Hayley and Windrider after the rescue, 11/6/2005

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<Windrider> Please keep in mind that as awesome as I am, I am not here to be your Janus-bitching sounding board <Windrider> As he is my friend -- more like family, really, since I pretty much raised him and such. <Hayley> Yup.

  • Windrider returns to where he left you after seeing Webmaster and the mage off, and making arrangements for your brothers.
  • Hayley looks very tired after the trip to Australia.... she hasn't slept for hours. But she wont let herself sleep until she finds out where her brothers will be.
  • Hayley sits up in the chair she was nearly dozing off in, once she realizes Windrider is back.
  • Windrider idly brushes at a singemark on the sleeve of his robe.

<Windrider> All is taken care of.

  • Hayley smiles gratefully.

<Windrider> Webmaster is taking them to stay with a kinain family in Llanbadarn. <Hayley> Will I be able to visit them? <Windrider> I don't see why not. <Windrider> The family are farmers; they have three boys of their own... If nothing else, the environment should be something they can relate to. <Hayley> We were shepherds... I'm sure Warren and Daniel will be all right once they've had time to recover. <Hayley> I mean, Wales can always use a couple more good shepherds, right?

  • Hayley smiles slightly.

<Hayley> Thank you so much, again, for letting me come...

  • Hayley already expressed the depths of her gratitude to Webmaster and Brigit before you saw them off.

<Hayley> (And to you, too, but here you're being thanked again) <Windrider> . o O ( Please do not cause me to regret it! :/ ) <Windrider> I was glad to have you along. :) <Windrider> The farmhouse, Ty Mawr, is just below the old Llanbadarn Fawr church.

  • Hayley nods.

<Windrider> You should be able to find it easily... ALthough I'd recommend giving them a day or two to settle, first. <Hayley> Yes, of course... <Windrider> On the other hand, they may well ask after you before that!

  • Hayley smiles hopefully.

<Windrider> One never knows. <Hayley> Would you like some tea? <Hayley> (There is a little teapot and some cups on a little table beside her.) <Windrider> Oh, how thoughtful. <Windrider> Thank you!

  • Windrider takes a seat, then. :)
  • Hayley pours you a cup with somewhat shaky hands. Adrenalin rush from the fight is wearing off...

<Hayley> What do you take in it? <Windrider> Just sugar... or honey, if you have it to hand. :) <Hayley> I have some honey. <Windrider> (Where would we be, just some random sitting room?)

  • Hayley brings you the teacup and then the little honey pot so you can measure out however much you like.

<Windrider> Ah, delightful. <Hayley> (It could be my little sitting room/reading room place... I've cleaned up the smashed vase and painting, though.

  • Windrider measures out a large spoonful and stirs it in.

<Windrider> (ok) <Windrider> Thank you, once again. <Hayley> You're welcome.

  • Windrider settles back in his seat with his drink.

<Windrider> How are you feeling, now? <Hayley> Good about my brothers... but hollow about Janus. <Windrider> Hollow?

  • Hayley nods.

<Windrider> How do you mean?

  • Windrider asks gently.

<Hayley> Wondering what I should have done differently... how I could have argued my side better, without - without hurting him. <Hayley> But I have such a terrible temper. <Windrider> You are both possessed of strong wills...

  • Windrider sighs a little.

<Hayley> I know.

  • Hayley looks down at her lap, then takes a sip of her own tea.

<Hayley> I can't lock mine away... not without becoming someone else. Someone I'm not. Which I would do for him, if I thought it would help. <Windrider> Your temper? <Hayley> My will. <Hayley> I need to do something about my temper though... <Hayley> So when our wills do clash, I don't end up hurting him. <Hayley> I didn't mean to. I was just so angry and frustrated. It just burst out. <Windrider> That is how these things go, unfortunately. <Windrider> :/ <Hayley> :/ <Hayley> I don't remember any fights being so bad as the ones with him. <Hayley> I never know what will really upset him or how to patch things up afterwards. <Windrider> Remember... from this time?

  • Hayley shakes her head.

<Windrider> From, ah, Deborah's time? <Windrider> Or all of your times taken together? <Hayley> From all of them... <Windrider> My, that's quite an accomplishment, then.

  • Windrider says, with a rueful sort of smile
  • Hayley smiles ruefully back.

<Hayley> I wish I understood him as well as you do. <Windrider> I have had many years to become accustomed to his... quirks.

  • Hayley doesn't look very hopeful.

<Hayley> Debbie had 80 or so and never did. <Hayley> I'm not long-lived either.

  • Hayley looks away sadly.
  • Hayley sips her tea again and brings herself back to the matter at hand bravely.

<Hayley> Can you give me any tips?

  • Hayley asks, with a smile playing about her lips again.

<Windrider> It's very complicated to explain!

  • Windrider laughs, also ruefully.

