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Some of Gen's voices as translated by Lathra:

You are the instrument; We are the song

You are the brush; We are the colours

You are the fuel; We are the fire

You are the harvest; We are the seed

Traveling to the First World

<DiablotinNarrator> Gen, you feel a strange pull/recognition somehow

<Genevriel> (I got a 23 for my K:Planes)

<DiablotinNarrator> Something she is saying is speaking to you - in the same way that your voices speak to you. It feels familiar. Aubrienne, you think she's ripping up some kind of powerful item or artifact, and that's never good...

<DiablotinNarrator> Gen, the 'dark tapestry' in particular sounds familiar to you. You've learned enough celestial to pick out words and phrases here and there, and that's one you remember

Words directly received from the One when Gen was visiting her old home in Psyra:

As the fire allows the seeds to grow stronger, so your strength emerges from your suffering. Like the lyre, our song speaks through you, and you will carry our words: we are all one. Here at the hub of the wheel, where all is still, we embrace you. Be at peace, child.

Gen's clear memory from Glauketheli the Serene, the Chrestomath:

Gen, you can remember with perfect clarity the details of pulling the boy from the fire (probably more clarity than you would really like on that front - the smells and sounds are terrible, as of course is the pain). You remember looking up at the stars once you had him outside and seeing them seem to swirl above you, perhaps from dizziness or smoke inhalation, and then seem to open up into a void of blackness beyond. You remember the voices in your head, "We are all one" surging through your mind.

You remember hearing familiar voices amid the chaos. You thought you heard your parents, fellow soldiers who had died, friends and neighbours from your childhood who died or who had been killed in the initial attacks, along with all of the voices you didn't recognize, although you can't be entirely sure whether this was your imagination or not - it felt real at the time. You remember crying, screaming, begging for someone to help.

When the power coursed through you it felt like a great wave in the ocean washing over you. You were barely able to hold it within you and keep from falling into it and being lost - you felt like in that moment you could have died and gone to join that chorus of voices, your parents and everyone else, and it would have been all right, you would have been safe there, wherever "there" was. But somehow you found the strength to guide the power into healing the boy instead of simply being lost in it or absorbed into it. You think pushing that power into healing was what prevented you from dying - it was like death (or something - a chorus of the dead?) reached out for you and instead you drew its energy into yourself and used it to heal.