Firmin & Analisa, 2/7/2003

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  • Firmin is trying to kill time, not sure what else to do.
  • Firmin is in the courtyard, watching a couple of Rachel's knights spar.

<Firmin> (a couple of her knights being half the guard, pretty much... ^-^)

  • Analisa will approach the sidhe

<Analisa> (What would I have been told about him?)

  • Firmin is eating an apple. He has pretty white teeth.

<Analisa> (esp. concerning rank ;) <Firmin> (Not a whole lot. You know he was a frog until recently. Supposedly he is a prince; he came with a circlet, but has stopped wearing it. He seems to be settling in to stay for a while. He seems a bit melancholy, generally.) <Firmin> (Rachel spoke to him at length the day after he arrived, but Lady Olivia isn't saying anything about what was said. ^-^) <Firmin> (He seems a bit distant, in addition to being melancholy, so not many have ventured to make his acquaintance.) <Firmin> (Perhaps Zahra has spoken of him; you'd have to ask Julie. ^-^) <Analisa> (fair enough)

  • Analisa curtseys deeply

<Analisa> Your highness?

  • Firmin glances towards the boggan and smiles slightly.

<Firmin> You give me greater honour than is due. <Analisa> My apologies, my lord.

  • Firmin has a very slight French accent. Very slight.
  • Analisa falls back to using the standard Sidhe title ;)

<Firmin> None needed. <Analisa> Old habits die hard, my lord. <Firmin> You may call me Firmin. My house never went in much for the honorifics, to be honest. <Analisa> . o O ( Liam? ) <Firmin> You must be Analisa? <Analisa> Yes, My lord Firmin

  • Analisa calls Fletcher 'Mister' ;D

<Firmin> The other girl - (name of the other Boggan) - mentioned you when she showed me to my room.

  • Analisa nods

<Firmin> And please... just Firmin will do. <Firmin> Would you care for an apple? <Analisa> oh!

  • Firmin holds one out for her.

<Analisa> Thank you. <Firmin> You're welcome.

  • Analisa will take it,
  • Firmin looks back towards the knights as he finishes off his apple.
  • Analisa will idly polish it on her apron

<Firmin> They fight well enough...

  • Firmin observes to no one in particular.
  • Analisa glances over

<Analisa> They do, but I think they are all still getting used to each other <Firmin> I don't recognize much of their technique. <Analisa> Half of these little sparring matches are about establishing the pecking order.

  • Firmin smiles.

<Firmin> I know. Our knights were the same. <Analisa> Your knights? <Firmin> Yes... a long time ago. <Firmin> I used to fight with them; we had the same arms master. <Firmin> They were good knights. <Firmin> What do you think of the Baroness? <Analisa> The Baroness is a good woman who is trying her best for all of us.

  • Firmin settles down on a bench and asks Analisa. There's no sign that he means to report on her or anything. ^-^
  • Analisa says, and nods in affirmation.

<Firmin> Truly?

  • Analisa nods

<Analisa> I believe that, but I believe that adjusting to her position has been difficult for her.

  • Firmin nods.

<Firmin> She seems very young at times, and then at others very old. <Analisa> I will have to agree with you there. <Firmin> I hope she is strong enough to do her job. <Analisa> I'm sure that she will be... <Analisa> Do think othwerwise?

  • Analisa asks curiously

<Firmin> I don't know her well enough to say, yet. <Firmin> The reason I am asking these things is because I must decide what to do for myself now...

  • Analisa nods

<Firmin> Everything has changed while I have been a frog. <Analisa> Oh, of course... <Analisa> Has it truly been such a long time? <Firmin> It... has been near seven centuries.

  • Firmin says hollowly.

<Firmin> How I didn't get eaten by a heron or some large fish, I will never know.

  • Analisa shakes her head

<Firmin> The Dreaming has its reasons, I suppose. <Analisa> Well, I suppose it isn't my business, but the Dreaming does indeed have its reasons... and its ways with time, I might add!

  • Firmin nods.

<Analisa> Were you thinking about staying here? <Analisa> I only wonder, since you were asking about Milady... <Firmin> Her ladyship extended that invitation, yes. <Firmin> She also said she might help me go to Tara Nar, if I wish.

  • Analisa nods

<Firmin> This Tara Nar didn't even exist...

  • Firmin sighs.

<Firmin> I am not sure what to do. <Analisa> That is understandable

  • Analisa says sympathetically

<Analisa> Have you considered returning to your native land? <Firmin> I could go to France, but it will have changed, too. <Firmin> I don't know if I could bear to see what has happened to my family's castle <Analisa> Well, that may be something you could investigate from afar.

  • Firmin nods.

<Firmin> Perhaps. <Firmin> Tell me, Analisa...

  • Firmin looks at the boggan hopefully.

<Firmin> Have you ever heard of a House - House Lirazel?

  • Analisa raises her eyebrows attentively

<Analisa> (arr! wenchy mcWench ;) <Firmin> (hee!) <Analisa> (It all becomes clear)

  • Analisa thinks for a moment
  • Analisa shakes her head sadly
  • Firmin nods sadly.

<Firmin> The Baroness says if it still exists, it must be in Arcadia, and that is closed to us. <Analisa> I was going to say, my lord. I understand that some of the older houses were lost to Earth forever during the Sundering. <Analisa> Oh, my lord, I have told a falsehood :o <Firmin> What? <Analisa> I have heard the name of your house before... but only in tales. <Analisa> I never thought it had ever truly existed... you must forgive me.

  • Firmin nods.

<Firmin> It is not your fault. <Firmin> We were never very large. <Firmin> And then... I was turned into a frog. I don't know by whom. <Analisa> you know why? <Analisa> Oh, I'm sorry, please forgive my insolence <Analisa> It really isn't any of my business.. <Firmin> Analisa...

