Diamond & Rachel, 11/10/2002

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  • Rachel_ is too clever to raise Di's ire by being snarky.
  • Diamond_ summons Rachel to her salon.
  • Rachel_ wonders what the heck she's done now...
  • Rachel_ cleans up quickly and goes with all haste to her grandmother.

<Rachel_> (is there a page or does Rachel have to let herself in? i assume a pageboy/girl) <Diamond_> (yeah a pageperson of some sort)

  • Rachel_ is ushered in by the pageperson.
  • Rachel_ curtsies deeply.

<Diamond_> Ah, Rachel. <Diamond_> Prompt as always.

  • Diamond_ smiles tautly.

<Diamond_> Please, sit.

  • Rachel_ smiles nervously and takes a seat.
  • Diamond_ nods dismissively to the pageperson.

<Rachel_> (it leaves.) <Diamond_> (lol) <Diamond_> No need to fidget, dear. <Rachel_> Very well.

  • Diamond_ says in a tone that's not all *that* reassuring.
  • Rachel_ stops fidgeting and steels herself.

<Rachel_> (what does she like to have Rachel call her? Countess? Your Excellency? Grandmother?  ;^) ) <Diamond_> (Not Grandmother... ew.) <Rachel_> (I figured not.  ;^) ) <Rachel_> (What then?) <Diamond_> (Countess.) <Rachel_> (ok) <Diamond_> (probably) <Diamond_> (Grandmother is she's feeling *very* friendly.) <Diamond_> (s/is/if) <Rachel_> (So... like, never?  ;^D ) <Diamond_> (it could happen!) <Diamond_> I feel we don't... talk enough.

  • Rachel_ looks a bit off balance at this statement but covers it up admirably.

<Diamond_> This... situation with your father. How are you coping? <Diamond_> I understand you spoke to him the other day. <Rachel_> I did, Countess. <Diamond_> And?

  • Rachel_ says stiffly.

<Rachel_> Well, I am sure that if you could not dissuade him, you know that I had no further luck.

  • Diamond_ paces back and forth in front of Rachel, the crisp fabric of her dress rustling like dry leaves.

<Diamond_> What did he say?

  • Rachel_ is not put at ease by Diamond pacing.

<Rachel_> Not much, Countess... I'm afraid I did most of the talking. <Diamond_> I see. <Rachel_> He said he was responsible for her... utter nonsense.

  • Diamond_ stops pacing and stands in front of Rachel.

<Diamond_> Quite.

  • Rachel_ looks pensive as she tries to recall the discussion.

<Rachel_> (Ceiridwen ooc also tries to recall what all was said...) <Rachel_> He wanted her someplace he could keep an eye on her. He was worried about her being in the desert on her own. <Rachel_> . o O (*sigh* Here I'd hoped she /actually/ wanted to talk to me, but I'm just another source of information.) <Diamond_> Yes, yes, all of that...

  • Diamond_ purses her lips briefly.

<Rachel_> She grew up there, so I'm sure she would make do just fine on her own...

  • Rachel_ trails off.

<Diamond_> How did he look? <Rachel_> Distraught. <Rachel_> He was quite upset by the discussion he had with you. <Diamond_> Distraught, hmm?

  • Rachel_ nods. "He mentioned something about being the complete opposite of his late father, and that really seemed to bother him."

<Diamond_> Well...

  • Diamond_ puts her hands on her hips.

<Diamond_> Perhaps... <Diamond_> Perhaps I have knocked some sense into him at last. <Diamond_> ...

  • Rachel_ looks doubtful.

<Diamond_> You disagree? <Rachel_> The impression I got from him is that he fully intends to continue hosting that Satyr at his Freehold. <Diamond_> Oh, bloody hells. <Diamond_> ...

  • Rachel_ says 'that Satyr' almost as an epithet.

<Diamond_> (She doesn't usually use such naughty language.)

  • Rachel_ 's eyes widen in shock.

<Diamond_> He is so stubborn! <Diamond_> I do not know where he gets it.

  • Diamond_ frowns,

<Diamond_> That Deborah was one thing. <Diamond_> But this child is going to be nothing but trouble! <Diamond_> (scratch the 'that')

  • Rachel_ nods, quite at a loss for words. When Di says 'I don't know where he gets it.' It's all Rachel can do to /not/ let Di see her hold back a snort of disbelief.

<Rachel_> . o O (I think it's quite obvious where he got it.) <Rachel_> I agree. <Diamond_> What am I to do? <Rachel_> I wish he had never cast that spell to locate her, and I wish she was unselfish enough to stay away from him. <Rachel_> I don't know, Countess.

