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Diablotin 3 session logs
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Session date: June 25, 2017
Diablotin date:


Sylvise tries to rekindle the flame between Dorien and Nedezde... in Misery's presence

<DiablotinNarrator> Dorien, you're over at your parents' house for some reason... maybe dinner, free food is always good ;)

<Dorien> (nom nom nom)

<Dorien> (Just me?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (Misery can be there if you'd like :)

<Dorien> (Would they have invited her?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (yes)

<Dorien> (Sylvise probably would at least )

<Dorien> (Ok :) )

<DiablotinNarrator> (yup your mom would say she's welcome to come :)

  • Sylvise will make small talk about how things are going lately, the weather, whatever ;)
  • Dorien will talk to them about how business is going.

<Sylvise> That sounds wonderful, dear :) We're so proud of you.

<Dorien> Well, it's a start :)

<Dorien> I couldn't have done it without Misery's help.

  • Dorien squeezes her hand
  • Misery smiles and squeezes back

<Sylvise> Oh, do you know who I saw yesterday when I was at the library?

<Dorien> Who?

<Sylvise> That nice elven girl you used to see - Nedezde? Am I pronouncing that right?

  • Dorien chokes slightly on wine.
  • Misery gives you a look

<Dorien> Nedezde is here?

<Dorien> In Diablotin?

<Sylvise> Well it seems like it! She was at the Castalia library yesterday checking out some books. I said hello, but I'm not sure if she remembered who I was.

<Dorien> Wow... um... I haven't seen her since I was 16.

<Sylvise> Oh, well, once I told her I was Dorien's mother, she remembered you :)

<Dorien> Oh... so you... talked to her?

<Sylvise> A little, yes.

<Dorien> Did she say what brought her back here?

<Sylvise> I presume her studies - she said she was taking some courses at the Castalia. You know, she hardly has an accent, you can barely notice it at all!

<Dorien> -_-

<Dorien> She grew up here, mother...

<Sylvise> Oh, well, yes, I know that, but she's been off in foreign parts for so long I thought she might have forgotten her Aveyronnais. But apparently not!

<Misery> So this is an old girlfriend of yours?

  • Misery asks with a slight smirk
  • Dorien glances at his dad a bit sheepishly.

<Dorien> Yes. Although certain parties on both sides didn't exactly approve of it.

<Jerard> I wouldn't have thought her father would allow her to come back here, after all that.

<Dorien> She's older than me, father. I'm sure she can make her own decisions.

<Jerard> Well, don't they have all sorts of strict rules about obeying your elders and so on? You know - I can understand where they're coming from...

<Dorien> She was never the most ardent adherent to that rule, if I recall.

<Dorien> Besides, I'm sure her being here has nothing to do with me.

<Sylvise> Perhaps her father's changed his mind about the dangers of a human city. She wasn't with a chaperone or anything like that.

<Dorien> Well, Diablotin's not the safest place in the world, but I'm sure she can take care of herself. Especially at the Castalia.

<Sylvise> Well in any case, she said she was staying at the Mirableu, that's quite a nice hotel - I don't know if that means she's only staying here for a short while, or if she's just got the money to stay there indefinitely.

<Dorien> Huh... well, her father was an ambassador. I'm sure she can afford it.

<Dorien> Did she... say anything else?

<Sylvise> Oh, well, she asked if you were doing well, and I told her about your new business.

  • Dorien nods.

<Dorien> Did she happen to mention what she was here to study?

<Sylvise> No, but her books were mostly about interplanar things? all very abstract and philosophical, you know.

<Dorien> ...huh...

<Sylvise> I thought she was an alchemist, so it seemed like a bit of a switch. But you know, elves live so long, maybe they need to study a lot of different things so they don't get bored.

<Misery> <m>...we do get bored easily...

  • Misery says under her breath

<Dorien> Yeah, she was a better alchemist than me. Which - before you say it, Mis - I guess isn't saying a lot, but still.

  • Misery chuckles

<Dorien> She always did have kind of a fascination with more abstract stuff.

<Dorien> Well, thanks for letting me know, mother. Saves me the shock if I run into her somewhere.

<Sylvise> I'm sure she'd be delighted to see you again. I mean, they don't get very emotional, elves, but you could tell.

<Dorien> Mother...

<Dorien> That's not...

<Dorien> Never mind.

<Dorien> Wait... you could tell what?

<Sylvise> Could tell that she wanted to see you, of course. I don't mean to say she's still carrying a torch after all these years - although with elves, maybe it seems shorter? - but just that she was interested in how you were doing.

<Dorien> Gods, Mother...

<Misery> I don't know, maybe we should pay her a visit, Dorien :)

  • Dorien looks at Misery.

<Dorien> o.O

  • Misery says in a mischievous voice that you can tell she's putting on particularly to fuck with your mother ;p

<Dorien> Well... ummm... hey, so... is there coffee?

<Jerard> YES.

  • Jerard will promptly get that :p

<Sylvise> Oh well that would be nice, I'm sure you'd get along - you know, she's a lot like you, Misery - well not a *lot* like you, but ...

  • Sylvise will get distracted with serving dessert and mercifully drop this subject

<Dorien> <w> oh for fuck's sake...

<Dorien> <w to Misery> I am SO sorry...

<Misery> <w> don't be, now I want to meet this girl

<Dorien> <w> ...really?

  • Misery eyes you

<Dorien> Oh.

<Misery> <w> if she's come here to study planar stuff, that might be ... relevant to your interests.

<Dorien> <w> Possibly. I'm sure it's probably a coincidence.

<Misery> <w> pft you didn't think I was going to offer you a threesome with your ex before I even meet her, did you? ;)

<Dorien> <w> ...no?

<Misery> <w> I do have some standards, amazingly ^-^

<Dorien> Well, you ARE dating me.

  • Misery laughs

<Dorien> <w> well, maybe we should look her up this weekend.

  • Misery nods

Genevriel asks Sylvise about the Claars

  • Genevriel has invited Sylvise and Jerard over to her and Madds' flat for tea one weekend afternoon.
  • Sylvise will gladly come and drag her husband along.
  • Sylvise is happy to get a chance to see what you've done with the place :)
  • Genevriel spent the day tidying (not that there's much tidying to do, between two people with rigid military training on tidiness) and baking.
  • Sylvise admires the place and particularly your balcony garden :)
  • Genevriel is proud of her little garden and waxes about the plants growing there for a bit.

<Sylvise> You've really done a lovely job - your mother and father would be so proud :)

  • Genevriel ducks her head and tries not to process mixed feelings of sadness and happiness.

<Genevriel> These are the olive shoots we brought back from Psyra... I lost a couple, but these seem to be doing all right.

  • Sylvise nods

<Sylvise> will you have to bring them in during the winter?

  • Genevriel nods, smiling slightly.

<Genevriel> Madds hasn't fully thought through what it will mean in the winter in coming years.

<Genevriel> We might have to push through branches to find the chesterfield.

<Sylvise> Well, perhaps by the time they get larger, you'll have a house with a yard, and can build a greenhouse for them :)

  • Genevriel shrugs, having learned that the future is completely unpredictable.

<Genevriel> More likely I'll have to donate them to the Menagerie.

<Sylvise> Or maybe there's a place for them at your new workplace - how is that going?

<Genevriel> It's going all right, thanks for asking.

<Genevriel> I seem to be performing acceptably so far.

<Sylvise> Oh I'm sure you're more than acceptable :)

  • Genevriel shrugs, not interested in speculating on how valuable or useless an employee she is. ^-^

<Genevriel> We had a visit from Mme Claar this week.

<Genevriel> Inspecting her... ah... investment, I suppose.

