Hayley & Janus, 12/25/2002

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  • Hayley is in her room.
  • Janus will open the door a crack to see if she's asleep.
  • Hayley is sitting in her windowseat, looking outdoors at the moonlit landscape, with a candle lit at her feet.
  • Hayley hears the door open and turns to look.

<Hayley> ... <Hayley> Hello. <Janus> Oh, you are awake.

  • Hayley nods and looks down, a bit embarrassed, perhaps. she's been caught in a lie! ;^D

<Janus> I just came to say goodnight... <Janus> (are you still wearing the dress and stuff?) <Hayley> (No, I have changed into my nightie) <Hayley> (It is white though, like the dress)

  • Hayley 's hair is down as well.

<Hayley> (It just grazes her shoulders by this point in time.

  • Janus steps inside.

<Hayley> (The yellow and orange ends of her hair really catch the candlelight... so pretty. Almost like a halo.)

  • Janus crosses the room and sits down beside her.
  • Hayley moves the candle aside so he can.

<Janus> I find it cold by the windows, now that there is no electricity...

  • Hayley looks into his eyes.

<Hayley> Not as cold as being alone in my little cottage...

  • Hayley smiles.

<Janus> Yes, and it smells much less of sheep here.

  • Janus teases.
  • Hayley snuggles up to him.
  • Janus wraps his arms around her.

<Janus> I feel much warmer already. <Hayley> Me too... <Hayley> Tally and Seraph look so happy together.

  • Janus gives her a little squeeze, but is always careful, afraid of hurting her.
  • Janus nods.

<Janus> I hope that will work out for him.

  • Hayley doesn't wince at all.

<Hayley> I hope so too... <Hayley> Now, we just need to set Aidan up with someone...

  • Hayley says with a mischievous tone.

<Hayley> Any ideas?

  • Janus laughs.

<Janus> I'm afraid I don't get out much...

  • Hayley nods.

<Janus> Perhaps we could go out trolling for suitors sometime. <Hayley> Line them up for Aidan to view... <Janus> Place an advert in a paper, or something.

  • Hayley giggles.
  • Janus laughs too.

<Janus> Well, that last fellow was an ass, anyway, if you ask me. <Hayley> I didn't really know him. He seemed like a typical nocker to me... <Janus> Yes, well... <Janus> Aidan can certainly do better than him.

  • Hayley strokes Janus' back slowly.

<Hayley> Well... parents are hard to please. <Hayley> As long as Aidan is happy, I would be. <Janus> I'm not hard to please. I like Seraph. <Janus> And Nikolai seems a decent fellow.

  • Hayley nods and gives Janus a squeeze with her stroking arm.

<Janus> So... <Janus> Are you going to tell me what it is? <Janus> You must know that I am dying of curiosity...! <Hayley> You haven't guessed yet?

  • Hayley seems surprised.

<Janus> Was it a spell?

  • Hayley looks up at Janus and shakes her head.

<Janus> Some kind of charm?

  • Janus kens her.

<Hayley> (No charms...)

  • Hayley disentangles herself from him and stands up slowly. She seems strangely quiet.
  • Janus looks up at her.
  • Hayley turns her back towards him and begins undoing the buttons on the front of her nighty. She doesn't look over her shoulder at him as she does so...
  • Hayley slides the nighty down to her waist so he can see her back...

<Janus> ... <Janus> Did she really...

  • Hayley turns her head to look at him, a troubled look in her eye. She nods.

<Hayley> For you.

  • Hayley says quietly.

<Janus> Hayley, that's... that's wonderful... <Janus> But why aren't you happy? <Hayley> ...

  • Hayley turns her head to look forward again and begins to cover herself up again.

<Hayley> Janus... this is one of those things you don't really want to know.

  • Janus 's look grows worried.

<Hayley> The simplest answer might be... because it was for love of you. Not me.

  • Hayley turns and sits down next to him again and looks into his eyes.
  • Hayley raises her hand to his face and caresses his cheek gently.

<Janus> She doesn't understand... <Janus> But it will get better, I promise!

