Homoventures Chapter 1, Part 4

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Homoventures session logs
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They speak with an elder of the elven group, a woman named Borzya, who recounts their version of what happened to the humans of Am. Tai decides to remain with the elves. Justen and Xan proceed on to the ruins of Am, a vast plain of glass and dust, where they are swarmed by centipedes.


Session date: Jun 07 201x
Diablotin date:
  • Xandhil sleeps between boys, half draped over Justen
  • Feoras comes to wake you eventually. By the light shining through the pale hide of the tent, it must be midmorning at least, so he's let you rest for several hours.
  • Xandhil groans sleepily and will carefully wake up Justen
  • Justen mumbles and rolls over.
  • Justen kind of flops across you ;)

[Xandhil] Okay, now you have to get up or my arm will be asleep...

  • Xandhil tickles him

[Justen] mhhphohh.

  • Justen stirs, though.

[Xandhil] I'm trapped :3 [Justen] too bad. [Xandhil] we have to get up

  • Xandhil tickles him more

[Feoras] The elder is waiting to see you - I spoke with her for some time. [Xandhil] come on

  • Justen sits up reluctantly, stretching. Tai also stirs and gets up.
  • Xandhil stretches

[Xandhil] thank you.

  • Xandhil says sleepily to feoras
  • Feoras offers you some water (just water this time ;)

[Xandhil] Is there anything we need to know before we speak to her?

  • Xandhil accepts it, sniffing it surreptitiously

[Feoras] Be respectful to her, but I hope that does not need saying.

  • Xandhil nods

[Feoras] She is not always swift in her speech or her wits these days, but she is a grandmother of grandmothers, she has earned her days of peace. [Xandhil] . o O (slightly senile, then...)

  • Justen nods.

[Xandhil] okay

  • Xandhil will try and smooth out his clothes and stuff so he doesn't look super sleep-rumpled
  • Feoras will escort you to her, then. You might have expected her to be in one of the other tents, but apparently she is outside, sitting on a rock near the edge of the encampment, you can see her from some distance off.
  • Feoras holds back a moment before bringing you near.
  • Xandhil pauses

[Feoras] [q] Tai, you will come with me. Your fate is another one, and not what she will speak of today. [DiablotinNarrator] Tai looks a little disappointed, perhaps, but he seems happy enough to go with Feoras and do...whatever they're going to do.

  • Xandhil gives him a quick hug before the Shaman pulls him away
  • Justen as well.

[Xandhil] okay..

  • Xandhil says to justen, and gives his hand a squeeze

[Xandhil] You ready? [Justen] I guess so. I don't know what we're supposed to say... [Justen] But we'll manage. [Xandhil] heh [Xandhil] well, I will probably have to translate anyway [Justen] Oh, right. [Xandhil] but just be really polite [Xandhil] :) [Justen] I can do that. Old ladies love me ;) [Xandhil] heh

  • Xandhil squeezes his hand again and will head over to the ancient elf lady
  • Borzya is a tiny little round elf lady of extreme age. Her white hair is wispy and thin, her features almost lost in all the wrinkles. She holds a gnarled staff, more for walking than for anything else, you suspect.
  • Xandhil gives a bow, and will use Tongues so he can speak her language
  • Xandhil will translate as needed for Justen
  • Justen also bows.

[Xandhil] Good morning, honoured Elder, thank you for agreeing to speak with us [Borzya] Hm. You are the two that the shaman boy spoke of, the strangers from afar. [Xandhil] Yes, Elder. I'm Xandhil, and this is Justen. [Justen] Good day, Elder. [Borzya] I hear that the ancestors tested you and found you worthy. [Xandhil] My companion dorsn;'t speak your langueg, so I will translate for him

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] Feoras took us to their glade

  • Borzya nods.

[Borzya] Who was it you spoke with? [Borzya] I know he told me...

  • Xandhil tries to remember the name

[Xandhil] Aanor

  • Borzya nods.

[Xandhil] and... Yzan and Jaslo. [Borzya] Ah... Yzan, he was a great warrior once. But soft-hearted. [Xandhil] I think Yzan is the one who tested us

  • Borzya says a bit dryly.
  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] . o O (¬¬) [Borzya] But still, he would not have been merciful to you if you were not what you seemed to be. [Borzya] You are descended from the Court of Stars... or what remains of it. [Xandhil] We are... Aanor said your people had been set as guardians here. [Xandhil] We came because we wanted to know... to see.. [Borzya] Yes. In the days of my mother's grandmother, we were called.

