Hayley & Anastasius, 7/6/2002

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  • Hayley walks around the Irish countryside disconsolately, missing Janus and wondering if it was a waste of time for her to come up here.

<Anastasius> (so, we'll say that poor lost Hayley is approached with a nnote from someone.... enchanted mortal, maybe? giving her directions to some place with no explanation, after her encounter with Caelan <Anastasius> ...or you can wander aimlessly ;)

  • Hayley makes it into a small town in Slieve Anerin where she is approached by an enchanted mortal with a note giving directions.

<Hayley> . o O (Well, what have I to lose in going to mysterious meetings in mysterious places with strange Faeries I hardly know? Nothing, really...) <Anastasius> (I think this should be in a Hayley chapter, for the record) <Hayley> (ok)

  • Hayley sighs.

<Hayley> (when is the meeting slated for? Today? A couple days from now?) <Anastasius> (no time given) <Hayley> . o O (I should go scout out the area...) <Anastasius> (Just directions. No mention of faeries even ;)

  • Hayley follows the directions, cautiously.

<Anastasius> (He probably did an 'omen' to see when she would actually come when he made the note ;)

  • Hayley makes note of landmarks and the like on her way so she can find it again.

<Anastasius> (so he'll be expecting her ;) <Hayley> (hehe, clever Ana. So evil and clever.) <Anastasius> (Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the cleverest of them all? ;) <Anastasius> (Probably did one on her, was confused/intrigued when it failed, and then did one on the place instead ^-^)

  • Hayley keeps off obvious paths and in the shrubbery as much as possible, and then when she gets nearer to her goal, she halts every few minutes, listening warily, exactly like a deer.

<Hayley> (so where did he direct her to? His secret sanctuary so she can come back with a troupe of Scathach and have him assassinated?  ;^) <Anastasius> (yes, the cave) <Anastasius> (It's his place, he knows he can protect it) <Hayley> (Ok.) <Anastasius> (fugue and scene ;)

  • Hayley pauses in a dense copse to one side of the small cave mouth and listens and watches for the better part of half an hour.

<Hayley> (anything?) <Anastasius> (not really. He's fairly quiet, and the floors are probably carpeted ;)

  • Hayley finally approaches the cave with trepidation.

<Anastasius> (I hope you know what I meant by that. Old kind of carpeting ;) <Anastasius> (there would be an empty antechamber, and beyond that a natural corridor lit dimly with distant torchlight <Hayley> . o O (I didn't like that blue-haired fellow and this place is a fine trap.) <Anastasius> (and then the main reception 'hall') <Anastasius> (oh and for the record, I decided to keep short hair for Ana, just to not have him be another Ghaleon/Elric clone ;)

  • Hayley enters, cautiously and against her better judgment; maybe she wouldn't have if she were more experienced or thinking more clearly.

<Anastasius> (well, not a complete one, anyway) <Hayley> (heehee, ok. Sounds good.) <Hayley> (Ana is in much better health than Elric ever was, anyway. He can actually survive without drugs.  :^) ) <Hayley> (right?) <Anastasius> (yes ;) <Hayley> Hello?

  • Hayley calls, voice pitched low to carry.

<Anastasius> (echo, echo, echo...)

  • Hayley is just inside the cave mouth.

<Anastasius> (echo of maybe something else, but unintelligible) <Hayley> . o O (I wish I'd brought a sword...)

  • Hayley advances down the corridor, ears twitching to catch little sounds.
  • Hayley doesn't much like the silence but really, she reasons, what choice does she have?
  • Hayley steps into the main 'welcoming' hall after looking into it to see if anyone was about.
  • Hayley shudders as a feeling of lightheadedness comes over her.

<Hayley> . o O (Oh, not now...) <Anastasius> (there were probably sounds.... not really loud ones... running water and other cave sounds for sure)

  • Hayley struggles to steady her legs. She left everything at Janus', including her insulin.

