Emerald Fields and mokole, 5/28/2005

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  • Analisa has a message WW'd to rachel that things have hit the fan -_-
  • Rachel_ had to attend the meeting with Anastasius which she made as quick as possible because of this message, and she gets Janus (or someone; he just seemed most logical) to zap her home immediately afterwards.
  • Carmen is a young wilder boggan with sandy hair. She is usually rather cute in a chubby kind of way, but at the moment her face is red and blotchy, her eyes puffy from crying as she bawls on Analisa's shoulder.

<Trolius> (err, what about me? :o ) <Rachel_> (You had to wait for me while I spoke with Anastasius and can come home now too if you aren't going to break the news to me in Wales.  ;_;) <Trolius> (no, I'm not) <Rachel_> (bastard)

  • Rachel_ and Trolius appear in her study, and she goes to find Analisa immediately.
  • Carmen is sobbing loudly as you arrive in Analisa's office.
  • Analisa is not to far away.... just follow the sond of crying Boggans

<Analisa> (Her = rchel, I believe)

  • Rachel_ does. ;_;

<Carmen> (or wherever) <Analisa> How, terrible, just terrible :(

  • Rachel_ tries to look strong and capable although she does not feel it.

<Analisa> (kitchen!) <Carmen> Oh I just couldn't... I couldn't... <Carmen> Oh... <Analisa> I know, shhhh.... here, I'll fix you some tea :/

  • Rachel_ hurries in to the kitchen and crouches before the crying boggans.
  • Carmen realizes the Baroness has entered the room, and quickly tries to dry her eyes
  • Analisa isn't crying

<Rachel_> What has happened? <Carmen> Your Ladyship! <Carmen> ;_;

  • Analisa does look upset though
  • Carmen looks to Analisa.
  • Analisa curtseys
  • Rachel_ asks, managing to look sympathetic while sounding businesslike.
  • Carmen curtseys as well, if a little unsteadily.
  • Trolius follows after the Baroness

<Analisa> It's Mayline.... <Rachel_> (who is that?)

  • Carmen tries to suppress another sob.

<Carmen> (A boggan charged with looking after childlings while their parents are a-workin'( <Analisa> (Mayline: a locl boggan renown for her jams and jellies ;) <Analisa> (Also that ;) <Carmen> I... I went to find her when she didn't come to lunch... I thought she just hadn't heard the bell...

  • Analisa shakes her head
  • Carmen explains haltingly.
  • Rachel_ softens her voice to match her expression.
  • Analisa glances about the room, and bustles about getting tea and such

<Carmen> Something... something *awful* happened to her!! *sob, sob* <Rachel_> Come, sit down. You can tell me while you're sitting just as easily.

  • Carmen will shakily take a seat then.
  • Rachel_ lays her hand gently on Carmen's shoulder and guides her to the kitchen table, where she sits the boggan down and sits herself beside you.
  • Trolius glances at Analisa

<Carmen> It was... it was in the orchard... They were playing... in the orchard... and the trees...

  • Trolius goes over to help with the tea, kinda

<Trolius> where;'s the Captain? <Carmen> The trees... were... covered... with...b-b-b-blood.

  • Carmen covers her face and dissolves into sobs.
  • Analisa glances at T, but then goes over to her friend
  • Rachel_ puts her arm around Carmen's shoulder and pulls her close for a comforting hug.
  • Carmen cries inconsolably.
  • Analisa pets carmen's hand comfortingly
  • Carmen settles down after another few minutes of heavy sobbing...

<Rachel_> It's all right... cry if you need to. There's no shame in it.

  • Rachel_ says gently while Carmen is still crying.

<Carmen> I... I found her by the climbing tree...

  • Analisa glances at rachel next

<Carmen> In. In. In *pieces* <Analisa> He's out examining the fire....

  • Carmen wipes her eyes again, hands shaking.

<Analisa> Oh :O <Rachel_> (Do I know Carmen's name, is she someone I'd met before?)

  • Carmen looks up at Analisa.
  • Analisa looks horrified at that, which is news to her :o

<Carmen> Did they... did they find Tyler? ;_; <Rachel_> Fire?

  • Rachel_ looks towards Analisa, wanting an explanation... mauling *and* a fire?

<Analisa> Zahra will find him...

