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Diablotin 3 session logs
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Session date: November 20, 2016
Diablotin date:


<DiablotinNarrator> It is the end of Sixth-month, with the weather growing hotter by the day. Summer heat brings out the noise and smells of the city, as people leave open their windows and debris festers in the gutters.

<DiablotinNarrator> It's delightful!

  • Genevriel perversely keeps closing the windows in the apartment to try to keep out the smells. :P
  • Dorien is used to noxious smells.

Dorien and Misery try to find a retailer for their goods

<DiablotinNarrator> Dorien, you and Misery are back from your trip to Psyra, and working at getting your new lab set up.

<Dorien> (Yay!)

<DiablotinNarrator> You've rented a space in a not-too-bad building in the Castalia, and purchased some equipment and supplies to get your work underwar.

<DiablotinNarrator> er.. underway :p

<DiablotinNarrator> you might also need some work underwear :p

<Dorien> (Do I need seperate work underwear? What's wrong with my casual ones?)

<Dorien> (heh)

<DiablotinNarrator> (don't ask)

<DiablotinNarrator> (let's just say 'lead plating')

<DiablotinNarrator> (if you and Misery ever want to have kids ;)

<Dorien> ( >.> )

<DiablotinNarrator> Misery is back to work full-steam on Korisse's movie, which has finally picked up speed again, although they now need to use magic to make it look like winter for any exterior shots.

<DiablotinNarrator> It's good experience for her, and she seems to really enjoy it, but it isn't bringing in a lot of money... and neither is your business yet, being still in its very early days.

<Dorien> (Nod)

<DiablotinNarrator> As such, you're tossing around ideas of how to bring in some extra cash, that don't involve drug dealing or working for the mob >.>

<Misery> Hey, I saw a new alchemy type shop opening up in the Shade.

  • Misery suggests one evening

<Dorien> Oh? What kind?

<Misery> Not sure. It's just called "SUBSTANCE by Irrez".

  • Dorien (Do I know that name?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (nope)

<Misery> But I walked by and there's a bunch of bottles and potions and ingredients and stuff.

<Dorien> Huh. Maybe we should check it out. Can't hurt to scope out the competition.

<Misery> Yeah, and I was thinking, if he was interested, maybe we could whip up some basic things like sunrods or tanglefoot bags or whatever, and just sell them through another shop. For a bit of extra money.

<Dorien> That's not a bad idea. There's not much room here for a shop of our own, but we could certainly wholesale. Maybe he could use a dedicated supplier.

<Dorien> Or she, I suppose.

  • Misery nods

<Dorien> Do you know this Irrez at all?

<Misery> No, but I asked my father, and he says he's not in the Nhau'kel anyway.

<Dorien> Well, that's good, at least.

<Misery> We could go check it out, at least.

<Dorien> Though they're not the only game in town.

<Dorien> Yeah.

  • Misery nods

<Dorien> Worth a look.

<DiablotinNarrator> So, on your next free day, you can venture over to see ... SUBSTANCE.

  • Dorien will wear something decently nice.
  • Misery accompanies you

<DiablotinNarrator> The shop is fairly nondescript but respectable-looking from the outside.

<DiablotinNarrator> It looks quite new, as well.

<Dorien> (What sort of thingsare in the window?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (Heather, what do you think?)

<Irrez> (some fancy looking alchemical equipment for decor, a display of basic things, a few more complicated/expensive things that are more set apart)

  • Dorien will take note of what they are selling and, more importantly, what they are not selling that he can make.
  • Dorien will head inside
  • Brazvi lurks in a corner.
  • Brazvi is a Shadar-kai with hair pulled up into a topknot-bun, with shaved sides; wearing tan wide-legged trousers, and a simple clean white shirt with suspenders.

<DiablotinNarrator> There is an attendant at the counter, a young Shadar-kai man, who greets you when you enter.

<Attendant> <sk> Good day, welcome to Substance. How can I help you?

  • Brazvi watches you.

<Dorien> Hello. We just noticed that you'd opened up and decided to stop in.

  • Dorien scans the shelves

<Dorien> Nice shop.

<Attendant> (are you speaking back to him in SK or in Aveyronnais?)

<Dorien> (Oh, I didn't notice the <sk>. Yes, in shadar kai)

<Attendant> Certainly, you're welcome to browse. Let me know if there's anything you would like.

<Dorien> Thank you. Are you the proprieter?

<Attendant> No, I'm just an employee. Would you care to speak with Irrez?

<Dorien> Yes, please, if that wouldn't be too much trouble.

<Attendant> Of course.

  • Attendant will go through a door at the back of the shop, and returns a short while later with the owner.
  • Irrez emerges, pushing up some safety goggles, and removig his work gloves, and looks around
  • Dorien grins slightly.
  • Brazvi nods to Irrez.

<Dorien> Hello! Thank you for seeing us. You must be Irrez?

  • Irrez s wearng a leather apron over nice work clothes, and has long-ish hair in a vriety of green shades that is currently pulled back out of his face
  • Irrez nods

<Irrez> Yes, welcome to my shop.

<Irrez> How may I be of service? Are you looking for something in particular?

<Dorien> Thank you. My name is Dorien, and this is my associate Miz'ehrhy. You have a very nice establishment.

  • Misery nods politely

<Dorien> Actually, I was hoping that we might be able to help you.

  • Brazvi slides over to stand by Irrez

<Irrez> Oh?

  • Irrez scrutinizes you more carefully, trying to figure out what your deal is
  • Dorien will nod a greeting at Brazvi, noticing they're arrival in the conversation.

<Dorien> We run a small alchemy supply company based not far from here. We were wondering if you had a need for suppliers for some of your items. I've noticed you don't stock (insert alchemy jargon here), for instance.

<Irrez> hmm - wholesalers, is it?

  • Irrez considers

<Irrez> Do you have samples?

<Dorien> Researchers mostly, but we do some wholesaling as well.

<Dorien> Not on me at the moment, but I could certainly provide some.

  • Irrez nods

<Irrez> ahh, I see.

<Irrez> If you can brig me some samples of your work, we can discuss the prospect

<Dorien> Of course. Are there any particular items you'd like us to provide?

  • Brazvi leans back on the counter behind them
  • Irrez considers

<Irrez> Thse you mentioned woud be fine, but I am more interested i wholesaling someple common thigs that sell quickly - the more basic stocks. Sunrods, birth control potions. These sorts of things.

<Misery> We could provide those.

  • Misery says, with a glance to Dorien

<Dorien> Of course. That should be no problem at all. I can have some for you tomorrow.

  • Dorien smiles at Misery
  • Irrez nods

<Irrez> that will be fine

<Misery> If you did agree to this proposal, what sort of cut would we get?

  • Misery asks, since this is ultimately about making money >.>
  • Brazvi eyes Misery
  • Dorien studiously avoids glancing at Brazvi
  • Irrez considers

<Irrez> I would offer you 60% of profits on the items of your manufacture

  • Irrez tosses out
  • Misery nods
  • Brazvi sizes up Dorien.
  • Dorien nods thoughtfully.

<Misery> We'll discuss it, thank you.

<Dorien> Thank you very much for your time.

<Dorien> It's nice to see a fellow alchemist in the area.

  • Irrez nods again

<Irrez> Yes, that is always good.

<Irrez> I will see you tomorrow.

<Dorien> Til tomorrow.

  • Dorien will head for the door a bit awkwardly.
  • Brazvi watches you leave
  • Misery goes with you

<Misery> well... they seem very... professional.

  • Misery says, once you're outside.

<Dorien> That's one way to put it. Those two creep me right the fuck out.

<Misery> they do?

<Dorien> Well, mostly the quiet one. It felt like I was on a petri dish.

<Misery> Oh.. yeah, a bit. Maybe they're just a bit overprotective.

<Dorien> Maybe.

<Misery> 60% is a good deal, though.

<Dorien> Either way, they sound like they'd be good customers at least.

<Dorien> Yeah.

<Dorien> A very good deal.

<Dorien> Hopefully your hunch will pay off.

  • Misery smiles and takes your hand.

<Misery> See, I'm always helpful :)

  • Dorien gives her a kiss.

<Dorien> More than you'll ever know.

  • Dorien will head home and work on getting quality samples together :)

Genevriel meets Philida, who appears to be another oracular-type person

<DiablotinNarrator> Gen, now that you're back from your trip to Psyra, Channel Silvia has made arrangements for you to meet with the other woman who may have powers like your own, Philida Chantranes.

<DiablotinNarrator> She offers a room in her house for you to have privacy so that you can talk.

  • Genevriel dislikes meeting strangers but has thankfully had time to mentally prepare herself to do just that.
  • Genevriel shows up a few minutes early, as if this were a medical appointment.
  • Silvia welcomes you to her house

<Silvia> How are you?

  • Genevriel greets Channel Silvia with a small gift as a thank you for going through the trouble and for letting her use a room.

<Genevriel> I'm well, thank you.

<Silvia> oh, thank you, that's very kind.

  • Genevriel passes you a bottle of gourmet olives she brought back from Psyra.
  • Silvia smiles

<Silvia> Lovely :)

<Genevriel> You're welcome... I hope you like them.

<Silvia> I do, thank you.

  • Genevriel is relieved.
  • Silvia will bring you to a sitting room where there is some tea already waiting, and a tray of pastries.