  • Xandhil glances at Justen

[Justen] To see where it happened. To understand, if we can.

  • Justen supplies.

[Xandhil] yes, to see Am. [Borzya] The empty lands.

  • Xandhil nods

[Borzya] We are charged to keep them that way. [Xandhil] empty? [Borzya] It is difficult - there are so few of us, and so much land to cover...

  • Borzya nods.

[Xandhil] what are you keeping them empty of? [Borzya] Humans. [Borzya] But you are not humans... not quite, are you? [Xandhil] No. [Borzya] You.

  • Borzya points a finger at Justen.
  • Xandhil assures, flexing his wings a little
  • Xandhil looks at him too

[Borzya] You are the Destroyer's child.

  • Xandhil eyes him before translating that
  • Justen swallows, but nods.
  • Xandhil thinks he would know me well enough to tell if I am fudging things - and she would know it too

[Justen] One of them. [Xandhil] .o O (I love you anyway!) [Borzya] Do you serve him, his purposes? [Justen] I don't serve anyone.

  • Xandhil nods in agreement

[Xandhil] Justen is his own person [Borzya] Ah, ahah, so you say. [Borzya] You come here of your own will, yes, but in doing so, you may be fulfilling his goals. [Xandhil] ... [Xandhil] What do you now of his goals, Elder?

  • Justen frowns at that.
  • Xandhil asks, trying to be respectful and not defensive

[Borzya] Me? I do not know his goals, only his nature. [Xandhil] Justen isn't like him. [Justen] I've never even met him. [Borzya] Be that as it may. [Borzya] The paths we follow are laid by others. [Justen] I can make my own path.

  • Xandhil eyes him
  • Justen says, a bit of stubbornness creeping into his voice.
  • Xandhil is thinking of his own dad

[Xandhil] (s) [Xandhil] paths can change.

  • Xandhil says soothingly

[Xandhil] Can you tell us what you know of Am, Elder? [Borzya] It was a great plain once, rich and full of life. Grass grew there, and trees, and rivers flowed.

  • Borzya says, looking off into the barren distance.
  • Xandhil waits to see if she is going to elaborate

[Borzya] The humans built there, places to live and farm and worship. [Xandhil] They worshiped the court of stars? Did they call them that? [Borzya] They worshiped the Serpent, and the Serpent ruled over the court of stars.

  • Xandhil nods, wishing he could write this down

[Xandhil] DO you know how they worshiped? I know of the... star well?

  • Borzya nods.
  • Xandhil doesn't know the right term for it
  • Xandhil was translating the SK word @@

[Borzya] the Gate.

  • Xandhil nods
  • Borzya 's word is old, odd - they don't have gates in Austvagoy.
  • Xandhil repeats it, trying to store the word in his brain when his effect ends

[Xandhil] (for when, rather) [Borzya] They used it to commune, to divine, to seek wisdom and guidance and strength. [Xandhil] did they commune with Serpent directly? [Borzya] Sometimes... sometimes with its emissaries. [Xandhil] the angels? [Xandhil] or Emkathon and Kavreshar? [Borzya] Yes.

  • Xandhil nods, willing to accept that
  • Xandhil tried to think of how to phrase what he wants to know

[Borzya] But they grew greedy - arrogant. They wished to join the Court of Stars themselves, to set foot in those halls and speak with them as equals. [Xandhil] who were 'they'?

  • Xandhil sort of has a theory....

[Xandhil] all the humans, or just some of them? [Borzya] Their seers, their leaders... [Xandhil] Were they the tribe leaders? [Xandhil] for the clans? [Borzya] It may be. I was told it was their leaders, but what that means exactly, I am not sure.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] do you know what they planned? What they tried? [Borzya] There were seers, certainly - those who devoted their lives to speaking with the world beyond, the Outside. They tried to make the Gate work to their will. [Borzya] To make of it a passage into the Court of Stars, one that they could use.

  • Xandhil tries rto wrap his head around that, from hwat he knows of the arches in their current and previous incarnations
  • Borzya shakes her head as if this was some great madness.

[Xandhil] huh [Xandhil] what were they going to do when they got there oO [Borzya] Their plan, if they had one, died with them.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] but The Serpent was displeased... [Xandhil] ?