<Sylvise> Oh really?

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> I guess she knew my parents; they were all at the Castalia at the same time.

<Genevriel> Did you know her, too?

<Sylvise> Suzetta Claar? Well, yes, I knew her. Of course she's a little younger, but she started at the Castalia very young - I don't know if it was her gifts or her father's money, but she was certainly bright.

  • Sylvise says with a little... reservation, perhaps?

<Genevriel> What was she like back then?

  • Genevriel hopes Sylvise might provide some insight into the reservation she is detecting...

<Sylvise> Very keen, clever, always eager, the first with the answer when the professor would ask a question...

<Sylvise> I had the impression she had been quite sheltered, but that would make sense, as wealthy as her family was. She didn't make friends very easily.

  • Genevriel nods, listening.

<Sylvise> And she was an only child, too - university was her first chance to really interact with other people her own age, I think.

<Genevriel> Noble kids don't get to play with other noble kids?

  • Genevriel asks wryly.

<Sylvise> Well... I think they lived out in the countryside, and didn't come into the city often. And her father was... well, is, I suppose, he's still alive... quite reclusive.

<Genevriel> Oh - any rumours why?

<Sylvise> Well, as I heard it, his wife died when their daughter was born, and he never really recovered from her loss. But that's just the kind of thing people say... you know, I think he wasn't especially sociable even before that.

<Sylvise> He was a scholar too, supposedly - very brilliant, very eccentric. But I never met him of course. That was just what I heard, and with a daughter like her, it wouldn't surprise me.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> What are their research interests, do you know?

  • Genevriel knows what Suzetta Claar's into, or thinks she does, but what does the rest of the world know? And what gets Claar Sr. excited?

<Sylvise> Well, I seem to recall she took a lot of classes in the sciences - chemistry, biology, botany of course - alongside her studies in sorcery. Not a lot of people do both, so that was quite remarkable at the time.

  • Genevriel nods

<Sylvise> I really have no idea what her father's interests were.

<Genevriel> I wonder if he ever published anything?

<Genevriel> I could look into it, I suppose.

<Genevriel> Well, Madds is probably running short on ways to entertain Oncle Jerard; should we rejoin the gentlemen?

<Sylvise> Oh, yes - we shouldn't keep them waiting :)

  • Sylvise will head inside to join the men for tea
  • Genevriel stands up and follows her in

Aubrienne and Titania are engaged

<DiablotinNarrator> well since I hear it's 9th month, I think Aubrienne has an Imperial wedding to go to, if you wanted to do that :)

  • Titania is sort of nervous and anxious about her brother's wedding
  • Titania has had an extremely nice dress made, though :3

<Aubrienne> Everything okay? It's not your wedding. ;)

<Titania> Yeah... probably never will be.

  • Titania says with a slight smile

<Aubrienne> Hey, never say never. The times, they are a-changin'.

<Titania> I suppose.

<Titania> I just really hope this is what he really wants :/

<Titania> we're not really close, but I still don't want him to be miserable.

<Aubrienne> I remember him not looking terribly thrilled at the engagement party.

  • Aubrienne says with a frown.

<Titania> he kind of always looks like that.

  • Aubrienne sighs.

<Aubrienne> Poor guy.

  • Titania sighs

<Titania> Maybe he's got things all worked out. In addition to being kind of perpetually uptight, he's also very practical.

  • Aubrienne shrugs.

<Aubrienne> I don't know what to tell you, sweetie. This is one of those 'your world' things. Not that my family doesn't have it's share of expectations, but he has the whole Empire looking at him.

  • Titania nods
  • Aubrienne gives you a hug.

<Titania> It'll make Dad happy at least.

  • Titania hugs you back

<Aubrienne> I learned how to teleport; I can provide a getaway if you think it's necessary. ;)

  • Titania laughs

<Titania> I might take you up on that.

<Titania> You look great, by the way - did I already say that?

<Aubrienne> Never hurts to say it again. And likewise. It's fun to be on the arm of the prettiest woman in the room. :)

  • Titania smiles at that

<Titania> okay, let's go - this bra is going to murder me before the end of the night.

<Aubrienne> Maybe we can sneak off and give you a reprieve. It *is* a very big palace.

<Titania> yeah, and you have the advantage of being with someone who spent their entire childhood figuring out all the best places to hide.

<Titania> there are secret passages and weird rooms in the basement... it's crazy.

<Aubrienne> And a reasonable amount of my professional life, too. :)

<Aubrienne> Excellent.

  • Aubrienne smiles deviously.
  • Titania will head off with you to the wedding, then :)
  • Aubrienne will try to be upbeat and supportive.
  • Titania smiles for the cameras
  • Titania has to stifle a laugh when she sees who her brother Marc is there with, though.
  • Marc has a petite young woman as his guest, extremely beautiful, with black hair and striking pale blue eyes. They look very photogenic together ;)

<Aubrienne> (Is it someone I would recognize?)

<Titania> (you can make a k: nob roll if you have it)

<Aubrienne> !roll 1d20+10

  • Xandhil rolls for Aubrienne: [ 1d20+10 ] getting [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ 10 ] totals [ 19 ].

<Titania> (she's Guylaine Olivier, who is one of the daughters of the Treasurer, Aden Olivier. You probably don't know why this would make Tits laugh though. It seems like she'd be an appropriate date for the prince...?)

<Aubrienne> What am I missing here?

<Titania> Okay so... her mother was dad's mistress for like ... ever. The Olivier kids are like our siblings... maybe literally? who knows...

<Titania> Anyway, Marc picked someone who he is entirely NOT allowed or expected to marry ;p

<Aubrienne> Oh, wow, that's...legitimately funny.

  • Aubrienne chuckles.

<Aubrienne> Also kind of wonderfully awful. :)

  • Titania nods

<Titania> He does like to go against expectations. Father is probably annoyed, but it's not as though he can say anything.

<Aubrienne> I'd almost like to see him try to argue while trying to not publicly say why.

  • Titania chuckles

<Titania> That's the thing, Marc knows he can't possibly object to it openly.

<Aubrienne> Pretty brilliant way to get people off his back.

  • Titania nods
  • Titania enters into the palace with you once there have been an appropriate number of photographs on the steps for the papers the next day

<DiablotinNarrator> The palace is very grandly decorated, even for the palace.

  • Titania notices things - "oh look, they took down those old tapestries and put up this new wall hanging, hm, not sure I like it..."

<Aubrienne> Well, they have to keep up with the times. Can't have out-of-date tapestries. ;)

  • Titania sighs but nods
  • Titania (and you) will be escorted to your appropriate seats for the ceremony, which are right at the front of course.
  • Marc is seated next to you two, and various other family members (Ilphere, Menard, Vera, Ruchard... etc.) also nearby.
  • Vera 's dress is sort of elegantly camouflaging ;p

<Aubrienne> (Did Jed not make the guest list? ;))

<DiablotinNarrator> (they might have decided 'at the big wedding' was not the right place to introduce him to the world ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> (although hey... maybe it distracts from the other issues ;)

<Aubrienne> (Heh)

<DiablotinNarrator> Jed can be there :)

  • Aubrienne will be sure to complement Vera and her dress :)
  • Vera is a bit nervous about all this, but thanks you :3
  • Jedrezej looks very presentable and handsome in a nice suit that you are entirely sure he didn't own a few days ago ;)

<Aubrienne> At least you have prior experience with costuming. ;)

<Jedrezej> I told them that I needed a suit that would show off my nipple rings but no one listened.

  • Jedrezej says dryly.

<Aubrienne> I'll have to mention it to Hettie for the act.

