Exeas Deverara

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The bastard son of Eracle Deverara, Count of Tuy and Briaga Greenwell. At the time of his birth, his mother was a scullery maid in his father's household, but is currently the Reverend Mother of the Order of the Lizard and very likely the next Matriarch. His early years were spent in poverty, raised by his maternal grandparents. His father later married Silvia Deverara and they soon had a son, Ursulin. He is the step-bastard-first cousin of Empress Tristane Dizon.

When Exeas was twelve years old, his father took him into his own household to be educated, but he was never legitimized, so that his younger half-brother is heir to the county. When he was seventeen Exeas joined the Imperial Guard, where his father's connections helped his rapid ascent to the rank of lieutenant by the age of twenty-two.

Despite his youth and inexperience, Exeas is a competent investigator and leader. He is relatively ambitious and hopes to rise, like his mother, from humble beginnings to achieve greatness in his chosen career. He is sensitive to charges of nepotism (which are somewhat well-founded!); he believes that he is just as good as any nobleman despite the lack of a title, and is somewhat bitter that his father continues to spurn him even now that his mother's social status is no longer an impediment to his legitimation.

Exeas is the squad's latest guard lieutenant.