  • Borzya considers.

[Xandhil] That's what we heard. [Xandhil] That they were punished for trying [Borzya] They were punished for presumption... for going about it the wrong way. [Borzya] But ...

  • Xandhil nods, thinking about how people are still trying to get to the center
  • Xandhil listens

[Borzya] The Serpent encompassed all. Even the foolish and the arrogant. [Borzya] Perhaps they too served a purpose. [Borzya] But if that is so, it is beyond my wisdom to grasp.

  • Xandhil nods
  • Xandhil thinkis of Vivien's cult @@

[Xandhil] (Vivien and Loric) [Xandhil] And Serpent punished them all, too... [Borzya] They were punished... but the punishment was too much. [Xandhil] do you know why? [Xandhil] why it was so extreme? [Borzya] The Serpent had already been ... weakened. Perhaps it was no longer so much in control... [Borzya] But I cannot say for certain. [Borzya] Perhaps it was a madness within the Destroyer himself.

  • Justen looks wary at that.
  • Xandhil glances at him, and takes his hand
  • Justen clutches yours in return.

[Xandhil] maybe. [Xandhil] but some humans survived [Borzya] Yes. Those who were already in the lands to the south, or who could flee there...

  • Xandhil nos

[Xandhil] (nods) [Xandhil] to Grsan

  • Borzya nods.

[Xandhil] And Emkathon looked after them, and the angels... [Xandhil] Is that when your people were set to keep people away from the empty lands? [Borzya] Yes. [Xandhil] Why did the court want to keep humans out? [Borzya] Their lives are so short... they know so little. And they presumed to invite themselves, rather than waiting to be asked - very rude. [Xandhil] I mean, out of Am [Borzya] Ahh. To spare them. [Xandhil] Spare them? [Borzya] From the sicknesses and dangers that remained. [Xandhil] sicknesses?

  • Borzya shrugs.

[Borzya] The humans who tried to return would not survive long. Something in the air or the ground was sickening for them. [Xandhil] is it still like that? [Borzya] Perhaps. We do not make a habit of testing it by sending humans there to see what happens.

  • Borzya says with a dry chuckle.
  • Xandhil smiles at that, though he is slightly worried

[Xandhil] that's good! [Xandhil] are you going to just... guard it forever? [Borzya] Until such time as we are given leave to stop... or perhaps until we forget why, whichever comes first.

  • Xandhil nods
  • Xandhil looks to Justen
  • Justen looks sort of worried but trying to hide it. You can tell, though.

[Xandhil] We'll be okay - we can always get out if we need to

  • Xandhil tells him in aveyronnais
  • Justen nods.

[Justen] I know... [Xandhil] we'll talk about it later

  • Justen nods again.
  • Xandhil squeezes his hand

[Xandhil] Thank you Elder.

  • Borzya nods.

[Xandhil] do your people know more about the other dangers that persist?

  • Borzya thins her lips, looking off into the distance.

[Borzya] A storm is coming... tonight, tomorrow... [Xandhil] ...what kind of storm? [Borzya] And what you will face, I do not know.

  • Xandhil nods

[Borzya] May you find your own paths. [Xandhil] Thank you.

  • Xandhil bows again
  • Borzya eshews the usual 'may the stars guide you' in your case :p
  • Xandhil will say it, heh

[Xandhil] May the stars guide you. [Borzya] One day soon, they will guide me home.

  • Borzya agrees.
  • Xandhil smiles
  • Justen bows to her again, politely.
  • Xandhil will draw him back away then

[DiablotinNarrator] Your Tongues is probably going to wear off shortly anyway... [Xandhil] (yeah @@) [Justen] Sickness in the air, in the ground? Madness? I knew it would be bad, but that sounds... bad. [Xandhil] that was thousands of years ago, though

  • Justen nods.

[Justen] I guess I thought it would mostly just be ruins... not still trying to kill people :p [Xandhil] and if it gets really bad, we can rturn around, or we can just go home [Xandhil] it might be :) [Justen] I know... but we've come this far. [Xandhil] well then, we keep going :)

  • Justen smiles at that.

[Xandhil] we might be okay anyway [Xandhil] if it is something that only affects humans... [Justen] Maybe, yeah. [Justen] Maybe we'll just get sort of sick instead of dying ;) [Xandhil] it'll be worth it. [Xandhil] Just think - gong some place no one else has set foot in thousands of years....

