Five Kingdoms logs 03

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Jola and Kaia find that one of the Harpers has left a package for Oshairana. It winds up being money from Almeida in recompense for the trouble caused to the party for their involvement with him. The girls, minus Osha, go shopping and learn of a woman in town accused of withcraft. Juntz takes Xavier and Taharqa out to gather information about this same witch. When the group gathers for lunch, they are approached by the local deputy, who has them come down to the jail. They learn that the man they brought in as a bandit is actuall a member of the Red Legion, under the command of Captain Lycos. the Sheriff is willing to put things down to a case of mistaken identities, but the captain is clearly a suspicious character. Oshairana learns from the other Harpers that he is rumored to be a follower of Mordiggian.