  • Rachel_ says sadly.

<Rachel_> If I did, you'd be the first to know. <Diamond_> Well...

  • Diamond_ turns away from Rachel, so that her face is no longer visible.

<Diamond_> -_-

  • Diamond_ looks back.
  • Rachel_ sits quietly, watching Diamond, wondering whether she will get out of this alive or not. (figuratively)

<Diamond_> I understand you have made a new friend.

  • Rachel_ can't quite subdue the blush that rises to her pale cheeks.
  • Diamond_ arches an eyebrow.

<Diamond_> Oh my. <Diamond_> Perhaps I ought to chaperone the two of you, after all.

  • Diamond_ 's lips twitch upwards in an almost-smile.
  • Rachel_ blushes more and casts her eyes downward modestly, but at that statement her eyes flutter open again and she looks right at Di's face.

<Rachel_> Oh, no! I told him we must meet in public places only. I don't want nasty rumours to spread. <Diamond_> Nasty rumours? <Rachel_> Well, you know... It's nothing like that! <Diamond_> Oh, dear. <Diamond_> It isn't? <Rachel_> He's interested in my political views.

  • Diamond_ arches an eyebrow.
  • Rachel_ manages to say with a straight face.

<Diamond_> And what are you interested in?

  • Diamond_ 's eyes sparkle a tiny bit.

<Rachel_> Well...

  • Rachel_ looks off to the side.

<Rachel_> His political views? <Diamond_> Hmf.

  • Rachel_ tries, then smiles, realizing how that must sound.

<Rachel_> Oh, he's different from the rest. He's interested in my mind!

  • Rachel_ says with feeling.

<Diamond_> He seems very nice. <Diamond_> He ... reminds me of someone.

  • Diamond_ smiles absently.

<Rachel_> Did you give him an audience, then? <Diamond_> And he isn't Giacomo's vassal. <Diamond_> Oh heavens, no.

  • Rachel_ says, jumping on a possible subject change.

<Diamond_> I'm sending a Message. <Rachel_> Oh. All right. <Rachel_> He is of our House. <Diamond_> Yes, I know.

  • Rachel_ says, trying to push him a bit. ;^)

<Diamond_> He's from the Kingdom of Painted Sands, I believe. <Diamond_> So my sources say. <Diamond_> The Duchy of Rosehill.

  • Rachel_ blushes /again/, believing Diamond must be judging her lax in her information gathering, since she herself hadn't known that yet.... ;^)

<Diamond_> Your judgement certainly surpasses your father's...

  • Rachel_ 's face clouds over a bit.

<Rachel_> Yes, well. <Diamond_> Hm. <Diamond_> Perhaps if young Nikolai were to return at another time.

  • Rachel_ becomes a bit stiffer and more formal when the subject returns to her father; she'd been really animated when the talk was of Nikolai.

<Diamond_> Outside the shadow of this... unpleasantness. <Rachel_> May we still have our discussion tonight?

  • Rachel_ pleads.

<Diamond_> Oh, certainly. <Rachel_> Oh, good. I need something to take my mind of Father. <Rachel_> (off) <Diamond_> as do I...

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<Diamond_> ...

  • Diamond_ sighs a little sigh.
  • Rachel_ blanches a bit.

<Rachel_> Are you going to- going to chaperone us then? <Diamond_> OH... no. <Diamond_> He's from... a very respectable family...

  • Diamond_ says distractedly.
  • Rachel_ is silly with thinking of Nikolai and so she's not thinking things through as clearly as she usually would. ;^)

<Rachel_> What are you going to do, Countess, if I might be so bold as to ask? He is my father, I believe I have some right to know what will become of things.

  • Rachel_ says boldly.

<Diamond_> I am uncertain. <Diamond_> Everything fell apart so quickly.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Diamond_> When she was here, everything was in hand. <Diamond_> But now, I'm put in a rather difficult position.

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Diamond_> I can sit by and do nothing, and watch her ruin his life...

  • Diamond_ doesn't sat 'again,' for Rachel's benefit.

<Diamond_> (say) <Rachel_> And if you do something, he might set himself against you...

  • Rachel_ sighs.

<Diamond_> Or I can intervene, lose my son, and in the end he would probably still find some way to be with her, and she'll ruin his life.

  • Diamond_ sits down beside Rachel.

<Rachel_> (the ironic thing is that Hayley would agree 100% with what these two believe... she had hoped to stay out of his life, but then he came for her, and she wanted so much to be with him that she gave in to her temptation) <Diamond_> Sometimes I think I am not cut out for this Mommy business.

