Hayley & Janus, Hayley & Anastasius, 7/16/2002

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  • Hayley is at her cottage this time... a thin waft of smoke rises from the rusted metal chimney.
  • Janus knocks on the door.
  • Hayley freezes slightly.
  • Hayley opens the door a crack and peeks out.
  • Janus 's hair is loosely braided, and he's carrying a black bag, like a medical bag. He looks slightly dishevelled - but in a cool way, being a sidhe - and also excited.

<Janus> Hello-o?

  • Hayley tries to look normal when she sees it's Janus. Her eyes slide down to the bag and then back up to his face. She feels slightly curious.

<Hayley> Hi... <Hayley> Come in.

  • Hayley opens the door wide to let him in.
  • Hayley seems subdued.

<Janus> Hayley, darling! I've missed you so!

  • Janus grabs her by the waist and swings her around a half turn.
  • Hayley is very startled by this behaviour! o.O
  • Janus drops the bag on the floor, then picks Hayley up and kisses her!
  • Janus tastes a little like... bitter licorice. ;)
  • Hayley seems to wince a bit when he picks her up... maybe he wouldn't notice though since he seems to be drunk or something.
  • Janus sets her back down.
  • Janus bends over to pick the bag back up.

<Janus> I've some good news for you!

  • Hayley makes a small involuntary sound to accompany the wince. She isn't really into the kiss.

<Hayley> Oh?

  • Janus says as he crosses the small room.
  • Hayley tries to muster up enthusiasm.
  • Janus sets the bag down on the table.

<Hayley> That's... that's great.

  • Janus swats something away from his head.

<Hayley> I... was just cooking. Are you hungry? <Hayley> (It smells savoury in the cottage... but there's also an underlying herbal smell, a bit like some of the antiseptic sort of things Debbie used to make.) <Janus> No, no, no. <Hayley> Oh...ok. <Janus> I brought you a present!

  • Hayley moves stiffly over to the hearth to stir a little pot.
  • Hayley turns back towards Janus and smiles, but it doesn't quite reach her eyes.

<Hayley> Did you?

  • Hayley asks quietly.
  • Janus digs around in the bag, occasionally waving at something in the air around his head.

<Hayley> What is bothering you? <Janus> These damnable flies! <Janus> You need a screen, Hayley dear... <Janus> Here it is! <Hayley> ... <Hayley> There aren't any flies, Janus.

  • Janus produces a book with a green cover.

<Janus> Why, of course there are. <Janus> They're always landing on my ears, and biting me! <Janus> >:( <Janus> Here!

  • Janus pushes the book across the table at her.

<Janus> ("The Eye of the Dragon")

  • Hayley peers at his ears. Are there flies?

<Janus> I enjoyed this very much when I was your age. <Janus> (no)

  • Janus 's eyes shine brightly.
  • Hayley picks up the book and smiles, but glances up at him after only a moment, troubled.

<Hayley> Thank you. <Hayley> (What is it about, Sas? Is it a real book? I am not familiar with it) <Janus> (It is a real book, a fantasy story... you should read it; it's very good) <Janus> (It's by Steven King, oddly enough) <Hayley> Janus... there really are no flies.

  • Hayley says quietly.

<Janus> (About a wizard who plots to take over this Kingdom... he poisons the king and then, if I recall correctly, sets up the oldest son to take the blame. Then since he basically controls the younger son, the Kingdom is more or less his...) <Janus> Oh? Perhaps they've gone <Hayley> Are you all right? <Hayley> (sounds neat, Sas) <Janus> (It's really excellent.)

  • Janus nods.

<Hayley> You've been drinking that absinthe again... are you sure you're all right? <Janus> Why wouldn't I be? <Hayley> You said... said you drank it to punish yourself. <Janus> My research is going smashingly. <Janus> Oh, why would I say such a thing? <Hayley> I don't know...

  • Hayley says quietly, almost in a whisper.

<Hayley> But you did, the day I found you on your roof... <Janus> That was ever so long ago, wasn't it?