<Silvia> Philida should be here shortly.

  • Genevriel nods and tries to overcome any residual anxiety.

<Genevriel> What is she like, if you don't mind my asking?

<Silvia> She's a veteran, like yourself. She's had trouble recovering after the war, but has found some comfort at the temple of Serpent. I don't know her incredibly well, but she seems like a person who is absorbed in her own thoughts a great deal. Distracted, but not by anything that others can perceive.

  • Genevriel smiles a little ruefully. "Now I'm curious how you'd describe me if she asked the same question."
  • Silvia smiles

<Silvia> Perhaps not so differently. You're both people who seem to have a burden you carry, and struggles to overcome, but who do your best.

  • Silvia turns as there's another knock at the door.

<Silvia> That must be her - I'll be right back.

  • Genevriel nods and rubs her clammy hands on her pants.
  • Silvia returns a little while later with a very short woman in her 30s, with short wavy brown hair that looks like she's only just letting it grow out from its military crop.
  • Genevriel stands up to greet the newcomer formally by extending a clammy (from nerves) hand.

<Silvia> Genevriel, this is Philida. I'll leave you to talk, but if you need me for anything, I'll be nearby.

  • Philida shakes your hand, also seeming a bit nervous

<Philida> Hello...

<Genevriel> (Does she wear gloves? That's my saving grace, she can't feel the clamminess, heheh)

  • Philida does not

<Genevriel> Hello...

<Genevriel> (Does she have blackened arms?)

  • Philida 's skin that you can see appears normal
  • Genevriel feels surprised and a little bit confused, but recovers herself quickly.

<Genevriel> Would you... um... like some tea?

<Philida> Thank you...

  • Philida will sit down, as Silvia leaves you two to talk

<Philida> Ah, I understand you... you hear them too?

  • Philida asks uncertainly
  • Genevriel pours tea for Philida and herself before sitting back down.

<Genevriel> I hear voices... whether they're the same ones you hear, I couldn't say.

  • Philida nods

<Genevriel> Mine speak in Celestial. And yours?

<Philida> There are a lot of different voices. Some of them I understand, and some I don't. I guess the ones I understand must be speaking Aveyronnais, or I wouldn't understand them...

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> What do they say?

<Philida> 'We will not fade away'

  • Genevriel shudders; that sounds like something the dead would say.

<Philida> Other things sometimes, but that's the main one.

<Philida> I think it's.... the dead talking to me.

  • Philida confesses uncertainly

<Genevriel> Mine are different... they say "We are all One."

<Philida> there were so many dead, and maybe they think I can do something for them...

<Philida> but they don't stop, and I don't know what they want.

  • Genevriel tries not to let her disappointment show.

<Genevriel> I don't know what mine want, either.

  • Philida nods

<Genevriel> But... I don't get the feeling that they are all dead.

<Philida> I don't really know that mine are... I just don't know who else they could be.

<Genevriel> I think some of them could be, but others aren't.

<Genevriel> In my case, I mean.

<Genevriel> I wouldn't presume to know who or what yours are.

<Genevriel> ...

<Philida> but ever since it started, I can cast spells... I mean, I never could before, it just started when...

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> Me, too... fire and healing magic, mainly.

<Genevriel> What about you?

<Philida> some are, well, sort of like what priests can do. But I can do things with what they call primal magic - manipulating the elements, I guess?

<Genevriel> Is it all Divine magic, though...?

<Genevriel> Like, do you have to pray to be able to do any of it, or do you draw on some magical energy from within yourself?

<Philida> It's divine.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> Did you get marked in some way?

<Philida> at least, that's what Sirris said after he watched me do some.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> My arms, for example - they're burnt and they won't heal.

  • Philida nods
  • Philida pushes up her sleeve, and you can see there on her forearm a large brand or scar, shaped like a circle with a dot at the center

<Philida> this won't heal either.

<Genevriel> Hmmm...

<Genevriel> Do you feel drawn to the stars at all?

  • Genevriel thinks that could be a bullseye or a wheel with a hub at its centre. Damn gods, why can't they just talk plainly.

<Philida> I... when I go out at night, it just feels too big and empty. I try not to, now >.>

<Genevriel> :/

<Genevriel> Have you ever tried talking to your voices? Do they ever reply to you? Or is it all one-sided? They tell you stuff but they can't or won't answer any questions you may have?

<Philida> I try talking back all the time. Out loud, or in my head. They just keep going. Sometimes what they say seems like it's ... related to things that are happening to me, like they know. But they don't answer questions or anything that direct.

<Philida> Is that like yours?

<Genevriel> Maybe.

<Genevriel> I can hear and understand "We are all One" all the time, like it's my pulse or my breath, but the other things they say are in Celestial, as I mentioned.

<Genevriel> I didn't know any Celestial so I've been learning.

  • Philida nods

<Genevriel> I finally can understand a little of what they're saying, but really have only had one incident similar to what you're describing, so far.

<Genevriel> That was just a few days ago.

  • Philida nods
  • Genevriel looks thoughtful.

<Genevriel> I'm not sure that what we hear is the same entity or entities... But since neither of our patrons is especially forthcoming with information, I'm not sure how we'd know. Unless you feel all right sharing what we hear.

<Genevriel> Maybe together we can figure out what is going on and what the fuck they want from us.

<Philida> I can try. Like I said, I don't understand all of it, but some parts I do.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Philida> I want to understand it too... it feels like it must have happened for a reason, but figuring out what that is...

<Genevriel> Is frustrating at best and infuriating at worst.

<Philida> yes

<Philida> why me, what do they want, is it even something I can do?

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> One of my biggest fears, perhaps unfounded, is that they'll want me to do something against my own moral compass. But because I owe them, how can I refuse?

<Philida> do you feel like they saved your life too?

<Genevriel> Yes, though for a long time I wished they hadn't.

  • Philida nods

<Philida> Me too.

<Genevriel> Even now, some days, I just wish I could be dead.

<Philida> I'm sorry :(

  • Genevriel shrugs.

<Genevriel> It is what it is.

<Genevriel> So...

<Genevriel> Have you had Sirris or Silvia try to figure out what other language or languages your voices speak?

<Philida> no... I guess I hadn't thought about it.

<Philida> but I could.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> It's a place to start. If they can identify the language for you, then you can learn it, and start to understand a little bit more, perhaps.

<Genevriel> If it's Celestial, I could help you learn.

<Philida> All right. I'll try.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> Meanwhile... this is what they said to me the other day: "As the fire allows the seeds to grow stronger, so your strength emerges from your suffering. Like the lyre, our song speaks through you, and you will carry our words: we are all one. Here at the hub of the wheel, where all is still, we embrace you. Be at peace, child."

  • Philida 's eyes widen slightly

<Genevriel> Based on that, they seem to want me to spread the word about them, and so I have tried to do when I pray for healing for people - give credit where it's due, and all- but... I don't know what the One is or what they want so the thought of more actively promoting them makes me want to vomit.

<Philida> Mine talk about the hub of the wheel too. I thought... well. I think it means the Void. I don't know what else it could be.

<Genevriel> The Void? I suppose...

  • Genevriel looks a little sad.

<Genevriel> I'm not sure, though...

<Philida> What do you think it means?

<Genevriel> Well, they want me to do something for them, carry their words.

<Genevriel> But as I said, without knowing more about what they are and what they stand for I don't feel comfortable trying to convert anyone.

<Philida> Well, as far as I know, the Void is what's supposed to be at the center of the Wheel. So... that's what I thought it meant.

  • Philida says a bit uncertainly

<Genevriel> Well, there's also the Centre...

<Genevriel> Unless they're the same thing.

<Genevriel> But imagine trying to tell that to people.

<Philida> but isn't that where the gods live? I mean... if they wanted to talk to us or give us powers, why wouldn't we be just the same as priests?

<Genevriel> Yes, the Centre is where the One God is supposed to live, but also where good souls go after they've lived their six... or seven... lives - one for each House.

<Genevriel> At least if you follow the Way of the Wheel.

<Genevriel> I don't know what the Church of Serpent says about it... do you?

  • Philida nods

<Philida> They talk about Serpent as being even bigger than the gods, like more powerful than them in some ways, but also more distant. They say that Serpent is the boundary between reality and void... that Serpent protects us from that nothingness or unbeing, I guess.

<Genevriel> And in the Way of the Wheel, the Void is where the bad souls go. That's why I'm not sure about it...

<Philida> but during the time that Serpent was locked away, then souls needed to go to the Void for ... unmaking, in a way. That Serpent changed that.

<Genevriel> So... has the Void changed?

  • Genevriel tries to understand.

<Genevriel> I mean from the perspective of the Way of the Wheel? Bad souls don't go there anymore?

<Philida> Maybe. I'm still just learning about how the Serpent faith views things, but yes, they think it has changed. I don't think the Way of the Wheel accepts that, though.

<Genevriel> Understandably... It would shake the foundations of their beliefs if they accepted it. How do you keep people in line if there's no horrible fate awaiting them after death?

  • Genevriel smiles wryly.

<Philida> Oh, but there is - in a way, it's worse, if you think the Void was just nothingness, but Hell is actually punishment.

<Genevriel> Okay, Hell is something I guess I need to look into, then.

  • Genevriel doesn't look enthusiastic about it.

<Philida> I think that was what the Revelators tried to say - but it didn't really catch on in the mainstream church, I guess probably because it was too unpleasant for people to accept.

