Firmin and Trolius - and Sleet returns, 5/28/2005

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  • Firmin is polishing his armour in the Guard's HQ at the moment.

<Firmin> (It has been a busy year in Emerald Fields!) <Trolius> (Busy how?) <Firmin> (No violence, so much... except for the odd skirmish with the more conservative Eiluned (and less savoury types, rumour has it)

 nobles who surround the small but feritle barony.)

<Firmin> (After the Anathene mess, Rachel has confined herself mostly to Emerald Fields, only visiting her father and Aidan for Janus'

 appointment as a Count.  She has kept herself busy meeting her people and working with them to bring the barony back from the throes of 

<Longpig> (you didn't go to see your grandmother become a queen? ;) <Longpig> (hmmm, that's interesting) <Firmin> (Was she invited?) <Firmin> (AShe'd have gone if invited) <Longpig> (everyone was) <Firmin> (There were good crops last autumn which tided the people over well. Rachel was even able to store a bit of grain against future

 lean years.  This Spring there has been a promising crop of kids and calves, plus a fine little colt foal out of Godiva by Trigger.    
 Rachel has high hopes that the sturdy little fellow will become a foundation sire for a line of quality Faerie Steeds.)

<Trolius> (keen) <Firmin> (You and the other guards were frquently employed in the reconstruction of farms and townships in the Barony. Rachel is looking out

 not only for the Changeling populace but the human as well, which strikes some as quite odd)

<Firmin> (Rachel herself wasn't shy about getting her hands dirty and helped build, too. And this spring, she has been out in the fields

  • Trolius stops in at the guard house at the end of his shift
  • Firmin looks up and smiles gently. He always looks somewhat wistful but he's a good Captain, knows his stuff.

<Firmin> Hello, Sir Trolius. Throwing it in for the day? <Trolius> Well, it's about that time, Captain.

  • Firmin nods.
  • Trolius looks a little tired

<Firmin> You look worn out? Rough day? <Trolius> "gee, you know what would be a wonderful idea? If we could use the knights to plant some more *hedges*!" <Trolius> ¬_¬

  • Firmin smiles.

<Firmin> Food crops, surely. <Trolius> No. hedges.\ <Trolius> keeps the field in order, see :p <Firmin> Ah, of course. <Firmin> It is rather unorthodox, granted. But she's working right out there with us, so it's not as if she's asking us to do anything she

 wouldn't do herself.

<Trolius> "Oh, you're English, Trolius, you muust know all *about* hedges!" <Firmin> But I understand... We're men of arms. Not farmers.  ;) <Trolius> She isn't a farmer either. <Firmin> No, but she is a leader. <Trolius> I know what she thinks.... <Trolius> but I don't thik it is going to work out for her as much as she is hoing <Trolius> There is such thing as the pendulum swinging too far back.

  • Firmin nods.

<Trolius> Anyway, I've told her what I think. <Firmin> Are you tiring of being in her service?

  • Trolius sighs

<Trolius> No. not really. <Firmin> No? Why is that?

  • Firmin asks with another smile.

<Firmin> (an encouraging sort of one - he's not going to judge you by your answer or anything) <Trolius> There are worse people to work for.

  • Firmin nods.

<Trolius> I like some of the people here too <Firmin> Always a good thing.  :) <Firmin> Our lady has done a good job of bringing this barony back from the brink. She is young, and also naive, but I think she has

 something in mind.  We won't always be planting hedgerows.
  • Firmin says with assurance.

<Trolius> Oh, I know <Firmin> Meanwhile, I'll see if I can wheedle back some more training time from her.

      • Longpig is now known as Sleet

<Firmin> We musntn't get rusty now, hmm? This place is going to look so rich and fertile soon that we'll have covetous invading forces on all

 borders in no time.  
  • Firmin says with a hint of humour in his green eyes.

<Trolius> Well, they'll have to get past our mighty hedges if they want to invade. they've got *Thorns*. <Firmin> See? She's thinking. Thorns are good.  ;) <Trolius> Mm-hmm <Firmin> Give her some time, Sir Trolius. And if things still don't improve to your liking, I doubt she'd keep you here against your will.

 She just isn't like that.

<Firmin> You know that, though...

  • Firmin sighs.
  • Trolius gives you an odd look

<Firmin> I'm parched. I was clearing rocks from a field. <Trolius> hey, man, I've ben here longer thanyou have.

