Five Kingdoms logs 02

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Main Game

The escapees question a tight-lipped Almeida what he may be hiding that the Tchok wanted, but the Harper remains tight-lipped. Kaia has a dream where she is chosen by Glit, but still can't get the harper to spill his guts. In the morning, he is angered that his magic bag has been somehow damaged. Further pestering sways him to give the curious a chance to take responsibility for their own stupid curiousity and look at hismagic evil book, against his own advice. Ot tires Oshairana and knocks Kaia unconscious. Jola was the only one who didn't peek. When Xavier attempts to rouse Kaia from her sluber by yelling, he attracts the attention of some nearby bandits, who attack. The party is assisted by the sudden arrival of Taharqa and Juntz. After defeating the bandits, those awake attempt to question a captive, with no success. Eventually Kaia awakes, and the group reaches Goatswood.


  • Everyone but Oshairana go to turn the prisoner over to the local authorities. Juntz fills Xavier and Taharqa in on their local mission. Xavier asks Juntz about his experience with the book. Kaia visits a local shrine and has an encounter with Glit.