  • Xandhil says excitedly
  • Justen nods.

[Xandhil] we should go see if we can find Feoras and Tai [Xandhil] maybe we can get some more supplies here [Justen] Yeah... are we going to try to leave today? [Xandhil] Well... let's see what feoras says [Justen] Okay. [Xandhil] I don't wanna over stay our welcome 03* Borzya is now known as Feoras [Xandhil] nbut I don't kow about this storm she was talking about either [Justen] Yeah... was that real or metaphorical? :p [Xandhil] I don't know - that's why I wanna ask the Shaman :) [Justen] Heh. Good idea. [Xandhil] if it is real maybe we can stay until it passes

  • Justen nods.
  • Feoras seems to be introducing Tai around the camp. You can find them without much difficulty. Tai looks happier than before :)

[Xandhil] Hey, how's it going? [Feoras] Very well. 03* Justen is now known as Tai [Xandhil] making friends? :) [Tai] They're going to let me go hunting with them tomorrow :) [Xandhil] that's great - you can really show them then! [Tai] I hope so. [Xandhil] you'll do great.

  • Tai smiles.
  • Xandhil looks to Feoras

[Xandhil] The Elder said something about a storm coming though... [Xandhil] we weren't sure if she meant it literally or not

  • Feoras looks up to the sky, which is quite clear.

[Feoras] I don't think there's a storm coming... she may have meant something other than a real storm, or perhaps her mind was wandering?

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] yeah.. [Xandhil] well. [Xandhil] We were trying to decide when we should go.... [Feoras] It is your choice. If you wish to stay another night, we will feed you, but if you wish to depart sooner, we will wish you well.

  • Xandhil looks at Justen

03* Tai is now known as Justen [Justen] Well, I do like being fed ;) [Xandhil] okay. [Xandhil] How are we doing on supplies?

  • Xandhil asks him, as presumably that is his job ^-^
  • Justen can run down anything you're low on.

[Xandhil] I guess we don't have a lot to trade though, hmm [Xandhil] other than that one wolf skin :p [Feoras] Water will be scarcer there, and may not be wholesome to drink.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] we can carry quite a lot of it, if we can get it [Feoras] That we can certainly provide. [Xandhil] and we don't have to really worry starving [Justen] Nope... not with the spoon :p [Xandhil] just really bland food @@

  • Justen nods.

[Xandhil] alright

  • Feoras can help you get stocked up on anything else mundane you might require.

[Xandhil] and this way we can have a full night's sleep :)

  • Xandhil pokes Justen in the side

[Justen] Heh. Yes. Sure we can ;) [Xandhil] welll... more full ^-^ [Xandhil] we'll have to say our good byes all proper like ^-^ [DiablotinNarrator] The elves do feed you, as promised, and quite heartily too. And you can indeed have very pleasant goodbyes with Tai (and Feoras if you wish, but he's willing to stay out of it if you guys want to be on your own ;)

  • Xandhil is not above a little gratitude, but tai is more important
  • Feoras will let you have him to yourselves, then... he'll have him soon enough ;)
  • Tai is a bit emotional when it comes to goodbyes ...

[Tai] I'll never forget you. [Xandhil] We won't forget you either!

  • Tai says sometime in the middle of the night.
  • Xandhil reassures him

[Xandhil] I hope you'll be happy here [Justen] Yeah... you'll be great here, and Feoras will take care of you. [Tai] I hope so...

  • Tai sounds nervous, but excited for what's to come.

[Xandhil] you'll learn to take care of yourself

  • Xandhil says more firmly

[Xandhil] and these people will respect you.

  • Tai nods.
  • Xandhil smiles again though

[Xandhil] it's been fun [Tai] I hope I can have something special with him... like you two. [Xandhil] I'm glad we were able to help you

  • Xandhil smiles at that, stealing a glance at Justen
  • Justen looks a bit embarrassed, but smiles.

[Xandhil] you'll find something good

  • Xandhil tells Tai

[Tai] Thank you for everything.

  • Tai says, giving both of you hugs and kisses.
  • Xandhil pushes aside that little everpresent heartache :3

[DiablotinNarrator] In the morning, you can say goodbye to Feoras and the others, and set off on your way, following the route that they tell you will lead you where you want to go.