  • Firmin nods acknowledgment.
  • Sleet surveys the fields and hedgerows.
  • Sleet is wearing a huge white floppy hat, *and* carrying a once-white parasol. She wears gigantic mod shades which cover nearly half her
 face, and a wispy white dress.

<Trolius> fun! <Firmin> Quite.

  • Firmin says dryly.

<Firmin> Would you care to raid Analisa's kitchen for some mead or something similar? <Trolius> uhh...sure! <Firmin> Excellent.

  • Sleet twirls her parasol idly, waiting for a THing to Happen
  • Firmin sets his armour onto the armour tree and leaves the building. It's a new building, some distance the main house. Eventually it will
 become a barracks but no one lives in it yet.
  • Firmin locks up behind the two of you and heads towards the main house. We are probably visible to Sleet...
  • Trolius will finish getting changed, then, into a clean shirt, etc
  • Trolius sees a slim white clad figure, backlit by the sun
  • Sleet can wait forever.
  • Firmin makes a habitual check of the surrounding area to make sure all is in order and spots the slim figure as well.
  • Trolius pauses, and tries to get a better vuiew of said person

<Sleet> *twirl* <Firmin> (Does Trolius seem to recognize her? I don't think Firmin ever really met her.)

  • Trolius frowns

<Trolius> . o O ( no... can't be, can it? )

  • Firmin glances at his companion.

<Trolius> ... Just a sec. <Firmin> Something amiss?

  • Trolius will approach Sleet

<Trolius> No...

  • Sleet will let him get closer before speaking

<Firmin> (Do you seem to want to approach her alone or should I follow?) <Trolius> (hard to say) <Trolius> ....Sleet?

  • Trolius asks almost cautiously

<Sleet> Hello, Trolius...

  • Sleet takes her glasses off.
  • Sleet 's face bears no trace of the burns; if anything her features look smoother and less sunken than you recall. Her eyes seem a bit
 brighter, and less circled by dark shadows.
  • Firmin will hang back a ways out of courtesy but close enough to render assistance if you need it, Trolius.

<Sleet> This heat is beastly. <Sleet> Don't you think? <Trolius> It is....

  • Sleet glances around lazily, then puts her shades back on.
  • Trolius seems a bit uncommonly struck for words

<Trolius> So, what brings you back 'round these parts? <Sleet> Certainly not the weather... <Sleet> The same as ever I suppose. <Sleet> This place... it's like a black hole. <Sleet> ANd it holds so many lovely memories.

  • Trolius isn't quite sure how to take that, personally.
  • Trolius just nods

<Sleet> I have some friends here... You, and the others. <Sleet> I hope you haven't rented out my room.

  • Trolius smiles

<Sleet> This place is a wreck. <Trolius> Well, it's changed a lot

  • Sleet drifts a few feet over towards the shade of a tree.
  • Trolius glances over at Firmin

<Sleet> Those hedge things are an eyesore. What a travesty. <Trolius> -_- <Sleet> The landscape... looks like a checkerboard. <Trolius> they have thorns. <Sleet> Well that's something at least. <Sleet> All the lovely stones are gone, and the weeds. <Trolius> I thought you might appreciate that.

  • Sleet snniffs disapprovingly.

<Trolius> But.... yeah. That's what they call development, I suppose <Sleet> And you have a frog for a captain... <Sleet> Is that also development? <Trolius> Look, I was just gonna go get a drick with the Captain.... <Trolius> yeah.

  • Trolius sighs

<Trolius> Do you want to come?

  • Sleet smiles a small but very amused smile.
  • Trolius asks with a little hope

<Trolius> Or, I coudl tell him something's come up... <Sleet> Won't that be posh. <Sleet> Tell me Trolius, do you speak Italian? <Trolius> ehh... he's not so bad. I think he is trying to fit in with Rachel's regime though. I mean, it isn't like he has anywhere else

 pressing to be

<Trolius> ahhh... I know a phrase or two of Latin. <Sleet> Ah well.

  • Sleet stares at the air for a second or so.

<Sleet> Let's be going. <Trolius> great :)\

  • Sleet is barefoot in the grass.
  • Trolius will offer you his arm, if you'll take it ;)
  • Sleet does, moving fluidly as always.
  • Firmin has not been watching you bu has not wandered off, either.
  • Trolius will bring you back over to the captain then.

<Trolius> Did you ever meet Sleet, Captain?

  • Sleet watches some bees.
  • Firmin looks politely interested.

<Firmin> No, I don't believe I have. I've heard a fair bit about you, though, lady. <Firmin> It is a pleasure to meet you. <Sleet> It is?

