Five Kingdoms logs 07

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The party separates and pursues their own individual lives in Friestadt. Xavier seeks aid from the church of marim, but is rejected on the grounds that the type of magic he practices robs people of their free will. Kaia is initialled fully into the priesthood of Glit, and speaks with Socris about her adventures afterwards. Jola goes to the Red Legion barracks to visit Lagos, where she means the commander Cid d'Aqui, and is accosted by Captain Lycos, whose nose Lagos breaks shortly afterwards. Oshairana is initiated into the Harpers, and is subsequesntly approached by Almeida about joining a group who secretly wars against the Watchers. Taharqua encounters Narimba, the love of his life, in the market place and learns that she is married to none other than Dymos Alcandrous.