Eletyl Atar'Quil

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Eletyl is a priest of Serpent, originally from Hlintarn but now residing in Diablotin and involved with the Shadar-kai church of Serpent in The Shade. They live with Emkathon Órecalo. Eletyl uses the gender-neutral pronoun 'they'. They have pale white skin and short black hair with a brilliant red streak.

Although Eletyl does not readily share this information, their father was actually a demon, likely a Succubus, with whom their mother was involved in an attempt to gain power for her church. The red streak in their hair is natural, and because of this visual aberration (on the Shadow Plane), they were isolated from the rest of the population at Hlintarn. Although raised as a girl by their mother, Eletyl is actually intersex, though is it not at all clear that this is related to their demonic heritage and not just a natural variation. When Justen Olivier and Xandhìl Órecalo visited Hlintarn, they met Eletyl and helped them uncover their heritage and start to come to terms with their differences and embrace an identity they were comfortable living.