Hayley & Anastasius, 10/23/2001

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<Anastasius> so, Hayley, satisfy my curiosity. What is it I have done that makes you think me such a Villain?

  • Hayley smiles myseteriously at Ana.

<Hayley> So tell me, Anastasius, whay makes you think I think you're a villain?

  • Hayley laughs.

<Hayley> I don't. <Anastasius> No?

  • Hayley shakes her head in the negative.

<Anastasius> But you don't trust me, I think. Or particularly like me, really. <Hayley> Quite right. <Hayley> I know you are only helping me because you want something. <Hayley> That's how it always is. <Anastasius> Hmmm <Hayley> But I don't condemn you for it. <Anastasius> What do you possibly think I could gain from this? <Hayley> I don't know yet. <Hayley> But there's something, there has to be. <Hayley> No one helps anyone unless they are getting something back from it. <Anastasius> I suppose you think you have quite a lot of experience to back that statement up? <Hayley> I have enough. No one I have met in this life ever did anything for me out of the goodness of their hearts, except maybe for my family. <Hayley> And that's arguable. <Hayley> I suppose it was in their best interests to do nice things for me because I was 'their future' or some such. <Hayley> Some future. Because of me, my family line has ended. <Anastasius> Not planning on any little ones, then?

  • Anastasius remarks wryly
  • Hayley shoots Anastasius a dark look.

<Hayley> I can't have children. <Hayley> They took care of that.

  • Hayley 's head lowers sadly.

<Anastasius> I didn't know they were that thorough <Hayley> They are. If you are a suspected demon, that's it- snip snip. <Hayley> My brothers were fine until I subverted. <Hayley> But now they have been castrated too. I guess there is a tendency in Type 2's for certain, and sometimes for our kind, to run in families. <Hayley> Anyway. <Hayley> Who cares? <Hayley> I wouldn't be a good mother anyway. <Anastasius> hmm

  • Anastasius seems to be thinking about something, not really paying too much attention to Hayley
  • Hayley obviously does care that her family won't continue past her. She looks a bit subdued since she told you that.

<Hayley> What are you thinking of? <Anastasius> The Future <Hayley> Or lack thereof.

  • Hayley jokes weakly.

<Anastasius> If that's what you like to think. I tend to be more of an optimist <Hayley> Really. I'm sorry for you. <Anastasius> For me?

  • Anastasius sounds amused at this

<Hayley> Yes, for you. It's just a matter of time, you know. The church is gaining. Soon they'll have a strong hold on every continent. <Hayley> And not long after that, I suppose Changelings will be gone. <Hayley> Meanwhile, what is it to be a changeling? <Hayley> Nothing. <Hayley> There is no advantage. <Hayley> There is no happiness. <Hayley> There is no- anything.

  • Hayley shrugs.
  • Anastasius seems just to get slightly more smug the more things you list

<Hayley> I'll keep fumbling on, I suppose. Do you suppose I'll be around when the church wins? The last changeling there is? I can't die until I meet the other. <Hayley> That would be funny. <Hayley> Too, too funny. <Anastasius> You overestimate them <Hayley> Why do you think that? <Anastasius> They are fighting this war in people's minds as much as anywhere else... you just have to know how to fight them.

  • Hayley gives Anastasius a long, searching look.

<Hayley> I wonder what it would be like to be as confident as you? <Hayley> It must be nice. <Anastasius> It is <Hayley> If I were like you, maybe I'd know how to take control of my life. <Hayley> You certainly seem to have yours well in hand. <Anastasius> I suppose I do <Hayley> It's ridiculous. I have all these women in my head- confident, powerful, happy women. But I can't figure out how to get there myself. I have to depend on you, and you're going to make me regret it someday. <Anastasius> I am?

  • Hayley nods.

<Anastasius> I thought you said you didn't think I was a villain <Hayley> I don't. You're just doing what everyone else is doing. Everyone can't be a villain. <Anastasius> And what exactly are you going to be made to regret? <Hayley> Asking you for help. <Anastasius> why? <Hayley> Why are you helping me? <Anastasius> why do you think? <Hayley> I don't know. Certainly not because you like me. <Anastasius> Well, you don't like me either <Anastasius> You are interesting, hayley <Hayley> Really?

