Five Kingdoms logs 18

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An earthquake has devastated Friestadt in the night! Kaia and Oshairana are approached by a large female warrior form Jorlund named Iphigenia, who remember nothing of her past save that she is a Paladin of Death, and that the three are linked in some mission. She meets the others and they rush back to the city more or less together. They arrive at the city and spilt up (much to Iphigenia's dismay. The Hounds seek their peers, as does Oshairana. Kaia seeks her family, but finds Glit instead, who tells her she much go on to the city first. He also advises Jola to swear her sword to Crom-ya, which she does. The heavens open up and release a drenching rain on the burning city. They gather back together and head for the Harpers' guildhall.