  • Tai waves goodbye until you're out of sight.
  • Xandhil laughs once we're out of sight

[Justen] What? :) [Xandhil] man, this had better work out for tai, I'd be so pissed if we come back to check on him sometime and it hasn't [Justen] Aw, I hope so too. [Justen] I think Feoras will keep an eye out for him, though - no one will want to get on his bad side, I'd imagine. [Xandhil] I bed not [Xandhil] I mean, we've seen what he feeds his friends :V [Justen] Hah.

  • Xandhil makes a face

[Xandhil] Still - it's nice that its just thw two of us again, isn't it? [Justen] Yeah.

  • Justen takes your hand to squeeze it.
  • Xandhil smiles, trying to read that 'yeah'
  • Justen seems content with being with you, but maybe a bit apprehensive about the trip.

[Xandhil] we'll be fine!

  • Xandhil reassures him again

[Justen] Yeah... I know, I know. we can always get away if we have to. [Xandhil] and if we're not, we may as well have fun until then, too [Xandhil] we're as prepared as we can be

  • Justen nods.

[Justen] I just ... don't want to run away unless we really have to. [Xandhil] we won't [Xandhil] I know... you wanna see what happened

  • Justen nods.

[Justen] I have to. [Xandhil] I know. But... it's not you, okay? [Justen] It's not me... but it's part of what made me.

  • Xandhil looks up at him

[Xandhil] Just.. I don't know. [Xandhil] Don't take it too much to heart?

  • Justen glances over to you.

[Justen] If I don't... doesn't that make me more like him?

  • Xandhil puts his arm around your waist, leaning in to you a bit

[Xandhil] what do you mean? [Justen] If I can look at what happened there and not feel something? [Xandhil] oh. [Xandhil] I'm sure we'll both feel something. [Xandhil] That's not what I meant [Xandhil] I meant - don't blame yourself, because what happened didn't have anything to do with you. [Justen] Oh. [Xandhil] It was thousands of years ago. [Justen] What do you think she meant, that going here could serve his plan, though? [Xandhil] It doesn't matter what she meant. No one is a slave to destiny. [Xandhil] That's bullshit. [Justen] Heh. [Justen] If you say so :) [Xandhil] I do.

  • Justen tries to sound light, but it's obviously something that bothers him.

[Xandhil] We have choices. [Justen] We think we have choices. [Justen] Maybe we're wrong. [Xandhil] Even the Seven admit we have choices. [Xandhil] Ask Alma. [Justen] Maybe the Seven think that.... maybe they think they have choices too. Maybe they're wrong. [Xandhil] You think Serpent just let them take over? [Justen] I don't know. I just know we can't understand them, or what they want, and if we think we do, we're fooling ourselves. [Xandhil] well anyway - even if we don't have choices - its not kavreshar that's pulling any of our strings. [Xandhil] okay?

  • Justen nods.

[Justen] Okay. [Xandhil] Unless he just planned for you to grow up with a family who loves you, and lots of ffriends, and other people who care about you...

  • Justen hugs an arm around you too.

[Xandhil] he's been doing some pretty shitty planning.

  • Justen laughs.

[Xandhil] and if that was his plan, then I'm down with it.

  • Xandhil smiles up at you
  • Justen smiles back.

[DiablotinNarrator] You travel on through the empty lands for ... several days, you think. The sun stays up almost all the time this time of year, this far north.

  • Xandhil has trouble sleeping, no doubt

[DiablotinNarrator] The lands are indeed pretty empty, apart from occasional small game - birds, groundhogs or the like. Even those mostly vanish after a few days' travel. [Xandhil] oh, the dreaded porridge spoon - your time is coming, I fear @@

  • Justen laughs.

[Xandhil] curse your mother, and bless her, for her practicality [Justen] Yeah... she'll be happy we got some good use out of it, I'm sure. [Xandhil] simultaneously the best and worst magic item ever [Xandhil] I'll be sure to thank [Xandhil] (her) [Xandhil] possibly with porridge [Justen] Hah. [Xandhil] a huge vat of porridge [Xandhil] she can bathe in it - I hear its good for your skin [Xandhil] oh hey - gimme that thing [Justen] Are you saying you want to watch my mom take a bath in porridge? kinky, Xan. [Xandhil] heh [Xandhil] not so much ;p

  • Justen gives you the spoon if that's what you want.
  • Xandhil experiments with whether or not you can catapult porridge from it

[Justen] Hey :p [Xandhil] my theory is that this was not actually designed by anyone who wanted to go adventuring

  • Xandhil flings some porridge at a plant

[Xandhil] it was designed by someone who was involved in a lot of food fights [Xandhil] :D

  • Justen laughs.

