Emerald Fields, 12/4/2002

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  • Rachel_ is looking forward to seeing her cousin.

<Isabel> (I could be, but we need to clarify how I got here :) <Rachel_> (Well, you got my letter...) <Rachel_> (You know I'm sad) <Isabel> (that's *why*) <Isabel> (OK.. Lan says if I mention it to Kolya, Kolya would mention it to WR) <Isabel> (so there we are, WR brings me) <Rachel_> (You could have spoken to WR, or if you mentioned you'd like to come see Emerald Fields, Rachel could have had her person bring you here) <Rachel_> (OK, WR brings you.  :^D) <Rachel_> (I am expecting you, right?)

  • Isabel is not here just yet though

<Rachel_> (Or are you going to surprise me and come unannounced?  ;^D) <Isabel> (oh, surpriose, that's a more Isabel thing to do) <Trolius> (What are me duties and stuff, generally?) <Trolius> (jooc?) <Rachel_> (There are two guards on 24/7 so you at the moment are taking turns with them. But Rachel seems to have some other plans for you. she has not elaborated yet, because she is swamped with just trying to get the household affairs and finances in order) <Rachel_> (You do know that the previous Baron spent a lot of money and that the Barony owes a lot of money to various nobles, and that Rachel is trying to figure out how to meet the debts.) <Trolius> (okay... how long are our shifts, and what exactly do we guard?) <Trolius> (You could always.... sell some people into slavery! ;D) <Rachel_> (Well, there are six guards, two on at a time - so your shifts are an easy 8 hours.) <Rachel_> (Or maybe not so easy. Nicer than at Diamond's, though) <Trolius> ('k) <Rachel_> (You are generally close to Rachel except at shift changeover, when the two guards coming on do a sweep of the grounds and house.) <Rachel_> (Rachel wishes she had more guards so the sweep wouldn't be so predictable, but she's just a Baronness, and 6 is quite a few. One of the Gwydion guards got sent back to the High Queen when Trolius was brought on strength) <Rachel_> (To offset the predictability of the sweeps, Rachel will sometimes send you out on impromptu patrols, which leads her unguarded.) <Rachel_> (leads = leaves) <Rachel_> (Sometimes she'll go for a walk to the stables and stuff too, so you can patrol then as well) <Isabel> (heather's makin' nachos, she'll be bakc in a sec) <Rachel_> (Sometimes too, you get paid overtime to do a longer shift so that more patrols can be done - all to keep anybody who might wish to take advantage of Rachel on their toes) <Trolius> (what do we get paid in?) <Rachel_> (Room and board, plus some spending "money".) <Isabel> (kick it up a notch! sex for lunch!) <Rachel_> (With Rachel? I don't think so.  ;^D) <Rachel_> (<Nikolai> You prostitute yourself to pay the guards?) <Rachel_> (<Rachel> Well... I have no money. what do you recommend I use?) <Rachel_> (;^D) <Rachel_> (Rachel has some money - her own which Debbie set aside, and she gets a small allowance from the Parliament and the Queen, enough to cover her people's wages, anyway.) <Isabel> (it's time to start collecting taxes! :D)

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<Rachel_> (But that's on the condition that she works towards getting the barony self-sustaining) <Rachel_> (Well, the old Baron was a real rat-bastard and taxed his subjects quite highly in order to support his lifestyle, so they are quite impoverished.)

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<Rachel_> (To get the economy going again, Rachel has to ease up on the taxes.  :^D) <Isabel> (that's noe xcuse for not paying taxes!) <Trolius> (keen) <Trolius> (... no ops = not keen)

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  • Trolius is Guarding Rachel
  • Trolius maybe just came in from the sweep
  • Trolius whistles a bit as he comes in
  • Trolius is with Guard #2
  • Rachel_ is working away at the previous Baron's financial mess. It is a source of endless frustration to her but she can't afford a seneschal, even if Soleil suggests it. ;^D

<Trolius> I tell you, that Sluagh said this place was haunted..

      • Isabel is now known as Granith

<Trolius> suuure, maybe she was lying, but Olivia was here and she didn't say anything... <Granith> I don't know, that *was* a ltitle odd <Rachel_> (Is Granith one of Michael's?  :^) ) <Granith> There wasn't so much as a draft before! <Rachel_> (Or one of Morwen's?) <Granith> (mmm... yes!) <Granith> (Michael's.) <Trolius> exactly

  • Trolius eyes rachel as we enter the room

<Trolius> eh, shut up time, I guess :/

  • Rachel_ looks up.
  • Granith shuts up.
  • Granith stands at attention.

<Rachel_> What's that, Sir Trolius? <Granith> All clear, your ladyship... <Granith> . o O (more or less)

  • Granith glances at Trolius

<Trolius> Well, um, all clear your ladyship, I guess. <Rachel_> Thank you, Sir Granith. <Rachel_> ...

  • Trolius grlances at Granith

<Rachel_> You guess?

  • Rachel_ looks at you questioningly.
  • Granith hopes Trolius will say something, since he is renowned for his big mouth and will probably get away with it

<Trolius> The doors are just, um, acting weird, I guess

  • Granith shifts in his armour,.

<Rachel_> ... <Trolius> Probably nothing <Trolius> or pooks <Trolius> (pooka) <Trolius> or, you know. A ghost, <Rachel_> What are they doing, exactly?

  • Granith nods solemnly.

<Trolius> slamming <Trolius> All of them

  • Granith is a little younger than Trolius.

<Trolius> We'd go in a room, the door slams shut... <Trolius> we'd come out and go into another one, same thing... <Trolius> Ii is awful windy today, though <Rachel_> No sign of anyone?

  • Trolius shakes his head

<Granith> But taht sluagh said...