<Hayley> . o O (Stupid, stupid, stupid.) <Hayley> . o O (How could I stop and pick it up though?) <Anastasius> (In the main hall, Ana is sitting on a large chair on a sort of natural Dais. there is a small table beside and slightly below him that has a platter of food that looks picked at, and a number of books, or ledgers, stacked relatively neatly, on the floor between him and the table.

  • Hayley pauses at the doorway.

<Anastasius> (He is wearing his black armour, with some kind of tabard/robe thing over it... more like one of the priest sash things the name of which escapes me, in house colours but no explicit crest)

  • Anastasius looks over at you

<Hayley> . o O (Better be polite; it's more than he's doing for me.) <Hayley> Your Lordship.

  • Hayley bows.

<Anastasius> (The floor is rock, but there is a thick red carpet across most of it) <Anastasius> Ahh, Hayley <Hayley> . o O (Curtseys are for girly girls.) <Anastasius> (I was going to say that faster, but there was too much description ;)

  • Anastasius stands

<Anastasius> I hadn't expected that you would actually come looking for me. <Anastasius> Interesting. <Hayley> Is it. <Anastasius> Welcome to my modest domain

  • Hayley looks around the room swiftly to make sure he's alone, then steps in to his main room.

<Anastasius> (completely alone. There appear to be chambers in the rear, but they are not lit <Anastasius> (ring of lit torches around this room, though)

  • Hayley runs a hand through her hair nervously.

<Hayley> <m> So he did know you. <Anastasius> Indeed, most of the fae around these parts do, in some form or other

  • Hayley files away Caelan's appearance and evident connection to Anastasius for future reference.

<Anastasius> I take it you have abandoned your ties to Castle Aberystwyth? <Hayley> Yes, of course. How could I stay there? <Hayley> A pretty prison, but nonetheless... <Hayley> What should I call you? I do not yet know your name. <Anastasius> You may call me Anastasius

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> Very well, Anastasius.

  • Hayley smiles slightly at the lack of a title.

<Anastasius> And to what do I owe the honour, such as it is, of this visit?

  • Hayley looks down, maybe a bit ashamed.

<Hayley> I need help. <Anastasius> Oh?

  • Hayley nods.
  • Anastasius steps down off his dais and approaches her

<Anastasius> You have no where else to turn? <Anastasius> Your sorceror cannot help you? <Anastasius> Or will not? <Anastasius> Have you asked?

  • Hayley 's eyes fly up to Anastasius', narrowed.
  • Anastasius isn't sounding mean, in tone anyway

<Hayley> I just left him. <Anastasius> I see.

  • Hayley 's face clouds over as she fights off tears.

<Hayley> . o O (Don't cry in front of this person!)

  • Anastasius turns away slightly to allow her her dignity, since she clearly wants to preserve it

<Anastasius> That is, perhaps, unfortunate.

  • Hayley is grateful for that small concession.

<Anastasius> Would you care for something to drink?

  • Anastasius isn't really a heartless bastard

<Hayley> Yes, thank you. <Anastasius> (on the otherhand, I'm acknowledging that I'm aware of your weakness, so read it however you like ;) <Anastasius> Wine? Water? <Hayley> Wine. Please.

  • Anastasius walks over to the little table and pours from a silver pitcher into a relatively nice earthernware glass
  • Hayley is too shaken up and hasn't associated with Anastasius enough yet to scrutinize his every action... that may come later, depending on how he does things.

<Hayley> Why-

  • Hayley pauses; her voice is somewhat broken.

<Hayley> Why is it unfortunate, my leaving the Baron? <Hayley> You don't understand the problem.

  • Anastasius walks back towards her and passes her the 'glass'

<Anastasius> Ahh, perhaps not

  • Hayley takes a sip of wine.

<Anastasius> I understand you are in love, and cannot stand it <Anastasius> (I remember we had a debate about love in the original.. the nature of 'true' love)

  • Hayley lowers her glass abruptly, anger now flashing in her eyes.

<Anastasius> (I remember this 'cause I got to say 'All love is true while it lasts ;) <Anastasius> Is that wrong?

  • Anastasius seems so calm about everything.