<Titania> Now when does Jed ever wear a suit in the act? ;)

<Aubrienne> He can start with one...

  • Jedrezej chuckles
  • Jedrezej will try to look more dignified as the fanfare plays for the Emperor to make his entrance.
  • Marl enters as everyone rises, and will assume his seat.

<DiablotinNarrator> Once the Emperor is in place, then the actual wedding procession can begin :)

<DiablotinNarrator> I assume Marc and Ruchard are expected to stand up for Leo, along with some other appropriate-rank young men, and presumably Pamelia has some family/friends who are her ladies in waiting.

<DiablotinNarrator> The wedding goes smoothly, no dramatic interruptions by ex-lovers or attacks of waves of zombies.

<Aubrienne> (Shucks)

<DiablotinNarrator> The party afterwards is (slightly) more relaxed at least

<DiablotinNarrator> There's excellent food and drink, music, dancing, and so on.

  • Aubrienne is definitely joining in with the dancing :)
  • Marl approaches you and Titania during the celebration

<Marl> May I have the next dance?

  • Marl asks you politely

<Aubrienne> Oh! Yes, of course [your majesty?].

<DiablotinNarrator> (that works :)

  • Titania gives you a "it'll be okay" look
  • Marl escorts you to the dance floor. it's one of those 'people move out of the way for you' moments.
  • Aubrienne will give a pleading look over her shoulder at Titania as Marl leads her to the floor.
  • Titania will hustle someone into dancing with her so she'll be not too far away

<Marl> You and Ania have been together quite some time now.

  • Marl says by way of conversation starter
  • Marl is a decent dancer at least, although formal and old-fashioned.

<Aubrienne> (Have I heard her referred to like that before?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (she might have mentioned that that's what she was called when she was a little kid, by family)

<Aubrienne> Yes, your majesty, I suppose it has been a while.

  • Aubrienne responds, a little unsure.

<Aubrienne> (About where he's going, not how long they've been together :p)

  • Marl nods

<Marl> I suppose this is the 'what are your intentions towards my daughter' speech.

<Aubrienne> Ah.

<Marl> But to be quite honest, I don't care.

<Aubrienne> I'm sorry?

<Marl> I can tell you make her happy.

<Aubrienne> Oh, whew.

<Aubrienne> I try, at least. :)

<Marl> That's what I want for her. It doesn't matter beyond that whether you will ... take steps to formalize your relationship or not. Or whether your relationship turns out to be temporary.

<Marl> You've made her happy for the time you're together, and I'm glad for that.

<Aubrienne> Would...would it be possible to formalize it? I didn't think we really had the option.

<Marl> Many things are possible when you're the Emperor. Are you asking if it would be acceptable to me? or whether I can pull the necessary strings?

<Aubrienne> Both, I believe.

<Marl> If it's what Ania would like, then yes, it's acceptable to me. And I could make some requests with the relevant parties - I do happen to know the Chancellor, who would be the one to do the.. ah, string pulling.

  • Aubrienne is probably unusually quiet for the rest of the dance as she contemplates that.
  • Marl won't interrupt your thoughts, then

<Marl> Thank you for the dance.

  • Marl says at the conclusion of the music.

<Aubrienne> Thank you as well.

  • Marl bows politely
  • Marl will leave you to it then ;)
  • Titania comes to your side as soon as she can escape

<Titania> You okay?

<Aubrienne> Yeah. Yeah.

  • Titania takes your hand to lead you over to somewhere a bit quieter.

<Aubrienne> Can we duck out to one of those convenient cellars or hallways or something?

<Titania> I'm sorry, Dad can be ... well, he can be terrifying and he knows it. I hope he was on good behaviour.

  • Titania nods

<Titania> Sure...

<Aubrienne> Oh, he was on great behavior. He was very nice, I promise.

  • Titania will find us a quiet corner, up some stairs and around a bend in the hallway, where there's a room with no one in it.

<Titania> good...

<Titania> okay this should be safe from interruptions.

  • Titania has a seat on the sofa and will take the opportunity to take off her shoes and stretch a bit ;p

<Titania> this was one of Mom's sitting rooms, no one really uses them now.

  • Aubrienne will pause and just kind of smile seeing Titania make herself comfortable.

<Aubrienne> That's sad.

<Titania> the palace was a lot more crowded when I was young, or it seemed that way.

<Titania> people get older, or die, or move on... and I don't know who replaces them. Someone will, eventually, I suppose.

<Titania> It's weird to think that this won't be my home anymore someday. But then I guess it hasn't been for a while.

<Aubrienne> I'd never really thought of it that way.

<Aubrienne> In a somewhat tangential way, I have something related to talk to you about.

<Titania> oh?

<Aubrienne> I'm not entirely sure how to talk about this, so you'll have to forgive me.

<Titania> all right...

<Titania> I forgive you in advance ;)

  • Aubrienne smiles.

<Aubrienne> So, I am really happy with you.

<Titania> good :)

  • Aubrienne smirks.

<Aubrienne> We've talked about it before, but I've never really thought too much about something long-term. At least, not anything 'official'.

<Aubrienne> But maybe part of that was not really having the option?

  • Titania nods, looking a little more serious as she starts to see the direction you're going in

<Aubrienne> And also, you know, not having met you. :)

<Aubrienne> But your father, ah, mentioned that maybe it is an option?

<Titania> ... he did?

  • Aubrienne looks a little embarrassed or at least nervous.

<Aubrienne> Yeah...

<Titania> and not in a threatening sort of way? ;p

<Aubrienne> I really hope not, because then my read on him is waaaay off. :)

<Titania> you'd know if he was trying ...

  • Titania takes your hand

<Aubrienne> So, I feel bad that this is not at all the big romantic gesture it should be.

<Aubrienne> But, if it makes you feel better, I couldn't wait to tell you. :)

  • Titania smiles at that

<Titania> are you asking me to marry you?

<Aubrienne> I believe I am, yes.

  • Aubrienne pauses a second.

<Aubrienne> Will you marry me?

  • Titania also takes a second to think about it

<Titania> Yes :)

<Aubrienne> Oh thank the gods! :)

  • Aubrienne kisses you.
  • Titania kisses you back

<Aubrienne> Longest second of my life. :p

  • Titania laughs

<Titania> I thought I should at least pretend to consider it.

  • Aubrienne grins.

<Aubrienne> I know there's probably a lot to figure out...

<Titania> where will we live, does someone change their name, what do we do about Hyacinth, where do we go for our honeymoon...?

<Aubrienne> Yeah

<Aubrienne> And I'm dreading it, and I'm looking forward to it, but I think, right now, I just want to be happy in this moment with you.

  • Titania nods

<Aubrienne> I don't want to get you in trouble skipping out on the party, but...

<Titania> no, it's practically tradition ;p

  • Aubrienne smiles.

<Aubrienne> Like I said, I'm a one-woman getaway plan. Where do you want to go?

<Titania> I could show you some of the better places in the palace for quickies ;)

  • Aubrienne grins.
  • DiablotinNarrator will gladly spend a nice long while with you in celebration

<DiablotinNarrator> (dammit I'm too tired ;)

  • Titania will gladly spend a nice long while with you in celebration

<Aubrienne> (:))

Elcina is healed!

<DiablotinNarrator> So I think Hettie's plan was to ask Lathra about trying to heal Elcie?

<Hettienne> yarp

<Lathra> "OK sure"

<DiablotinNarrator> and/or to talk to Denise about it? or did you not want to get her hopes up?

<Lathra> and then they went for drinks

<Lathra> :P

<Hettienne> I'll tell her after.