[Justen] Hey... [Xandhil] hmm?

  • Justen looks down at your feet, which are buried in the dry dust that covers everything here.
  • Justen shoves some of it aside with his feet, looking at what's underneath...

[Xandhil] what?

  • Xandhil looks down

[DiablotinNarrator] Glass... [Xandhil] :o [Justen] I think we're there. Or close.

  • Xandhil falls to his knees and brushes at it

[DiablotinNarrator] It's rippled and uneven and not nice and pretty and clear or anything, but it's definitely glass, under the layer of dust. [Xandhil] oh wow... [Xandhil] (what colour?) [Xandhil] I wonder if I can chip a piece off

  • Xandhil will also cast detect magic because... you never know!

[DiablotinNarrator] Dark.. black/dark grey/dark brown? [Xandhil] I bet you could use this for components iof nothing else

  • Xandhil will try and chip some away with his sword

[DiablotinNarrator] You can manage to chip away some shards. They're sharp.

  • Xandhil wraps them in something and puts them in the bag of holding

[Justen] The Plain of Glass. [Xandhil] I guess walk carefully, its probably pretty slippery [Xandhil] yup

  • Justen nods.

[Xandhil] it is what it claims :) [Justen] Not just a poetic name. [Xandhil] nope [Xandhil] must have been pretty hot @@ [Justen] Was it... just so hot that the sand melted? [Xandhil] that's my guess... [Xandhil] I bet if we take this to a glass maker they might be able to tell, when we get back :) [Justen] Yeah... [Xandhil] But I wonder what else there is to see...

  • Xandhil scans the horizon, looking for anything of interest

[Justen] If it was that hot... maybe nothing @@ [Xandhil] I guess if nothing else we can try and map out how big it is? [Xandhil] yeah, maybe [Xandhil] but it depends on what they built out of, I guess

  • Justen nods.

[Xandhil] Stone wouldn't necessarily melt [Xandhil] maybe we can find the remains of the gate [Justen] Maybe :o [Justen] I don't know how that all works... [Xandhil] me either - it isn't like the arch does much [Xandhil] and everyone still avoids the one in the Shadow Plane [Justen] Maybe we're just not using it right. [Xandhil] maybe [Justen] You'd think they could send a holy instruction manual if that's the case. [Xandhil] maybe they're enjoying the time off while we figure shit out [Justen] Without us bugging them all the time? [Xandhil] yeah :) [DiablotinNarrator] You can proceed onto the Plain of Glass. Fortunately (?) the rippled surface means it's not terribly slippery to walk on, but still not comfortable or really easy.

  • Xandhil loks for patterns in the ripples
  • Xandhil is a neeeeeeeerd

[DiablotinNarrator] You can find some things that look disturbingly like outlines of people... like someone fell there and left the marks of their hands or feet or body. [Xandhil] D: [Xandhil] creepy [Justen] Ugh... [Xandhil] that... shoots a hole in the everything melted theory though @@ [Xandhil] sorta [Justen] How do you mean?

  • Xandhil shivers

[Xandhil] well, maybe not [Xandhil] but if that's an actual... person print, then they survived the initail... whatever [Justen] For a little while... [Xandhil] and would have had to fall on the... semi-molten glass? [Justen] But the ground had to ... yeah...

  • Justen shudders.

[Xandhil] yeah [Xandhil] ... [Xandhil] I'm going to fly up and see if there is anything to see, just for a sec. [Justen] Okay.

  • Xandhil nods and will do so, going straight up just for a better vangate point

[Xandhil] (vantage) [DiablotinNarrator] (heh, vangate) [DiablotinNarrator] (gates on the brain ;) [Xandhil] (heh) [DiablotinNarrator] You fly up, looking over the vast plain... Off to the east somewhat you can see some remains of structures, maybe... if it's not a mirage...