  • Janus opens the black bag again.

<Hayley> Not so long ago for me...

  • Janus pulls out a small rack of stoppered glass tubes, which clink together lightly as he sets them on the table
  • Hayley sets the book down on the table again gently. Then she pulls a chair towards the hearth and sits down slowly, painfully. She stirs her stew which really does smell great, and glances at Janus every now and then, wondering how to tell him...

<Hayley> . o O (He's in such a good mood... I don't want to ruin it.) <Hayley> How are Tally and Aidan and Rachel? <Janus> Oh, Tally was shot but he's alright now!

  • Hayley 's stirring hand falters.

<Hayley> Shot?

  • Hayley looks very worried.

<Hayley> How Janus? Why? <Janus> And Rachel went to visit her boyfriend, whatsisname, my brother. Quite funny, don't you think? <Janus> Oh yes, he got in a dreadful row with some unseelie fellow. <Janus> Oh wait, no, it was the Kinain who was shot. <Janus> Tally was stabbed, that's right. <Janus> Over a girl... Isabel Morningstar. <Hayley> Janus... you're not well. How can you be so flippant? Your brother, what do you mean? You don't have a brother...

  • Hayley is confused and worried, it is apparent in her tone of voice.

<Janus> That would be my father's other son. <Hayley> Your father's other son...? <Janus> And the reason I can be so flippant is that I've had rather a lot to drink today.

  • Hayley looks sad.

<Hayley> (and somewhat disapproving) <Janus> Yes, Nikolai Garland. <Hayley> I thought your father died in the Accordance Wars. <Janus> So did he! <Hayley> . o O (So much has happened... unless he's imagining it all... well. At least he doesn't ask what's wrong with me.) <Hayley> Janus... you're not making sense.

  • Hayley shakes her head and turns back to her stew.

<Hayley> I wish you wouldn't drink so much. <Janus> I wish for lots of things, but they aren't going to happen either, Hayley dear. <Janus> For instance

  • Hayley bites her lip.

<Janus> If I were to ask you now to please come back home with me and silence those damned birds... <Janus> You will say "Oh no Janus, I simply cannot!" <Janus> "It is too dangerous for me!" <Janus> "I must be alone!"

  • Hayley hangs her head and concentrates on her stew. Since her back is to him he can't see the tears brimming in her eyes.
  • Hayley tucks some hair behind an ear and winces with the movement.

<Hayley> I never expected you to make fun of me.

  • Hayley says quietly.

<Janus> Well, isn't that what you would say? <Hayley> ... <Janus> Shall I ask you?

  • Hayley tastes her stew.
  • Janus steps closer.
  • Hayley freezes when she hears him move closer, hand paused midway between pot and mouth.

<Janus> Well, never mind all of that, anyway.

  • Hayley turns towards Janus again and looks at him, eyes dull.
  • Hayley nods slightly, stiffly.

<Hayley> It doesn't make a difference now, anyway... <Janus> I need something from you, since you won't come... <Hayley> What do you need?

  • Hayley sighs.

<Janus> Since you won't come, I need to take part of you with me... <Janus> For the next experiment. <Janus> This one will be the key, I know it!

  • Janus waves his finger around in the air, looking a little wild.

<Hayley> That's wonderful...

  • Hayley says wistfully.

<Hayley> . o O (I should tell him... but how?) <Janus> It won't hurt at all; I expect you are used to these things anyway... <Hayley> ... <Hayley> What do you need...?

  • Janus returns to the table and starts pulling things out of the bag, tubing and needles and stuff.
  • Janus looks up.

<Hayley> Blood? A lot of it? <Janus> No, not so very much.

  • Hayley looks pale.

<Janus> Don't be frightened... <Hayley> How much do you need? <Janus> Just about... this much...

  • Janus holds his thumb and forefinger about 5 inches apart.

<Hayley> In... how large a container? <Janus> One of these.

  • Janus holds up one of the glass vessels.

