Emkathon Órecalo

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Daughter of Sanadhìl Órecalo and Arek and the youngest in her generation. Unlike her older brother Xan, Em doesn't believe in hiding who she is and displays the rust and iridescent blue/green wings she was born with openly. She has curly red hair, blue-green eyes and a stocky build though, like her brother, she can shapeshift at will.

Emkathon spent some time training in Hlintarn, one of the enclaves of Serpent worshipers in the Shadow plane, before returning to Diablotin with Eletyl Atar'Quil with whom she lives and has a close relationship. Although her primary affiliation is with the Shadar-kai denomination, Emkathon also frequents the branch of Serpent worship headed by Sirris. Emkathon, and others she has trained, are the closest thing that the religion has to the Spokesmen.