<Hayley> It's not a matter of not being able to stand it.

  • Hayley hisses.

<Hayley> I can't let myself give in... <Anastasius> Why not? <Hayley> But that's not what I'm here for! <Anastasius> Ahh... Then what for?

  • Hayley spits out and backs off a step, features clouding.

<Hayley> What... what for?

  • Hayley seems to droop.

<Hayley> I don't know...

  • Anastasius cocks his head slightly to one side and watches her.
  • Hayley is not angry now.

<Hayley> I- I want it to end, I suppose. <Anastasius> Ahh, that bargain. <Hayley> What? What do you mean by that? <Anastasius> All of it?

  • Hayley nods.

<Anastasius> Simply thinking back to our first meeting.

  • Hayley frowns, trying to remember their first meeting.

<Hayley> I- don't really remember our first meeting... except as bits and pieces, fading in and out of fog. <Hayley> And then in the end, the resolve I felt! To leave! <Hayley> It was so- so empowering. <Anastasius> That's good

  • Anastasius says encouragingly

<Anastasius> people should know what they want <Anastasius> Should have direction.

  • Hayley seems to be filled with strength as she says this. But she swiftly wilts again.

<Hayley> It didn't last. <Anastasius> No, I see that. <Hayley> I went to Australia, to try and find my family. <Hayley> But I couldn't... <Hayley> The priests are too powerful. <Hayley> And then, Janus came. <Hayley> And I was weak and gave in and went home with him. <Hayley> I shouldn't have, oh I shouldn't have...

  • Anastasius raises his eyebrows at that
  • Hayley does break down into a sobbing breath at this point.
  • Hayley barely manages to keep standing.

<Anastasius> And now you seek more extreme measure to resolve your situation? <Hayley> I- don't know what I seek... all I want is for it to end, so I can't hurt people anymore.

  • Hayley does sink to her haunches at this point.

<Anastasius> The final guarantee...

  • Hayley sets the wine glass down on the floor beside her and folds her arms over her knees, rocking.

<Anastasius> Hayley.

  • Anastasius says in a slighly more commanding tone, so that he won't completely lose her
  • Hayley snaps her head up sharply, angry at the commanding tone in his voice.

<Hayley> I WAS A SIDHE ONCE TOO! <Hayley> You'd do well to remember that.

  • Hayley says, eyes flashing.
  • Anastasius does not seem intimidated

<Anastasius> Listen to yourself. <Hayley> What? What am I supposed to listen to?

  • Hayley snarls.

<Anastasius> You came here to ask me for help. (very slight emphasis on the you and ask)

  • Hayley seems to calm down with those words.

<Anastasius> I just want to be sure you are hearing the things you are saying...properly. <Hayley> I did. I'm sorry. <Anastasius> (I love how everything he is saying can be taken two ways in this bit right now ;) <Anastasius> very well. <Hayley> I don't want to listen to myself.

  • Hayley says fearfully.

<Anastasius> You may not recall our first meeting, but I do. <Anastasius> At that time you weren't sure what you wanted...do you think you are sure enough now? <Anastasius> Are you certain that what you want is to die?

  • Hayley laughs.

<Hayley> Die?

  • Hayley extends her forearms to Anastasius for inspection.
  • Anastasius strides over and squats/kneels to examine the proffered arms
  • Anastasius stands again
  • Hayley 's forearms are lined with longitudinal scars, hideous looking scars with blisters on either side.

<Anastasius> (how fresh were they? I can't remember exactly how we dealt with this last time ;) <Hayley> I can't die until I meet my second true love. <Anastasius> Hmm. <Hayley> (They did happen some time ago, but they are gross and blistered. Actually, in a Janus IC, she'd actually done it with cold iron, so that's why the blisters- but the scars are pretty yucky, with pus oozing out of one that looks like it was recently reopened.) <Hayley> I'm invincible!

  • Hayley laughs hysterically.

<Anastasius> lucky you

  • Anastasius thinks briefly of Aneirin, at the end... though no outward signs show ;)

<Hayley> Do you want to try? <Hayley> I even used cold iron.

