Five Kingdoms logs 04

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Kaia and Jola go to check up on Lagos, and learn that he has already been given papers to join the Legion. They return to the Inn, meeting up with Oshairana who is returning from her unsuccessful attempt to learn more about Mordiggian. Juntz asks the girls to accompany Taharqa, Xavier, and he on their business with Stheno D'Aquilera, and they eventually agree. On their way to her manor, Jola and Kaia split off from the group in order to investigate the garden and its suspect statues. While they investigate, they spot the Tchok and another band of Legionnaires-come-brigands sneaking up on the house. Meanwhile, the Hounds secure the Senora's permission to test her with a Croisus, and prove that she has no inherent arcane ability. They head out into the garden, where their hostess spots Kaia who is hiding in the hedge. Kaia explains their current predicament just as the arrows start to fly.

As the fight begins, Kaia steps into the area Juntz has targeted for a Colour Spray, and is knocked unconscious. The party stay some of the brigands with Stheno's help, and retreat back into her house via the cellar. There they manage to kill the others and capture the Tchok, while Juntz dispatches one of the others stopped by his and Xavier's spells before the other two escape. Back inside, Oshairana begins to roughly interrogate the prisoner in a strange tongue, and Stneo boots the group out of her damaged house, promising to send the repair bill to the Hounds.