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<DiablotinNarrator> I will take it as given then that Lathra agrees, and you can go see Elcie ;)

  • Hettienne knocks on the door.

<Lathra> Haha sure - we can do the scene if you want or...

<Lathra> Ok next scene ace XD

<DiablotinNarrator> Are you aiming to go at a time when she would likely be alone?

<Hettienne> or just her and Pat

<DiablotinNarrator> or on an evening or something when Patric might be around

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<Hettienne> I mean, he knows I'm coming

  • Patric will open the door for you

<Hettienne> Uh hey Pat.

<Patric> Hey Hettie...

<Hettienne> This is Lathra, the cleric I told you about.

  • Patric gives Lathra a slightly suspicious look, but nods.

<Patric> Come on in, please.

  • Hettienne steps inside.

<Patric> I sent Yvie over to stay with a friend tonight - I figured, well, she doesn't need to be here for this.

<Hettienne> Well hopefully it'll go smooth. Lathra said it should be ok...

  • Patric nods

<Patric> I hope so.

<Lathra> Hello, I'm pleased to meet you - I do hope I can help.

<Patric> Thank you for coming.

<Lathra> Oh you're quite welcome, dear

<Patric> Uh... so, she's in here...

  • Patric says uncertainly, and will lead you into the other room downstairs, where Elcie is sitting in a chair.

<Lathra> Yes yes, let's get to work

  • Elcina smiles a bit nervously when you come in.

<Lathra> Hello! I hear you've been feeling a bit under the weather!

<Elcina> oh... well, yes, just a little.

  • Elcina has extensive burn scars.
  • Lathra examines them

<Lathra> Can you tell me how you were injured?

<Elcina> It was an accident at the factory I was working at.

<Lathra> A fire?

<Elcina> There was a fire, and an explosion.

<Lathra> I see... and I gather this happened several years ago? Have you had any treatment before?

<Elcina> Well, I have care from the channels - my son is one... He's made some teas and herbs that help with the pain.

  • Lathra raises an eyebrow but tries to keep smiling

<Elcina> And a few times the local priest has visited, but there isn't very much they can do now, so long after. It was about five years ago.

<Lathra> I see, I see

<Lathra> (May I take 20 on a heal check to assess her condition?)

<Elcina> (you can)

<Lathra> (32)

  • Hettienne hovers but not too close.
  • Elcina has tissue and nerve damage, probably in game terms she has lost a considerable amount of Con - from what she's described she may have had infections after the initial injuries due to them not being well cared for at the time.

<Lathra> (Do I think she has any infections now?)

<Elcina> (Basically a Restoration spell could help with her Con loss, and might help her be more healthy overall. To fix the scars and tissue damage would take a Regenerate spell, which is higher than you can currently cast, but you coudl do the Restoration to help her.)

<Lathra> (Yeah that's exactly what I was thinking I could do - and what Hazel told me - just wanted to check for complications :) )

<DiablotinNarrator> (You don't think she has any current infections but you do think, since you have such a good check, that she's pregnant.)

<Lathra> OK, I do think there's a spell I could cast that will be able to help you to be healthier and recover some of your strength.

<Lathra> But first, may I talk to you alone for a moment?

  • Elcina nods
  • Patric looks a bit concerned but will leave the room
  • Lathra checks that Patric and Hettie seem ok with it
  • Hettienne shoots Lathra a ?? look but leaves.
  • Lathra speaks softly but without whispering

<Lathra> I noticed something while examining you that could be... sensitive, and I wanted to make sure you were aware before discussing it among your family

<Lathra> That is, that you're...

  • Lathra looks for a human phrase

<Lathra> ... with child?

<Elcina> oh.. yes. I know. I've had three others, I can tell the signs. It wasn't really...expected, but I want to be healthy enough to carry it.

<Elcina> Pat's worried, I think that's the main reason he asked Hettie for help.

<Lathra> Oh, wonderful. Does she know too? I'll be as discrete as necessary.

  • Elcina nods

<Elcina> she knows...

<Lathra> Excellent! Now since I've got you alone, I'll also say that as you might imagine, I follow the serpent god. The ritual I'm planning to perform is somewhat of a clerical staple - any cleric of my ability could do it. Are you comfortable with me treating you?

  • Elcina nods

<Elcina> I think it's all right. Rat and Serpent, they have a lot in common.

<Lathra> I couldn't agree more!

<Lathra> I'll let them back in then and we'll get started.

<Elcina> thank you

  • Lathra invites the others back in and sets up to cast restoration.

<Hettienne> Everything good?

<Lathra> Yes, yes - I was just taken by surprise by the incoming infant and went all professional values for a moment.

<Hettienne> Oh, heh.

  • Lathra throws in a few extra blessings for the child and casts the spell.
  • Elcina takes a deep breath and sits up a little straighter

<Elcina> I feel... better.

<Hettienne> :o

<Hettienne> How better?

  • Elcina tries standing up and taking a few steps, and although Patric jumps over to help her she waves him away.

<Elcina> it doesn't hurt like it did before.

  • Hettienne claps her hands together :D

<Elcina> and I don't feel so tired - but I guess I haven't done anything yet.

  • Elcina walks around the room without assistance, though.

<Hettienne> Look at you go :3

<Patric> you feel okay, sweetie?

  • Elcina nods and walks over to hug him.

<Hettienne> Dee is gonna flip.

<Lathra> Well now you're not burdened by all that terrible... damage, a cup of tea might rather help if you feel a bit tired still.

<Elcina> thank you so much, Lathra.... I don't know how we can repay you.

  • Lathra waves a hand in dismissive circles

<Lathra> Oh no, no, a favour for a friend

<Elcina> I'd like to give you a hug, if you don't mind.

<Lathra> Well that I will gladly accept!

  • Hettienne fans herself with her hands, gettin' all misty like
  • Elcina gives you a hug, then :3

<Lathra> And if you find yourself in possession of an unwanted bottle of something I wouldn't say no to sharing it

  • Lathra winks
  • Lathra gives her a hug, a little overwhelmed herself

<Elcina> oh well, Patric doesn't drink, but we could certainly have the tea :)

  • Patric is too relieved and happy to even get annoyed at that ;)

<Hettienne> (whew)

  • Lathra smiles at that

<Elcina> I feel so much better. I ... I wondered if it might help with the scars too, but that's not so important.

<Patric> You feel healthy, that's all that matters.

<Lathra> Well, there is something that could be done for that, but it's rather a lot more powerful than I can manage yet.

  • Patric says, giving her another hug.

<Elcina> oh... I couldn't ask for more, especially if it's even more than that. This was everything I needed. Thank you.

<Lathra> Well you're *most* welcome

  • Patric will get the tea on, then, and take a minute in the kitchen to totally not cry in a manly fashion >.>
  • Lathra makes :3 faces
  • Elcina gives Hettie a hug too, while she's at it :3
  • Hettienne hugs her back tightly :3

<Hettienne> We gotta tell Denise :3

<Elcina> and Mikel and Yvie... and everyone :3

<Hettienne> Yeah!


Genevriel talks metaphysics with Xandhil while she tries to avoid meeting Madds' family

  • Genevriel looks like a woman with a purpose as she strides, wide-eyed with terror, away from the gathering notables of the Empire.

<Genevriel> (What that purpose is might be harder to determine, unless it is simply "away".)

  • Xandhil is sitting on a sofa in a little alcove hidden behind fomr pillars that Gen may have spotted when she came in
  • Genevriel moves from isolated nook to isolated nook like a worker bee pollinating flowers, chased out of each one as the room continues to fill with guests.
  • Genevriel ends up eventually in your alcove.
  • Genevriel takes a deep breath and then notices you.

