[Justen] Yeah, I'd say. What was done to everyone here was unfair.
[Xandhil] well this is the only thing we can make better.
* Justen 's eyes glint red in the darkness.
[Xandhil] Justen...
[Justen] Right. So how do we do it.
* Justen says, his face set and grim.
* Xandhil takes a deep breath and tries to calm himself down
[Xandhil] [c] How can we do it?
[Voice] [c] The water. I cannot reach it, but you can bring it to me.
* Xandhil nods
[Xandhil] he wants us to bring him some water from the well.
[Xandhil] [c] is it poisoned? Dangerous to us?
* Xandhil will get out one of the now-empty water skins
[Voice] [c] To him, no.
* Xandhil nods
[Xandhil] its poisoned.
[Justen] Of course it is. This entire place is poisoned.
* Xandhil goes over to him
* Justen says with disgust.
[Xandhil] :/
* Xandhil offers him his hand
[DiablotinNarrator] (over to him who? Justen or the snake guy?)
[Xandhil] (justen)
* Justen takes it. his skin feels hot to the touch.
* Xandhil kisses the back of his hand
[Xandhil] Justen...
[Xandhil] I need you to get the water, and then give me the skin.
[Xandhil] okay?
[Justen] Why you? What if it's dangerous?
[Xandhil] This doesn't have to be... anything about *you*
[Xandhil] that's why.
* Xandhil says stubbornly
[Xandhil] we can make that choice
* Justen takes the skin, looking down at you.
[Xandhil] even if it is dangerous
[Xandhil] please?
* Justen nods slowly.
[Xandhil] okay.
* Xandhil passes him the skin
* Justen goes over to the well.
* Xandhil goes with
[DiablotinNarrator] From somewhere far above, the light of the stars is reflected in the water, gleaming.
* Xandhil looks up
* Justen does too.
* Xandhil squeezes his hand
[q] They're so far away.
[Xandhil] they always are.
[Xandhil] but they're in us too
[Xandhil] That's what my father says
[Xandhil] the stars are in everything
* Xandhil says, also quietly
* Justen sniffs a little, but isn't crying.
[Justen] (definitely isn't @_@)
* Xandhil reaches up to stroke away those not-tears
[q] It's not fair.
[q] lots of things aren't fair.
* Justen nods.
[q] at least this is something we can *help*
* Justen crouches down, then, to fill the skin with water.
* Justen tries to be careful not to touch it, but it's hard - the water steams and hisses when his skin makes contact, but he doesn't seem hurt at least.
* Xandhil bites his lip
* Justen lifts the skin, carefully letting any drips that are going to fall off it fall into the pool before handing it to you.
* Xandhil takes it carefully, wrapping his sleeve around his hand, then smiles up at Justen
[Justen] You don't have to do it.
[Xandhil] No, and that's exactly why I am.
* Justen nods.
* Xandhil smiles again, and will caaaarefully bring it over to the naga dude.
[Xandhil] [c] we're sorry you have suffered this curse for so long
* Voice reaches out for it, hands steady.
* Xandhil will caaaaarefully pass it over
[Voice] [c] Thank you both.
* Xandhil steps back away once he has it
* Justen takes your hand.
* Xandhil goes back to Justen, in fact
[Xandhil] He says thank you.
* Xandhil clings
* Justen clings back.
* Voice brings the waterskin to his lips and begins to drink. It looks like it pains him, but he keeps swallowing anyway.
* Xandhil clings more
* Voice drains the liquid and lets the skin fall to the floor, his head slumping forwards. A shudder passes through his body, rippling through his scales, right down to the tip of his tail.
* Voice groans, twisting, struggling, as his scales begin to fall away, shedding his skin.
* Voice falls forward onto hands and.. knees, which he didn't have a moment ago.
* Voice 's collar shatters in the transformation process.
* Xandhil watches in horrified fascination, still clinging to Justen
* Voice just lies there still when it seems to be done.
[Justen] ...
[Xandhil] should we go see?
* Justen nods.
* Xandhil nods then, but doesn't let go of his hand
* Justen walks cautiously over with you to where the man lies, face-down on the floor.