  • Sleet says distractedly.

<Firmin> Shouldn't it be? <Sleet> You must have heard some different things

  • Firmin shrugs.
  • Sleet smiles a funny, unfamiliar little smile at Trolius.
  • Trolius smiles back and tries to decide if that is creepy or not

<Trolius> well, you don't mind if she joins us, then! <Firmin> Not at all. <Firmin> We were just going to raid the kitchen.

  • Firmin explains to Sleet.
  • Firmin glances inquiringly at Trolius, to see if he does still want to come or whether he wants to go off on his own with Sleet, really, but
 is just being nice.

<Sleet> What's it like to be a frog <Trolius> ...

  • Sleet asks disinterestedly

<Firmin> It is cold and muddy. You would probably enjoy it. <Firmin> I did enjoy a good blowfly, and mosquitoes when engorged were quite a treat too, if you really want to know. <Trolius> err... yuck :p <Sleet> I think it <Sleet> I think it's.... .charming

  • Sleet looks up at Trolius.

<Sleet> Where have you been, all this time? <Trolius> me? <Sleet> Yes, poppet, you. <Trolius> Here, mostly. <Sleet> Digging ditches and planting those ghastly hedges... <Trolius> BUilding stuff, too... <Firmin> And warding off a few minor border disputes. <Trolius> It eminds me of the stuff I used to do... when I was younger. travelling around, stop in a community, build people's


<Trolius> yeah, that too. <Trolius> Im not sure which is stranger. <Sleet> hmmmm...

  • Trolius probably smells like he has been working all day outside too, even if hiis clothes are clean ;)
  • Firmin climbs up the steps to the veranda of the great house with a controlled grace.

<Firmin> Would you two prefer to stay out here on the porch where there is a bit of a breeze? I'm afraid the interior is usually quite


<Sleet> it was always so nice, in the basement. <Trolius> Mmm... not so much space, these days :/

  • Sleet drifts around the side of the house, looking for a cellar window.

<Trolius> I'd rather stay outside, where I can at last breathe <Firmin> (It is probably being used to store root vegetables and stuff now, yeah. The vintage wine was sold to get money to rebuild the

  • Firmin hesitates, since you two seem to be at odds as to where to sit...
  • Sleet closes up her parasol and taps out a little rhythm on the glass, which obligingly opens.
  • Sleet bends at the waist and peers down into the small window, pushing her shades up onto her head.
  • Trolius watches Sleet for a minute, and then goes and plunks down on the porch swing

<Sleet> seems roomy enough... <Sleet> but so sterile... <Trolius> well, it's *tidy*. I wouldn't say it is sterile <Sleet> there's not a single cobweb.... <Firmin> (there is a protective coating of dirt on many of the veggies  ;) ) <Sleet> All my things are gone. <Trolius> aw, you're not looking hard enough -_- <Trolius> I don't know about your things. i dnd't know you had things down there... <Sleet> All kinds of things... <Trolius> oh... <Sleet> Strings and ribbons, spider silk... secrets... <Trolius> Well.... maybe you shouldn't have just left them?

  • Sleet seems to pour herself down through the window, head first.
  • Firmin glances questioningly at Trolius, then decides to go get that mead while you two argue or whatever you're about to do...
  • Trolius shrugs

<Firmin> Listen, I feel I am one person too many. If you wish to spend some time with the lady, I won't take it personally. <Sleet> (I have to go back to my thing now :P) <Trolius> ... <Sleet> (which is why I went away) <Trolius> I thkn we've lost her anyway <Firmin> ... <Firmin> Very well.

  • Trolius watches her dissappear through the window

<Firmin> I'll just go get that mead, I guess... <Trolius> sure. <Trolius> It is awfully nice out here

  • Firmin heads into the house. A very short time later a commotion of bogganish voices rises. He comes out through the door, grinning, and
 hands you a tumbler of chilled mead.

<Trolius> thanks, mate :) <Firmin> You're welcome.  :)

  • Trolius takes a big drink
  • Firmin takes a swig too. You can probably tell he is wondering about something (probably to do with Sleet) but he is not going to question
 you about it, preferring to trust in your judgment. You are one of his men, after all.

<Trolius> so... <Trolius> How do *you* find it here, really?

  • Firmin shrugs.

<Firmin> I don't mind it, really. It's not like I have any more pressing business to attend to. <Firmin> I think Rachel has a good head on her shoulders, and a good heart in her breast. I'm willing to see what she makes of this place. <Firmin> At times it is very sleepy and provincial, at least compared to my memories of bygone days...