  • Janus says hopefully.
  • Hayley nods.

<Janus> . o O (Like with Debbie.) <Hayley> Let's just leave it at that. Please? <Janus> Alright.

  • Janus looks away sadly. Is there nothing that will make Hayley happy?
  • Hayley turns his face back to hers and smiles.

<Hayley> Today was the best Chris- er, Yule- I've had in a long, long time... <Janus> Really?

  • Janus smiles.
  • Hayley nods, smiling, eyes teary (her nighty is not buttoned up again, naughty girl)

<Hayley> Thank you Janus. Thank you for everything... <Hayley> <w> I wouldn't have made it, on my own up there... I wouldn't have made it this far without you.

  • Janus kisses her lightly on the forehead.

<Janus> You don't have to do anything alone, anymore. You'll always have me.

  • Hayley smiles tremulously and then pulls his head down gently for a kiss on the lips.
  • Janus runs his fingers through her curls as he kisses her.
  • Hayley slips one hand into his silky hair and the other around a shoulder and pulls him closer even as she kisses him.
  • Janus holds her tight, now feeling very warm indeed...

<Janus> You were so loevly tonight,

  • Janus murmurs between kisses.

<Janus> So perfect. The very queen of love and beauty.

  • Hayley 's lips tighten in a smile against his as he says so.

<Hayley> <m> You have such a way with words... I'm afraid I can't match you... but. You were my world tonight.

  • Hayley says between kisses.

<Hayley> <m> And every night... <Janus> <m> Every night...

  • Janus repeats.
  • Hayley pulls her lips from his and plants a row of kisses down his cheek and to the soft fluttery place between his collarbones...
  • Janus sighs and leans his head back...
  • Hayley repeats "I love you" between each little airy kiss.

<Hayley> (and... how much further do we want to go with this?  :^o ) <Janus> I love you... <Janus> (me and you? uh not much ;D) <Janus> (these two... that's open to discussion) <Hayley> (That's what I thought... ^-^) <Hayley> (does he carry her to her bed or down the hall to his?  ;^D) <Hayley> (Or will a Flicker Flash do the trick?  ;^D) <Janus> Ooh, that's a good idea. <Janus> But he'll only go all the way if she clearly wants him to... As much as that three point merit is highly, *highly* effective, she is still so little, and he doesn't want to hurt her, or make her do something she doesn't *really* want to <Hayley> (I don't think she's really thinking about consequences right now...) <Janus> There is that <Hayley> (He doesn't *need* a merit, I feel obliged to point out once more. ^-^) <Janus> Heh <Hayley> If he takes her to his room, though, she will mumble something like "if we do this, there's no going back..." <Hayley> Meaning "I am not returning to my separate room! Ever!" <Janus> HEh heh. <Janus> Fine with me <Janus> phone, brb <Hayley> 'k <Janus> back <Hayley> Ok... so he takes her to his room and she "becomes a woman"? *snick* <Janus> I thought becoming a woman was when you get your first period... <Hayley> Yeah, true... <Hayley> Ok... she, um... <Hayley> anyway. <Janus> ^-^ <Hayley> It probably does hurt her and he can tell but she won't let him stop. She pulls his face down to hers and distracts him with some savage kissing. ^-^ <Hayley> And we shall leave it at that. <Janus> Arr, ok <Hayley> They wake up together in the morning and see all the blood and then Janus can be worried about having hurt her and she can be embarrassed about what Tara will say and then they will get up and face the day together. <Janus> eek... Janus will freak <Hayley> Hayley will try to calm him down then. Catch his face in hers and stare him in the eye and tell him it's okay.  :^) <Hayley> But she'll probably be a bit sore for the next few days.  :^o <Janus> Yeah, most like. <Hayley> Catch his face in her *hands* I meant! lol <Janus> I got it ;) <Hayley> Hopefully he hasn't lost out on a big component of sex magic by deflowering his partner without a ritual in a magic circle... <Hayley> But that wouldn't have been very romantic anyway. ^-^