  • Granith blurts out.
  • Trolius glances at granith

<Rachel_> Her name is Sleet. <Granith> Uh, nothing <Rachel_> Have you been talking to her? <Trolius> Yeah, Sleet, she did say womethign about a ghost <Trolius> After She left, your Ladyship.

  • Granith nods.

<Trolius> I asked her what she'd meant, adn she said there was a ghost. <Rachel_> (Did Sleet leave the Freehold after all, then?) <Granith> (not that you know of) <Trolius> (I meant left your presence) <Rachel_> (Or are we talking about her leaving my presence at the last audience?) <Rachel_> (OK) <Trolius> (But Rachel isn't psychic ;0 <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> Did Sleet leave the freehold, then? <Granith> Is it true, your ladyship? <Granith> Are we... haunted? :o <Trolius> Not to the best of my knowledge. We didn't *see* her today, but she knows when we make our rounds now, I think, so she avoids us...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> That's fine...

  • Rachel_ says distractedly.

<Granith> SO... it *is* true? <Rachel_> As for ghosts... I'm looking into it. <Trolius> Yes your Ladyship

  • Trolius says with a glance at Granith

<Granith> . o O (It *is* true!!) <Granith> Uh, yes your ladyship. <Rachel_> There is no cause for alarm, however.

  • Granith is alarmed!

<Trolius> Well, yeah, slamming doors aren't really anything to be worried about, *I* think.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Granith> Oh... well, of course not. <Granith> Just doors,

  • Trolius glances pointedly at Granith

<Rachel_> Exactly, Sir Trolius. <Granith> probably just the *wind*, right

  • Granith says quickly.
  • Trolius rolls his eyes
  • Rachel_ 's eyes flicker to Granith's.

<Granith> . o O (Certainly not MARAUDING EVIL SPIRITS FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE) <Granith> ... <Rachel_> Sir Granith, if there is a ghost, and if it meant to do harm, it would have done so by now. <Granith> Of course, your ladyship... <Trolius> well... <Rachel_> . o O (Soleil... >:^( Freaking my people out.)

  • Trolius starts, then shuts up.
  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Rachel_> Sir Trolius, you were about to say something?

  • Trolius just shrugs instead
  • Rachel_ looks at him pointedly.

<Trolius> I was just thinking that it isn't *necessarily* the case, but you're already looking into it, so whatever, right? <Granith> So, ah, I should go stand guard outside today, right? <Granith> (outside the door I mean) <Rachel_> That is your usual post, yes. You may leave the doors open, if you are concerned. <Granith> That's alright... <Granith> . o O (I'll close them myself; less ghostly slamming)

  • Granith bows his way out.

<Rachel_> Sir Granith, Sir Trolius... <Rachel_> If you have concernes, please discuss them with me. I'd rather not have hysteria and rumours flying about. <Rachel_> From what I have discerned so far, the ghost's business is mostly harmless. <Rachel_> . o O (To you people, anyway. Might be a different story for me.) <Granith> You've seen it? <Trolius> well, I'm not really much into rumouring and what have you, but well, I can't control who *Sleet* talks to, you know... <Granith> IS it the old baron?

  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Granith asks excitedly.

<Rachel_> No, I think I can safely say that it is not. <Rachel_> Why? <Granith> Oh, I guess it wouldn't be <Rachel_> Did you know him, Sir Granith? <Granith> I heard he had a mortal son who was killed when he was <Rachel_> ... <Granith> No, not personally <Granith> Maybe it's *his* ghost! <Trolius> . o O ( someone has been listening to too many Boggans... )

  • Trolius rolls his eyes

<Granith> Maybe he's... restless... and angry <Rachel_> The Baron didn't have a mortal son, Sir Granith. <Granith> Well, he could have... <Rachel_> This house has been here for centuries... <Granith> Who do you think it is then, your ladyship? Have you done any research?

  • Granith sounds very interested.

<Trolius> (We're all Eiluneds here ;) <Rachel_> It's an old plantation house. It could be any number of people. <Rachel_> (I know.) <Trolius> or, say, would you like us to? <Granith> I'm sure there must be heaps of old records in the attic... or the basement, if that sluagh hasn't pilfered them <Rachel_> ... <Granith> And so and so begat so and so, and so on, and so on

  • Trolius makes a face
  • Granith nods to Trolius.

<Trolius> We could start by finding her and asking what the ghost looked like, really <Granith> Oh, good idea. <Rachel_> Well, if you want to go through records on your leisure time, that would be very useful. Please note anything of interest and bring it to my attention. <Granith> Then we'd have something to go on.

  • Granith is blonde, wearing white armour, with a blue ascot ;D
  • Rachel_ stresses "leisure time" slightly. ;^D

<Granith> ... <Rachel_> . o O (It'll keep them busy, and maybe they'll find something useful...) <Trolius> Well, maybe we will, your Ladyship... <Granith> Oh, of course, your ladyship <Granith> I'll to my post now... <Rachel_> And please hand over any records you *do* find to me when you are done with them. <Rachel_> Yes, to your post. <Trolius> (Are we both supposed to go outside?)

  • Rachel_ smiles with resolve.

<Granith> (as trolius goes to prostitute himself to get info from Sleet...) <Rachel_> (Not outside into the cold...)

  • Granith goes to his post.

<Rachel_> (Just outside her study/audience room)

  • Trolius will bow and Go as well, then

<Trolius> 9COld? It's Virginia ^-^) <Rachel_> (Unless you have something further to ask)

      • Granith is now known as Isabel

<Rachel_> (Georgia) <Rachel_> (By the coast, actually.) <Trolius> (Even further south ;) <Rachel_> (So I'm not exactly geographically *right* next to Jennie and Lankin) <Rachel_> (Because Georgia and the ocean surround me on all sides)

  • Isabel will convince the guards to let her in without being announced, etc.