<Philida> My mother was into the Revelators for a while, I went to some of their services when I was little. It was scary though.

<Genevriel> In what way?

  • Genevriel asks curiously.

<Philida> Well, I was just small, so there were things I didn't really understand. Mostly a lot of yelling and talking about how if we were bad, we would go to Hell.

<Genevriel> ...

<Genevriel> All right... so there's the Centre, there's the Void, there's Hell.

  • Philida nods

<Genevriel> If the Void is just emptiness now, why are we hearing voices from it?

<Genevriel> Souls trapped there while Serpent was out of commission?

<Philida> I don't know

<Philida> maybe?

  • Genevriel doesn't look happy about that.

<Philida> maybe souls that were too strong to be ... erased?

<Genevriel> Maybe? But then what they say to me really makes no sense...

<Philida> how do you mean?

<Genevriel> As the fire allows the seeds to grow stronger, so your strength emerges from your suffering. Like the lyre, our song speaks through you, and you will carry our words: we are all one. Here at the hub of the wheel, where all is still, we embrace you. Be at peace, child.

<Genevriel> They sound kind of... nice?

<Genevriel> What do they want if they're souls stuck there? What would you want if you were a soul stuck there?

<Philida> ... to get out?

  • Philida guesses
  • Genevriel nods.

<Philida> or to be heard, I guess, if I couldn't get out. For someone to know I was there.

<Genevriel> One would think, but does what they said to me sound to you like someone desperate to get out?

<Philida> no, not really.

<Genevriel> And then there's them always saying "We are all One..."

<Genevriel> And we do figure there's a One God in the Centre.

<Genevriel> But...

<Genevriel> That takes us back to what you asked earlier: "why me, what do they want, is it even something I can do?"

<Genevriel> Especially the why me part.

<Genevriel> I'm no one special.

<Philida> I don't know why me - or why us, I guess.

<Philida> but maybe they, whoever they are, do.

<Genevriel> It'd be nice if they could be a little more clear about it.

<Philida> or maybe they're just throwing out their message to whoever will listen, and we happened to be able to pick it up, for whatever reason.

  • Genevriel grumbles good-naturedly.

<Philida> Like a radio station coming in with static.

  • Genevriel laughs a little.

<Genevriel> Where's the power button so we can turn it off?

<Philida> That would be handy :)

<Genevriel> ...

<Genevriel> I've had a couple other experiences.

<Philida> oh?

<Genevriel> Back before I knew they were speaking Celestial, I tried repeating the sounds I heard. My friend Lathra was able to make some sense out of things - take it with a grain of salt, but they were saying: You are the instrument; We are the song/ You are the brush; We are the colours/ You are the fuel; We are the fire/ You are the harvest; We are the seed

  • Philida nods

<Philida> it sounds like a hymn or something.

<Genevriel> Possibly.

<Genevriel> And, your talk of the Void reminded me that on a recent very strange trip to another Plane, I felt... a tug of recognition in the brief space of time during the transition from this plane to the other one.

<Philida> huh

<Genevriel> And the phrase 'the dark tapestry' seems to be important somehow.

<Philida> I'm not sure what that means

<Genevriel> Me neither, but it might have to do with the spaces between planes, or between stars, or something.

<Genevriel> Which suggests emptiness, which suggests you might be right about the Void.

  • Philida nods
  • Philida thinks for a moment

<Philida> I wonder...

  • Genevriel gives her an encouraging look.

<Philida> well, when I was in the war, there were some things we ran into... odd things, that I didn't really know what to make of them at the time.

<Genevriel> Oh?

<Philida> We made camp in a grove one night, and there were some old stone carvings there. Really old and worn, you could hardly tell what they were. But our medic said they were old gods, that the Psyrenes used to worship before they turned to the Way of the Wheel.

<Philida> At night, it was like I could hear them whispering. But I thought I was just imagining things, because I was spooked.

<Philida> but maybe I wasn't

<Genevriel> Did you understand what they were saying?

<Philida> Not the words, but I had the feeling that they wanted me to do something for them - bring them offerings, maybe, or clean up the grove... I don't know. I felt bad for them, all overgrown and forgotten.

<Genevriel> Were you at Seda Grove...?

  • Genevriel asks cautiously.
  • Philida shakes her head

<Philida> No, thank goodness. I heard it was awful there.

<Genevriel> All right... Were the statues you saw shaped like animals?

  • Philida nods

<Philida> there was a horse, I think, and a bird of some sort, and others I wasn't so sure about.

  • Genevriel nods and smiles.

<Genevriel> I met a woman this year who is a servant of Horse. Like Wolf, Owl, and the rest, they were agathions, totems of our ancestral tribes. Only the people of the seven animals we know migrated here and six of their followers started the Way of the Wheel.

  • Philida nods

<Philida> so they still have people who worship them?

<Genevriel> Well, not many. This woman was hoping to find someone she could train to be another servant of Horse. I think she is pretty much the only one.

<Philida> hmm

<Genevriel> There might be other people who believe in Horse, I suppose, but not others who have a relationship with it similar to a priest's, or to ours with whoever speaks to us.

<Philida> What happens when a god dies? I mean... if they *can* die. Where do they go, when they're almost forgotten like that.

<Genevriel> Good question. I have no idea.

<Genevriel> (K: Religion for any insights?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can make a roll)

<Genevriel> !roll 1d20+16

  • BalthCat rolls for Genevriel: [ 1d20+16 ] getting [ 17 ] which, after the modifier [ 16 ] totals [ 33 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> You think that it would be very hard for a god to die, but not impossible - another god might be able to kill a god. Even if they lost power and became forgotten by humans, you don't think they would die, but might grow very weak.

  • Genevriel will share that with her.

<Genevriel> Where they go, though? Who knows.

<Philida> What if they were in the Void, and trying to communicate with ... anyone.

<Genevriel> It's possible.

<Genevriel> But if you're thinking that they might be what's talking to us, I'd be curious to know why they think it's so important that I understand that they're all one, or everything in the known universe is one. Perhaps pooling their resources is a useful strategy for their survival, but then what?

<Philida> I don't know

<Genevriel> If someone remembers Horse and starts worshipping it, does Horse leave the pool of voices and become an individual again? And if so, what do they need me, or us, for?

<Philida> maybe wherever they are, or whatever's become of them, they aren't really individual forces anymore. maybe ...

  • Philida thinks some more

<Philida> maybe they think that division isn't good, if the other gods forced them out, or something like that?

<Genevriel> Possibly.

<Genevriel> It's something to think about and look into, anyway.

<Genevriel> If they just want someone who will research the hell out of them then I guess I understand why they selected me.

  • Genevriel semi-jokes.
  • Philida smiles a little at that

<Genevriel> If they are calling to us from the Void...

  • Genevriel says pensively.

<Genevriel> This might be too personal a question, but did you nearly die? I mean... did you have a near death experience when you were marked?

<Philida> Yes.

  • Genevriel looks uncomfortable.

<Genevriel> What if we did die and they sent us back from the Void?

<Philida> I've wondered that too.

<Genevriel> Maybe that's why us.

<Genevriel> I should have died. My entire body was burned. I should be blind and hairless and scarred all over. But I'm not. Just my arms.

<Philida> I was caught in a gas attack. I couldn't breathe, and I didn't have a gas mask...

<Philida> I put my arm over my face, but my eyes were watering and I couldn't see where to go, or how to get out of the cloud.

<Genevriel> :/

<Genevriel> So... according to the Way of the Wheel, we're either too good for the Void but not good enough for the Centre, or too awful for either.

  • Genevriel cracks a gallows humour grin.

<Philida> Maybe.

<Philida> I passed out, or I thought I did. But then I saw the way clear, like a path opening up, and then I was out - I don't really know how it happened.

<Genevriel> I don't remember anything except passing out. I woke up in a medical tent.

<Genevriel> Well...

  • Genevriel sighs.

<Genevriel> I was anxious about meeting you... dreading it even. But I'm actually kind of glad I came, now.

<Philida> Me too.

<Genevriel> We haven't solved the mystery, but it's good to have someone else to talk to.

  • Philida nods

<Philida> And if there are two of us, maybe there are others too.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> Is it all right if I give you my contact information? Maybe if we keep each other apprised of any new developments, we can come closer to figuring things out.

<Philida> Of course. I'll give you my number as well.

  • Genevriel writes her name, telephone and address down in a page of her notebook and tears it out for Philida.
  • Philida gives you her information as well

<Genevriel> Thank you.

<Philida> it was good to meet you.

<Genevriel> And you, too, Philida. I hope you can figure out what language they're speaking, and that it helps.

<Philida> Thanks.

<Philida> I'll be in touch.

<Genevriel> You're welcome.

  • Genevriel nods.
  • Philida will take her leave, then.
  • Genevriel will head out too after letting Silvia know they're done, thanking her, and offering to help tidy up after them.

Lathra, Aubrienne, and Argent check out the 'care home' that Raimond has been sent to

<DiablotinNarrator> Lathra, you and Aubrienne and Argent and Leiris have planned a day trip (on some day Aubrienne's not filming ;) out to the care home where Raimond is apparently staying.

<Lathra> (Yes, I'm sure it will be lovely)

  • Aubrienne is happy to drive folks.

<DiablotinNarrator> A delightful jaunt in Aubrienne's car, enjoying the lovely warm weather!