<Hayley> (how big is it? o.O) <Janus> (It's just an average sized test tube) <Hayley> (ok, that's not a lot of blood then)

  • Hayley nods...

<Hayley> That's all right, then... <Hayley> Janus, I- <Janus> Why don't you sit down over here, on the bed?

  • Hayley nods and gets up, again, moving very slowly and painfully. She moves over to the bed.
  • Hayley sits down and contemplates her hands.
  • Janus shakes his head, as though to clear his vision.

<Hayley> . o O (It shouldn't be so big a deal... why am I afraid to tell him?) <Hayley> . o O (I have to, he deserves to know. I didn't expect him to be like this though.)

  • Hayley glances up at Janus and essays a smile.

<Hayley> (It doesn't quite reach her eyes)

  • Janus brings a bunch of stuff over and sits down beside her.
  • Hayley rolls up a sleeve and extends her arm for him.
  • Hayley smells strongly of herbal antiseptic, now that you're close to her.

<Janus> I'll sit behind you; you won't have to look... <Janus> That perfume really isn't all that pleasant <Hayley> It's not perfume, Janus...

  • Janus swings his leg around so that he's sitting behind Hayley.

<Janus> Well whatever it is. <Hayley> My back... the scars... some have split open. <Hayley> They're my shame, now...

  • Hayley used to be proud of them.

<Janus> Can't you take care of them?

  • Janus takes Hayley's arm in one hand, and ties a leather strap above her elbow.

<Hayley> No. The Dreaming wants them to be there. <Janus> Ohhh.

  • Janus says as though remembering something that should have been obvious.
  • Hayley watches him as he administers to her.

<Janus> Poor darling... I shall have a look, later... <Hayley> Janus, why do you keep calling me that? You didn't, before.

  • Janus feels around for a vein.

<Janus> Mmm, I don't know.

  • Hayley closes her eyes... even this professional sort of touch is welcome, from him.

<Janus> (Hayley feels the very small prick of the needle...)

  • Hayley leans her head back against Janus' shoulder.

<Janus> There, all done... <Janus> Hold this on it.

  • Hayley nods and sits up again.
  • Janus gives her a square of linen, folded many times over.
  • Hayley presses down on the little piece of linen.

<Hayley> (over the puncture, of course)

  • Janus stoppers the vial and holds it up to the light of the window.

<Hayley> Janus... do you really think you can end it? <Janus> Of course I can,

  • Janus says confidently.

<Hayley> Because... you're my only hope now. I... failed. <Janus> ... perfect.

  • Hayley watches Janus, wondering if he'll realize what she's trying to tell him.

<Hayley> . o O (Probably not...) <Janus> Don't be so hard on yourself; you're not expected to do anything... <Janus> I will take care of it all.

  • Janus stands, wobbles a little bit, then straightens himself up.

<Hayley> Janus... what I'm trying to say is- I'm mortal now.

  • Hayley plunges in to it. Now or never.
  • Janus places the vial of blood in the rack.

<Janus> Oh? <Hayley> . o O (Stupid girl, he's drunk, who knows what sort of mood he'll get into.) <Hayley> Yes... <Janus> Is that because of your oath as well then. <Janus> That's a shame <Hayley> No...

  • Janus walks back over and sits down beside her.
  • Janus swats at the air absent-mindedly.

<Janus> Would you like me to look at your back now? <Janus> I expect there are some parts you can't reach, hmmm? <Hayley> ... <Hayley> Janus... I don't want you to see it. It's ugly. I'm ashamed.

  • Hayley glances down and away from him.

<Janus> You could never be ugly. <Janus> Anyway I've seen all kinds of things, and this can't possibly be the worst, so let's have a look! <Hayley> ...

  • Hayley turns back to him and looks him in the eye. Why does he want to see it so much?
  • Janus just smiles back at her.

<Janus> *blink* <Hayley> Janus... I wish I could go back with you.

  • Hayley says eventually.

<Janus> Yes, well, that's what you always say

  • Janus leans back against the wall.