<Rachel_> (Rachel will have to talk to her guards about that...  :^o ) <Isabel> (/me has much charisma and appearance :D)

  • Trolius will be convinced, sure why not?

<Isabel> (plus I'm a count's daughter)

  • Trolius also *knows* Isabel ;p

<Isabel> (yeah, that helps ;D)

  • Isabel attempts to slip very quietly into the room...

<Rachel_> (Sir Trolius, have you ever heard of *Facade*?  ;^D ) <Trolius> (Thats; what Kenning is for ;p) <Rachel_> (hehe) <Isabel> *sneak* *Sneak*

  • Rachel_ looks up suddenly, eyes blazing.

<Rachel_> ! <Rachel_> Isabel?

  • Isabel sneaks up behind Rachel and yells, 'Boo!'

<Isabel> :o <Isabel> Um, aren't you happy to see me?

  • Rachel_ 's desk faces the door so I don't think you can get behind her without being noticed... ;^D)
  • Rachel_ looks very surprised.

<Rachel_> How- how did you get here? <Isabel> (well, ok< I shout when you look up) <Isabel> Kolya asked Windrider to send me :D

  • Rachel_ looks very tired and kind of drawn.

<Rachel_> W-why?

  • Rachel_ is a bit stunned/confused.

<Isabel> Um... Because I wanted to come?

  • Isabel sits on your desk.

<Rachel_> All right... well. That's great!

  • Rachel_ smiles.

<Rachel_> Um... How long are you planning to stay? <Isabel> Your letter sounded kind of... um... sad

  • Rachel_ kens Isabel. She is getting so suspicious. ;^D

<Rachel_> Well...

  • Rachel_ tucks a lock of hair behind an ear.
  • Isabel 's necklace is glamourific...

<Rachel_> I am, a bit... <Rachel_> That's a lovely necklace. Where did you get it? <Isabel> (It's the same one she always wears, the locket) <Rachel_> Oh, never mind... <Rachel_> I just recognized it. <Isabel> Don't try to duck me, missy

  • Rachel_ shakes her head.

<Isabel> What's going on? <Rachel_> Fatigue... <Isabel> I mean, the first time you wrote me yuo sounded great, then all of a sudden... :o <Isabel> ... Fatigue?

  • Trolius guards. *guardymcguard*

<Isabel> . o O (Gosh, maybe she *is*, after all...) <Rachel_> I'm not getting much sleep lately... <Rachel_> I'm a bit stressed out, is all. <Rachel_> I'm sorry that I sounded so down. <Rachel_> I didn't mean to worry you. <Isabel> You're not... sick, are you? <Rachel_> No...? Why? <Isabel> Or... anything else...?

  • Trolius whistles to entertain himself, but you can't hear it in the room
  • Trolius also whistles to annoy Granith ;)
  • Rachel_ sort of looks upwards, mouth ajar as realization dawns upon her.

<Isabel> * Granith tries to hide his annoyance ;D <Rachel_> Isabel... you haven't been listening to the boggans, I hope... <Isabel> Well.. <Isabel> .Um.. <Trolius> (I'm going to go take a shower, rar) <Isabel> There are a *lot* of boggans <Isabel> It's hard not to hear them <Rachel_> I'm not. It's just a rumour because I've been so stressed out of late. <Isabel> Oh, okay. <Rachel_> I guess the symptoms can be similar. But I am *not,* thank the powers that be. <Rachel_> That's the last thing I'd need. <Isabel> So... you think it would be a bad thing, then? <Rachel_> Well... yes! <Isabel> Oh. <Rachel_> Nik would die, and I have my hands full of other things at the moment. <Isabel> I suppose... yeah... more important things. <Isabel> I should have known not to listen to them; I mean, you're too careful and responsible to let something so, um awful, happen to you... right? :o <Rachel_> Not to mention my family has a history of being very sick when it comes to... *that*... <Rachel_> What? <Isabel> The boggans. <Rachel_> No, you were worried. I'm touched that you cared. <Isabel> I should have known it wasn't true, right? <Isabel> 'Cause you're too smart... <Rachel_> No, it's fine. Sometimes they're right.

  • Isabel tucks a curl behind her ear.

<Isabel> So... <Rachel_> I don't think intelligence has much to do with it, Isabel...

  • Rachel_ is confused.

<Rachel_> It's just ill luck. <Isabel> What is it then? I heard Trolius and his friend talking about ghosts outside

  • Rachel_ rolls her eyes.

<Rachel_> Yes, everyone's in histeria about ghosts here. <Rachel_> It's such a small freehold. <Isabel> How they were going to find out who that ghost really was and then figure out how to make it leave or something <Isabel> Is it haunted? <Rachel_> It's impossible to keep anything from anybody here...

  • Isabel squeaks eagerly?

<Isabel> Oh, that would be so neeeeeeeeat <Isabel> Unless it is a mean ghost, and it is stressing you out... <Isabel> Is it a ghost you can, like, *see*, or does it just knock over books and leave trails of slime all over the place? <Rachel_> Some people can see it, or know it's around, anyway. A sluagh in my basement, for example. <Rachel_> But mostly it just seems to be... banging doors.

  • Isabel has vague recolletions of Ghostbusters...
  • Rachel_ frowns.

<Rachel_> . o O (Soleil... Grrr.) <Isabel> Can *you* see it?

  • Isabel asks, awed.

<Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> . o O (He's *my* ghost.) <Rachel_> . o O (I don't want to talk about him.) <Rachel_> Isabel, I really don't want to talk about it. <Isabel> Oh. <Isabel> Oh, okay. <Rachel_> Right now is actually my "clean up after the last Baron" time.

  • Isabel says subdued.

<Isabel> Oh. <Isabel> Right, well.. <Rachel_> My "Thinking of the multitude of other problems that plague me" time is in the mornings. <Isabel> I guessI'll... come back when you're not so busy <Isabel> :/ <Rachel_> ...