<Genevriel> Oh, sorry...

  • Genevriel makes as if to move on.
  • Xandhil looks up, started out of his thoughts

<Xandhil> oh, hi

<Xandhil> It's Gen, right?

  • Genevriel does a small double take as she recognizes you.
  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> And you're the son. Of Mr. Orecalo.

<Xandhil> uh, well, I'm one of them, anyway

<Genevriel> You pulled us out of the First World.

<Genevriel> He has more?

<Xandhil> Three!

<Genevriel> Oh.

  • Genevriel is surprised; he hadn't seemed very much like a family man. That would be rude to say out loud, though.

<Xandhil> but anyway, yes, that was me.

<Xandhil> well NO

<Xandhil> I mean techncially I didn't have to pull you out, Eranthis did it

<Xandhil> But we came looking, anyway

<Genevriel> Yes.

<Genevriel> ...

<Xandhil> that seems like ages ago @_@

<Genevriel> You don't happen to be able to open a portal right here, right now, do you?

<Xandhil> hah

<Xandhil> I can only teleport myself, I'm afraid

<Xandhil> I mean if you're *really* desperate I can can take us out of here via the Shadow plane, but that will take us a few hours, and the city on the other side of here is cursed ;p

  • Genevriel looks disappointed.

<Genevriel> Well, then, do you happen to know where the ladies' room is? Maybe I can get lost trying to find it.

<Xandhil> hah

<Xandhil> uh, somwhere past the tapestries to the right?

<Genevriel> Although then there will probably be guards, wondering what I'm doing. When really all I'm doing is getting lost.

<Xandhil> I have a spare book if you want to escape that way

<Genevriel> What is it?

<Xandhil> uh, theories of divine magic?

<Xandhil> okay maybe not everyone's cup of tea

<Xandhil> >.>

<Genevriel> No, no, that could be quite useful.

  • Genevriel sounds serious.

<Xandhil> oh?

<Xandhil> are you a student?

<Genevriel> I can do it. Divine magic. Somehow.

<Genevriel> I'm not a priest, though.

<Xandhil> huh...

<Xandhil> oh.... Right, you said somethign about my father, and I borrowed it form him, so that makes sense :p

<Xandhil> I was hoping it would talk more about that sort of thig but is is mostly about clerics of the wheel who manifested relationships with theor gods before undergoing formal study

<Genevriel> He's been trying to help me figure out what I am.

<Xandhil> still interesting though

<Genevriel> I haven't seen him in a long while, though.

  • Xandhil passes it over

<Genevriel> I probably should.

  • Genevriel accepts it gratefully and cracks it open.

<Xandhil> he's been really busy

<Genevriel> So have I.

<Xandhil> seems like it is going around

  • Xandhil will let you read though, if it seems like that's what you would like to do
  • Genevriel tries, but is very jumpy, looking up at every sound of a person passing close by.

<Xandhil> Are you okay?

  • Xandhil asks the second time you almost jump out of your skin because a sevant wander by carryign a tray towards where there are actually people

<Genevriel> I came with Madds. It's the sort of thing one does, for the people who make your life tolerable, right?

<Xandhil> If you really ned to get out of here, I can help

<Xandhil> oh... yes

<Genevriel> He didn't mention his family would be here. I should have figured that out.

<Genevriel> But I didn't, and I haven't met them yet.

  • Xandhil looks sympathetic

<Xandhil> well, if any of them show up I can send them away. Introverts corner only :p

  • Genevriel smiles faintly, still looking kind of panicked in the eyes.

<Genevriel> I haven't studied, formally. Not really. Lathra's helped me a bit.

  • Xandhil nods

<Genevriel> So maybe I am a little like these clerics.

<Xandhil> well, the impression I got from reading that, anyway, is that a lot of it is more intuotive than learned, but the church has sort of.... figured out the best ways to help people develop that intuition

  • Genevriel nods, licking her lips.

<Xandhil> and that it is more about the relaionshp to the gods.... or whatever the power source, anyway

<Genevriel> Yes, intuition. It feels like that.

<Xandhil> So for clerics, they pray, and they ask for specific spells, and as they grow more powerful they are able to channel more powerful magics

<Xandhil> but there are other ways to open that channel than through the gods

<Xandhil> which is how the Cozovode priests do it

<Genevriel> How do they do it?

<Xandhil> instead of using the gods as a conduit, they've learned to access it directly

<Xandhil> meditation, mostly

<Xandhil> they folow a regiment of pretty strict bodily purity rules, but it is hard to say how much of that is really necesary

<Xandhil> but the way their magics express is really similar, from what I understand, to clerics of the wheel

<Genevriel> I'm not sure that I'm like them. I do ask for healing.

<Xandhil> in terms of power, how much they can channel per day, and the variability of how that is expressed

<Xandhil> right

<Genevriel> But then again, maybe I wouldn't have to ask for it. Maybe it's an affectation to make me feel better.

<Xandhil> I've been thinking about this a lot, for my own personal reasons

<Xandhil> I think there's other ways that gods can give people access to those kinds of power

<Xandhil> but its more, hmm, crude in some ways. Not as flexible, because it isn't as open, or as practiced

<Xandhil> like, some of the clerics that Hauvard talks aboutm when they are first found they can only case the same few spells, but that's partly because they just don't know what's available

  • Genevriel nods, hesitant.

<Xandhil> but they also don't know all the tricks to harnessing that intuition.... but they can learn it, because the gods can help them mediate that power in those specific ways

<Xandhil> and I mean, I think the gods have the system, they don't need an active part necessarily

<Xandhil> but I think they can also say.... here is another route, but we're not going to help you other than just opening this door

<Xandhil> the rest is up to you

<Xandhil> and you're drawing on the same kind of power, but it isn't necessarily from them

<Xandhil> maybe >.>

<Genevriel> I've never really thought about what I can or can't do. I've just... seemed to know?

<Xandhil> right

<Xandhil> it's instinct

<Xandhil> but - guided instinct, maybe

<Genevriel> Except for the Pleasant Dreams spell.

<Genevriel> That one I was taught.

<Xandhil> if you know what you can pick from, you can sort of reach for what you want to take

<Xandhil> I mean, I don't know if what I am talking about is anything like your case

<Xandhil> I barely know what I am talking about at all, so take it with a grain of salt

  • Xandhil says, with the look of someone who has a lot of thoughts that he hasn't been able to follow up on
  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> Sorry, I must be disturbing you with my presence.

<Xandhil> oh, no.... it's really loud anyway ans I'm told it is rude to cast Silence :p

<Xandhil> it's nice to sort of talk it out, anyway

<Xandhil> Justen just nods and looks concerned :p

<Xandhil> . o O (Or distracts me >.>)

<Genevriel> Justen? One of your brothers?

  • Genevriel frowns, trying to remember, that doesn't seem right.
  • Xandhil makes a midly disturbed face, and then laughs

<Xandhil> No, ah, no.

<Xandhil> He's my... partner

<Genevriel> Oh.

<Xandhil> He was the other one, in the first world

  • Genevriel smiles.

<Xandhil> the redhead

<Genevriel> I remember him now. Vaguely.

<Xandhil> I wasn't sure how clearly everyone remember what happened

<Genevriel> He's very handsome.

<Xandhil> yes :)

<Genevriel> I remember Vreel pretty clearly.

  • Xandhil agrees enthusiastically

<Genevriel> Vreel didn't remember me, though.

<Genevriel> I'm not sure how that all worked.

<Xandhil> me either

<Xandhil> I think the going theory is that it had somethign to do with how Amanita pulled you all in

<Genevriel> And I guess there might actually be a Vreel living on in the First World, so she isn't actually me. Or she is, and we're all just facets of the same soul inhabiting all the different worlds.