<Janus> But you never do! <Janus> I think *you* are teasing *me*!

  • Hayley looks unhappy.
  • Janus says, somewhat resignedly.

<Janus> Still, one takes what one can get.

  • Hayley 's eyes well up with tears.

<Hayley> I wish you weren't drunk. I have something important to tell you, I've been trying to tell you. But you aren't listening! And you'll just forget anyway, you're so blitzed. <Janus> Sorry, I didn't know you had plans.

  • Janus giggles.

<Hayley> Janus... Try to be serious! I met the second one, all right? <Janus> The second what? <Hayley> It's happening all over again.

  • Hayley is crying angrily now.
  • Janus gets to his feet and staggers over to the table as though he'd been shot.

<Hayley> I came here where no one comes... so it wouldn't happen. I didn't talk to anyone! You - You're the only one who knew I was here...

  • Janus leans heavily on the back of a chair.

<Hayley> But- he was the seal, Janus. The seal...

  • Hayley leans back against the wall, forehead propped in her hands, sobbing.
  • Janus angrily throws the chair against the door, then sinks to the ground.

<Hayley> So... I failed. I tried so hard to keep it from happening... <Hayley> I'm sorry, so sorry. <Janus> Somebody shut those damned birds up!! <Janus> I'm going to be sick

  • Janus half gets up, then stumbles out the door, after falling over the broken chair.
  • Hayley follows.
  • Hayley manages to move speedily, ignoring the pain of her back.
  • Janus staggers a little ways down the path from the cottage door.

<Hayley> Janus... I need to talk, don't go, please!

  • Hayley pleads.
  • Janus sags against a large rock.
  • Hayley moves up to him and throws her arms around him.

<Janus> I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER ALL THESE BIRDS!! <Elanya> *caw* *caw* <Hayley> I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I tried to keep it from happening... I want it to end, I want it to be over, just like you. <Hayley> (I assume I cannot hear any birds... since he is insane)

  • Janus disentangles himself from Hayley.
  • Janus gets up and leans forward against the rock.

<Hayley> Janus, don't leave me, please don't leave me, please don't leave.

  • Janus 's face is like ashes.

<Janus> ...Going to be sick... <Janus> ...Going to be sick...

  • Rook flies down to Janus's shoulder.

<Janus> nnngh <Janus> ... bird?

  • Janus dry-heaves a couple of times.

<Rook> We should go my Lord. <Janus> We should? <Janus> Go?

  • Hayley lays a hand on his shoulder and supports him if he needs to vomit.

<Hayley> No!

  • Janus looks up at the bird.

<Hayley> Nooooooo!!!!!! <Janus> Okay... <Rook> You do not look well. We should leave. <Janus> Yes, I don't feel well at all. <Hayley> JanustakemewithyoupleaseIcan'tstandbeingaloneanymore! <Janus> She wants to come too? <Janus> Can I bring her too? <Rook> We would advise against it at this time. <Janus> Oh.

  • Hayley clings to Janus and tears off her necklace, completely blinded with tears.

<Janus> I'll come back later, Hayley.

  • Rook looks at Hayley with a "You did this" stare.
  • Janus says, dazedly.

<Hayley> Nooo! <Janus> I'm just not feeling very well right now, you see. <Hayley> Your things- you can't leave your things. <Janus> I'll get them... <Janus> I hear wings...

  • Janus and Rook disappear in a flutter of black wings.
  • Hayley sinks to the beach and stares at the necklace in her hands.

<Hayley> . o O (I could go but what is the point if he doesn't want me...) <Hayley> I suppose there's always Faren.

  • Hayley says out loud and then laughs harshly.
  • Hayley stops laughing and starts moaning. She sinks to the beach and lies there, a wreck.
  • Anastasius walk up from... somewhere. Hayley was hardly paying attention

<Anastasius> Rough time?

  • Hayley wonders when the gods will stop finding her to be such an amusing plaything.
  • Hayley sits up slowly.

<Hayley> No, Anastasius. Rock beds are good for the complexion. Why don't you try it some time?