<Windrider> It is just a matter of phrasing things in such a way that they appeal to his way of thinking. <Hayley> When it comes to me, that's how to keep me safe... <Hayley> I did try asking whether he would let me go with the people he chose but he just kept saying "No," flat-out.  :/ <Hayley> I know he's afraid of losing me. i am afraid of losing him too. <Windrider> Well, obviously I lack transcripts of this exchange... I can't offer any specific commentary, I'm afraid!

  • Hayley nods.

<Windrider> I can tell you that once you have him on the defensive, it becomes exponentially harder to change his mind. <Hayley> :/ <Hayley> Yeah... It's difficult for me to tell what will put him on the defensive, I guess. I always end up putting him there. <Hayley> I will have to try to learn. <Windrider> Mostly all it requires is a little extra forethought. <Hayley> I didn't really have time to think last night. <Windrider> His mother is the same way. :) <Hayley> Mamma was there, telling me all these things, and then he came crashing through the door. <Hayley> I didn't have time to think at all. <Windrider> Just in the moment before one speaks, is what I mean. <Windrider> One must consider the result of one's words.

  • Hayley smiles slightly.

<Hayley> That brings us back to my terrible temper. <Windrider> Someone once said that anger makes dull men witty, but it keeps them poor... :/ <Windrider> Not to say that you are by any means dull!

  • Hayley smiles slightly again.

<Hayley> Have you run out of tips? You are resorting to undeserved flattery. ;) <Windrider> Well, as I said, there is not exactly a strategy guide for these sorts of things...

  • Hayley nods.

<Windrider> I operate under these sort of guidelines, but largely by instinct! :) <Hayley> You're lucky.

  • Hayley smiles again.

<Hayley> Maybe I should have been an Eshu thei time. <Windrider> I doubt my kith has much to do with it... ;) <Windrider> Believe you me, I have known some surly travellers! <Hayley> Ah well, you're always in the right place at the right time. <Hayley> Maybe it extends to your ability to handle all these - well, not Gwydaines. His Majesty seems very levelheaded. <Windrider> Yes, it has been very interesting getting to know him. <Hayley> The other side of the family... <Windrider> Well, I come from a large family... It's in one's best interest to be able to keep people happy!

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> How is the Queen?

  • Hayley asks shyly.

<Hayley> I mean, not in relation to this but generally...

  • Windrider sighs a little sadly.

<Windrider> SHe is no worse. <Hayley> But no better either.  :/ <Hayley> I hope she'll be all right. <Windrider> She has seen Kolya, but will not say what he has told her. <Windrider> Only that she will consider his words for herself.

  • Hayley nods.

<Windrider> She is a stubborn woman...

  • Windrider smiles a bit. :)

<Hayley> It would be neat for Janus to have a little brother or sister... <Hayley> But not really the same as growing up with siblings. <Windrider> It would surely be a big change! <Hayley> I feel kind of sorry for him, for being an only child. <Windrider> Why is that? <Hayley> Well, Debbie was, too... but I wasn't, and some other times I also had siblings. <Hayley> My brothers were my best friends, growing up. <Hayley> We were very close. <Hayley> Debbie was often kind of lonely. <Windrider> I spent a great deal of time with him, when he was a boy... As did Dovev of course.

  • Hayley nods.

<Windrider> I suppose it's not the same. <Hayley> You were grown ups, though.

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> It's just nice to have people you grow up with. And even though you fight sometimes, you band together against everyone else. <Hayley> It's nice to have that kind of support. <Hayley> Well, look at Tally and Aidan and Rachel. <Hayley> They were like that, too. <Windrider> Yes... they are quite protective of one another.

  • Windrider smiles fondly.
  • Hayley finishes her tea and curls up on the seat of the armchair she is sitting in.

<Windrider> I know that the Countess would have liked to have more children. Even disregarding her health, though... so recently bereft of her husband, she ... well. <Windrider> I am sure you can imagine.

  • Hayley nods.

<Windrider> Oh pardon me... The Countess, *then*.

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> I won't tattle on you. <Hayley> She is a remarkable lady... <Hayley> :/ <Hayley> Well, I am very tired... I haven't slept much. I should probably go get some sleep. <Windrider> I concur... Please, get some rest.

  • Hayley nods and stands up.

<Hayley> Thank you, again...

  • Windrider stands as well, setting his now-empty cup back on the table.
  • Hayley gives you a quick, nervous little hug.

<Windrider> Thank *you*(... your assistance was most appreciated.

  • Windrider hugs you back, smelling of alchemy.

<Hayley> They were my brothers...

  • Hayley says, meaning that you wouldn't have had to go at all if it weren't for her.

<Hayley> Anyway... <Windrider> Good afternoon, Hayley. :) <Windrider> I will see you again soon, I'm sure.

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> Good afternoon, Windrider.

  • Windrider will take his leave.
  • Hayley goes and gets cleaned up before crashing in their bedroom.