<Xandhil> Well, Clovani is still in ice briar, but I guess he didn't come back through the portal anyway

<Xandhil> so I don't know that it adds much in terms of figuring out what happened

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> We were just in the First World again. Eletheni joined us for a while.

<Genevriel> Hugo seemed to enjoy that.

<Xandhil> oh?

<Xandhil> where?

<Genevriel> We went to rescue someone from the Weeping Woods.

<Genevriel> She wouldn't go in there.

<Genevriel> And I wasn't Vreel; I was me.

  • Xandhil nids

<Xandhil> well it is definitely possible to travel there and remain yourself, I think what happened before was an anomaly

<Xandhil> Even without the irminsul

<Xandhil> was your rescue successful?

<Genevriel> It was. We brought him and another back with us.

<Genevriel> Have you heard of any Irminsuls sprouting up anywhere since the one in the Shade was destroyed?

<Xandhil> oh, it isn't destroyed

<Xandhil> it's sill there

<Xandhil> it's just not infected anymore

<Xandhil> and it is working fine

<Xandhil> We;ve been through there a few times now

<Genevriel> Oh, I hadn't realized.

<Genevriel> I don't spend much time anywhere except work or at home, I guess.

  • Xandhil smiles

<Xandhil> it is work for me, or at least people are willing to pay me for it

  • Genevriel smiles a little.

<Genevriel> Do you think it might be possible for someone to... control an Irminsul? Get it to grow so that it leads to a specific plane?

<Genevriel> I think usually it's anyone's guess which plane an Irminsul will lead to.

<Xandhil> well, that's what the Kaorti were trying to do

<Xandhil> oh.....

  • Xandhil looks annoyed
  • Genevriel looks curious.

<Xandhil> I shoudl have asked about that, damnit

<Xandhil> but yes, absolutely, that is possible

<Xandhil> not *easy*

<Xandhil> but possible

<Xandhil> I thik it goes back to how the first world was first breached - an irminsul was created for that

<Xandhil> they connect the first world to all other planes, or at least the inner ones

<Xandhil> like the arch

<Xandhil> I'm pretty sure they are the modle for the arch, really

<Genevriel> The Arch is... an Irminsul?

<Xandhil> no.

<Xandhil> the arch is like.... a nexus.

<Xandhil> things pass into the center through the arch, and from there they can be routed to other places, potentiallly

<Xandhil> because arches connect the center to everywhere else

<Genevriel> Oh...

<Genevriel> The centre as in The Centre?

<Xandhil> the irminsuls connect the first world directly to other planes

<Xandhil> yes

<Genevriel> No wonder people go mad.

<Xandhil> I rthink there's more to it than that

  • Xandhil thinks, then shrugs

<Genevriel> Have you ever come across any mentions of a "One" entity?

<Xandhil> I don't knwo if the center is ...inherently unhinging

<Xandhil> not unless you are talking about Serpent

<Genevriel> I don't think it's Serpent, and neither do Silvia or Sirris

<Xandhil> then I don't know

  • Xandhil seems curious though
  • Genevriel nods.

<Xandhil> I mean I geuss there are a lot of powerful entities out there

<Xandhil> hmm

<Genevriel> I sometimes wonder if it's the Hub.

<Xandhil> what do you know about it?

<Genevriel> I mean, if Serpent is the rim, and Wolf and the rest are the spokes.

<Genevriel> Virtually nothing.

<Xandhil> I don't knwo of the Center is really a...sentient thing separate from Serpent

<Genevriel> Well, I'll let you know if I ever figure it out.

<Xandhil> thanks

<Genevriel> Thank you for offering me asylum in this small corner of the room.

<Xandhil> well, you;re welcome - thanks for letting me ramble about metaphysics

<Xandhil> it's given me some things to think about

<Genevriel> I'm very interested in metaphysics. Madds used to be, but is less so now. So, if you ever want to chat about them again, I'd welcome the opportunity.

<Xandhil> thanks! Likewise

<Xandhil> feel free to drop by my office if we don't run inti each other hiding at parties

<Genevriel> Thanks.

  • Genevriel smiles.

Gen meets Madds' parents

<Genevriel> (I imagine that Gen, out of a deep anxiety about meeting Madds' family, has conveniently had stuff to do if he's ever suggested it before, so she's kind of done this to herself.)

<DiablotinNarrator> *nod*

  • Madds can come and locate you in your hiding spot ;)
  • Genevriel is reading a book in companionable silence with some Cosovode-looking dude.
  • Madds coughs slightly
  • Genevriel startles and looks guilty.

<Madds> Enjoying the party? :)

<Genevriel> I was trying to...

<Genevriel> I guess I don't do crowds well.

<Genevriel> Especially not crowds like this one.

<Madds> My parents would love to meet you - but if it's too overwhelming to go back in there, maybe we could all go for a walk in the gardens.

<Genevriel> I've... heard about walks in gardens in Diablotin.

<Madds> They're very nice gardens.

  • Madds says with a smile.
  • Genevriel is disappointed her deadpan humour wasn't as humourous as she hoped.

<Genevriel> I did come here for you.

  • Genevriel nods, building up her courage.
  • Genevriel passes the book back to Xandhil.

<Genevriel> Thank you.

  • Genevriel looks like the condemned might look on their way to the gallows.

<Xandhil> Good luck.

<Genevriel> Thank you.

  • Xandhil may have innocently deadpanned at your gardens comment, though
  • Genevriel stands and joins Madds.
  • Madds will accompany you to meet his parents, then
  • Genevriel frets as he leads her to her fate.
  • Madds takes your hand and gives it a squeeze

<Madds> It'll be okay.

<Genevriel> So you *say* but...

<Madds> Well if it's not, we can run away and never speak to them again. That's always an option.

<Genevriel> I don't think that would be fair to you.

<Madds> Then I guess it'll have to be okay :)

  • Madds brings you to where his parents are standing looking out one of the windows
  • Lionel is very tall, like his son, with a mustache and greying hair.
  • Rosalie is much shorter than her husband, with hair that was probably once golden but now is faded to ash blond.
  • Genevriel braces herself for looks of dismay and disbelief when they see the ugly giantess their son has dragged before them.

<Madds> Mother, Father, I'd like you to meet Genevriel Doucette.

<Genevriel> Good evening...

  • Genevriel isn't sure what's called for; they're not titled so she doesn't have to curtsey, she thinks... She extends her hand instead.

<Rosalie> It's so lovely to meet you at last :)

  • Rosalie will take your hand and shake it politely

<Lionel> Very nice to meet you, indeed!

  • Genevriel will shake hands with the father as well.
  • Lionel shakes your hand vigorously

<Genevriel> (Sense motive: Rosalie shook my hand politely politely, or politely because I am totally uncultured and she is trying to be nice since her wayward son has taken a perverse liking to me? ;))

<Rosalie> (politely politely - she's a businesswoman, I imagine she's used to shaking hands with people :)

<Genevriel> It's a pleasure to meet you, as well.

  • Genevriel says politely, though her body language might suggest she is terrified.

<Madds> I thought maybe we could take a walk in the gardens - it's quieter there, and we'd have more of a chance to talk.

<Rosalie> That sounds lovely, Maddox dear.

  • Madds will lead the way, then
  • Genevriel hopes she won't trip over her own huge feet and fall flat on her face.

<DiablotinNarrator> The Imperial gardens are, as expected, very nice.

<Rosalie> So, Genevriel - we've heard quite a bit about you, but of course it's always interesting to hear from someone directly. Perhaps you could tell us about what you do?