  • Argent is fine with that

<Leiris> So... when we get there, what's the plan?

<Aubrienne> Good question.

<Aubrienne> Any luck with the lawyers?

<Lathra> Well, if all goes well, we are given a tour of the facilities, I examine Raimond's care regimen, I am satisfied and we go home and report

<Lathra> Other than that, we wing it.

<Leiris> I prepared spells I thought might come in handy, depending on what we encounter. Memory Lapse and Seek Thoughts might be useful, if they aren't being forthcoming.

<Argent> sounds like a plan

<Lathra> Thank you Lieris

<Leiris> Ah, what thoughts should I try to seek for?

<Leiris> since we might not have a chance to discuss it there

<Aubrienne> The Irminsul, perhaps?

<Argent> I was gonna suggest tree dreams

<Leiris> All right

<Leiris> trees, then

<Lathra> Yes, that would be interesting - I'm also worried that they might put on a show for us but actually be mistreating him, so if you can pick up on that it'd be enlightening?

<Aubrienne> There's always Detect Thoughts for that, maybe.

<Leiris> I could look for thoughts about Raimond - I don't know if I can find out specifically if they're mistreating him, but I could find out whether they're thinking about him at all

<Lathra> OK

<Leiris> and if we narrow down who is thinking about him, or about Irminsuls, or both, then we know better who to target

<Lathra> (Is it too late to have done a divination about this trip?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (it takes about 10 minutes, so you could do it on the drive, I suppose!)

<Lathra> (OK!)

<DiablotinNarrator> What's your question?

<Lathra> "At the facility, what should we look for?"

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay, sec to come up with an answer)

<Lathra> (kk!)

<Lathra> Oh! Hrm.

  • Lathra stops staring out the window

<Lathra> That's interesting... we should look for a man with silver eyes.

<Aubrienne> Silver eyes, huh?

  • Lathra nods

<Lathra> That's right dear

<Argent> thats rare

<Argent> (do I know anyone with silver eyes?)

<Aubrienne> (Julie, if it's all right, I'd like to cast Visualization of the Mind (Wisdom) before we head out. Otherwise, my Perception and Sense Motive suck. ;))

<DiablotinNarrator> (well, some shadar-kai have silver eyes)

<DiablotinNarrator> (that's all you can think of though - it would be very unusual for a human, obviously)

<DiablotinNarrator> yes, sure, you can do that

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - any further preparations anyone wants to make before arriving?

<Lathra> (I'm good, just gonna keep reminding myself what all my spells do)

<Aubrienne> (Think I'm good)

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, after a couple of hours' drive, you are nearing your destination

<DiablotinNarrator> Lynwood Manor is an old, rambling stone building that looks like it was built over centuries, with the oldest parts appearing to date from a time when life in the countryside was considerably more violent.

<DiablotinNarrator> (1431734487253-aerialcotehelebarrygamblecrop.jpg is my mental image, fwiw)

<DiablotinNarrator> (some fortified bits, with newer living quarters stuck on)

<DiablotinNarrator> Tall grey stone walls greet you as you pull up the drive. It looks secure, if a bit gloomy, but there are trees and gardens that you can see from here, so perhaps it's just the exterior that gives you a feeling of bleakness.

<Aubrienne> Nice place, if a bit...grim.

<Lathra> It's be a lovely place for a party, but I'm not sure I'd want to live here...

<Leiris> Maybe that's why whoever lived here turned it into a rest home.

  • Argent will hop out and open car doors for people

<Aubrienne> Thank you, Argent. :)

  • Lathra steps out gracefully, wearing the clothes she wears for her most conservative clients.

<DiablotinNarrator> As you exit the car, a woman in a plain blue dress and a little hat comes out the door to greet you.

<Aubrienne> Though I feel I should have accessorized with a chauffeur's cap, now.

  • Aubrienne smiles pleasantly at the nurse.

<Nurse> Good day, how can I help you?

  • Lathra doesn't quite supress a delighted gasp as she spots the little hat

<Lathra> Good afternoon! My name is Lathra Scales, Raimond Neherin's physician. We've come hoping to inspect your hat.

<Lathra> I mean the conditions here, and his treatment.

<Nurse> ... Ah, welcome?

  • Aubrienne suppresses a giggle.

<Lathra> To reassure his wife Dasra that he's being properly cared for.

  • Nurse nods

<Nurse> Please, step inside, and I'll ask the Matron if she has a moment to speak with you.

<Aubrienne> That would be lovely, thank you.

  • Nurse leads you into the building, which is quite simply furnished in the parts you can see anyway - no carpets or fancy decorations, just very functional.

<Nurse> Wait here, please.

  • Nurse gestures to a bench where you can sit.
  • Lathra sits
  • Argent will stand and take the opportunity to look around for any signs of staff names, people who support the operation (donators), or anything of the like that may be around
  • Nurse heads off, presumably to find the person in charge.
  • Aubrienne will idly do a Detect Magic and glance around.

<DiablotinNarrator> You can make Perception checks if you're looking around.

<Argent> !roll 1d20+21

  • Balthcat rolls for Argent: [ 1d20+21 ] getting [ 20 ] which, after the modifier [ 21 ] totals [ 41 ].

<Lathra> !roll 1d20+8

  • Balthcat rolls for Lathra: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 18 ].

<Aubrienne> !roll 1d20+13

  • Balthcat rolls for Aubrienne: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 3 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 16 ].

<Aubrienne> (oy)

<Leiris> !roll 1d20+15

  • Balthcat rolls for Leiris: [ 1d20+15 ] getting [ 16 ] which, after the modifier [ 15 ] totals [ 31 ].

<Lathra> <w to Aubrienne> did you see her hat, though?

<Aubrienne> <w to Lathra> Yeah, her...hat.

<DiablotinNarrator> Argent, you are scanning the room, and you see, looking up, that there is a faded coat of arms on the boss at the centre of the ceiling - a pair of blue and gold lizards.

  • Leiris nudges Lathra as an attendant walks by, pushing a patient in a wheelchair.

<Leiris> <w> that guy

  • Lathra looks

<DiablotinNarrator> The patient seems more or less catatonic, sitting and staring off at nothing. The orderly, or whatever he is, however, is wearing dark glasses that conceal an odd metallic glint you can just catch a glimpse of as the light catches them the right way.

<DiablotinNarrator> Aubrienne and Lathra, you don't notice anything in particular, other than what the guys are pointing out ;)

<Argent> anyone recognize that coat... pair of blue and gold lizards?

<Aubrienne> (Can I K:Nobility on the boss, assuming that won't bring the ceiling down on us? ;))

<DiablotinNarrator> (sure)

<Aubrienne> !roll 1d20+9

  • Balthcat rolls for Aubrienne: [ 1d20+9 ] getting [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ 9 ] totals [ 18 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> That's the coat of arms of the Claar family.

<Lathra> (Can I drop Tracking Mark on the orderly without him knowing?)

<Aubrienne> (Does that mean anything to me beyond a coat of arms?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (I forget by now who all has heard the name Suzetta Claar, but if so, then yes, it means something :)

<DiablotinNarrator> Lathra, yes, you can do that, it doesn't have any verbal components, so you can do it pretty subtly.

<Aubrienne> (Oh, I do know that name. Had to do some research to cover faulty memory.)

<Lathra> (OK, will negates)

<DiablotinNarrator> !roll 1d20

  • Balthcat rolls for DiablotinNarrator: [ 1d20 ] getting [ 15 ].

<Aubrienne> Hrm.

  • Aubrienne frowns after looking at the coat of arms.

<Aubrienne> That might be bad.

<Argent> oh?

  • Leiris clears his throat noisily as the nurse returns with an older woman

<Nurse> This is Matron Idalia, she'll help you.

  • Aubrienne is all smiles for the nurse and the matron.
  • Idalia wears a wheel medallion, and a priest's robes.

<Idalia> Hello, I understand you're inquiring about a patient.

<DiablotinNarrator> (Order of the Cat robes, to be specific - red ones)

<Lathra> Yes, indeed we are! Lathra Scales, pleased to make your acquaintance!

  • Lathra offers a gloved hand
  • Idalia will shake your hand

<Argent> (any chance I know anything about Matron Idalia... K-Religion... or is that a name I've heard and forgot)

<DiablotinNarrator> (it isn't a name you've heard before)

<Argent> (ok)

<Idalia> It's a pleasure to meet you, Mlle. Scales.

<Idalia> And your associates?

  • Idalia asks, glancing at the others

<Aubrienne> Aubrienne Romilly, Matron. Lovely to meet you.

  • Aubrienne will also offer her hand.

<Leiris> Leiris Cuville.

  • Leiris will shake hands with her as well.

<Argent> Argent Lundi

  • Argent says with a nod after everyone else

<Idalia> Very well - how can I be of assistance?

<DiablotinNarrator> Lathra, that orderly + patient have walked around a corner and out of sight, but another man passes by in the other direction, walking briskly but with a slight odd clank to each step.

<Lathra> Well, I was hoping to be able to inspect Raimond Neherin's quarters, and be given a briefing on his proposed treatment, so that I can put his wife's mind at ease that he's being properly cared for. They haven't let her come and visit him here you know? She's quite distraught.