  • Xandhil will land and tell Justen

[Xandhil] well, its better than nothing? [Xandhil] we can head that way and I can check it out again when we're closer [Justen] Yeah. Might as well. [DiablotinNarrator] It takes you the better part of the afternoon to make your way there... but they are definitely some kind of buildings, ruins. [Xandhil] oh cool!

  • Xandhil says excitedly once we have agreed there is really something there
  • Xandhil hurries onward
  • Justen follows, a bit more wary.
  • Xandhil will keep an eye out for.. all of the things

[Xandhil] dangerous things, iiiiinteresting things, anything other than sand and glass :V

  • Justen puts down his pack to make it easier to explore.

[Xandhil] (I think we already said he is carrying most of the heavy things, right?) [DiablotinNarrator] Yeah. [DiablotinNarrator] he's much better at it than you ;) [Xandhil] (Mr +4 str) [DiablotinNarrator] (fight with centipedes, Xan is at 0 HP and poisoned)

  • Xandhil gets swarmed by poisonous centipedes while exploring one of the buildings, and Justen kills them with fire
  • Justen teleports you back to where he left your pack.

[Justen] Shit, Xan, hang in there! [Xandhil] (is 0 hp unconscious or just... heavily dazed, I forget) [DiablotinNarrator] conscious but can't do anything

  • Xandhil groans

[Xandhil] (does that include talk?) [DiablotinNarrator] oh, you can talk... and I guess actually take 1 move action too if you feel so inclined. [Xandhil] mm, just need to rest...

  • Justen goes rummaging through the pack, trying to find that anti-poison stuff.

[Justen] No resting! [Justen] Stay awake! [Xandhil] no, just... lyin' here... [DiablotinNarrator] You should make another Fort save now... secondary poison effect. [Xandhil] !roll 1d20+2

  • @Sable rolls for Xandhil: [ 1d20+2 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 2 ] totals [ 14 ].

[DiablotinNarrator] made it, whew [DiablotinNarrator] barely ;) [Xandhil] (aww, that's no fun) [DiablotinNarrator] well you still get to make 2 more... [Xandhil] (oh great --) [DiablotinNarrator] secondary effects hit a minute after the initial sting [DiablotinNarrator] so.. that was the first attack

  • Justen manages to find the bottle of ointment, and is now trying to get it open, while panicking @@

[Xandhil] justen [DiablotinNarrator] next save! [Xandhil] calm down [Xandhil] !roll 1d20+2

  • @Sable rolls for Xandhil: [ 1d20+2 ] getting [ 19 ] which, after the modifier [ 2 ] totals [ 21 ].

[DiablotinNarrator] nice [DiablotinNarrator] just one more to go

  • Xandhil says, only twitching a little

[Justen] I'm trying! [Xandhil] no no

  • Justen fumbles the lid off

[Xandhil] really [Xandhil] 'm okay

  • Xandhil croaks

[Justen] You are okay. You're going to be okay. Because.. because I said so. Because I can't lose you! [DiablotinNarrator] last save

  • Xandhil smiles

[Xandhil] !roll 1d20+2

  • @Sable rolls for Xandhil: [ 1d20+2 ] getting [ 18 ] which, after the modifier [ 2 ] totals [ 20 ].

[DiablotinNarrator] :)

  • Justen rubs the ointment on your poisoned wounds.

[Xandhil] feels nice

  • Xandhil shifts a little

[DiablotinNarrator] !roll 1d8+5

  • @Sable rolls for DiablotinNarrator: [ 1d8+5 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 5 ] totals [ 10 ].

[DiablotinNarrator] you're healed for 10 points - doesn't fix the Dex loss though.

  • Xandhil sits up
  • Justen slumps back on the ground, relieved and shaking a bit.
  • Xandhil crawls over and puts his head in Justen's lap

[Justen] ...

  • Justen pulls you up into his arms, holding you so tight.
  • Xandhil hugs him back

[Xandhil] takes more than some stupid bugs to get rid of me [Justen] Don't scare me like that.

  • Justen kisses you.
  • Xandhil kissses him back

[Xandhil] 'm not going anywhere [Justen] good [Justen] I don't know what I'd do without you.

  • Xandhil hugs him again, and sniffs
  • Justen 's kisses are growing a bit more ... insistent.

[Xandhil] . o O (Don't cry, dumbass) [Xandhil] Justen? [Justen] Mm?

  • Xandhil just pulls back for a second to look him in the eye and make sure he's not geting *too* worked up
  • Justen is breathing hard, but he's not losing control or anything like that.