  • Hayley smiles conspiratorially.
  • Anastasius smiles the same way back

<Anastasius> Would you like me to?

  • Hayley shrugs.

<Hayley> If you want to. It won't work. <Hayley> I wish it would... <Hayley> I wouldn't have bound Janus to me again if it had. <Anastasius> Now you've piqued my curiosity <Hayley> Well, try then!

  • Hayley says cheerfully, as if this is some fun sort of game.
  • Hayley repositions herself on his floor so she is lying on her side, looking playfully up at him.

<Anastasius> Stand up <Hayley> Why?

  • Hayley pouts.

<Hayley> Your carpet is nice and soft. <Anastasius> Humour me.

  • Hayley gets up reluctantly.
  • Hayley stands sullenly a short distance away from Anastasius.
  • Anastasius bends over and retrieves the cup of wine
  • Anastasius holds it thoughtfully and circles Hayley
  • Hayley follows his movements with her eyes and ears.
  • Anastasius spits into the glass. If you are paying very close attention, you might notice it was slightly red
  • Anastasius will shake the cup gently in a circle to mix it... I think you know what I mean.
  • Anastasius starts behind her, speaks a word in a strange language and pours it it around her in a circle
  • Anastasius ends the circle behind her, him inside it, but saying another word in the same tongue
  • Hayley remembers her pendant and stays in the circle, smiling enigmatically.

<Anastasius> (I think in the original he cast omen on you to realize that, but this time I'm improvising it ;)

  • Hayley draws a hand up to the silver and amber necklace about her neck, rubbing it with her thumb.

<Anastasius> (I have an idea ;)

  • Anastasius will draw a short cold iron knife from somewhere, presumably in his armour, but he's standing behind you so you can't really see
  • Hayley turns her head slightly to see what he's doing.
  • Anastasius still has the cup in the other hand, too
  • Anastasius grabs her suddenly by the head/hair at the top of the spine with one hand and slits her throat open quite handily with said knife
  • Anastasius, standing that close has a kind of personal aura that I like to think powerful people would ;)
  • Hayley sinks slowly to the ground, a permanent (?) smile on her face.
  • Anastasius holds her up, as she slumps forward, catching some of her blood in the glass (which is now in the hand the knife was in.)

<Anastasius> (Teeth are useful.)

  • Anastasius will lower her to the ground, then, and walk away

<Hayley> (Hayley's sex appeal aura has been around her the entire time, and actually, when Ana stepped in close to her, her breath might have quickened a bit... peculiar girl, and a Satyr to boot. I don't think she'd have a very clear powerful aura around her, being as fucked up as she is.)

  • Anastasius will watch her from a distance
  • Hayley lies on the ground momentarily... and then the blood which had been seeping out in spurts, leaps back into her severed neck; it heals, and she sits up.
  • Anastasius had put the glass away at some point

<Hayley> (The Dreaming is good at Chronos) <Hayley> (;^D) <Anastasius> (There is other descriptive stuff I want to stick in here, just a sec)

  • Hayley draws a hand across her neck silently and gingerly.

<Anastasius> (basically I want/need him to notice that when he initially sliced her, the pendant she was fingering glowed briefly as if it had a red vein... that and securing the glass somewhere, and fyi cutting off a small lock of her hair before lowering her down, but since you'll be writing this from Hayley's pov it may be hard to work all this in) <Anastasius> (Is that cool?) <Hayley> (Yeah... she'd have no idea it was happening; you might handle it from the POV of Ana, later. He might "finger the lock of hair he had cut from her when he slit her throat, pensively" at some point... <Hayley> (Something like that?) <Anastasius> ('k) <Hayley> See?

  • Hayley asks, turning toward Anastasius, somewhat triumphantly.

<Anastasius> indeed I do.

  • Hayley stands up and steps out of the circle.
  • Anastasius eyes her critically as she does so

<Anastasius> and I think... I am beginning to see.