  • Lathra glances at the feet of the clanking man

<Idalia> Oh, dear. I'm afraid that our treatment is quite intensive - we can't allow visitors for that reason, as it could cause set-backs in their progress. But I assure you that he is being well cared for, with all the comforts we can provide.

<Aubrienne> Perhaps you could provide some details, even if we can't see Raimond. Mlle. Scales is his personal caretaker, after all.

<Idalia> Any details about specific patient regimens are confidential.

  • Idalia says, a bit more firmly

<Aubrienne> Certainly it can't hurt to put a worrying wife's mind at ease.

<Lathra> Confidential from his wife? Surely not...

<Idalia> We can only discuss his care with his legal guardian. And you, I believe, are not that person.

<Lathra> I am certainly not, but I'm here on her behalf.

<Idalia> I do apologize that we can't be more helpful.

<Lathra> (sm?)

<Idalia> Please give Mme. Neherin my best wishes, and assure her that all is well.

<Idalia> (sure)

<Lathra> !roll 1d20+12

  • Balthcat rolls for Lathra: [ 1d20+12 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 18 ].
  • Idalia is perfectly sincere and sorry that she can't help you.

<Lathra> (Can I make a call on "I assure you that he is being well cared for, with all the comforts we can provide."?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (you think that is a vague statement but that she seems to believe it, anyway?)

<Lathra> (OK)

<Argent> (yeah do I get the feeling she's being honest or as disuassive as she's being to conceal?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can roll)

<Lathra> Is there a tour you give new patients? Can we at least see the facility?

<Argent> !roll 1d20+23

  • Balthcat rolls for Argent: [ 1d20+23 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 23 ] totals [ 31 ].

<Idalia> I'm afraid not. Some of our patients are very fragile, and we try to provide as calm and peaceful an atmosphere as we can.

<DiablotinNarrator> At that, there is a scream from somewhere off in the depths of the building, which is quickly stifled.

  • Idalia looks a little alarmed at that, but smiles.

<Idalia> As you see...

<DiablotinNarrator> Argent, you do think she's hiding something. possibly many somethings.

<Lathra> What was that?!

  • Nurse looks anxious

<Nurse> I'll just... go make sure everyone is well.

  • Nurse hurries off.
  • Lathra moves to follow her
  • Idalia steps in your way

<Idalia> As I mentioned, some of our patients have serious health concerns. They can be a threat to themselves or others at times.

  • Lathra stops, startled, and makes a "you're in my way" face

<Idalia> We cannot allow you to go further - for your own safety as well as that of our patients.

  • Leiris is using the distraction to cast something...

<Leiris> !roll 1d20

  • Balthcat rolls for Leiris: [ 1d20 ] getting [ 5 ].

<Lathra> I am certainly able to manage my own safety dear, and if your patients are so dangerous then I'm afraid I shall have to report to Raimond's wife and mother that this is certainly *not* a suitable facility for him in his fragile condition.

  • Idalia shakes her head, momentarily confused

<Idalia> ... where was I?

<Aubrienne> You were about to show us where Raimond is?

<Idalia> Yes, as I was saying, we do appreciate your concern, and would be glad to offer you a brief tour of our facility.

  • Aubrienne says hopefully.

<Aubrienne> You're too kind.

<Lathra> Wonderful, that seems in everybody's best interests.

<Idalia> Please follow me.

  • Lathra beams and follows, commenting on the "lovely crest"

<Idalia> The facilities are quite old, but they serve our needs well, and of course it was very generous of the Claar family to permit the use of the estate.

<Aubrienne> Quite generous. -_-

  • Idalia will talk about the building and some about the treatments, in very general terms, as she walks you through to the courtyard/garden area, where some patients are seated in the sunshine.

<Idalia> As you can see, we make sure our patients get plenty of fresh air and sunlight, on days when the weather permits.

<DiablotinNarrator> Another woman walks past, and you can see that her right arm is made of metal.

<Idalia> A number of our orderlies and staff are veterans themselves - we find it helps, since they understand the tribulations our patients have suffered better than anyone.

<Lathra> (Is she staff or a patient?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (she appears to be staff)

<Idalia> Plus, of course, providing work opportunities :)

<Lathra> Indeed! Where do you find so many qualified caregivers?

<Idalia> Oh, they have come highly recommended, of course.

  • Idalia 's tour is pretty brief, hitting some nice scenic spots of the facility, before bringing you back to the door where you entered.

<Idalia> I do hope this has helped put your minds at ease. If Mme. Neherin wishes to return herself, I'd be happy to speak with her again as well.

<Aubrienne> We'll be sure to let her know.

<Leiris> Yes, thank you.

<Aubrienne> Thank you for your time.

<Lathra> (Looking around during our tour, can I track where the silver-eyed man had been at all?)

<Nurse> (you can make a Perception check)

<Lathra> !roll 1d20+8

  • Balthcat rolls for Lathra: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 10 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 18 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> (you spotted him going through a door into an area that you weren't taken to on the tour - but you could remember where it is, for sure)

<Lathra> (OK)

<DiablotinNarrator> All right, you guys leaving?

<Lathra> (Yeah I think so)

  • Leiris will wait until you're all back in the car

<Aubrienne> (Back at the car) Well, we could still do some scouting while we're here.

<Leiris> She wasn't thinking about Irminsuls, but the guy with the glasses was.

<Aubrienne> Hmm.

<Lathra> I certainly wasn't reassured by our time there, and I think even Raimond's mother would be alarmed to hear that he's quartered with "unsafe" patients.

<Leiris> I sort of think maybe she's just the front - the person who's there to make everything seem nice.

<Aubrienne> (Julie, did/does it look like there are any open windows, or any other small openings into the building?

<Lathra> Did anybody else notice all the people with metal... bits?

<DiablotinNarrator> I'll say no for right now, because we need to move on - but you could try coming back another time, or we could pick this up in a solo if you want to keep investigating now

<Aubrienne> (kk :))

<DiablotinNarrator> (but if you want to keep talking, you can do so in gnomeland, of course :)

<Lathra> (kk!)

Denise strikes a deal with Collete and Francois

<DiablotinNarrator> Denise, you wanted to talk to Collete and Francois

<Denise> yes

<DiablotinNarrator> You can arrange a time to meet up with them - where would you like to meet?

<Nurse> Francois

<Denise> (hmm, good question - maybe some old gang hangout, or I can let them pick)

<DiablotinNarrator> sure, old hangout works :)

  • Collete will give you a hug when she and Francois show up, and you can tell that she's a few months pregnant.

<Denise> woah!

<Collete> heh

<Denise> You're all knocked up :D

<Collete> yeah, well...

<Denise> Congrats?

<Collete> thanks

  • Denise grins again, at her and Francois

<Collete> it was mostly his idea, but hey, I ain't gettin' younger, so... why not?

  • Francois seems delighted

<Denise> I guess so!

<Denise> I guess Argent was right :3

<Collete> he was?

<Denise> I was talkin' to him t'other day, an he made a joke about it

<Collete> huh

<Francois> if it's a boy we're gonna name it Francois too :)

<Denise> An' if its a girl? :D

<Collete> He wants Francine but I dunno.

<Denise> Colline? ^_^

  • Collete smiles at that

<Collete> That's nicer'n Francine anyway :)

<Collete> how're you doin'?

<Denise> anyway, i guess that proooooolly works out good for why I wanted to see you guys

  • Collete nods

<Denise> I'm great!

<Denise> I got engaged an stuff :3

<Collete> hey, great - to that Enver fella?

<Denise> unhuh!

<Denise> he's real swell :3

<Collete> well, congrats, when's the big day?

<Denise> well, we ain't got it all settled out, 'cause there some other family stuff goin' on we gotta work around some

  • Collete nods

<Denise> but sometime in eleventh I think

<Collete> you gotta invite us :)

<Denise> of course :D

<Collete> so, what'd you wanna see us about?

<Denise> well, you remember that favour we all got from Alea Pervenche for givin' her that knife back?

<Collete> Yeah...

<Collete> you got somethin' you gotta call it in over? someone in trouble or whatever?

<Denise> I think maybe I might need it to find some stuff out

  • Denise says seriously

<Denise> but yeah

<Denise> but, like, it's somethin' we all got together - I already sorted things out with Argent

  • Collete nods

<Denise> but I wanted to see if it would be okay with you guys.... I got some other stuff thogh, that you might be interested in instead :3

<DiablotinNarrator> What other stuff?

<DiablotinNarrator> (ww)

<Francois> What other stuff?

  • Francois asks, intrigued

<Denise> well, the first is some money, 'cause I got a whole bunch for somethn @_@

  • Francois and Collete's eyes widen with interest at 'whole bunch of money'

<Denise> like um....

  • Denise eyes Colette's belly

<Denise> like... 500 gold.

<Francois> whoa

<Francois> that's a lot

<Collete> yeah, who'd you knock over for that?

<Denise> heh

<Denise> that's a real loooong story @_@

<Denise> but it's like, all clean even

<Collete> huh

<Denise> th' other things is.....

<Denise> lemme show you a thing

<Collete> okay...

  • Denise looks around to make sure there isn't anyone *else* around

<Denise> it's a super big secret though, but I know I can trust you guys

<Collete> sure thing

  • Denise says again, super serious
  • Francois nods
  • Denise will turn into a rat!

<Collete> holy shit!

<Francois> where'd she go? an' where'd the rat come from?