  • Rachel_ wonders how Diamond would react to a gesture of comfort...

<Rachel_> (does she look like she needs some comfort?) <Diamond_> I wonder how things might have turned out... <Diamond_> (maybe...) <Rachel_> (I think she does, she's getting all melancholy...) <Diamond_> (Diamond has a special fondness for Rachel, as you know)

  • Rachel_ will take one of Diamond's hands into her own to show her support, and squeeze it comfortingly.
  • Diamond_ smiles tightly.
  • Diamond_ sighs.
  • Rachel_ is uncertain how something more overt, such as an arm around her shoulder, would be taken

<Diamond_> Perhaps I shouldn't have said those things about his father...

  • Rachel_ nods.

<Diamond_> ... <Diamond_> I do wish you could have known him, dear. <Rachel_> I think that might have been a bit too harsh. I mean he never knew Grandf- I mean the (insert his title here- i assume he was a Count, since Di is a Countess), so he did not have that rolemodel to look up to. <Diamond_> I was so upset; I just wanted him to listen... <Rachel_> Well, you love him. Sometimes we do harsh things to the ones we love, when we see them being foolish. <Diamond_> (he was a Count, yes)

  • Rachel_ says with the certainty borne of youth. ;^)

<Diamond_> Sometimes, it feels like it was only yesterday that he was here... <Diamond_> And then, sometimes... I cannot recall his face...

  • Rachel_ will slide her free arm (the one closest to Di) behind her back and up between her wings to give her a kind of half-hug.

<Diamond_> Except when I see Janus.

  • Diamond_ sighs deeply.

<Rachel_> I wish I had known him... Does Daddy look so much like him? <Diamond_> When the light is right...

  • Diamond_ smiles wistfully.

<Diamond_> You should ask Dovev about him. <Diamond_> He never forgets anything.

  • Rachel_ smiles a bit sadly.

<Rachel_> Maybe I will. <Rachel_> It seems all I've had of half my family is stories...

  • Rachel_ 's face hardens.

<Rachel_> And the ones about mother were much embellished, I'm sure. <Diamond_> Your mother... <Rachel_> Abandoned me. <Diamond_> I've never unsterstood what happened. <Rachel_> She didn't even disappear in a war, dying for the cause. <Rachel_> She left. <Rachel_> Just left. <Diamond_> I know she was ill, but... <Diamond_> It was cruel.

  • Rachel_ draws her arms back from Diamond and crosses them in her lap helplessly.

<Diamond_> . o O ( *1 ) <Diamond_> . o O (Perhaps I should tell her that she went mad. Maybe that would make it easier on the girl.) <Rachel_> Tally would say she just did what animals do. <Diamond_> (I forgot my aliases don't work! :/) <Rachel_> But she wasn't an animal. She was one of us. <Diamond_> ... <Diamond_> It is possible that she was not entirely in her right mind. <Diamond_> From what I was told, anyhow. <Rachel_> Daddy would try to make it seem that way, wouldn't he?

  • Rachel_ says bitterly.

<Diamond_> The boggan girl told me that... <Rachel_> Oh, Tara. <Rachel_> Tara loved her too.

  • Rachel_ says, as if to say they both would want to delude themselves.

<Rachel_> But I suppose I am being unreasonable. <Diamond_> I'll never understand it, even so. <Rachel_> It's just as likely that she went mad as she got tired of us and decided to move on. <Rachel_> We won't ever know, and frankly, I'm not sure I want to. <Diamond_> Janus would have done anything for that girl... <Diamond_> She must have known he could help her. <Diamond_> I wonder sometimes if she simply did not have the stamina for immortality.

  • Diamond_ frowns.

<Rachel_> That's what Tara said. She wasn't meant to live as long as Daddy, and only lived as long as she did because she was living in a Freehold. <Rachel_> Father doesn't speak to me about Naming much, but if it's as powerful as it's said to be, surely he could have changed her? <Diamond_> Yes... <Diamond_> I'm not sure why he didn't... <Rachel_> He could have made her so she wouldn't hurt him... <Diamond_> But he has always been reluctant to practice its most powerful application. <Rachel_> (actually, you can't change certain things with Naming...) <Diamond_> (yeah, certain things) <Diamond_> (Diamond doesn't have Naming, though, so she doesn't know the little details) <Rachel_> (I know, and neither does Rachel.  ;^D ) <Diamond_> I think sometimes that his conscience is rather too large for this House.

  • Rachel_ will lean her head against Di's shoulder, needing some comfort herself now.
  • Diamond_ puts her arm around Rachel, feeling uncharacteristically maternal.