  • Hayley leans forward and looks Ana in the eyes, smiling.

<Hayley> How so?

  • Anastasius gives her a weird patronizing look

<Anastasius> your situation <Hayley> Well, do tell. Perhaps your point of view will help me look at things from an angle I haven't used yet.

  • Hayley is not trying to be sexy. It was a natural lean forward and look.

<Anastasius> There just aren't very many relics of Tuatha magic walking about these days. <Hayley> You must be blind. <Hayley> We're all relics of Tuatha magic. <Hayley> We are their children. <Anastasius> It's not the same

  • Anastasius narrows his eyes a bit at the 'we are their children' comment, btw
  • Hayley doesn't interpret it correctly.

<Hayley> Well, they did leave us long ago, I suppose. Some parents. <Hayley> So, you are fascinated by the curse, are you?

  • Anastasius nods

<Hayley> Why? <Anastasius> I just told you <Hayley> Just because it's still there?

  • Hayley looks a bit surprised.

<Anastasius> because its rare <Anastasius> I'm a scholar. I like to study things

  • Hayley gestures expansively.

<Hayley> Study away. <Hayley> You know what would really be interesting? <Anastasius> I'm sure you'll tell me <Hayley> You could probably vivisect me if that would help you figure out the inner workings of the curse. I wonder what that would feel like?

  • Hayley looks thoughtful.

<Anastasius> I'm certain it would be unpleasant <Anastasius> I'm not certain it would be useful

  • Hayley shrugs.

<Hayley> You're probably right. <Anastasius> If it would make you feel better, though...

  • Anastasius is no being entirely serious
  • Hayley smiles wickedly. She is joking too, although that pensive look she had might indicate something a bit disturbing. Not that Ana would care. ;^)

<Hayley> Ok.

  • Anastasius *did* study under Anerin ;)

<Hayley> So you want to learn about this curse. So do I.

  • Anastasius certainly is at least familiar with vivisection

<Hayley> Maybe it will help me kill them. <Anastasius> kill who? <Hayley> The Tuatha. Somehow I have to find them. <Anastasius> you really want to kill them? <Hayley> Why not?

  • Hayley shrugs.

<Hayley> It might make me feel a little better, for a while. <Anastasius> We shall see. it might just make things more difficult <Anastasius> Killing the caster doesn't always end the spell

  • Hayley turns her full attention back to Anastasius.

<Hayley> Well, what do you suggest? <Hayley> I was going to offer them an ultimatum. <Hayley> But I'm open to suggestions. <Hayley> It's unlikely that I'd find them anywhere, anyway. <Anastasius> we shall see Hayley <Anastasius> these things take time. <Anastasius> I do have other projects, you know

  • Hayley looks frustrated.

<Hayley> Well, I don't. <Hayley> I can always find someone else who is interested. <Hayley> I'm sure there are a few more, at least. <Anastasius> Come back later, Hayley. I should have something more concrete then. <Anastasius> you can look... <Hayley> Later. Always later. I am not your little dog, you know, to come only when you want. <Anastasius> Always the tragic hero. You come here because you want to. YOu want answers.

  • Hayley shoots Anastasius a glare.

<Hayley> You should remember that I said /everyone/ is out to help themselves. <Anastasius> It certainly did not go unnoticed

  • Anastasius smirks

<Hayley> Anyway, I don't have time for your mind games. I am glad you find me so amusing. I used to like making people happy, and I guess some of that idiocy is still a part of me. <Hayley> I think I'll go visit Irene for a while. <Hayley> 'Bye.

  • Hayley vanishes in a swirl of autumn leaves.
  • Anastasius glowers.
  • Anastasius ends it there.

<Anastasius> Bitch <Hayley> ooc: lol! I never thought I'd hear ana say Hayley was a bitch. <Hayley> She doesn't know yet that Irene is important to him. <Anastasius> I know, witch is even better :) <Hayley> So she's only going because she wants to hang around with someone. Plus, it will also make a good base station to go looking for a home for herself, and to go looking for Danaans. <Anastasius> hee hee!

  • Anastasius thinknthe only Danaan Ana would 't hate would be the sea guy

<Anastasius> since he's the one who saved Lugh's children <Hayley> Manannan Mac Lir? <Anastasius> who are now his greatest allies ;) <Anastasius> yeah