  • Rachel_ looks sad.
  • Isabel shrugs then puts on a smile as though unbothered.

<Rachel_> I'm not busy... not too busy for you, anyway...

  • Rachel_ leans back in her chair.

<Isabel> It's ok. <Rachel_> I'm just... I don't know what I'm doing here. <Rachel_> Except making a huge mess of everything. <Isabel> I'm sure that's not true :o <Isabel> At least you're trying to do something good <Isabel> People must know that... <Isabel> And people who don't want you to do good here, well.. *they* know that you have the Queen, and the Duke in your corner, and that's just on *this* continent...

  • Rachel_ leans her elbows on her desk and buries her face in her hands.

<Rachel_> Yes, I can always rely on everyone else, can't I...

  • Rachel_ sounds even sadder.

<Isabel> ... <Isabel> Did I say something wrong? <Isabel> . o O (Stupid!) <Isabel> :/ <Rachel_> No, you're just trying to help...

  • Rachel_ uncovers her face.
  • Rachel_ 's eyes are watery.

<Rachel_> I thank you for that, Isabel... <Rachel_> It's just... I wanted to be able to do this on my own... and not have to go running for help all the time. <Isabel> :o

  • Isabel hopes over the table and hugs Rachel...

<Isabel> Don't cry... <Isabel> You shouldn't have to do this all by yourself <Rachel_> I have to prove that I can do this! <Rachel_> No-one thinks I can, and they're probably right... <Isabel> There's nothing wrong with asking for help; everybody else has people helping them... <Isabel> You grandmother certainly doesn't run her freehold by herself, cooped up in a little room all day <Rachel_> Olivia helps...

  • Rachel_ sniffles.

<Isabel> Well where is she *now*? <Rachel_> I can't afford to hire all sorts of people... <Rachel_> And this freehold is too small for them anyway. <Rachel_> She's doing some research right now... <Isabel> She's poring over books in a library while you have to stress out over... whatever all this junk is? <Rachel_> I usually have her here with me when I have audiences... so I know if people are lying or not... <Rachel_> It's research I asked her to do. <Rachel_> And it's not all in a library...

  • Isabel wants to ask if it's about the *ghost*
  • Isabel doesn't.

<Rachel_> <w> I'm so afraid all the time... <Isabel> ... Why? <Isabel> Do you think someone is going to hurt you?

  • Isabel looks shocked and terrified by the idea.

<Rachel_> <w> Sometimes... I don't know. <Isabel> Who?

  • Isabel demands angrily.

<Rachel_> <w> I'm not really very important. It's probably just my arrogance... <Rachel_> I don't know... everyone, maybe. <Isabel> No one is going to hurt you regardless of how important you think you are >:( <Isabel> You have, like... six knights here <Isabel> That's... Twice what my dad had when he was a baron; nobody ever killed *him* <Isabel> *Plus* nobody will want to mess with your family. <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> My family isn't *here*... <Rachel_> They're all in Wales, or Rosehill... <Isabel> Well, um, they could be... <Isabel> How's you father doing anyway? HE looked good at your installation thing

  • Rachel_ wipes her face with a handkerchief. Mustn't show such weakness!
  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> He's doing very well... <Rachel_> Studying as usual... Tally and Aidan are with him... <Isabel> That's good... <Isabel> You should get Nikolai down here for a while <Isabel> I bet he could help you straighten some of this junk out <Isabel> He's good at.. boring stuff :P <Rachel_> He's busy... <Rachel_> His father is in Aberyswyth helping the Countess...so Nik is taking care of things in Rosehill. <Isabel> Nuts to that, they have a perfectly good chancellor at Rosehill, and I'm sure the freehold won't perish if he leaves for a week or so <Rachel_> He was brought up to do this sort of thing... <Rachel_> I don't want him to see what a wreck I am. I'll just bring him down. <Isabel> ... <Isabel> I don't understand... <Isabel> Why wouldn't you awnt him to help you out? <Isabel> I mean, aren't you supopsed to be there for each other? <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> Something like that, I suppose... <Rachel_> I don't want to scare him away... or make him think I'm no good at this. <Isabel> ...WHy would you scare him away? :o <Rachel_> Because I'm such a wreck! <Isabel> But, but.. wouldn't he want to make you feel better? <Isabel> :o <Rachel_> <w> The Countess would never let anyone see her like this... <Isabel> Oh I bet she lets some people <Isabel> Just not us

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> I suppose... <Rachel_> What would I say to him? <Isabel> How about, um, "I'm a wreck and I need you?" :o <Rachel_> ...

      • Trolius is now known as Elanya

<Rachel_> See... that's what I'm talking about. He's got everything together - he's so much better than I am at all this... <Isabel> So that's why he would help you, see?

  • Isabel doesn't seem to understand your point.

<Rachel_> Sooner or later he'll see I'm a fraud... <Isabel> Uh.. are you frauding him? <Rachel_> No! <Isabel> Then why would he see that? <Rachel_> Oh never mind. I don't know how to say it. <Isabel> ...Okay <Rachel_> Just- maybe he'll decide I'm not good enough for him. I'm not a good match. <Rachel_> I- don't want to lose him... <Isabel> Oh knock that off :P

  • Rachel_ 's eyes flash with annoyance.

<Rachel_> Knock what off? <Isabel> Like anyone would ever be *stupid* enough to dump you :P <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> Why do you say that? What is so great about me? <Isabel> Well, you're smart, and clever, and you're prettier than anyone I know... <Rachel_> ... <Isabel> For starters... <Isabel> And you've got lots of good ideas, and you want to help people... <Rachel_> Isabel... none of that means anything. <Isabel> Um, yeah it does <Isabel> If he just wanted to date someone who could run a freakin' freehold, he'd be with Cascade or Windrider. <Isabel> Or... Chancellor Felicity <Elanya> (that is an.... odd mental image)

  • Rachel_ shakes her head.

<Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> I don't know... I just feel like there's something important missing in me. And eventually he'll find out... <Rachel_> I don't know how to explain it. It makes me sad. <Rachel_> I feel like I'm fake. <Isabel> ... <Isabel> Well, yuo aren't.

  • Isabel says firmly
  • Rachel_ looks towards a window and smiles sadly.

<Rachel_> Thanks for saying so. <Rachel_> I'm already becoming something else, though. <Isabel> Huh? <Rachel_> Or trying to... something to fit the role. Something that is not genuine. <Isabel> Why do you have to fit a role?

  • Rachel_ shrugs.

<Rachel_> Everyone expects so much of me... there's this image i have to live up to. The problem is, the image is different for everyone. <Rachel_> And I have to live up to all the images, but there is only one of me. <Rachel_> There's this Sluagh... living in my basement. <Isabel> WHy don't you worry about yourself, before you worry about other people? <Isabel> Huh? <Isabel> Uh, okay <Rachel_> She's lived here much longer than me, I'm sure...

  • Isabel nods.

<Rachel_> I'm Lady Rachel, the Underground Angel... I am so kind and generous. I help so many people. <Isabel> Yeah...? <Rachel_> I'm Baroness Rachel, too. Here to fix all the problems and try not to get killed in the process. <Rachel_> I don't know this Sluagh, or what she's doing here.

  • Isabel wonders what that has to do with the Sluagh

<Isabel> okay... <Rachel_> I don't know if she really doesn't mean to do anything wrong, if she jus wants to be left alone, like she says. <Rachel_> So I try to find out... I ask questions. <Rachel_> She won't answer any... <Rachel_> So I threatened her. It just came out of my mouth before I thought about it. <Rachel_> Now i am Rachel Gwydaine, the tyrant Sidhe, here to kick Commoners out of their homes. <Isabel> ... <Isabel> Well, you weren't yourself, that's all <Rachel_> I let her stay, in the end, even though she may be an enemy. Probably is, after what I said... <Isabel> You said you're all stressed out and stuff... <Isabel> Well, what did you say that you think was so bad? <Rachel_> So I am Rachel, that weak creature. Don't listen to anything she says; she doesn't enforce it. <Rachel_> She asked why I was asking so many questions... <Rachel_> Then she said answers don't come free. <Rachel_> So I said neither does room and board, beyond three days. <Isabel> That's not threatening, not really... <Isabel> You're being too hard on yourself <Rachel_> It's just what you might expect a Sidhe to say, though... <Rachel_> She's lived here longer than I; what right do I have to kick her out of her home? <Rachel_> I'm no better than the Sidhe who came back during the Resurgence... and demanded to have all the freeholds returned to their power. <Isabel> Well, you have... the Queen's writ, if you really thought she was bad...

  • Isabel looks more and more uncomfortable as the conversation veers deeper into politics.
  • Rachel_ looks glum.

<Rachel_> I'm sorry... I'm not much fun, am I? <Isabel> ... <Isabel> I just, uh, I can't keep up. :/ <Rachel_> ... <Rachel_> And you still think I should drag Nik down to share in my misery? <Isabel> No, I mean, I don't know about all the politics and stuff you're always talking about. <Rachel_> Oh. Well... what would you like to talk about?

  • Rachel_ smiles, but it doesn't reach her eyes.
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<Isabel> Oh gee, I don't know... <Isabel> . o O (I'm not helping :/) <Elanya> (Hey Julie :D) <Curtana> (hi :) <Isabel> (Juuuuuuu-liiiiiiiiiiiiiie) <Curtana> (arrrrrr) <Rachel_> (miao!) <Elanya> (You want to IC with us, don't you? Escapism is gooood! :D) <Rachel_> (hehe) <Curtana> (sure... just tell me what's going on :) <Rachel_> (Rachel is wallowing in misery. Isabel is trying to cheer her up.) <Rachel_> (But we can always change to something else) <Elanya> (Right now it is stuff at Rachel's freehold, but we could do something else, that is more inclusive, unless you have an idea for someone you'd like ti bring in there...) <Isabel> (unsuccesfuly) <Isabel> (unspellingly too) <Curtana> (where is her freehold? I don't think I've been here since she got it ;) <Rachel_> (In Georgia) <Curtana> (ahh) <Rachel_> (There are several knights here: 4 from House Eiluned and two from House Gwydion.) <Rachel_> (Sir Trolius was transferred from Diamond, then there is Sir Granith and two others from Duke Michael's, and the two Gwydion ones are from High Queen Morwen) <Curtana> (Are the Gwydion ones up for grabs?) <Rachel_> (And then a couple Boggan servants; and a couple stable hands) <Elanya> (yup) <Curtana> ('Cause I can work with that :) <Curtana> (Just carry on and I'll come in once I have a name ;) <Rachel_> (Yes, everything but the two Eiluned knight positions already filled are up for grabs)