<Diamond_> Well, take this in what sense you will, my dear. <Rachel_> . o O (Oh dear, what about my conscience? She couldn't have forgotten my Commoner sympathies...) <Diamond_> Until that day... <Diamond_> I thought she was... an uncommon girl. <Diamond_> And were it not for her, I wouldn't have such a fine granddaughter!

  • Rachel_ takes some comfort from that.

<Rachel_> If only the rest of House Eiluned agreed...

  • Rachel_ jokes.

<Diamond_> Hmf. <Diamond_> You'll have plenty of time to prove your worth to them. <Rachel_> Well, it's not really a problem now, but growing up, as a Childling among other Childlings, it wasn't always easy. <Rachel_> Children can be so cruel. <Rachel_> But Tally and Aidan always stuck up for me. <Diamond_> (Diamond thinks this commoner thing is just a phase, something that will pass with age and wisdom) <Rachel_> Tally always had a black eye or a huge bruise somewhere from 'defending my honour'.

  • Rachel_ smiles, remembering.

<Rachel_> They are good brothers. <Diamond_> Mm. <Rachel_> Maybe not good sons, but good brothers.

  • Rachel_ amends, taking Di's Mm for disagreement.

<Diamond_> I thought he was still on good terms with Aidan. <Rachel_> Oh yes, he is.

  • Diamond_ 's eyes sparkle.

<Diamond_> Perhaps we should talk to Aidan. <Diamond_> I hadn't thought of that. <Rachel_> Tally... Tally has his own troubles to get over. He lost a true love, too, you know...

  • Rachel_ trails off.

<Rachel_> Maybe Aidan could help... <Rachel_> But he doesn't usually assert himself very much. <Rachel_> And I don't know how he feels about this whole mess. <Diamond_> I shall find out.

  • Diamond_ gets her scheming face on.

<Rachel_> . o O (Oh no, I've unleashed a monster.) <Diamond_> . o O (One more chance!) <Rachel_> . o O (Aidan probably doesn't dislike Hayley very much... and if he doesn't agree with Grandmother's point of view, she might decide she doesn't like him... *sigh* I'm sorry, Aidan. I shouldn't have opened my big mouth.) <Diamond_> . o O (Aidan will see how upset Rachel is...)

  • Diamond_ stands up.

<Rachel_> He's in Concordia still... <Diamond_> I shall send a message.

  • Rachel_ sits up, removing her head from Di's shoulder as the older sidhe stands.
  • Diamond_ says, more animated now.

<Diamond_> Oh! <Rachel_> What? <Diamond_> It's getting late, isn't it. <Diamond_> You should get ready to meet your young prince. <Rachel_> Oh!

  • Diamond_ smiles.
  • Rachel_ 's eyes fly up to check the clock.

<Rachel_> He's only a Lord...

  • Rachel_ mumbles, embarrassed.

<Diamond_> Hm hm, for now.

  • Diamond_ smiles coyly.

<Rachel_> Oh... haven't the black and silver Houses tried to take over enough Kingdoms yet?

  • Rachel_ smiles nervously, trying to make a joke.

<Diamond_> Oh, my dear girl, it's never enough.

  • Diamond_ laughs.

<Rachel_> . o O (Oh, no....) <Diamond_> (first time you've heard *that* sound since the Giacomo fiasco) <Rachel_> I don't think I'm cut out to be anything more than what I am... <Diamond_> Don't understimate yourself. <Diamond_> You're a Gwydaine. <Diamond_> Now, run along!

  • Rachel_ smiles weakly.

<Rachel_> . o O (But I don't want to be a Queen...)

  • Rachel_ stands up and curtseys.
  • Rachel_ takes her leave of her grandmother.
  • Diamond_ calls Dovev to go and find Aidan...

<Rachel_> . o O (Well, it will never happen, anyway. And she does like plotting so...) <Rachel_> . o O (I guess it can't harm anything... I hope...) <Diamond_> . o O (Things are looking up for that girl!) <Diamond_> . o O (And if I have a little luck, Aidan will help me turn Janus around.) <Rachel_> (oh dear, what do you know that I don't...?  ;^D )

      • Rachel_ is now known as Aidan

<Diamond_> (She's just hoping that a nice respectable boy will be a good influence... and it helps if he might inherit some nice respectable titles, too) <Diamond_> I think I need to sleep for tonight :o <Aidan> (See, Rachel's actually a really nice girl...  ;^) ) <Aidan> (OK, so do I.) <Diamond_> (to other girls) <Aidan> (I only changed nicks 'cause I thought you were hoping to go on.)