  • Trolius nods

<Firmin> But that is what they are, bygone days. I cannot go back to them anymore than I can bring my House back from the dead. <Trolius> right. <Trolius> (What house is he/was he?) <Firmin> (Lirazel) <Firmin> (A Prince of House Lirazel, in fact.) <Trolius> :/ <Trolius> I think the advantage of Emeragld fields is that is it different from *everyone's* experience :p <Trolius> if that's an advantage <Trolius> so, I guess I should tell rachel that Sleet's come back? <Firmin> If you think that is the wisest course of action, yes. <Firmin> I expect she'd find out soon enough on her own, anyway.

  • Trolius drinks more of the mead

<Trolius> well, there is all manner of permutations of wisom

  • Firmin smiles slightly.

<Firmin> Trolius, I believe that if anyone in Emerald Fields can claim to know Sleet, it would be you. <Trolius> But I should tell her. She might not care. but she might. <Firmin> If you think her presence is nothing to be alarmed about, I trust your judgment in the matter. But yes, Rachel might have a

 different idea.

<Trolius> ha, well, glad you think so. <Firmin> (opinion, even)

  • Trolius frowns slightly

<Trolius> I dn't know :/ <Firmin> Well, you are a guard. It is your job to know.

  • Firmin says, not unkindly.

<Trolius> I'm a guard, not psychic :p

  • Firmin looks at you sharply.

<Firmin> Then we had probably best tell Rachel. <Trolius> I already said I would, sir.

  • Firmin nods.
  • Trolius tries not to be snappy.

<Firmin> Then it is settled. <Trolius> Yeah.

  • Firmin is not insulted in the slightest by your ill temper. ;)

<Firmin> Does it trouble you? <Trolius> hwat? <Firmin> Having to report about your friend's presence? <Trolius> The fact that it needs to be done bothers me, yes. <Trolius> Doing it, no. That's my responsability.

  • Firmin nods.

<Trolius> She knows that.\ <Firmin> I hope it will all work out. <Trolius> yeah, that's just life, innit?

  • Firmin nods.

<Firmin> It keeps us on our toes. <Trolius> mmm, and sometimes it knocks you flat on yer arse :p <Firmin> Indeed, it does. <Trolius> You hadn't been here long when she....left. had you?

  • Firmin shakes his head.

<Firmin> I don't really know the entire story of what occurred - Rachel chose to leave out parts, I am sure.

  • Trolius rock a bit on the swing, leaning back with his arms hanging over the back.

<Trolius> Well. Maybe you should convince her to tell you more. <Firmin> I don't think Sleet did anything, though... I think she was a victim too, perhaps? <Trolius> ... <Trolius> That's oversimplyfying a bit. <Trolius> I don't know all the details either, mind. <Firmin> No one does, except those who were in the chamber, I suspect. <Firmin> And I'm sure that's how they want to keep it, too. <Trolius> uhhh... <Firmin> Which doesn't make our jobs easy, does it. <Trolius> Look, sir. It is your *job* to know whatis going on. <Trolius> Make rachel tell you. <Firmin> I have tried. <Firmin> She can't, or she won't, tell me more than she already has.

  • Trolius shakes his head, then

<Trolius> maybe you shoudl ask her father. <Trolius> because you *should* know. <Trolius> f you'd been captain then, you'd have been there. <Trolius> anyway, I'm an Eiluned, other people's secrets are kind of my bag ;) <Trolius> (ww)

  • Firmin smiles.
      • Sleet is now known as Janus_

<Trolius> anyway. <Firmin> It is a conundrum. <Trolius> :/

      • Rum-away is now known as Rumor

<Firmin> We'll report it to her and see if she does anything; if not, we might have to take some more steps. <Trolius> ...right. <Trolius> Look.

  • Trolius says after another drink

<Trolius> I don't even know that she is planning anything. <Firmin> Exactly. <Trolius> but *I* don't know enough about what was going on to judge. <Firmin> Which is why you are going to report this to Rachel. She is probably the only one who can judge what to do, really. <Firmin> Neither of us have been privy to all the information we need. That seems to have been Rachel's choice. I think it's not because she

 is foolish but because she knows how to handle this herself.

<Trolius> mmm. <Trolius> ¬_¬ <Trolius> I hope so. <Firmin> So do I. <Firmin> Anyway. I have some things to do. If you need me for anything else this evening you can find me in my quarters. <Trolius> alright. Thanks for the drink. <Firmin> You're quite welcome, Sir Trolius.