  • Hayley slides over to Anastasius' throne and seats herself, shaky and trying to hide it. She looks up at him to see if he'll complain, but is not really concerned if he does.
  • Anastasius raises his eyebrows slightly, but more bemusedly than annoyed at all

<Hayley> <w> See what?

  • Hayley 's voice is a bit hoarse at the moment.

<Anastasius> I may be able to help you after all, Hayley.

  • Anastasius doesn't *sound* bemused. Sounds very serious. Looks it at this point too.

<Anastasius> For real <Hayley> How do you propose to do that? <Anastasius> I need to do some research before I can tell you anything more. <Hayley> You don't even know the problem yet, really. Neither do I... <Anastasius> I think I may. <Hayley> (I'm pretty sure they didn't go over the two true loves thing in the first meeting, so Ana would only know of it from her brief mention of it this evening, when she said she couldn't die until she had met both. <Anastasius> But as I said, I need to do some research <Hayley> (We may have to rework this a bit to fit it in better with the story.) <Anastasius> (hell, I though he had, or I would have followed that out a bit more... ) <Anastasius> (yeah, maybe follow that bit more when you write this up) <Hayley> (yeah, I was planning on working that in, when I realized you seemed to have forgotten.) <Anastasius> (grooovy. now we fight about when Hayley gets to come back ;) <Hayley> I'll be back in an hour. <Anastasius> (You want to give me a 4 hour ultimatum, I make you come back in a day ;) <Anastasius> (oh right an hour, silly girl ;) <Anastasius> I'll be generous, Hayley <Anastasius> You may return here in a day.

  • Hayley catches Ana's eyes, challenging.

<Anastasius> And I will tell you then what I have found <Hayley> Four hours. <Hayley> (teehee... bargaining) <Anastasius> I have other matters to attend to. <Hayley> (I'm being silly now) <Hayley> Do you. <Anastasius> yes. <Hayley> Well, I'll let you have a day if you can find some insulin for me. <Hayley> I'm diabetic, and if I don't get any, I may not be in a position to come back tomorrow to discuss things with you. <Hayley> . o O (Otherwise I'll have to try to sneak back into Janus', unnoticed... unlikely) <Anastasius> Are you in danger of slipping into a coma by tomorrow? <Hayley> Possibly.

  • Hayley says, matter-of-factly.

<Hayley> (I don't know all the ins and outs of the disease yet, but Rick, a warden with diabetes, collapsed early this year quite suddenly. So it's hard to say how long it might take...) <Anastasius> (so she isn't lying) <Hayley> (that's right.)

  • Anastasius looks at her pensively
  • Hayley slides her eyes up to Anastasius' and looks at him calmly.

<Anastasius> Come back here in a day, if you can. <Hayley> And if not?

  • Hayley smiles wryly.

<Anastasius> If you can't... then I'll have more time to verify my information. <Anastasius> We both know that whatever happens, it won't be fatal, will it?

  • Hayley nods.

<Hayley> A Sleeping Beauty complex.

  • Hayley laughs again, really uncaring about her health.

<Anastasius> I'll try to warn away the unsuspecting princes. <Anastasius> (another clever double entendre, yay me! ;) <Hayley> Do that.

  • Hayley gets up and with great effort, strides away on two steady legs.

<Hayley> Ta-ta. <Anastasius> A demain.

  • Hayley exits the cave and disappears into the woods, sick to her stomach, until tomorrow...

<Hayley> (she's not quite as lost and helpless, having spent some time with Janus, which strengthened her resolve, as she would have been had she not gone home with Janus for a while...) <Hayley> (I hope that doesn't mess things up for you too much?) <Hayley> (but it's how she'd be... in spite of things, she does gain some strength from knowing Janus loves her... it's all twisted and messed up, though.  ;^) ) <Anastasius> (nope, as long as you can fit that other stuff in, it's fine) <Hayley> All right. <Hayley> A few things might change a bit... I'll have to go over the stuff I've already written, but I'll run it by you before making any permanent changes) <Anastasius> 'k