<Collete> that's Denise :o

  • Denise nods, then turns back into herself

<Collete> how'd you do that? :o you got some magic item or somethin'?

<Denise> nope....

<Denise> its... A gift

<Collete> huh...

<Denise> an, like..... its one I cod get for you guys too

<Collete> like in the old times?

<Denise> (could)

<Denise> yep

<Collete> we could do that too?

<Denise> that's why it's a real big secret.... folks already don't like us, an they'll get more like that if they knw it's comin' back

<Denise> yep

<Collete> what would we have to do?

<Denise> well, I'd have to get it set up, first

<Denise> an then I'd show you the rest from there

<Collete> okay...

<Collete> but so, like... what's the trade-off?

<Denise> well, like, there's the thing about what folks mght do if they foudn out - it could be dangerous that way

  • Collete nods

<DiablotinNarrator> (sec)

<Denise> an I guess there's stuff like how there's special things that can hurt us more, like silver weapons, but like...

<Denise> who even uses them :p

<Francois> yeah, that's not a big deal

<Denise> I guess maybe if someone were really comin' after us, but you guys ain't soft

<Collete> so for that, we trade the favour?

  • Collete asks, trying to clarify the terms of the deal

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> the gift - that might get around more with other folks, but you'd be some of the first folks for that.... plus the money.

<Collete> well, I dunno what we would've even used it for... but it seems like a lot for that.

<Collete> 500 imps, plus the rat thing?

  • Denise shrugs an nods

<Collete> I just mean, like.. you don't gotta give us all your 500 imps for that :o

<Denise> >.>

<Denise> its okay

<Collete> really?

<Denise> I got more left

<Collete> well, if you say so

<Collete> sure, then, you got a deal :)

  • Collete shakes hands with you
  • Denise grins

<Denise> great!

  • Collete and Francois can stick around and catch up with you for a while :)
  • Denise is happy to chat and can take them to the bank after to get that part done ;)

Zola is rather incensed by an assassination attempt on Noren

  • Noren has been having a lot of meetings and giving speeches and making appearances as the campaign is now fully underway
  • Noren is of course happy to have you come along whenever you're available
  • Zola does more than come, she wants to help show him off!
  • Zola Gather Crowds like a pro

<Noren> Thanks honey :)

<Zola> No problem sugarplum :*

  • Bright is also pleased with your contributions to the election campaign ^-^
  • Zola does her best to have fun with it... the worst that can happen is we might lose :3
  • Noren and Bright and you can finally get some dinner, after a long day.

<Noren> This is exhausting :p

<Zola> Awww, I know.

<Bright> Oh come on, you've got to have a little more stamina than that ;)

  • Zola gives him a side hug around the table
  • Noren smiles and doesn't let Bright irritate him ;p

<Zola> Not as much as me, but I don't hold that against him :3

  • Bright chuckles

<Bright> You're doing great so far.

  • Bright says mostly to Noren but partly to you
  • Zola smiles

<Noren> thanks

<Zola> Glad I'm managing to pull off grabbing attention without keeping it :P

<Zola> It's been a while since I've been a backup singer :)

  • Noren gives you a kiss on the cheek
  • Zola smiles and sips her dinner wine

<Zola> Are there any polls or anything?

<Bright> It's a bit early yet. Maybe in a few weeks.

<Bright> Give folks a chance to start making up their minds.

  • Zola nods
  • Bright 's companion/bodyguard Calix comes up and leans over to whisper something in his ear.

<Bright> oh, void. okay.

<Zola> Something the matter?

<Bright> Sorry to dine and dash, I'll pay you back for my share of the bill later.

<Zola> No worries. Everything's OK?

<Bright> Fine, just need to run. See you tomorrow :)

<Zola> Alright. Ta-ta :)

  • Bright hurries out.

<Noren> ... We're never going to get paid back for that steak :p

<Zola> We can just eat it, and then stiff him for some other bill sometime if you'd like :3

  • Noren chuckles

<Noren> That's true.

  • Zola leans over and spears something from his plate and chomps it

<Noren> I wonder what the big emergency was :p

  • Zola hmmms.

<Zola> Maybe he'll say tomorrow?

<Noren> Maybe.

<Zola> (SM if he was afraid worried or just rush-worried.)

<Noren> (you can roll)

  • Zola rolls [ 1d20+18 ] getting [ 15 ] which, after the modifier [ 18 ] totals [ 33 ]

<DiablotinNarrator> You think he was worried/nervous/excited.

<Zola> I don't think anything bad was happening...

<Zola> Maybe there was some auction on a fancy car or something.

  • Zola shrugs

<Noren> heh

<Zola> Some alone time isn't a terrible surprise addition to the evening :)

  • Zola kisses his cheek in return

<Noren> No, that's true - it's nice to get a few moments for just us :)

<Zola> You having such dreadful bed-time and breakfast hours is a real drag :)

  • Noren nods

<Zola> Hopefully when you win you'll get to set the wake-up time in Rhenea to a healthy 10 or 11 :)

<Noren> well, here's to another day of the campaign down, and only... what, a hundred or something more to go?

  • Noren lifts his glass for a toast

<Zola> Oh!

  • Zola gets hers
  • Zola clinks

<Zola> To a hundred days of far too much running around? :)

  • Noren 's glass shatters in his hand and he looks surprised for a moment before realizing it was a gunshot.

<Zola> D:

<Zola> Noren?

<Zola> (Is he hurt?)

  • Noren ducks automatically, getting down and trying to pull you down with him.

<Noren> I'm okay, just stay down

<Zola> Are you sure?

  • Zola looks him over, patting down his chest

<DiablotinNarrator> The people in the restaurant are freaking out, of course, running around, screaming.

  • Noren has some blood on his hand and his face

<Noren> It's just a few scratches from the glass, nothing serious.

  • Zola will cast Cure Light Wounds anyway.
  • Zola has Heal of +0
  • Zola rolls [ 1d8+5 ] getting [ 3 ] which, after the modifier [ 5 ] totals [ 8 ]
  • Bright comes running back over to your sides

<Zola> We ca... Bright?

<Bright> shit, are you okay? :o

<Zola> Yes, I think so.

<Bright> I'm so sorry, I was ... I should have been here.

<Zola> We can't just ... can we find them?

<Zola> Who did this?

  • Zola stands up a little, ducking but looking out where it might have come from

<Bright> You need to get out - Calix is chasing the shooter, I'm going after them too - but I needed to make sure you were safe.

<Zola> ... I can help.

<Zola> ... where is he?

<Bright> Come on, let's get out the back

  • Bright says to you both

<Zola> (I'm guessing I can't see Calix)

<Bright> (no, he's presumably outside somewhere)

  • Zola screams in frustration
  • Zola will let herself be pulled along though

<Zola> I could catch up to them.

<Zola> What if Calix needs help?

<Bright> you need to look after Noren

<Zola> You c-... right.

<Zola> Right.

<Bright> I'll take care of things.

<Bright> Take him to your place, Zola, not to his - I'll meet you both there later.

  • Zola will take Noren out back then.
  • Bright sweeps his scarf over his shoulder, and runs off
  • Zola will cast Vanish on herself and then Noren just before they step out to get a good half minute of invisibility

<Noren> wh...

<Noren> okay @_@

  • Zola throws in Heroism and Good Hope too
  • Noren is pretty shaken up but will go with you
  • Zola will presumably hail a cab, unless Bright's car is idling somewhere.
  • Bright is nowhere to be seen at the moment
  • Zola remembers her little gun and pulls it out and keeps it barely out of sight
  • Noren and you manage to get to your apartment without further incident
  • Zola charms and @_@'s the cabbie and also probably aims the gun at him through the seat for a bit >_>

<Noren> why.. why would anyone try to shoot me?

<Zola> .oO( No offense )

  • Noren asks, shaken

<Zola> I don't know... maybe it's that whore Renaud

  • Noren pours us both a drink

<Zola> She's a lowlife, maybe she's worried because of how good you're doing.

  • Zola knocks it back rather quickly.

<Noren> maybe, but... it's so extreme @_@

<Noren> if you're in the mob, shouldn't you at least try to bribe me to drop out, or send stories to the tabloids about my indiscretions first?

<Zola> ...

<Zola> (HAVE there been any real attempts at smearing him yet? Also what indiscretions?)

<Noren> (nothign major - some gossipy pieces about his relationship with you, mainly, but it hasn't been extreme or anything)

<Noren> Not that I have any indiscretions >.>

<Noren> but they could make some up, surely :p

  • Zola leans over and kisses him on the cheek

<Zola> I am a little indiscreet dear, but thank you :)

<Zola> Maybe they're just rotten

  • Noren sighs

<Noren> well, so much for trying to sleep tonight

<DiablotinNarrator> A while later, there's a knock at your door, startling both of you.

<Zola> I was going to be up for a while anyway... I could keep watch if you-

<Zola> Oh

<Zola> @_@

  • Zola grabs her pistol off the coffee table
  • Noren goes with you to the door, but sticks behind you because you're the one with the gun.

<Zola> Who is it?

<Bright> It's Bright.

  • Bright sounds .. not so great. out of breath, maybe?
  • Zola opens the door a crack and peeks
  • Bright is indeed there, and holding his arm in a way that suggests it's injured
  • Zola opens it the rest of the way and ushers him in
  • Zola peeks again to look for Calix

<Zola> Is Calix here?