  • Hayley fastens her necklace around her neck wearily.

<Hayley> How come you're here? <Hayley> . o O (You are not supposed to know where I live.) <Anastasius> You seem distressed <Anastasius> Well

  • Hayley looks like crap, completely worn to a frazzle. There are dark circles under her eyes; her hair is frizzy. A thin trickle of blood runs down her arm from the needle mark. The back of her shirt is also streaked with rusty red blood since she moved too quickly for her oathbroken marks.

<Anastasius> In fact, Hayley, you look like hell.

  • Anastasius regards her pensively.

<Hayley> ...

  • Hayley stands up slowly, her every movement painful.

<Anastasius> Would you like some tea, perhaps? <Hayley> I... have stew. <Hayley> Why are you here? <Anastasius> Why not? <Anastasius> I suppose I am concerned for you <Hayley> You aren't supposed to know where I live- <Hayley> He's one of yours, isn't he.

  • Hayley nods to herself and laughs bitterly.

<Anastasius> Most of them are <Hayley> I should have killed him when I had the chance. <Hayley> It would have been kinder. <Hayley> I'm going inside.

  • Hayley doesn't really dismiss Ana but doesn't exactly invite him in either.
  • Anastasius will follow her in
  • Hayley heads into her cottage and hauls her stewpot off the hearth, setting it down on the table.

<Anastasius> I'm not sure you could have. <Hayley> The job was already half done for me. <Janus> (Don't trip over el smashed chair :)

  • Anastasius glances around the insides of the cottage
  • Hayley bends down painfully to pick up the chair Janus smashed. She piles the bits next to the hearth.

<Hayley> (It's well-kept, except for the smashed chair... it smells of herbs, a slightly stringent smell. <Anastasius> (any more chairs?) <Hayley> (One more chair) <Anastasius> Sit down, Hayley <Hayley> (Did Janus leave the book behind?) <Janus> (yes)

  • Hayley picks up a book with a green cover and moves slowly over to her cot. She sits down.

<Hayley> (the book was on the table) <Anastasius> hmm.. <Hayley> Have some stew. I can't afford to waste it. But I'm not hungry, anymore.

  • Hayley opens the cover of the book and smiles slightly; her eyes well up a bit. She wipes the tears away.

<Anastasius> I'm not particularly hungry myself <Hayley> It will be wasted, then.

  • Hayley lies down on her side on the cot and clutches the book to her chest.

<Anastasius> Well <Anastasius> Just what did happen here? <Hayley> ... <Hayley> I don't want to talk about it. <Hayley> I just want it to come to an end. <Anastasius> Hmm, well... <Hayley> How is your research going? <Anastasius> Alright. Unfortunately, I have not been able to focus as much attention on it as I would like, lately. <Anastasius> Has he had any progress that you know of? <Hayley> Maybe.

  • Hayley is noncommittal.

<Anastasius> Hmm <Anastasius> (Can I see the title of the book?) <Hayley> (Not likely; the front cover is next to her chest and an arm is draped over the spine) <Hayley> I haven't seen Faren since Beltane. <Hayley> Is he all right? <Anastasius> Yes, he is fine <Anastasius> Does Janus know, then? <Hayley> He doesn't know his name... <Hayley> Janus was drunk. He probably won't remember anything I said. <Hayley> I had to tell him, though... he had a right to know, didn't he? <Hayley> Maybe I shouldn't have? <Hayley> I don't know... I just don't know what is right, anymore. <Anastasius> Well... If he was drunk... <Anastasius> You may have wanted to choose better circumstances. <Hayley> There are no good circumstances with Janus. <Hayley> He always takes things hard. <Anastasius> Possibly <Anastasius> He's a poet <Anastasius> They need to be fragile <Hayley> I know...

  • Hayley says quietly.

