Genevriel Doucette

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Player: ladyiolanthe

Race: Human

House: Wolf

Class: Oracle

Alignment: Neutral Good

Vital Statistics:

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 165 lbs

Eyes: Grey

Hair: Red & wavy

Skin: Fair, heavily freckled in summer


Gen is a recent arrival in Diablotin. Rumour is that she is a veteran of the war in Psyra, but it seems to have taken its toll on her. She is rather withdrawn and mostly keeps to herself, trying not to draw anyone's attention to her as she clears tables at the club. Until she speaks, it is easy for the newcomer to assume that she is a young man. She has a slight accent; rural-sounding, possibly even Psyrene. She has a peculiar habit of always wearing long gloves. If you're rude enough (or curious enough) to inquire about it, she explains that she has a skin condition that the proprietor's clientele probably would not want to see, but which isn't contagious.

She was part of the Fifth Squadron, Princess Tessera's Royal Infantry.

She looks sort of like this, but with red hair and freckles.

Most people call her Gen. Only family really calls her Genny.

Gen research-y type stuff.

Pre-war Gen avatar: qRVmWhL.png and Wbjmeri.png