  • Bright kind of passes out on the floor as you usher him inside

<Zola> Oh, Gods!

  • Calix shows up a few moments later, presumably having parked the car somewhere :p
  • Zola will see to Bright

<Calix> oh, there he goes :p

<Zola> What happened?

  • Zola checks him over.

<Calix> It's a long story.

<Zola> Did you catch the bastard?

  • Zola will get Noren to help her move Bright unless he's wounded enough to need a Cure immediately.

<Calix> Yes. He's in the trunk. Is Bright okay?

  • Noren will help you move Bright to the couch.
  • Bright 's injuries don't seem terribly bad, but he is unconscious. maybe he just fainted from exhaustion or blood loss or something, or maybe he's poisoned...
  • Zola checks him over for anything like a bulletwound or puncture
  • Bright 's got some cuts and scrapes, the worst seems to be his arm, which is broken.
  • Zola will try to fix some of that with a CLW
  • Zola rolls [ 1d8+5 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 5 ] totals [ 9 ]
  • Bright comes around and seems a bit less hurt

<Bright> mhm... hey gorgeous

<Zola> Hey, are you feeling OK?

<Bright> better

  • Bright gives you a kiss, pulling you closer with his uninjured arm

<Zola> Ooh!

<Noren> hey :p I'm the one that almost got shot.

<Zola> Are you sure you're not poisoned or anything?

<Bright> I got a kiss for you too if you want it ;)

  • Bright offers Noren, which suggests he is probably going to be okay ;p
  • Zola mphs a bit in that lastsentence :P
  • Zola is not entirely sure this means Bright is OK, him being who he is... >_>

<Calix> Not to interrupt this touching scene, but there's an attempted assassin in your trunk.

<Bright> Right.

<Zola> I want to see him.

  • Zola clambers off of Bright

<Bright> All right... hm.

<Bright> We can't really bring him in here - do you want to come to the car?

<Zola> Yes, that's fine.

  • Zola hands her pistol to Bright for now >_>
  • Bright will lead you down to the car, leaving Calix to supervise Noren.

<DiablotinNarrator> When you get to where the car was parked, however, there's an obvious problem - the trunk has been kicked out from the inside, and whoever was in it is gone.

<Bright> Shit, my car :(

<Bright> I mean... and the assassin, too.

<Zola> Bastard!

<Zola> (Is it like crazy-bent metal kinda kicked out or just kicked open)

<DiablotinNarrator> (like crazy bent metal)

<Zola> What did he look like?

<DiablotinNarrator> (like someone should not have been able to kick it that hard, if they were regular humans)

<Bright> It was a she, she didn't look that strong, but she could run like crazy.

<Zola> That BITCH.

<Bright> We could try to track her from here, but ... she's got a real headstart I think.

<Zola> It's now or never?

  • Bright is willing to give it a try, but you can search for a while without success.

<Zola> She's friends with the bastard who shot up Geff's wedding.

<Zola> (DO I notice anything CONSPICUOUS in his trunk? Perhaps for future flashbacks? :P)

<DiablotinNarrator> There are some clothes, like a coat and a hat sort of stuff - maybe in case of rain ;p

  • Zola pays them even less attention than she would a double-ended dildo

<Zola> (Shall we rejoin C&N or chat on the way back from the hunt?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (up to you)

<Zola> (Maybe skip to NOren and assume I told Bright what I'm telling him on our search?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (what are you telling him?)

<Zola> (About metalfeet and Servan

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay)

  • Zola probably regretted giving Noren her gun on while driving around :P
  • Noren is glad to see you return, after you were gone that long

<Noren> Is everything okay?

<Zola> She got away.

<Noren> Ugh :(

<Zola> (Wait, Calix said he, did someone say it was a she other than Zola?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (yes, there was both a he and she mentioned)

<DiablotinNarrator> (I forget now who said what ;p)

<Zola> (Calix said he's in the Trunk, Bright said they can't bring him in, but Zola just assumed legs was a she)

<DiablotinNarrator> (let me re-read so I can hopefully clarify. or correct, if I fucked up ;p)

<Zola> (np)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay - any references to someone in the truck should have been a 'she'.

<Zola> (Gotcha)

<Zola> I think I know who it was... well, not her name anyway. Denise, from the club, she said she showed up one time with the guy who shot Osmyn at Geff's wedding :/

  • Noren nods
  • Zola will kick off her shoes and go hug Noren

<Bright> There were two of them. She was the one who was doing the shooting, so we went after her. The guy shot me with some kind of .. dart, or something, but I brushed it off.

  • Noren hugs you back

<Zola> So you WERE poisoned?

<Bright> Maybe?

<Zola> Well, the guy who shot Osmyn goes by some made up name

<Zola> Servan Aigel

<Bright> I feel all right now.

  • Zola will describe him

<Bright> That could have been the guy we saw.

  • Zola steers Noren to a couch so she can cuddle him and look at people while she talks

<Zola> He's wrapped up in all sorts of shady things, the Colour Guard and the Evictors we think, and maybe Seda Grove?

<Zola> They're called Bloodforged? I guess they tried to make Warforged out of people and it didn't go so well.

<Zola> Well, to use Warforged parts on people

  • Noren looks ... like this is not entirely news to him.

<Noren> Ah...

<Zola> You've heard of them?

  • Noren nods

<Zola> Do you think that's why you're a target?

<Noren> Maybe. It would make more sense than to think that they're trying to get me out of the election, anyway.

<Zola> Unless you're not human.

  • Zola looks at him pointedly

<Zola> Have you been keeping a secret?

  • Noren laughs

<Noren> If so, it's such a good secret that even I don't know.

  • Zola SM :V
  • Zola rolls [ 1d20+18 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 18 ] totals [ 24 ]
  • Zola uses irrepressible
  • Zola rolls [ 1d20+18 ] getting [ 19 ] which, after the modifier [ 18 ] totals [ 37 ]

<Zola> Well it's fine with me if that ever changes.

  • Zola gives him a sugary kiss :3
  • Noren kisses you back

<Noren> But yes... through work, I've heard a few things about that program.

<Zola> It must be more than hearing about it if they want to hurt you over it...

  • Noren purses his lips slightly, as if reluctant to say too much, but nods.

<Zola> Wait, we caught Servan Aigel

<Zola> Well, Haft did.

<Zola> He should be in prison.

<Bright> Maybe it was a different guy, then?

<Zola> Right... I guess he's not the only one

<Noren> Some of the ...research subjects... have been in touch about a possible lawsuit against the military, for what happened to them.

<Zola> It sounds like it did a number on their heads if nothing else :/

<Noren> Pain and suffering... the army will most likely settle with some payment.

<Zola> Oh! I could see him in your memory!

  • Zola looks at Bright

<Bright> alll right?

<Zola> Or Calix...? Whoever got the best look?

<Bright> Me, I guess?

<Zola> Can I?

  • Zola waves her hand lazily

<Bright> Can you look at my memory?

<Bright> I don't know, do you get to see all my dirty little secrets? ;)

<Zola> May I, I mean... because I can.

<Zola> It'll only be a minute or so of memory :)

<Bright> All right.

<Zola> Just think of when you got the best look.

  • Zola beckons a bit less lazily
  • Bright comes over
  • Zola takes his hand and casts Share Memory
  • Zola steals all his secrets

<Zola> (Or just that memory :P)

  • Bright 's memory has him running down an alley, chasing this woman with metal legs, then his path being blocked by a man with a metal arm who shoots him with a dart before running off.

<Zola> (Does he get a good enough look tocompare him with Servan?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (yes, reasonably good)

  • Zola DID see him after he was crushed by a warforged but... :P

<Zola> (Is him?)

<Bright> (yes, you think so)

<Zola> I think it's him...

<Zola> That bastard.

<Zola> First the wedding... no FIRST Denise's uncle's boyfriend, THEN the wedding, and now NOREN.

<Bright> Is he basically just the worst assassin ever?

<Zola> I'm not sure I couldn't shoot him dead.

<Zola> No:/

<Zola> Denise's uncle's boyfriend was fished out of the Ousel, and he hit Osmyn :/

  • Zola eyes her tiny pistol on the coffee table.
  • Zola grabs it and stuffs it back into her cleavage
  • Zola looks over at Calix and Bright, but imagines they don't know much about this...
  • Noren might know more but be unwilling to talk too much about it in front of them.

<Bright> :/

<Zola> (C then B)

  • Zola rolls [ 1d20+18 ] getting [ 20 ] which, after the modifier [ 18 ] totals [ 38 ]
  • Zola rolls [ 1d20+18 ] getting [ 5 ] which, after the modifier [ 18 ] totals [ 23 ]

<Zola> (She really doesn't so those are just passive SMs if one of them super sucks)

  • Calix and Bright don't know more, as far as you can tell.

<Zola> Well, you two did almost catch them!

  • Zola will get up from the couch
  • Zola will go give CAlix and hug and a kiss on the cheek

<Calix> Technically we did catch her. She just got away again after.

  • Calix accepts your hug and kiss though :)
  • Zola will also give Bright a hug and a kiss
  • Bright adds a little grope.
  • Zola grins

<Zola> Why did you come back? You left so quickly... you didn't forget anything... except that delicious steak.

<Bright> I heard the shot, and realized that probably they'd tried to lure me away. Or that whatever else was happening wasn't as important as protecting you.