<Anastasius> So, I expect, there was something of a scene, and he left? <Hayley> Why are you so curious about the gossip? <Hayley> How is Irene? Do you know? Of course you don't; you don't go see her. <Hayley> I wish I could. <Anastasius> I do know how she is. <Hayley> How is she then? <Anastasius> lonely, morose... <Anastasius> Much the same as usual, and otherwise well.

  • Hayley nods.

<Anastasius> She misses you as well <Hayley> I wish I could see her. I can talk to her. But I don't want to cause trouble for her... <Hayley> Why are you being so kind to me? <Hayley> Usually you are a bit contemptuous. <Anastasius> I was concerned. <Hayley> Why? Why are you concerned for me? <Hayley> I am just a passing interest, a means to an end. <Anastasius> Does it really matter? <Hayley> Yes. Yes, it does.

  • Anastasius seems mildly surprised

<Anastasius> why? <Hayley> Because. I didn't think you could be concerned about anything but your goals. <Anastasius> Hmm <Anastasius> Well, apparently that's not the case <Hayley> I think I am pleased to be proven wrong, then.

  • Anastasius smirks

<Anastasius> That must be a first

  • Hayley smiles slightly; a ghost of a smile.

<Hayley> Sometimes I wish we were friends, you and I. <Anastasius> Ahh friends...

  • Anastasius sighs

<Anastasius> More trouble then they are worth, sometimes. <Hayley> Never. <Hayley> My friends have always given me much joy. <Anastasius> Really? <Anastasius> Always? <Hayley> Friends do hurt, and betray, sometimes... but the good times we shared- those are what you remember, in the end. <Hayley> I miss Zane, sometimes... <Anastasius> That must be... confusing, I expect. <Hayley> How do you mean? <Anastasius> A number of ways... A memory of a different life... of someone you were very close to, and who then, well, hurt you so deeply, I suppose.

  • Anastasius thinks about Aneirin

<Hayley> It's not so confusing. Zane... was not himself when he did that. The dark shape I watched through the flames, holding the torch... that wasn't Zane anymore. <Hayley> He was dead to me by then. <Anastasius> Did you still love him, then? <Hayley> I did. <Hayley> I still do.

  • Hayley sighs and clutches the book to herself a bit more tightly.

<Anastasius> What about Faren and Janus? <Anastasius> How do your memories of the others affect how you feel for them? <Anastasius> Or does it? <Hayley> It doesn't, much... <Hayley> Faren and Janus are here and now. <Hayley> The others... they are not. <Hayley> I guess the best way to explain it to you would be to say that my memories of the others are like your memories of previous girlfriends, perhaps, compared to your feelings for Irene now.

  • Anastasius nods

<Anastasius> I wondered if it was like that <Hayley> Sometimes, something will remind me of one of them... <Hayley> I still find myself grieving occasionally for the ones I've lost. <Hayley> Usually when I am alone. <Hayley> Do you ever miss your old girlfriends? <Anastasius> ... <Anastasius> I suppose I might

  • Anastasius says a bit guardedly

<Hayley> (hehe, he's never had any. ^-^)

  • Hayley notices but says nothing.

<Anastasius> (when was there time for relationships? In highschool, when no one paid him much attention except to notice he was a freak, or after he became Aneirin's apprentice and was cooped up in an underground Lair? Or during the War? Or the years afterwards escaping? Or when he was on the Road with Caelan...? ;D ) <Anastasius> Well <Anastasius> I think I understand, in any case <Hayley> ... <Hayley> You are an attractive man, you know.

  • Hayley doesn't have any hidden intentions when she says that.

<Anastasius> ... <Hayley> (She's only interested in Faren and Janus now.)

  • Anastasius raises his eyebrows at that

<Anastasius> It has been brought to my attention, yes. <Hayley> Well, good. <Anastasius> ... <Anastasius> Now I believe it is my turn to question your motives, in stating that <Hayley> It seems to me that you are sometimes a bit too self-conscious. <Hayley> Just sometimes.

  • Anastasius smirks

<Anastasius> I'm sure I make up for it usually with an overdose of arrogance and condescension.