  • Analisa says soothingly
  • Carmen sniffs miserably.
  • Analisa seems like she is doing her best to hold together, but is a little overwhelmed herself

<Carmen> (I don't know if you'd know me by name, that's up to you... you'd certainly have met me before) <Rachel_> (That's fine, but I need more info if I'm to do anything.) <Rachel_> (I'd remember your name if I'd met you.) <Carmen> (groovy then B) <Rachel_> (Carmen is a childling?) <Analisa> Jedry Wilkes's workshop..... We don't know if he was in there or not. It went up so facst, with all those componds he was using... <Carmen> (no... a wilder) <Analisa> Firmin's not back yet so I don't know more than that <Carmen> ( ayoung wilder, about 14-15) <Rachel_> When did the fire occur, and when the mauling? Same time? <Rachel_> . o O (How on earth are alligators getting to the orchard? It's no where near a river. Damn them!) <Carmen> <m> Oh, oh, poor little Tyler. <Analisa> The fire was.... sometime late last night?

  • Carmen rocks gently back and forth in her chair.
  • Rachel_ gives Carmen another comforting squeeze.

<Analisa> the othr.... would have been this morning, a few hours before lunch... <Analisa> at the most.

  • Rachel_ nods.
  • Analisa wrongs her hands

<Rachel_> Trolius, we're going to the orchard. <Analisa> (wrings, and goes to get mugs out of the cupboard... but her hands are shaking <Trolius> alright.

  • Trolius gets two mugs for Analisa and Carmen

<Trolius> here, ladies.... we'll take care of things. <Trolius> Is Zahra out there?

  • Rachel_ passes Carmen off to Analisa's care once more.

<Carmen> ;_;

  • Analisa makes tea, and will sit with her friend :/

<Analisa> She's out looking for the boy.... I'm not sure where she's at now :/

  • Carmen will shakily hold onto her mug. ;_;

<Rachel_> We'll see what we can find out. I'm so sorry...

  • Trolius nods
  • Rachel_ looks sadly at the two boggans.

<Trolius> Come on.

  • Trolius says to rachel.

<Rachel_> Analisa, we'll be back as soon as we can after doing a thorough investigation. Meanwhile, you've got to hold thigns together here.

  • Rachel_ is confident that she can do that.

<Analisa> I will

  • Rachel_ smiles confidently at Analisa, in fact...

<Rachel_> I know you will. Thank you.

  • Analisa smiles bravely
  • Rachel_ hurries out with Trolius.
  • Analisa thnks of all the times she went through in the common law era, all the people we ost then.... and steels herself to handle this
  • Rachel_ will get Trolius to do a Backward Glance again in the orchard...

<Rachel_> (See if it was a mokole again.  :/) <Trolius> Jesus! <Trolius> o_O <Trolius> how about we just look at *that*? o-O

      • Carmen is now known as Suze
  • Rachel_ is looking at remains. If we can tell what it was no need for the Backward Glance of course.
  • Trolius points out a large footprint with three large claws pressed into the dry surface of the earth

<Suze> (the poor little boggan is perforated... and some of her limbs have been slashed off)

  • Rachel_ nods.
  • Rachel_ looks for other body parts, in case more than one was killed.

<Suze> (you find no other bits) <Trolius> tre tracks just sort of 8end* here...

  • Rachel_ nods wearily.

<Rachel_> The Prodigals have their own sorts of Arts. <Rachel_> At least eh Garou do so by extension I imagine the mokole do. <Rachel_> Well... obviously, keeping people away from the water isn't going to be enough. <Trolius> Hmm. <Trolius> It was big.... bigger than most of the orchard trees, anyway :/ <Trolius> ... <Rachel_> They can take on weird forms. Dragons and dinosaurs, apparently. A T Rex, this one might have been... <Trolius> that one guy did, ahh, turn into a guy, you know... <Trolius> hmm. <Trolius> What's a T rex?

  • Rachel_ also has some investigation and will take a look at the holes in the corpse... what is the diameter on them and do they go right through the body?

<Trolius> (I can't tell you that off the top of my head, but you don't think that it looks like what you would get with a T-rex) <Suze> (Hmm... I don't know the exact diameter, but I'll tell you if something comes up for relevant comparison later on) <Rachel_> It's a huge, imagine two stories high, carnivorous dinosaur. It walked bipedally; its front claws were pretty much useless. But who needs arms when you have six-inch razor sharp recurved teeth? <Suze> (the location of the bitemarks leads you to think this thing had a narrower jaw than you'd imagine a T-Rex to have... I mean, TR could probably have fit the whole boggan in his mouth :V ) <Rachel_> (Do the tracks in fact look like T Rex tracks which I have undoubtedly seen in books since I have two brothers, let alone maybe I myself had an interest in dinosaurs? I just assumed by the description of "large footprint with three large claws that it was something Sauropod-like) <Analisa> I don't think that fits, then... <Suze> (also the slashing wounds suggest claw damage, whereas, as you just pointed out, T Rex's forelimbs were next to useless) <Rachel_> No, not a T Rex. <Suze> (yes, the footprint is similar to what you would expect a T Rex to be) <Rachel_> It used claws... see? <Rachel_> (What about a velociraptor?  :D) <Suze> (but lots of dinos have 3 toes) <Trolius> yes, that's whayt I was hgoing to say <Suze> (tell me your score in science and I'll let you know ;)