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<Rachel_> (It's quite a small freehold... just an old plantation manor) <Trolius> (Yay I can have someone to guard with ;) <Curtana> (:) <Rachel_> (It's been walled in now to make it more defensible. It is surrounded by arable land farmed by commoners and mortal peasants; and there is a stables outside of the walls as well.) <Rachel_> (Within the walls is a small garden and a well, and a firepit for celebrations) <Rachel_> (It is quite a modest little freehold, really.) <Rachel_> (The guards work 8-hour shifts, two on at a time.) <Curtana> ('k) <Isabel> (so much crunching from the willa room :o) <Rachel_> (The other 16 hours of the day are yours to do with as you will, except for the occasional overtime shift so that the guards' routine is not *too* regular (and easy for nasties to make their way in)) <Rachel_> (cute willas!) <Rachel_> Well, Isabel... <Trolius> (loud willas ;p) <Rachel_> Would you like to stay for a while or did you mean to go home today? <Rachel_> I should have a room made up for you. <Isabel> Um, I meant to stay a few days.... if that's okay; I mean, if you aren't too busy. <Rachel_> (Julie, there are rumours that the Freehold is haunted!) <Isabel> I don't want to make you neglect your stuff, and make things worse for you :/ <Trolius> (One of your boggan positions is taken already, C, don't forget about Analise ;) <Rachel_> (Oh, there's a Lady of House Gwydion here, too - Lady Olivia - who is a friend and advisor to Rachel) <Rachel_> (Oh right.  :^D) <Trolius> (Analisa even) <Isabel> (She's a lush) <Isabel> (the sidhe) <Rachel_> (hehe... she does seem more like a Fionan at times...) <Isabel> (<Olivia> me likey liquor and cock! also minge!) <Rachel_> (Now now...) <Rachel_> No, you won't be any trouble at all... <Rachel_> I could use some time away from these numbers... <Isabel> OK... <Isabel> You look like you could use some *food*; I know I could <Isabel> :D <Rachel_> I've just been getting more and more frustrated with the Baron and his... free use of money. <Rachel_> It is getting on for supper time... <Rachel_> Let's go then. The dining room isn't far.

  • Trolius 's stomach growls, out in the hall

<Trolius> :( <Isabel> Hooray! <Isabel> ~Peaches come in a can <Trolius> . o O ( foooood! Don't forget to eat Rachel! ) <Rachel_> (This house is prolly a bit smaller than Janus') <Isabel> ~They were put there by a man

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<Isabel> (his house is huge... like in the Innocents :D) <Rachel_> (Ok, Rachel's is considerably smaller than his.)

  • Zahra guards with Trolius. Guard guard guard.

<Trolius> (Granith took ill ;) <Isabel> (sure :) <Zahra> (heh :)

  • Trolius whistles boredly

<Isabel> ~iiin a factory downtooown <Rachel_> (8 bedrooms, a study/audience room, dining room, kitchen, 1 parlour/salon and a kitchen, then within the walls there is a barracks/dorm sort of place for the servants and guards) <Trolius> . o O ( ~Guard guard guard, guarding all day long, guarding all day long while I sing this song~ )

  • Zahra 's eyes slide sideways at her fellow guard
  • Rachel_ stands up and stretches.
  • Trolius eyes her and pauses whistling mid-phrase
  • Trolius shrugs and keeps whistling

<Rachel_> (Trolius is a bit of a goof... when he arrived, a third Gwydion knight was returned to the High Queen. )

  • Zahra raises a finger to her lips.

<Rachel_> (Why Rachel asked for Trolius, specifically, is a matter of much speculation) <Rachel_> Coming?

  • Trolius holds up his hands, half-shrugging in a questionning manner
  • Zahra does not, however, say SSSHHH!

<Isabel> (why he was *sent* [away], however, is pretty obvious ;D)

  • Trolius sighs and stops whistling

<Isabel> Let's go

  • Rachel_ heads towards the door.
  • Isabel skips after Rachel
  • Rachel_ pulls them open.
  • Rachel_ looks at her two guards.

<Trolius> (For the record, Isabel showed up randomly, and she convinced use to let her in without being announced. I knew who she was, though) <Trolius> Good evening Ladies :D <Rachel_> Hello, Sir Zahra... what has become of Sir Granith? <Trolius> er.. My Lady and your ladyship, that is <Isabel> Hello Trolius.. <Trolius> He wans't feeling well, Your ladyship

  • Zahra nods in agreement
  • Trolius has a Big Mouth ;D

<Rachel_> Ah... <Trolius> ...he thought he felt a gjost breathing on him ;D <Trolius> (Ghost) <Isabel> That's silly; ghosts don't breathe.

  • Zahra stifles a smile at that
  • Trolius grins

<Trolius> That's what I said <Rachel_> I hope he feels better soon.

  • Rachel_ frowns slightly.

<Rachel_> We were just heading to the dining room for dinner. <Trolius> Excellent :D <Rachel_> (Rather than serve people in several locations, you tend to eat your meals in the dining room with the Baroness and everyone else) <Rachel_> (It's easier on the skeleton household staff.  :^D) <Zahra> (makes sense :) <Rachel_> (The freehold could prolly use a few more employees but Rachel hasn't made any moves to hire people)

  • Zahra should probably describe herself at some point ;)

<Isabel> Ohhh, I'm *starving*. <Rachel_> Have you met my cousin, the Lady Isabel Morningstar, Sir Zahra? <Trolius> (Yes, do that ;) <Zahra> No, my lady. <Isabel> I mean... I'm quite famished. :o

  • Isabel corrects herself.
  • Rachel_ introduces Isabel to the knight and vice-versa.
  • Zahra bows politely to the lady

<Isabel> It's a pleasure to meet you.

  • Rachel_ can't help but smile.
  • Trolius rolls his eyes
  • Isabel bows as well.

<Zahra> And you, your ladyship. <Rachel_> Isabel... "I'm starving" is fine. <Isabel> ... <Rachel_> This way, then... <Trolius> well, *I*'m starving, anyway :D

  • Trolius will go along with Rachel and co
  • Zahra will go as well.
  • Rachel_ heads towards the dining room down the hall, and this is an excellent time to describe Zahra.

<Rachel_> (A description of Trolius might be in order as well... you haven't played with him yet, have you, Julie?) <Zahra> (no... I've seen him in play, but not heard a description)

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  • Zahra is young, probably not yet 20. Her features have a distinctly African cast, though her skin is pale. Her hair is a creamy white-yellow, frizzy and pulled back in a tight topknot.