  • Hayley smiles absently.
  • Hayley rubs her left arm... the one that has a trickle of blood. The trickle is dry now; she licks a finger and rubs the blood off.
  • Hayley wishes Janus hadn't left.
  • Anastasius notices

<Hayley> I guess you know then that I've been thwarted in my plans... <Hayley> My only hope now lies with you and Janus.

  • Anastasius nods

<Hayley> I'm sure you, at least, will find some way of exploiting that. <Anastasius> Is that what you think? <Hayley> What should I think? <Anastasius> I don't see how this makes you any more or less exploitable than before. <Hayley> Well... <Hayley> You will exploit me more then. <Hayley> Since I have no hope of finding Eros and forcing his hand myself now, if ever I did. <Anastasius> As for your hope lying with me and Janus <Anastasius> Well... <Anastasius> Telling drunken poets things they aren’t going to want to hear, and letting them go off on their own... <Anastasius> I didn't think you wanted to put yourself completely in my power <Hayley> ... <Hayley> I'm not. He said he'd be back. He left me this book, too. <Hayley> If he didn't want to see me ever again, I don't think he would have left it. He collected his other belongings. <Hayley> And now... now Faren will keep you from exploiting me too much, I think. <Hayley> Won't he. <Anastasius> He might <Anastasius> . o O ( ... try ) <Hayley> I don't think you understand how strong this curse truly is, Anastasius. <Hayley> I am sorry he got caught up in it. <Anastasius> As am I, as is he...

  • Hayley is disarmed for a moment.

<Anastasius> But there are more expedient things for me to be spending my energy on than feeling sorry <Hayley> . o O (He said that?) <Hayley> I, on the other hand, have nothing but time on my hands... <Hayley> Your mortal tenants have "kindly" freed me from their service... I couldn't hide how much my back pains me now.

  • Anastasius nods

<Anastasius> (ooc.. Why did that happen now?) <Anastasius> They are good people <Hayley> (It's her mark for breaking her oath... ) <Anastasius> (Yeah, I know, but why did it show up now?) <Anastasius> Well. <Anastasius> Perhaps you should go somewhere more distracting. <Hayley> (Well, I couldn't think of any mark to give her! This one suddenly came to mind within the last week or so.) <Anastasius> (ahhh :) <Hayley> (Maybe the immortality thing overrode it in game, or something... ^-^) <Hayley> (So, anyway, some of her whip scars - which used to be a source of pride to her - have split open, and are now her mark of shame) <Hayley> (It's both physical and psychological) <Anastasius> (Yeah, I just finished reading the log of what you and sas were ding) <Hayley> (I think it's suitable, don't you?) <Anastasius> (yes :) <Hayley> ... <Hayley> I know... but I'm afraid. <Hayley> You have no idea what it's like. <Hayley> When I am with one of them, in his presence, things are all right... but as soon as he is not there to distract me, I feel the guilt. <Hayley> The guilt is, I think, the worst... <Hayley> I wonder what the other will think; I feel dirty like a whore. I feel like I am only playing them; that what I think is love is nothing so noble. <Hayley> ...

  • Anastasius blinks as Hayley's speech brings back memories he wished would stay buried for good...

<Anastasius> (Speaking of whores... ;) <Hayley> (hehe)

  • Hayley 's eyes grow a bit distant.
  • Anastasius lets out a breath he hadn't quite realized he was holding.

<Anastasius> Hayley <Anastasius> You're not a whore <Anastasius> But... <Anastasius> If you stay here, you may be in danger

  • Hayley snaps back to the real world.

<Hayley> What? <Hayley> What do you mean?

  • Hayley 's attention is on Anastasius fully now.

<Anastasius> I'm not entirely certain, admittedly <Hayley> (Ana is turning into Kolya! Oh no!) <Anastasius> (Ana has soothsay) <Hayley> (What are you soothsaying for me? o.O) <Anastasius> (ana uses it to stay on top of things) <Anastasius> (no) <Anastasius> I know that there is a violent storm that is going to rage across this island. <Anastasius> I have my suspicions as to the source. <Hayley> ... <Anastasius> Regardless of the cause, this is very likely about to become an unsafe place to live.