<Genevriel> I... I'm a technician at [Experimental Farm] currently.

<Rosalie> Oh, how interesting!

<Genevriel> (Do I have any sort of Non-Disclosure Agreement, by the way? Since some of the work that happens there is presumably classified.)

<DiablotinNarrator> (I think this was discussed in your interview? You can talk about some aspects of your work, in general terms, but there are certain projects/topics you aren't allowed to discuss)

<Lionel> I've heard they're doing some work on cotton plants - pest resistance and so on.

<Genevriel> Oh, yes. I'm not on that project, though.

  • Lionel nods

<Genevriel> I'm mostly testing soil supplements, recording their effects on germination and growth rates, among other things.

  • Lionel nods

<Lionel> Well, we're certainly interested in any developments in those areas - it could make a big difference to our margins.

<Rosalie> All right, Lionel, don't make her talk about work all evening :)

<Lionel> Ah, two sentences is hardly 'all evening'!

<Genevriel> I don't mind talking about work, insofar as I can, anyway.

<Genevriel> . o O (It's a pretty safe subject, at least.)

<Rosalie> Oh, surely we'll have other opportunities to discuss that :)

<Genevriel> ...

<Rosalie> Perhaps you'd like to join us for tea some afternoon? It would be a more comfortable atmosphere than an Imperial wedding :)

  • Genevriel gets anxious and then feels relief: unlike Tante Sylvise, Madds' parents probably won't consider asking about babies. That would be pretty cruel to Madds.

<Genevriel> Um... To be honest, I am a terrible conversationalist pretty much anywhere, anytime.

  • Madds smiles at that

<Madds> Also self-deprecating.

<Rosalie> We won't insist that you be a marvellous conversationalist. We'd simply like to get to know the woman who's so important to our son.

  • Rosalie says gently.
  • Genevriel smiles slightly.

<Genevriel> There's no accounting for taste, is there.

  • Madds chuckles a little

<Madds> I'll have you know I have excellent taste.

<Genevriel> Our mirror says otherwise.

<Genevriel> But we do have good conversations.

<Genevriel> I mean Madds and I...

  • Genevriel adds for his parents' benefit. She doesn't actually talk to mirrors.

Denise learns Elcina is healthier and pregnant to boot

  • Denise will stop by home on her way home from 'work' early one evening, having received a message to that extent

<DiablotinNarrator> You step into your family's house, looking around, and your mother steps out from the next room, and walks (!) towards you.

<Elcina> Denise :D

  • Hettienne is lurking somewhere out of sight to catch D's reaction :v

<Denise> Mam!

<Denise> What are you doin' up :o

<Elcina> Well... your aunt Hettie's friend Lathra did some magic and I'm feeling so much better...

<Denise> what? :o

<Denise> lathra?

  • Elcina nods

<Denise> like... for real better or just for a bit better?

  • Elcina considers that for a moment
  • Denise looks like she is trying to process

<Elcina> I think for real better. I still have the scars, and I guess there's a different spell she could do for that but she doesn't know it yet or something? But inside - like with the pain, an' bein' tired, an' all that... all that feels better for good.

  • Denise holds her arms open for a hug regardless though

<Denise> Oh mam :3

  • Elcina hugs you tightly.

<Denise> Likes really? really really?

<Elcina> Yes, really. She said it won't go away or wear off after a while.

<Hettienne> Reallyyyyyy! :v

  • Denise squeezes

<Denise> I'm so happy for you :3

  • Denise says, but sniffs
  • Elcina holds you, reaching up to stroke your hair.

<Denise> Just one spell and you're all better?

  • Elcina nods

<Denise> jus' one spell an you were hurtin for so many years? ;_;

<Elcina> But I think it was a big spell. I mean, I don't really know how it all works, but I don't think it's something just anyone could have done.

<Denise> still...

<Elcina> oh sweetheart... I know. But be glad that it's done now, at least.

<Denise> I am.... I'll have to thank her *lots*

  • Denise lets go of her mother and looks over at Hettie

<Denise> Did you ask her?

  • Hettienne nods :v
  • Denise will come give you a big Denise hug too

<Hettienne> We didn't want to say nothin' til we knew it was gonna work.

<Denise> I dind't know she could do somethin' like that :3

<Denise> thank you :3

  • Denise wipes her face

<Hettienne> Well... I didn't do nothin'... :3

<Denise> I'm so happy I just don't even know how to think right now, so sorry if I keep cryin' :s

<Elcina> it's all right, honey :3

  • Patric comes in with Yvie, and smiles - like actually smiles, for once.
  • Denise smiles at them then wipes her face again

<Denise> Yvie you're so lucky, you don't even know :3

  • Denise gives her sister a hug too
  • Yvie hugs you back

<Yvie> Isn't it great Mam's better? :)

<Denise> yes

<Denise> like

<Denise> yes

<Denise> . o O (Maybe you can be a kid some more now :3)

  • Patric hugs your mother, like he can't quite believe he's allowed.
  • Denise uts her sister down and turns to her dad, but he is huggng mam an that's good :3

<Denise> does Mickie know yet?

<Elcina> Not yet, he hasn't been by yet - I hope he'll come soon :)

  • Elcina leans against your father, who puts his arm around her.

<Denise> :3

<Hettienne> . o O (aw man are they gonna tell her?? :3 :3 :3)

<Elcina> There's some other news we wanted to tell you - I was hoping everyone would get here, though...

<Denise> oh man, I feel like I gotta sit down if therre's *more* news @_@

  • Mikel opportunely comes through the door at that point.

<Hettienne> Heh.

<Mikel> Hey, is something wrong? I heard I was supposeda come home as soon as I could...

<Denise> MIKEY

<Denise> they FIXED MAM

<Mikel> fixed?

  • Mikel looks confused
  • Denise starts sniffing all over again

<Denise> Fixed her all up with a spell an... just look

  • Elcina walks over to him and gives him a hug

<Mikel> ... mam? you're better?

  • Elcina nods

<Elcina> Much better :)

  • Mikel looks her over and starts to tear up himself

<Mikel> mam... I'm sorry you had to go through that for so long

<Mikel> I wish I could have fixed it for you...

  • Denise nods
  • Denise lets Mik do the talking because he's better at those sorts of things

<Elcina> you did the best you could, sweetheart, and I ain't gonna ever forget how much you an' your sisters did for me.

  • Elcina hugs him again.
  • Mikel sniffles against her shoulder for a bit.

<Elcina> I love you all so much. I'm just so happy that I can be ... be really here for you again.

  • Denise nods
  • Denise starts sniffling harder

<Denise> like, for the weddin.... ;____;

  • Elcina nods

<Denise> oh, mam :3

<Denise> an... you can get out an do things you like again, an all that :3

<Elcina> yes...

<Elcina> that sorta brings me to the other news >.>

<Hettienne> :3333

<Mikel> there's other news?

  • Mikel asks, wiping his eyes
  • Denise sort of migrates over to lean on her brother
  • Elcina nods
  • Mikel hugs you with one arm, while still trying to figure out what's going on here

<Elcina> Well...it turns out I'm going to have another baby :3

<Denise> ....

<Denise> ....

<Hettienne> :333333333

<Denise> ....

<Denise> WHAT

<Denise> :o

<Hettienne> (*internally squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing*)

  • Elcina smiles and nods

<Mikel> when? :o

<Elcina> I guess in about six months or so.

<Denise> oh gosh :o :o

<Denise> I just can't with all this news :o

<Patric> well... take it easy, everyone. it's still some ways off :)

<Denise> a new baby? :o

  • Patric says, but can't help smiling
  • Denise looks between her parent s and makes *that* connection and briefly makes a horrified face, but then just thinks about the baby

<Denise> oh gosh :o

<Elcina> it's real good that I got healed up before all that, though.