* Xandhil will crouch down beside him
* Justen as well.
[Xandhil] [c] Is it over?
* Xandhil assumes he is dead, but, just in case @_@
* Voice stirs slightly, moaning.
[Voice] [c] why am I not...?
[Xandhil] !
[Xandhil] [c] are you okay?
* Xandhil will see if he can help him sit up or anything :o
* Voice sits up gradually, with your and justen's help. In non-snake form, he is a young man with knotted ropes of black hair that hang to his shoulders.
* Voice is also naked, for the record.
[Xandhil] (I figured ;)
[Xandhil] [c] What's your name?
[Voice] [c] Sirris.
* Voice is now known as Sirris
[Sirris] [c] I .. almost forgot it.
[Xandhil] [c] I'm Xandhil, and this is Justen
[Sirris] [c] Thank you. I don't know why I'm still alive, but thank you.
[Xandhil] [c] Maybe you deserve a chance for real freedom.
* Xandhil translates for Justen again
* Xandhil wishes he could use his Tongues thing on other people
[Justen] ..maybe it's because you gave it to him and not me :/
* Xandhil looks up at his boyfriend
[Xandhil] *if
* that's true - and I don't know that I believe it - then don't you think we did the right thing?
* Justen nods.
[Xandhil] then stop beating yourself up.
* Justen sighs, but nods again.
* Sirris stands, a bit shakily, getting used to legs again.
[Sirris] [c] I didn't think... I would ever walk again.
* Sirris takes a few tentative steps.
* Xandhil smiles
[Xandhil] I don't know what we do next :o
[Justen] Neither do I...
[Xandhil] rest maybe?
[Xandhil] (how tall/big is Sirris?)
[Justen] Yeah, I guess. We can get out tomorrow?
* Xandhil nods
* Sirris is around Justen's height, though not as muscular.
[Xandhil] [c] Justen and are have been travelling all day - do you know if iut would be safe for us to rest here?
[Xandhil] do you have anything he couold wear?
[Sirris] [c] It should be... there is nothing here.
[Justen] Sure...
[Xandhil] [c] Tomorrow, we can leave.
* Justen will go rummaging in the pack for some spare pants and a shirt for him.
[Xandhil] [c] You can come with us
[Xandhil] [c] Maybe you can tell us what it was like here, before?
[Sirris] [c] I ... can try. It seems very long ago.
[Xandhil] [c] it was very long ago :/
[Sirris] [c] How long?
* Sirris is shivering a bit.
[Justen] Here...
* Justen offers him the clothes. He looks at them rather oddly, but manages to figure them out.
[Xandhil] [c] something like two thousand years - we're not sure, exactly
[Sirris] ...
* Xandhil says gently
* Sirris sinks down to the glass floor again.
[Justen] It's okay...
* Justen says, sitting down beside him, trying to console him.
[Xandhil] [c] The world is a very different place now - but it is still here.
[Sirris] [c] All is lost, all I knew...
[Sirris] [c] All swept away.
* Justen has an arm around his shoulders.
* Xandhil lowers himself down as well
[Xandhil] [c] That's why your memories, your knowledge, are so important...
[Xandhil] [c] But it's not fair to say it's all been swept away
[Xandhil] [c] Some people survived what happened here.
* Sirris looks up at that, rubbing his eyes.
[Xandhil] [c] They survives, and they went on living and over time, they changed and made new places and peoples.
[Sirris] [c] They did?
* Xandhil nods
* Sirris manages a smile at that.
[Xandhil] [c] Some stayed on the edges of... well of what's the desert now. Others moved west, and found people there, and made a new city.
[Sirris] [c] I'm glad... I ... sometimes thought perhaps no one was left at all.
[Xandhil] [c] There are other places in the world too, with other people, and maybe some of the survivors went there too
[Sirris] [c] That I would be alone here, trapped, forever.
* Xandhil shakes his head
[Xandhil] [c] You're not alone, and now you're free.
[Xandhil] (still translating @_@)
[Justen] Yeah... you can go wherever you want now.
[Justen] I mean, once we get you out of here tomorrow.
* Xandhil nods
[Sirris] [c] I don't know where I would go. But... thank you.