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<Rachel_> (2) <Suze> (anyway, I think raptors are 3-toed, yeah) <Trolius> (Albertasaurus! ;D) <Rachel_> (I can tell it's an Albertasaurus with 2 dots in Science?  ;D) <Trolius> (It isn't) <Rachel_> (I know - they're just an even bigger T Rex) <Rachel_> (Could it be a megaraptor or is it something smaller?  ;D) <Suze> (You don't know) <Suze> (2 dots of science is not going to give you a species based on a footprint)

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<Suze> (certainly not without even taking any measurements, or referencing books, etc) <Trolius> (I imagine rachel can think of all kinds of nasty potential candidates, but doesn't really have the knowledge to eliminate many of them) <Rachel_> Anyway, it was big and reptilian. <Suze> (exactly) <Trolius> MMm. <Rachel_> I think it's safe to say it was them. <Trolius> I guess it doesn't realy matter what it is called :p

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  • Rachel_ wipes her face.

<Trolius> Are you okay?

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Trolius> okay. <Trolius> What more can we do here? <Rachel_> Come on, we should bring her home and wash her, get her ready for the funeral... <Trolius> Do you want to go out and check in with Firmin? <Trolius> Rachel.... She's in *bits* <Trolius> We'd nedd.... a basket. <Trolius> We can't just bring her back like this <Rachel_> Yes, well we're not leaving her out here to ROT. <Rachel_> You go find Firmin, I'll take care of her. <Trolius> No.

  • Rachel_ says angrily.
  • Trolius sighs

<Rachel_> (The orchard isn't far from the house.)

  • Rachel_ shakes her head.

<Rachel_> I'm sorry, Sir Trolius. <Trolius> That wasn't what I meant. <Rachel_> I didn't mean to yell. I'm just... it's not easy. <Trolius> I know. <Rachel_> And it's going to keep happening, it won't stop until they are satisfied that we are even. <Rachel_> I can't change that. <Trolius> :( <Rachel_> I can't do anything except give them the respect they deserve when they die. <Trolius> Well do our best to make sure it isn'teasy for them.

  • Rachel_ means her own people there.
  • Trolius nods

<Rachel_> We can't fight back; they'll just take more. We can't turn this into a blood feud, because we won't win. <Trolius> And you will... we just have to be a little realistic about it. <Rachel_> Well, I wasnt suggesting she have an open coffin for her wake. <Trolius> yeah, I didn't think so --- <Rachel_> Just, go on. I'll do what I can here... We have to find out whether the fire was an accident or another attack. <Trolius> I'm not suggesting we fight back either...\ <Trolius> jnust that we don't have to make it easy for them to target us <Trolius> okay. <Rachel_> Well, now I know that just staying away from the water isn't safe enough. <Rachel_> Now that I know they're able to become dragons and dinosaurs... <Trolius> We'll work it out. I'll go find Firmin. <Trolius> ... <Rachel_> I don't know where anyone would be safe. <Rachel_> The house is wood. It could burn just as easily. <Trolius> Don't forget the people part either. peoaple are dangerous enough. <Rachel_> That's why I need to know whether the fire was an attack. <Rachel_> If it was, we'll have to send people away. <Trolius> I'll let you now <Rachel_> Burn the house down while we're I'll sleeping, and they'd get a whole lot of us all at once. <Rachel_> (I don't know how that "I'll" got in there.) <Trolius> I htink that might be a bit of overkill, don't you? <Trolius> We can't abandon the freehold :o <Rachel_> I didn't say abandon it. <Rachel_> I can cook and clean. <Trolius> You're not staying there alone. <Rachel_> I'm the baroness. I have an obligation to keep the balefire burning. <Rachel_> Well, I'm not keeping staff I don't need if we're just setting ourselves up as a target. <Trolius> that;s fine, but you're not staying there alone. <Rachel_> You're welcome to stay if that's what you want. <Trolius> *if* it is even necessary <Trolius> I'm going to go find firmin. <Rachel_> But please, go find Firmin... we need to know.

  • Rachel_ nods.
  • Rachel_ will head back to the house and get a suitable container for picking up the pieces... ;_;