<Elcina> havin' a baby is hard enough when you're healthy...

  • Elcina says with a smile to Hettie, who is getting towards the 'huge' stage ;)

<Hettienne> Heh

<Denise> ....oh.

<Denise> I'm real extra glad, then

<Mikel> me too

  • Elcina gives you all hugs again

Denise, Hettie and Mikel talk about their mom/sil and Mikel's paramour

  • Mikel will go out for drinks with you two after things have calmed down at home.
  • Denise can suggest some place that isn't the cellar probably ;p

<Mikel> (fair)

<Mikel> man... I feel like I don't know how to feel.

<Denise> yeah...

<Denise> Liiek I'm real happy but like... other stuff too

  • Mikel nods, taking a drink of his beer

<Denise> Yvie don't even know

<Hettienne> You're not happy?

<Denise> I am!

<Denise> but just like.... after all we been through after mam got hurt...

<Mikel> Yeah, I'm happy for Mam that she could get the help she needed...

<Denise> just one spell an that's it...

<Mikel> but after all that, like...

  • Mikel ponders

<Denise> like, why did we have to go through all that

<Denise> that's all

<Mikel> ... I dunno. I just wish that everyone who needed help like that could get it.

<Hettienne> Well, before we started hangin' out with Lathra I wouldnta thought about clerics being able to do it

<Denise> yeah, an that too

  • Mikel nods
  • Denise nods to you both

<Hettienne> I mean, who knows what they do.

<Denise> alla that

<Denise> its gonna change a lotta stuff at home, for real

<Mikel> yeah

<Mikel> for the better, I think

  • Denise nods

<Mikel> Yvie can stay in school longer - Da doesn't have to work so much overtime or worry so much.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> an mam can just do... anythin' :3

<Hettienne> Maybe he'll lighten up :p

<Mikel> Mam could even maybe go back to work if she wanted - not the same work, of course, but like... somethin' she'd like.

  • Mikel nods

<Denise> well maybe when the baby is a little older :3

<Denise> Gosh

<Mikel> yeah... @_@

<Denise> right?

  • Denise nudges her brother

<Denise> another lil Murodea :3

  • Mikel smiles

<Mikel> I guess I woulda figured they were all done with that, but like... I guess not @_@

<Denise> well, really they ain't that old

<Mikel> with havin' babies I mean

<Mikel> not with like.. stuff >.>

<Denise> I mean, da's not that much older than Hettie...

<Denise> -_-

<Denise> Mickie,... just.... don't -__

  • Mikel takes another drink

<Denise> -_-

<Hettienne> Yeah.

<Denise> just be glad we don't gotta live there :V

<Mikel> I hope it's another boy :3

<Mikel> then we'll be even ;)

<Denise> heh

<Denise> I guess it'd be fair

  • Denise admits grudgingly

<Denise> Maybe if mam is pregnant folks'll lay off me an' Enver for a bit :p

<Mikel> are folks buggin' you about that?

<Denise> a little, yeah

<Hettienne> Hah...

<Hettienne> I dodged that bullet :v

<Mikel> well, it ain't any of their business anyway

<Hettienne> That ain't never stopped anyone

<Mikel> An' there should be plenty of babies to go around in the family for a while :)

<Denise> so many babies :3

<Denise> I better get knittin' :3

<Mikel> heh

<Mikel> hats are quick, right? lotta hats.

<Hettienne> Booties.

<Denise> or them little mittens

<Hettienne> THem lil mittens... yeah

<Hettienne> so they don't claw their own dumb faces off, heh

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> how are thing goin' with you an 'Gea?

<Mikel> oh, uh...

  • Denise asks Mikel

<Denise> I mean

  • Mikel 's face falls a bit

<Denise> if you have any babies before me I'm gonna break hyour arm tho

<Mikel> no, I think she's pretty careful on that

<Mikel> but things are kinda ... I dunno. not great.

<Denise> aww :/

<Denise> did somethin' happen?

<Mikel> well...

<Mikel> she's been tryin' to think on ways she could get out of her deal with the Mala Tajna. 'cause it ain't really what she wants to do, but like... she owes them, or she thinks she does :/

<Mikel> An' she come up with this plan, like.

<Mikel> Where she'd marry some old rich guy an' that'd get her out of it, 'cause they wouldn't wanna piss him off.

<Denise> I didn't know she had like... a *deal* deal...

<Hettienne> Uh...

<Hettienne> I'm kinda lost?

<Mikel> well... they put all that... training in, like. Like with Enver, too, right? I mean they spent years to teach him all that, they wouldn't like it if he just decided to quit one day.

  • Mikel glances over at Hettie
  • Denise looks uncomfortable

<Denise> If she don't like it she shouldn't oughtta be doin' it

<Denise> She shoudl tslk to Ander, he'll fix it

<Mikel> She makes nice with guys for them, that they wanna impress or butter up or whatever. An' I told her it didn't matter to me, like... I still wanted to be with her.

  • Hettienne scowls...

<Mikel> but I didn't mean it was okay for her to go an' marry someone an' I'd just wait around on her, like on the side or whatever.

<Denise> no, that ain't right neither

<Hettienne> Yeah, that's gross.

<Mikel> d'you really think Ander could fix it? I mean... would all them higher ups listen to him?

<Denise> well they *should*

<Denise> I mean, his aunt prolly would...

  • Mikel doesn't look entirely convinced by that

<Denise> He wouldn't let it slide if she ain't happy

<Mikel> maybe...

<Mikel> would you talk to him about it?

<Mikel> you know him better

<Hettienne> Hon, if she was willin' to just put you on the side for years an' years while she marries some geezer...

<Hettienne> Just sayin' but, maybe you could do better

  • Hettienne shrugs

<Mikel> :/

<Mikel> maybe you're right

<Mikel> maybe before you talk to Ander, Dee, I gotta talk to her more first.

<Denise> mmm...

<Mikel> 'cause, like, if that's what she wants - like a rich husband an' all that - I can't give her that.

<Denise> well like

<Denise> I guess so

<Denise> but like still, if she ain't happy

<Denise> there's gotta be other ways tofix it

<Denise> if its just she wanst to marry some rich guy *anyway* well i dunno then

<Mikel> yeah but.. even if Ander could fix it, if she don't wanna be married to some poor channel who ain't got much of anything, it don't do me no good.

  • Denise looks at Mikel as if he has two heads

<Denise> Well it still ain't *right* even if it wouldn't bother *you* :p

<Mikel> no, I don't mean that...

<Mikel> I mean, I know it ain't right, how things are.

  • Mikel sighs

<Mikel> but if she ain't got work with them, and ain't got a husband who can take care of her, then what's she gonna do?

<Denise> they can find her work that just not *that* work

<Hettienne> there are other options out there

<Denise> an yeah

<Denise> she could get a different job

<Denise> sh'es so pretty, I bet she could be in movies :3

  • Mikel smiles a little at that

<Mikel> maybe...

<Denise> she could do lots of thngs, anyway

<Mikel> well... I guess.

<Mikel> If it's that she wants to be with me, but she don't think she can, then maybe we can work it out.

  • Denise nods

<Mikel> but if it ain't that... then I guess you're right, Aunt Hettie, I gotta move on.

<Denise> she oughtta come talk to Ander though

<Denise> you tell her I said that

<Mikel> okay, I will

<Denise> or if she don't wanna, come talk to me an I'll do it

  • Mikel nods

<Mikel> thanks

  • Mikel will buy another round for everyone