[Xandhil] I... [Xandhil] . o O (and don't be a dumbass, dumbass)

  • Xandhil sniffs agains, and goes back to the kissing because that's easier
  • Justen kisses back, but pulls away again a moment later.

[Justen] You what?

  • Justen asks gently.
  • Justen strokes your hair back from your face.
  • Xandhil looks up, all big watery blue eyes full of sad scared yearning

[Xandhil] I love you? [Justen] ... I ...

  • Xandhil says in a small voice, trying really hard not to cry

[Justen] I love you too, Xan.

  • Xandhil fails

[Justen] Oh.. oh, don't cry... [Xandhil] you - you don't have to say it [Justen] No, I want to. I want to tell you. [Justen] I just... couldn't. I don't know why, what's wrong with me... [Xandhil] just because I'm s st-stupid [Justen] You're not stupid :o [Justen] I'm the stupid one. [Justen] Not seeing... not letting myself see... what was here all along. [Xandhil] you're.. you just..

  • Xandhil can't even make words, and just clings

[Xandhil] So much [Xandhil] it hurts

  • Justen nods.

[Justen] so much it scares me.

  • Justen agrees.

[Xandhil] I'm sorry [Xandhil] don't want to s-scare you [Justen] I keep thinking, if I feel that way... if it's that strong... then it'll happen again. where I can't ... can't control it...

  • Justen looks down, ashamed.

[Justen] [w] I don't want to hurt you.

  • Xandhil is in full limpet cling

[Xandhil] n-no [Xandhil] i d-don't care! [Xandhil] anything

  • Justen is a bit sniffly himself.

[Xandhil] I just love you, and I can't stop, and I don't want to [Justen] don't, then. don't ever. [Xandhil] and you [Xandhil] you're just... always with everyone... and it doesn't matter, except

  • Xandhil looks back up at you

[Xandhil] do you *mean it*?

  • Justen 's red eyes are wet with unshed tears.

[Justen] Do I mean what? [Justen] that I love you?

  • Xandhil nods

[Justen] That you're the only one who really matters to me? [Xandhil] don't say it [Xandhil] if you don't [Justen] I do.

  • Xandhil cries more

[Justen] I love you, Xan. I love you. [Justen] Do you believe me?

  • Xandhil peeks up again

[Justen] Do you think I would walk halfway across the world and get swarmed by centipedes for just anyone?

  • Justen asks with a weak smile.
  • Xandhil bites his lip
  • Xandhil shakes his head, sniffling

[Xandhil] I believe you... [Xandhil] I want to

  • Justen wipes at his eyes with the back of his hand.

[Xandhil] Its just.... its been so long [Xandhil] don't cry

  • Xandhil wipes away his tears

[Justen] Xan... I've loved you since.. I don't know. Since always.

  • Xandhil loses it again

[Xandhil] But I was so -so s-cared [Xandhil] and you... you [Justen] I didn't know... I thought you knew, I thought I didn't have to say it because you knew... [Xandhil] I'm.. i'm not like you, I'm not, I don't want anyone else and you... you kept, you always...

  • Xandhil curls up on himself a little

[Justen] I'm so sorry, Xan... [Xandhil] (a little xan ball in your lap :3) [Xandhil] it doesn't matter [Xandhil] it doesn't

  • Xandhil wipes his face again with his ratty, snotty sleeves and leans his head back up against your chest where it belongs
  • Justen wraps you in his big, strong arms.
  • Xandhil is still a little bleeding/burned
  • Justen too. well, not burned. but bleeding from bites.
  • Xandhil wraps his wings around you both

[Xandhil] (There are probably centipedes in them though, heh) [Justen] (hah... dead ones, hopefully)

  • Justen kisses you more, kissing away any tears left on your cheeks.
  • Xandhil kisses back

[Justen] [w] I need you so much.

  • Xandhil nods

[Xandhil] [w]I [Xandhil] [w] I'm always yours [Justen] ...maybe should get healed first?

  • Justen asks, plainly willing to not get healed right away, but not wanting to hurt you @@
  • Xandhil just shakes his head
  • Justen presses you back onto the plain of melted glass and dust and ashes.
  • Xandhil moans and doesn't care
  • Justen keeps you warm despite the cold winds and strange evening sun that doesn't heat anything.