Hayley and Janus discuss things while she recuperates, 11/6/2005

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  • Hayley is propped up in bed, wearing a soft and pretty pink nightie, which amazingly doesn't clash with her hair. She smells clean and is a bit damp around the edges. She is quite fastidious and insists on a bath every day in spite of her discomfort.
  • Hayley is recovering steadily; the first few days or so were probably heart-breaking for you because her eyes, usually bright with life, were dulled by pain.
  • Janus comes in and throws his cape over a chair before leaning over to kiss your forehead.

<Janus> Hello, my love...

  • Hayley smiles up at you.

<Janus> How are you feeling this afternoon?

<Hayley> Hello, love.

  • Hayley sets her book aside, pleased for the change from solitude.

<Hayley> I'm feeling much better, thanks.

<Hayley> I'll be up and about soon, I think.

<Janus> Wonderful...

  • Janus smiles at you.

<Janus> Everyone will be glad to hear it...

  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> None so glad as me - my limbs feel positively leaden from the forced inactivity.

<Hayley> I can't wait to be independent again. It's weird being sponge bathed by a servant.

  • Hayley makes a bit of a face. ;)

<Janus> Yes... I ... I can imagine.

  • Janus says a bit uncomfortably.
  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> You're so funny. I love you.

<Janus> Mother is leaving on Sunday... There is supposed to be a dinner the evening before; perhaps if you're feeling strong enough you might come, for a while at least...

<Hayley> I'll strive to be there. It gives me something to look forward to.

<Hayley> Will you miss her when she takes her leave?

<Janus> Yes, of course... but she is never really that far.

<Janus> She'll still visit often, I'm sure.

  • Hayley nods.

<Janus> She is not as fond of Cardiff as this place.

<Hayley> Well, no place is like home.  :)

<Hayley> It would be nice if we could go to Cardiff some time. I've never been.

<Janus> I'm sure it would please the Queen...

<Hayley> Would it please you, though?

  • Hayley smiles, knowing your repulsion to social occasions.

<Janus> Oh, I wouldn't mind.

<Janus> It's not so warm there as Georgia.

  • Janus says with a small smile.
  • Hayley laughs a bit.

<Hayley> The Sahara is much drier, I hear. Perhaps you'd find that heat more tolerable.

  • Hayley says, a bit of a sparkle of mischief in her eyes. She doesn't really expect you'd ever consent to go visit Tally there. ;)

<Hayley> (Yet she tries...  ;) )

<Janus> I ah... do not think so.

<Janus> ¬_¬

<Janus> In any case, we shall have a new steward shortly, which will make travel easier...

<Hayley> Oh, yes - I was going to ask how your interviews went today.

  • Hayley says, sounding interested.

<Janus> Oh, well... I don't know.

  • Janus sighs and swings his legs up onto the bed to sit beside you.

<Hayley> Well, were there any suitable candidates?

  • Hayley takes one of your hands in her own, a quiet gesture of affection.

<Janus> I'm not terribly fussed with any of them... but there isn't going to be anybody better.

<Janus> Kolya says that I am comparing them unfairly to Windrider.

  • Hayley smiles, squeezing your hand gently.

<Janus> The last girl was the best of the lot, I suppose.

  • Janus leans back against the headboard.

<Hayley> Well, even Windrider was new at what he does one time.

<Hayley> I bet if you knew him then he'd be very different from now. More like the people you interviewed.

<Hayley> They were all probably a little intimidated... your family does have that effect, I noticed.  ;)

<Janus> Windrider wasn't intimidated by us.

  • Janus says, stubbornly.
  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> With all due respect, you weren't a royal family back then, and there was only your mother.

<Hayley> Now they have to deal with royalty, and your father and you, too.  ;)

<Janus> What abou Kolya?

<Janus> Kolya deals well with Mother and the King.

<Hayley> Yes, he does very well at it, too.

<Hayley> But then he's gotten to know you all, hasn't he?

<Janus> If only he weren't so... indispensable to her. I am certain he would work out well, here...

<Janus> I don't think he is bosom friends with them or anything.

<Janus> But he even gets on well with Dovev.

<Hayley> Yes.

<Janus> And he is honest, without being unsubtle or presumptuous.

<Hayley> What I'm trying to say is that you ought to give your candidates the benefit of the doubt. They were all highly qualified, I'm sure. But an interview is a rather nervous experience at the best of times.

<Janus> The truth of it is that I am uncomfortable giving a stranger so much influence here, about letting them see so much of us.

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> I know. I understand. You're a very private man.

<Hayley> You don't have to open up completely to the person you choose right away. In fact I think that would be rather surprising for them and definitely awkward for both of you.

<Hayley> They would expect to have a period where you're both getting to trust one another.

<Janus> I don't intend to take them into my closest confidences.

<Janus> I just think it would work out better if it were someone at least a little bit familiar with what goes on here.

  • Hayley nods, bringing your hand up to her lips to brush it with a kiss.

<Hayley> It will work out.

  • Hayley says reassuringly.
  • Janus seems unconvinced.

<Hayley> Well, I'm looking forward to meeting whoever you choose, anyway. And to maybe having a little more time with you.

<Janus> That will be nice, at least...

<Hayley> Yes, it will, won't it?

  • Hayley smiles sweetly.
  • Janus smiles faintly, but is still preoccupied.
  • Hayley strokes the back of your hand with her thumb, allowing you time to think.
  • Hayley wishes, not for the first time, that she were psychic. ;)

<Janus> Everyone else seems to think that Goewin is the best choice as well... I suppose I had better inform her of the decision. Windrider assures me that Kolya will be able to... well, 'whip her into shape' were the words he used...

  • Janus says, half to himself.
  • Hayley smiles.

<Hayley> Sounds like Windrider, for sure.

<Hayley> Well, I, for one, am excited to meet her.

<Janus> Perhaps she could pass some time with him before he leaves, as well.

<Janus> Really?

  • Janus seems dubious.

<Janus> Why?

<Hayley> Because if all goes well she'll be an important member of your household. I want her to feel welcome. Maybe we can be friends.

<Janus> If you say so.

  • Hayley shrugs.

<Hayley> Well, at least the first hurdle is over. You won't have to sit through any more dull interviews.

  • Hayley encourages, smiling slightly.

<Janus> I guess.

  • Hayley shakes her head slightly, eyes sparkling.

<Janus> Someone else can do them for me from now on.

<Hayley> Exactly.\

<Hayley> Be happy about it. ^-^

  • Hayley recommends.

<Janus> ¬_¬

<Hayley> Oh, Janus...

  • Hayley replies with affectionate exasperation.

<Janus> I'm going to have a page take a message to Kolya so that he can tell her.

<Hayley> All right.

  • Janus says, getting up with an air of resignation.

<Janus> I'll be right back...

<Hayley> You had better be.

  • Hayley mock threatens.
  • Hayley releases your hand so you can go.
  • Hayley does seem to be in much higher spirits than she has been.
  • Janus smiles back at you, then goes to send his instructions to Kolya...