  • Firmin smiles.

<Firmin> It's all right.

  • Analisa blushes slightly

<Firmin> My House was very openminded. It is not insolence if I don't consider you subordinate. <Firmin> Everyone was important... and we were all free. From the crown prince down to the littlest kitchen boy. <Analisa> well, sir, I think that you are lucky, then to have only returned to us in these more enlightened times, and not in the dark hours that preceded them

  • Analisa says a bit sadly

<Firmin> I have heard a bit about it... <Firmin> I must confess, I am very surprised that the Baroness wears the black and silver. <Firmin> Eiluned and Ailil... have become less restrictive, it seems. <Firmin> Time wears everything away. Sometimes it is a good thing.

  • Firmin smiles slightly.

<Analisa> well, my lord, not all members of a house are necessarily representative of its core views... <Firmin> True. <Analisa> The common laws were put in place by house Ailil, and Some members of House Eiluned were their staunchest supporters. <Firmin> I'm afraid my years as a frog may have dulled my wits. I often dream of just floating about and catching flies. <Firmin> You are quite right, though, of course. <Analisa> There are worse dreams to have, I think, certainly for a frog.

  • Firmin smiles.

<Firmin> I am a man now, though. <Analisa> of course my lord! <Firmin> Firmin, please. <Analisa> My apologies, Firmin, if I'm stubborn in that matter... It goes against my training, you see. <Analisa> But I shall try my best to please.

  • Firmin sighs and gives Analisa a wry expression.

<Firmin> If it is easier just to call me lord, then I will stop pressing the matter. But it is hard to be lord of nothing. <Analisa> All Sidhe are lords, my lord, even if it is of nothing but themselves and their dignity. <Firmin> And all Boggans are wise. <Analisa> we do try, my lord

  • Analisa smiles a bit
  • Firmin turns back to watch the knights for a while. He looks thoughtful.

<Analisa> perhaps my lord would care to join in the sparring? <Firmin> I would, but I have no arms nor armour, nor goods to buy them with. <Firmin> If you don't mind me indulging in some sidhe arrogance, I believe I could teach them a thing or two.

  • Firmin grins wryly.

<Firmin> Of course, I'm probably horribly out of practice... <Firmin> Frogs don't do much fencing. <Analisa> Well, perhaps a loan of the appropriate equipment might be arranged, my lord. <Firmin> Perhaps. <Analisa> I believe Sir Trolius is as partial to his axe as he is to his sword <Firmin> (He could trade his circlet for things, if you want to suggest it.  ;^D) <Analisa> (nah.) <Analisa> (I'm not going to suggest that the last prince of a dead house trade his crown for a sword and some armour ;p) <Firmin> (hee) <Firmin> (you are wise.)

  • Analisa has the common sense merit ;)

<Firmin> Which one is he?

  • Firmin looks towards the two sparring, thinking perhaps one of them is him.

<Analisa> The violet haired one, my lord, leaning on the wall.

  • Analisa says with a slight hint of reproach in her voice ;)
  • Firmin glances at her.

<Analisa> (Not directed at you) <Firmin> Have I offended?

  • Firmin asks, worried.

<Analisa> (disapproval might be a better word) <Analisa> Oh! <Analisa> NO, my lord, of course not :o

  • Firmin looks relieved.

<Firmin> I fear that frogs are about as good at picking up on social nuances as they are at fencing. <Firmin> Is there something I ought to know about this Sir Trolius?

  • Firmin asks, concerned.

<Analisa> Ahh...

  • Analisa clears her throat
  • Firmin looks away.

<Analisa> Sir Trolius is a good knight and true, I'm *sure*... <Firmin> Forgive me... <Analisa> (there is an unsaid 'but' there ;) <Firmin> I expect it's really none of *my* business.

  • Firmin smiles back at the boggan.
  • Analisa smiles back up at him

<Analisa> Perhaps it is none of mine, either, my lord.

  • Firmin laughs, a very pleasant sound.
  • Firmin looks even prettier when he laughs and smiles. ^-^

<Firmin> (Zahra's missin' out. ^-^) <Analisa> (heh) <Analisa> IN anycase, my lord, I think that sparring might give you an opportunity to make your own character judgements about our small company of knights...

  • Firmin nods.

<Analisa> And perhaps lead to oppportunities to practice some of your social nuances? <Analisa> (i.e. go make friends ;)

  • Firmin smiles.

<Firmin> I have already had a chance to do that. <Analisa> I think, and I hope you won't think it is too forward of me, that a good way to adjust to this world is to meet some more of the people who inhabit it. <Firmin> You are a good person, Analisa. I am loath to take my leave of such delightful company...

  • Analisa blushes a bit
  • Analisa is not exactly immune to charming Sidhe, practical as she is ;)

<Firmin> (hee!) <Analisa> Alas, my lord, I fear I have duties I must attend to...

  • Firmin nods.

<Firmin> I thank you for helping this frog feel a little more at ease in a rather bewildering situation. <Firmin> I shall see more of you, I hope.

  • Firmin smiles.

<Analisa> Of course, my lord, it is my honour. <Firmin> Good day, Analisa.

  • Analisa will drop a curtsey

<Analisa> Good day, my lord

  • Analisa will then bustle off
  • Firmin decides not to press the bowing and honorific issue.

<Analisa> . o O ( eeeeeeeee I talked to the new Sidhe :D ) <Firmin> (it's probably a losing battle) <Analisa> (They all cave on that eventually ;) <Firmin> (And now you have so many things to tell everyone else!  :^D)

  • Analisa has to go and update her recipes

<Analisa> (that too :D) <Firmin> (hee!)