<Rachel_> (Hi fish!) <Boden> (Hi all....Changeling_ooc) <Rachel_> (I'm there already)

  • Zahra is slender and boyish.
  • Trolius is wearing plate mail atm, but is known to have straight violet hair which is sort of a middle lenght, and he keeps tied back
  • Trolius also has brilliant blue eyes and a friendly smile. /me is is somethign along the lines of an anoying bishounen ;)
  • Rachel_ and Co. get to the Dining room.
  • Zahra is wearing whatever armor and such is appropriate, and if she's supposed to carry a weapon now, she has a pike.

<Rachel_> (Yes, you are armed.)

  • Trolius has a sword

<Trolius> (Pikes are wussy ;p) <Zahra> (Pikes are good for little people ;) <Trolius> (they are also pointless inside) <Rachel_> (This is the Kingdom of Willows, full of civil unrest, and people who have reason to dislike Rachel because she helped end the Common Laws)

  • Zahra also has a knife, if it makes Trolius happy ;)

<Trolius> (Trolius doesn't really care so much ;) <Rachel_> Have a seat, Isabel.

  • Isabel sits down.
  • Trolius waits 'til Rachel sits, wishing she'd hurry up ;)
  • Zahra will also wait

<Rachel_> (There is a large, dark oak table with carved edges and carved pedestals; there are matching chairs.)

  • Rachel_ sits.
  • Trolius sits, yaaaay!
  • Isabel looks for food :o
  • Trolius sighs

<Trolius> . o O ( heavy! )

  • Zahra also sits, yay :)
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  • Analisa and another girl enter, pushing a little cart with platters of stuff on

<Rachel_> (The boggans bring out covered platters of steaming food and sit down as well, I guess... everyone has to eat. ^-^ The stable hands and off-duty guards join, although Ganrith is prolly absent since he is sick.) <Rachel_> (But do what you want with Analisa)

  • Analisa hums happily to herself as she hels dish stuff out

<Analisa> (The boggans seem to have been prepared for Isabel)

  • Analisa will serve Rachel and the guest first, of course, and then the knights, and everyone else, but there are so few of us it hardly matters ;)
  • Analisa will talk and joke with people as she serves, too

<Rachel_> (It's really not very formal at all, compared to Diamond's!)

  • Rachel_ talks with Isabel and her staff.

<Rachel_> . o O (I should probably quell the rumours about the ghost at the end of the meal.) <Rachel_> . o O (How much to tell them?  :^P) <Rachel_> . o O (Decisions, decisions...)

  • Isabel eats like a horse. :D
  • Analisa is an older wilder, a plain looking boggan with short straw-blonde hair
  • Analisa has plenty of food...
  • Analisa has turkey with chestnut stuffing, and cranberry sause, mashed potatoes, ginger carrots, sting beans and butter, fresh rolls, beer, milk, water and orange juice...

<Rachel_> . o O (I wonder how long we'll be able to eat this well... o.O) <Analisa> (squash, too, and pie for dessert)

  • Trolius also eats like horse
  • Rachel_ compliments the Boggans for another fine meal.

<Analisa> oh, it's nothing, your ladyship

  • Rachel_ does not eat like a horse; she eats very daintily. :^D

<Analisa> You don't deserve anything less after the hard day you put in <Zahra> (oh yeah, and Zahra has violet eyes and is of above-average but not astounding prettiness) <Isabel> (what's for DESSERT? :D) <Rachel_> Analisa, at least I got to sit down for most of my day...

  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Analisa will bring in the desserts... apple pir or peach cobbler with hommade vanilla ice cream

<Rachel_> You're always on your feet! <Analisa> (pie) <Isabel> Peeeeeaaaach cobbler :o <Analisa> They say I was born on my feet, your ladyship, they just don't know what to do If I sit down too long ;)

  • Analisa will get Isabel a big piece of cobbler
  • Rachel_ laughs.

<Analisa> ice crea, my lady? <Analisa> (cream) <Isabel> Oh, please!

  • Analisa will give Is a big scoop

<Isabel> (where does she put it all? :D) <Isabel> Thank yoU! <Analisa> Welcome :D

  • Analisa will dish out desserts, yay
  • Trolius has pie
  • Zahra eats sparingly but not too daintily.
  • Trolius is....a gorwing boy... or something

<Trolius> (Growing) <Rachel_> Mmmmm.... it's *delicious*.

  • Analisa will clear away other dishes and stuff with the help of the other staff

<Analisa> Well, I hope so, your ladyship :D <Rachel_> Analisa (and the other household staff whose names I do not know yet), stay a moment please. <Analisa> hmm? <Analisa> Of course...

  • Analisa pauses
  • Rachel_ stands up.
  • Isabel looks up.
  • Analisa exchanges a look with the other serving girl, and pile dishes quetly on the cart instead of taking them directly away ;)
  • Trolius looks up, mouth full of pie
  • Zahra pays attention as well

<Rachel_> I'm aware that there are rumours flying about of a haunting. I'd just like to take a moment to reassure you that I have been looking into it. <Rachel_> I have been researching the subject and consulting with various people whose opinions I respect.

  • Zahra looks intrigued
  • Analisa cocks her head and listens intently while stacking things

<Rachel_> I... have had some personal contact with the ghost myself. It is my opinion that it means no harm to any of you. <Rachel_> (By the way, Miss Gwydion, none of this is coming off as lies)

  • Isabel wants to know how she knows that... so curious
  • Trolius raises his eyebrows
  • Analisa purses her lips a bit, and keeps clearing

<Rachel_> I am working on it still but I just wanted to make sure you all had the same information. <Rachel_> And that none of it was *mis*information. <Rachel_> If you have any concerns about the matter, please come to me.