  • Anastasius isn't lying.

<Hayley> Where are you going to go? <Hayley> (Is this a Garou thing?) <Anastasius> (Yes) <Hayley> (Dumb Fianna) <Anastasius> I have to stay here... but I am better protected. <Hayley> I'm protected...

  • Hayley fingers her necklace.

<Hayley> . o O (I have no where to go. Where can I go except Janus'?) <Anastasius> Protected against Magic <Anastasius> Protected to some extent by your own skills... <Anastasius> But it might not be enough, especially as you are alone <Hayley> What kind of storm is this? You make it sound magical, then imply that it's not. <Anastasius> It's a metaphorical storm <Anastasius> I'm not sure exactly what it will be <Hayley> Who will cause it? Not the Church?

  • Hayley is frightened by the prospect.

<Anastasius> No, I don't think so... <Anastasius> They have other things to concern themselves with at the moment.

  • Hayley is sitting up by now; she sat up as she became alarmed. Her book is next to her on the bed. The title is "Eye of the Dragon."

<Hayley> Anastasius... <Anastasius> Yes?

  • Hayley casts about helplessly.

<Hayley> This is my house. I have nowhere to go but Janus', if he'll have me after today... and then what about Faren? <Hayley> He won't be able to see me there... and I don't know where he lives. <Anastasius> I can see to Faren <Anastasius> Perhaps something can be arranged <Hayley> And if Janus won't have me... <Anastasius> Of course he'll have you, Hayley. <Hayley> I can't start all over somewhere else... I just can't. I don't have the strength any longer. <Hayley> I'm so much less than I once was...

  • Hayley stands up, wincing as the wounds on her back sear her.

<Anastasius> You're not weak, Hayley

  • Hayley touches a hand to her forehead in distress.

<Hayley> I am though, Anastasius. The only reason I am not crying right now is because I have no more tears to shed.

  • Hayley looks around her little cottage, which she has fixed up since she moved in... a labour of love.
  • Hayley glances at her hearth, still warmly glowing with embers. She looks at her small collection of chipped pottery on her shelves. Glances at the bouquet of wildflowers on the table...

<Anastasius> This won't be forever. <Anastasius> The storm will pass, one way or another. <Anastasius> But for now, you should go someplace safe. <Hayley> Is this what you came to tell me then? <Anastasius> Partly. <Hayley> Does Faren have some place safe to stay? He's from here- What is the other part, then? <Anastasius> I'll make sure that Faren has someplace safe to be <Anastasius> And I told you already, I was concerned. <Hayley> You had better keep him safe or I'll curse you with my last breath.

  • Hayley looks Anastasius straight in the eye as she says this; she means it. ^_^

<Anastasius> I will

  • Hayley nods, satisfied.

<Hayley> When... when must I be gone? <Hayley> How will I know when I can return? <Anastasius> You should leave soon... I can't say for certain when you will be able to return, but I will let you know. <Hayley> (Probably by the time she can return, she won't want to...) <Hayley> (^-^)

  • Hayley nods and steels herself.
  • Hayley looks sad though.

<Hayley> I'll expect you on a moss-covered rock then, with apples the colour of your eyes...

  • Anastasius nods.
  • Hayley bends down slowly and pulls out some crates from under her cot... her clothes are in them.

<Anastasius> I must go, I have my own preparations to make.

  • Hayley nods and begins packing.

<Anastasius> But I will keep in touch. <Hayley> You are strange, Anastasius. <Hayley> Thank you for warning me. <Hayley> (He is way too nice for an evil guy!  ;^D) <Anastasius> Of course

  • Anastasius says, ambiguously, and leaves ;D

<Anastasius> (Nice?) <Anastasius> (Ha!)

      • Anastasius is now known as Elanya

<Elanya> keeping you away from Faren ;p <Elanya> Also keeping you alive so this whole curse thing can get worked out