Diamond & Kolya after his quest, 5/28/2005

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  • Diamond would have summoned to her chambers you once you were recovered fully.
  • Kolya will come when summoned

<Kolya> (Did she really wait until I was *fully* recovered? Because I was willing to come before then ;) <Diamond> (well, recovered enough to be comfortable I guess)

  • Kolya will be ushered in, probably by WR
  • Diamond is propped up in a large overstuffed chair, close to the window, looking more tired than you remember.
      • Debbie is now known as Deb-afk

<Diamond> (Once WR leaves you are, as far as you can tell, alone with the queen) <Kolya> YOur majesty

  • Kolya bows deeply

<Diamond> Kolya. <Diamond> I am pleased to see you have returned safely.

  • Diamond is swathed in many layers of diaphanous white material.

<Diamond> Come and sit. <Kolya> I owe that to Dovev, and Andrea and Ulysses, but thank you...

  • Kolya comes and sits.
  • Diamond scrutinizes you; her eyes are as clear and cutting as ever, despite her illness.
  • Kolya feels almost guilty, because he doesn't have anything good, or ebven really solid, to show for his efforts
  • Diamond seems to sense your discomfort, frowning slightly.
  • Diamond shifts in her chair, her pale wings shimmering faintly in the sunlight.

<Diamond> Tell me of your travels then, seer. <Diamond> Tell me what tidings your quest has brought us.

  • Kolya nods, pulling himself together so that he can get this out without seaming too pathetic :p
  • Diamond waits for you to begin, her expression unreadable.

<Kolya> The trip to Snowdown was not very difficuult,. Even ascending the mountain was not too diffcult. I started my preparations the

 first noght there, to try and purify myself, and be more receptive to the messages of Dan.

<Kolya> The others camped near the summit, and I travel up alone. They checked on me every day, and I did my best to concentrate on your

 majesty's questions
  • Diamond folds her hands gracefully over her stomach.

<Kolya> You know that I have felt uneasy about your condition... And yet I couldn't say why, and no visions came to me about it. <Diamond> Yes.

  • Diamond pierces you with her gaze.

<Kolya> At first, my quest showed me nothing,, but I could feel myself becoming more in touch with.... I'm not sure how to explain it to

 you.  The web woven for this country.

<Kolya> When the visions came... It was overwhelming. I can't remember all of them, not all at one time. <Kolya> I Saw a great many things, about people I know, and some I don't.... I know I saw rachel, and, maybe something that must have to do

 with hayley, I'm sure, and my friend Andrea....  And I saw a great bell rining in a church, and every toll it played was just... 
  • Kolya tries not to get distracted recounting things that are besides the point rght now.
  • Diamond leans forward slightly, leaning her chin delicately on the back of one hand.

<Kolya> I could not *see* what lies in your future. But I do know why I have felt so uneasy about this... So I can give you somethign of an

  • Kolya proceeds bravely, making himself look you in the eye.

<Diamond> ...What is it, then? <Kolya> before I came here, I saw the web of your family's lives. <Kolya> I don't know what is going to happen, now. But I remember what I saw then. <Kolya> And Your family is not meant to increase in numbers, not now...

  • Diamond 's lips thin slightly as she grows more impatient

<Diamond> You think not. <Kolya> You will live.... or your child will live. <Kolya> But not both.

  • Diamond sits back again.

<Diamond> Your news brings little joy. <Kolya> I am sorry, your majesty.

  • Diamond is silent for a moment or two.
  • Kolya says sadly and sincerely.

<Diamond> It seems I have a decision to make. <Diamond> In the meantime, you shall tell no-one of this.

  • Kolya nods

<Kolya> Of course, your majesty. <Diamond> I shall wish to speak to you again regarding Rachel and Hayley, if you care to try and sort out what you have seen.

  • Kolya nods.

<Diamond> At the moment, I am fatigued. <Kolya> If I can write it all down, I thikn it will sort itself all out. but I will leave you to rest. <Diamond> I ... thank you for your efforts. <Diamond> You may go.

  • Kolya will stand and bow.

<Kolya> I only wish I could have done better. <Kolya> . o O ( I'm sorry I failed you :( ) <Diamond> It is beyond your control.

  • Diamond looks out the window.
  • Kolya nods, and will go if he is dismissed

<Diamond> (you are :)

  • Kolya will go off an brood somewhere, and then start working on writing down all his visions from Wales