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<Rachel_> Meanwhile, I'd count it a favour if you'd not let this little bit of information spread beyond the confines of these walls. <Kitty_> (allo) <Trolius> (ooc!) <Rachel_> (Rachel doesn't usually *order* people; she makes polite requests, that you are meant to obey.  ;^D)

  • Analisa surreptitiously cocks and eyebrow at that, but keeps doing her job...

<Kitty_> (wow, live journal is being a real ho) <Trolius> . o O ( if she doesn't want us to do it, she sould just say 'don't do it!'. Or people could just decide that she owes them a lot of favours... ) <Rachel_> (She's still learning.) <Rachel_> (But, in the oath of fealty, it *does* say "Your command is my desire, and your request my desire... <Rachel_> Do any of you have any concerns you wish to bring up right now? <Trolius> (Desire is nice and all, but we don't always get what we want ^-^)

  • Isabel tries to look inconspicuous.
  • Zahra clears her throat and nods

<Rachel_> I'll answer you if I can; if not, I shall find an answer for you as soon as I may. <Zahra> I have one...

  • Analisa eyes Zahra and waits her turn, then

<Zahra> In the past, I've had some... dealings.. with spirits. I'm not claiming to be an expert or anything, I just thought it was something you should know. <Rachel_> Oh? That is good to know, Sir Zahra.

  • Analisa raies a hand

<Analisa> Your Ladyship?

  • Zahra nods politely
  • Rachel_ glances at the Boggan.

<Rachel_> One moment, please, Analisa.

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<Rachel_> Sir Zahra, what shift are you working tomorrow?

  • Analisa waits.
  • Zahra says.. :)

<Zahra> The evening, milady.

  • Rachel_ made the schedule but it's difficult to keep track of everyone. ^-^

<Rachel_> Hmm... would you be free in the evening? <Rachel_> (you're working the day shift again.  :^) ) <Rachel_> I'd like to speak with you if you will be. <Zahra> Of course.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Rachel_> After supper tomorrow, then.

  • Rachel_ turns to Analisa.

<Rachel_> All right Analisa.

  • Zahra nods
  • Rachel_ smiles.
  • Analisa smiles back

<Analisa> I was wondering if your ladyship required any assistance with her research? melanie (I'm naming your other boggan) and I may have more familiarity with the library here... <Rachel_> (Did they work here under the Baron?  :^o ) <Analisa> (Yes) <Rachel_> (They have sworn fealty to me, though... >:^/ ) <Rachel_> (Right?) <Analisa> (Yes!) <Rachel_> (Ok.)

  • Rachel_ smiles again.

<Rachel_> Well, if you have time, you may be able to work with Sir Trolius and Sir Granith. <Rachel_> They were hoping to do some research as well.

  • Zahra looks around slightly, but subtly.

<Analisa> Yes, Your Ladyship <Rachel_> . o O (It will keep them occupied...) <Rachel_> . o O (I probably know much of what they could find out already...  :^/) <Rachel_> Any references you can find to spirits would be good. <Rachel_> But I don't anticipate any trouble for you from this one. <Analisa> If your ladyship can tell us what texts she has already consulted, it would also be helpful... <Rachel_> . o O (I ought to ask him whether there are some native ghosts here...  :^P) <Rachel_> I'll make a list for you this evening. <Analisa> thank you your ladyship :) <Rachel_> You're welcome. <Rachel_> Now... the last thing I must tell you is: don't try anything on your own. <Rachel_> In regards to the ghost.

      • Sascha is now known as Sleet
  • Sleet slinks in the back.

<Rachel_> I wish to be consulted about any techniques you may come across. I will decide whether we will take action or not.

  • Analisa nods

<Rachel_> I don't wish to anger the ghost.

  • Sleet sits in the corner, on the floor, holding her toes.
  • Trolius eyes sleet, thoughtfully

<Sleet> . o O (He's already angry)

  • Rachel_ notices the sluagh.

<Rachel_> Hello, Sleet...

  • Zahra glances at the newcomer
  • Sleet looks up but doesn't say anything/

<Rachel_> Are you hungry? <Rachel_> There is food left. <Rachel_> . o O (You probably want it mostly putrified, though...) <Analisa> Oh, we'll take care of her, your Ladyship, she won't go hungry in our kitchen :)

  • Sleet is a not-unattractive - actually, unusually alluring - sluagh; rail thin, with wispy white hair hanging down to her shoulders, and shiny black eyes. She is wearing a simple grey smock, and has a cobwebby shawl wrapped around her bony shoulders.
  • Sleet smiles a toothless smile for the boggan.

<Rachel_> . o O (Mental note: consult Analisa and Melanie regarding Sleet. ) <Trolius> . o O ( I guess she knows where they keep the compoast heap, hmm... ) <Rachel_> Thank you, Analisa. <Analisa> your always welcome, Your Ladyship :) <Analisa> 9i need to go to beeeed) <Rachel_> (me too) <Kitty_> (arr)

  • Sleet pulls her shawl close around her, and shivers.

<Rachel_> Well, if there are no more questions, please, return to your duties and other business.

  • Sleet watches... something
  • Zahra watches Sleet...
  • Analisa nods and boggans off
  • Trolius watches her, and then glances where she is watching

<Isabel> (somewhere near Zahra)

  • Trolius doesn't see anything ;)
  • Rachel_ turns to Isabel.

<Trolius> (When do our shifts turn over?) <Rachel_> They've probably already made your room up. I'll find out which one it is. <Isabel> Okay!

  • Isabel chirps, oblivious to all the glance-exchanging

<Rachel_> (You only came on around 4 pm so not until 12 or so) <Rachel_> (Ah, 3 pm let's say.. so around 11) <Trolius> ("k)

  • Trolius will continue guarding
      • Trolius is now known as Elanya

<Elanya> (must sleep...)

  • Zahra goes back to guarding as well
  • Rachel_ finds out the room from Analisa or Melanie and shows Isabel to it and stuff)