Five Kingdoms logs 12

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After spending a night in the palace, Jola, Oshairana, Taharqa, and Xavier are brought to see the Magister about Kaia's alleged attempted assassination of Dunlif Kord. Meanwhile, Kaia wakes in a dockside warehouse in the company of a masked stanger who tells her of the Chancellor's plot to take over organized crime in Friestadt. She sends a message to Jola, who receives it while investigating the scene of the attack with the others, who hope to find Kaia before the Red Legion and Captain Lycos. Jola sneaks off to meet her friend, and Osha, Taharqa and Xavier are accosted by Lycos, with a sorcerer in tow, who accuses them of being in league with Kaia. He leaves them, following the sorcerer's magic to Kaia's hiding spot, where he accosts her and Jola. Despite the cunning use of magic to disguise her appearance, the fugitive is captured and arrested along with Jola. Jola and the captain exchange words, but the others arrive in time to see that they are properly transported to Kerak and not just executed in the alley.