Hayley and Michael discuss Janus and blood magic, 7/4/2005

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  • Hayley would have looked into getting a little time to speak with the King.
  • Hayley knows he is a busy man, and is rather nervous about approaching him, in spite of the small conversations they've had before and
 how he generally seems nice.

<Michael_> (You will be informed that the king is willing to meet with you in the... um... Ystwyth room at blah time) <Michael_> (that being a room with a particularly good view of the river I guess) <Hayley> (okay) <Michael_> (When you arrive there there are a bunch of pages and valets hanging around, as well as some knights and their squires... One

 of them admits you to the room, and announces your arrival.)
  • Hayley dresses herself in a rather modest dark grey gown that makes her hair shine that much brighter. She has arranged her hair in the
 little wire hair net that Janus gave her for Yule a couple years ago.
  • Michael_ is wearing a long richly dyed dark red-violet robe over a black cassock-like garment. A silver coronet, set with a single
 blood-red gem, lays across his forehead. He is seated behind an ancient looking desk as you enter, writing on a piece of parchment with 
 a long black quill.
  • Hayley curtseys deeply.
  • Michael_ signs whatever it is, then folds it into an envelope, which he seals with a large silver ring from his finger before passing on
 to one of the assembled valets.

<Michael_> Good afternoon, Hayley. <Hayley> Good afternoon, Your Majesty. <Hayley> Thank you for sparing some time to meet with me... <Michael_> It's nothing. I don't mind at all.

  • Hayley says shyly, and wishing she didn't come off so shy!
  • Michael_ smiles patiently.
  • Hayley smiles.

<Michael_> What is on your mind, child?

  • Michael_ sits back in his chair, looking regal and serene.
  • Hayley gathers her thoughts.

<Hayley> Well, it's about Janus... <Michael_> Oh?

  • Hayley nods.

<Michael_> A personal matter, I take it...? <Hayley> Well, kind of...

  • Michael_ makes an almost imperceptible gesture with his hand, and the assorted vassals silently clear the room.
  • Hayley smiles gratefully.

<Michael_> ... Go on. <Hayley> It's just about his magic... and I feel badly for bringing it up, because I know how much he loves it. He gets so excited about

 it, and I do love seeing him so enthusiastic.

<Hayley> Furthermore, I myself have benefitted from it. <Michael_> You are speaking of the dark arts...

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> It was forbidden for good reason... I know he is very careful, but I still worry about where it might lead him. <Michael_> I am... conflicted on the issue, myself...

  • Hayley smiles sadly.

<Michael_> I come from a time when one would not dream of speaking against our forefathers, let alone defying them outright, or directly

 challenging them...

<Michael_> You never knew when you might run across one... or afoul of one...

  • Hayley nods and looks down. She directly challenged them herself, which is how she got to where she is today, dragging Janus along with
 her. -_-

<Hayley> I know... <Hayley> I remember.

  • Hayley looks up again.

<Michael_> And yet... Janus has managed to unravel their magics, and with the power they forbade, he has saved the life of my queen. <Hayley> Yes... it is troubling, isn't it? <Hayley> :/ <Michael_> The power of blood magic, in a way, is what has brought us this alliance with Ireland.

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> I know, it seems like so many good or useful things have come of it. <Michael_> If you are looking for a simple answer, to ease your mind... I am afraid that I have none to give. If you are looking for

 reassurance that no ill will come of it, I cannot promise that, either.

<Michael_> But Janus is a brilliant young man...

  • Hayley nods.

<Michael_> I have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. My power is not insignificant. <Michael_> But he is... ambitious in ways that I am not. <Michael_> He thinks outside of the systems to which I am accustomed.

  • Hayley nods, listening.

<Hayley> (any more forthcoming?) <Michael_> There seems to be little more one can do than to trust and hope that he knows what he is doing. <Michael_> (go ahead) <Hayley> Well, I guess that answers that, then...

  • Hayley smiles ruefully.

<Hayley> He doesn't like listening to me when I caution him. I am so young to him. <Michael_> He will not hear anything one says about the Tuatha, of course.

  • Hayley nods, sighing.

<Hayley> Very well. I was hoping that perhaps you could temper him better than I, since he has a lot of respect for you, but I see that

 it probably wouldn't work.

<Hayley> I don't hate them the way he does... <Hayley> Well, thank you for hearing me out, Your Majesty.

  • Hayley smiles.

<Michael_> I do not have the same sort of relationship with Janus as his mother does... <Michael_> I have really only known him for a couple of years.

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> I know, but I wouldn't know how to approach her about this, and right now, she needs to keep her strength for other things. <Hayley> I wouldn't want to trouble her with this. <Michael_> :/

  • Hayley smiles warmly.

<Michael_> I am sorry I was not of more help. <Hayley> It's all right. I'm grateful just to know I'm not alone in my feelings about the issue. <Michael_> Well... If you feel the need to speak to someone again, please don't hesitate.

  • Hayley smiles warmly again.

<Hayley> Thank you, Your Majesty. You are a very kind man.

  • Hayley curtseys.
  • Michael_ smiles genuinely, showing the lines of his age.

<Michael_> Good day, Hayley.