<Zola> Awwww.

<Zola> How would they get Calix to lure you away? o_o

<Bright> Oh, rumours of a great sale on scarves ;p

  • Bright says idly

<Zola> Yes, Hugo.

<Zola> If it happens again, though, I might make you save Noren while I go with Calix.

<Zola> I have a bone to pick with those two.

<Bright> That seems fair.

<Zola> I might need a bigger gun though.

<Bright> I have a bigger... oh, you meant an actual gun.

<Zola> Yes, an actual gun. And having a bigger one than me isn't much of an achievement these days.

  • Bright smirks

<Zola> I suppose we should call the police too...

<Noren> Yes, we should.

<Zola> Oh, and Bastien...

<Bright> Not that they'll be able to do much at this point...

<Zola> But he can't pick up the phone.

<Zola> I don't suppose you could do me one last favour?

  • Zola pouts at Bright

<Bright> what is it?

<Zola> Could you go bring Bastien over from Noren's?

<Bright> Yes, provided he won't claw me up.

<Zola> He's all alone and doesn't know what's happened, and he could be frightened

  • Zola gives him another kiss in thanks
  • Bright and Calix will go do that, and leave you and Noren to compose yourselves.
  • Zola will sit with him again, pressed in close

<Zola> What do we do?

<Noren> well, I need to talk to some people at work.

<Noren> if it is connected with that, they could be in danger too.

  • Noren will get on the phone and make some calls.

<Zola> Well it must be, if you're human like you say.

<Zola> :)

  • Zola pulls a hair-pin out, which reverts to the Hat of Disguise
  • Zola sets it on the coffee table
  • Noren finishes up his phone calling

<Noren> well, everyone I was able to get in touch with was still alive ;p

<Zola> I'm glad.

<Noren> and the police are going to come by and take a report, although I let them know it didn't seem to be immediate danger.

<Zola> You should take my Hat of Disguise tomorrow, and maybe we should hire you a bodyguard.

<Noren> Apparently we have Bright ;p

<Noren> but I can do that, if you think it's all right for you to be without it.

<Zola> I don't have to be Mico any time soon, and the sleeves you gave me are good for quick changes for the stage :)

<Zola> Maybe Calix can recommend someone.

  • Noren nods
  • Noren sits down again, still shaken up to some extent

<Noren> Will they try again, or was it just supposed to be a warning?

  • Zola runs her fingers through his hair

<Noren> 'Keep going with this case and we can get you'

<Zola> If it was a warning, do you want to listen to it?

<Noren> What was done to these people... from anything I've heard, it was a terrible ordeal.

  • Zola nods

<Noren> Yes, they agreed to undergo experimental treatment for their injuries, but I don't think any of them anticipated the outcome.

<Zola> Haft made it sound like it was something to do with the magic that changed them... maybe it was the process :/

<Noren> But I'm not sure why they'd attack me... to keep the details from becoming a matter of public knowledge, maybe? or because they feel like the others who want to bring this case are somehow betraying the ... mission, or whatever?

<Zola> Could it be both your candidacy AND the project somehow?

<Noren> maybe

<Noren> if they're trying to keep me from raising this issue during the campaign?

<Zola> Did you ever hint at doing that?

<Zola> Have you heard of Renaud or Audemars being involved in it?

  • Noren thinks

<Noren> Audemars is a veteran - I hadn't heard his name connected with this at all, but that doesn't mean it isn't.

<Noren> I can look into it more... if you think that's a good idea?

<Zola> Maybe... but be careful... maybe one of teh first people to come to you?

<Zola> Maybe we should hire a private detective too...

<Noren> maybe...

<Zola> Someone to do the digging.

<Noren> You know, Bright really could look into it. He doesn't talk about it, but he was in military intelligence during the war.

<Zola> He was?

  • Zola looks a little surprised

<Zola> (Maybe I shouldn't be... he might be the type to say I WAS A SPY to get ladies)

<Zola> (:P)

<Noren> If people ask what he did during the war, he'll say he worked in the censorship office to get the good gossip.

<Noren> But... I'm pretty sure he did more than that.

<Zola> Well, he has skin in the game, so we can ask him then... if nothing else he can find someone for us.

  • Noren nods

<Noren> all right

<Zola> And you have a campaign to run, and maybe a lawsuit to prepare

<Noren> I had been considering handing it off to someone else, with everything that's going on, but now I feel like I should probably keep it.

  • Zola nods

<Zola> I'm with you, if that's your plan.

<Noren> all right

  • Noren squeezes your hand
  • Zola squeezes his back
  • Bright will return to deliver your cat ;)

<Zola> Actually, I'm rather hoping you can nail them to the wall.

<Zola> I want that whole tree torn out at the roots >:|

  • Zola lets her fury show now that Noren's made up his mind
  • Zola gives Bright a kiss in return for her cat :3
  • Bright offers to come in for a nightcap if you're so inclined... ;)

<Zola> Sure! We can tell you about our plans!

<Zola> (I mean, MAYBE there's sex after but haha work first)

<Bright> (Well of course ;)

Hettienne and Nycki commiserate about pregnancy

  • Nycki drags herself home and flops down onto the couch

<Nycki> ughhhh this whole bein' knocked up thing is a crock

<Hettienne> It ain't no picnic...

<Nycki> how're you doin', babe?

<Hettienne> (what time is it roughlt?)

<Nycki> (maybe about 5pm)

<Hettienne> Well, mostly just real tired today...

<Hettienne> You?

  • Hettienne sits down next to you

<Nycki> same, plus add a side of harfin' up breakfast in an alley.

<Hettienne> Yeah, the smell outside about knocks me over.

  • Nycki nods

<Hettienne> Soon as I catch a whiff, it's so long supper

  • Hettienne grimaces

<Nycki> we really did a number on ourselves, huh? ;)

<Hettienne> Hehe, reckon so :v

<Hettienne> They say the pukin' gets better at least... usually

  • Nycki nods

<Nycki> hope so, guys at work are already wonderin' what my problem is

<Hettienne> When you think they're gonna figure it out?

<Hettienne> some spies, says I

<Nycki> heh

<Nycki> well, one of the girls already did, but she said she wouldn't say nothin' to the rest

<Nycki> guys are a bit slower on that sorta thing :p

<Hettienne> On lotsa things

<Nycki> heh

<Nycki> hey, look, there was a couple things I wanted to talk about, if you got a bit of time

<Hettienne> Oh, sure, yeah

<Hettienne> What's shakin'?

<Nycki> well, I gotta figure out what to do 'bout my place sometime. Ain't make no sense to leave it sittin' empty.

<Hettienne> Well, what're the options?

<Nycki> well, I could sell it, that'd be one. Or I guess we could move over there, but I was pretty sure you wanted to stay here, an' I'm fine with that.

<Nycki> I guess Denise an' her boy are gonna be lookin' for a place, maybe they'd be interested.

<Hettienne> I am pretty attached to this place

  • Hettienne admits

<Nycki> yeah - it's got more character :)

<Nycki> mine was fine, but I never was real attached to it myself

<Nycki> mostly just a place to sleep, you know?

  • Hettienne nods.

<Hettienne> We oughta ask Dee, then.

<Nycki> okay

<Nycki> or if there's anyone else you can think of that might want a good deal on a well-defended house ;p

<Hettienne> I'll give it a think, heh

<Nycki> the other thing's a bit more... well. I dunno what'll come of it, if anything.

<Hettienne> Oh?

<Nycki> word is, Lord Grey's thinkin' on retirin'. Maybe figures, get out while things ain't too crazy, I dunno.

<Nycki> folks been askin' me if I'd consider it. Not that it's up to me, but like... if they asked, would I say yes, sorta thing.

<Hettienne> :o

<Hettienne> Holy shitbricks :o

<Nycki> I think they're just feelin' out a bunch of folks right now. seein' who might be interested, an' who says 'fuckin' no way'

<Hettienne> what d'you think about it?

<Nycki> it'd be like runnin' a fuckin' shitshow, is what I think. but... I can't say it don't got some appeal, bein' in charge.

<Nycki> but it wouldn't be just me dealin' with the shit, you know? it'd be you, an' the kids...

  • Nycki puts a hand on your belly, and one on hers.

<Hettienne> Does the old Grey got kids?

<Nycki> yeah... a bunch.

<Hettienne> Well... if you wanna do it, I say grab it with both hands

<Hettienne> You ain't made for safe shit :p

<Hettienne> I dunno what happened to me :p

<Nycki> but the one before, he didn't, 'cause some slapdick decided to try an' poison him, an' got his wife instead, an' ... it was a mess.

<Nycki> that's the sorta thing that can happen

<Hettienne> Way I figure is... just 'cause somethin bad *might* happen, doesn't mean you shouldn't try for somethin' good I guess?

  • Nycki smiles a little at that

<Nycki> somethin' bad might happen regardless, I guess. ain't no point worryin' on gettin' poisoned when we could get hit by a trolley crossin' the street ;)

<Hettienne> That's the spirit! :v

<Nycki> plus, bein' Lady Grey, I'd get a bunch of protection set up for me, an' the house, an'.. they take that shit serious.

  • Hettienne nods.

<Nycki> maybe safer than just doin' my regular job, I dunno.

<Nycki> An' Lady Grey's got a nice sound. they need a woman in charge ;p

<Hettienne> Yeah, about damn time.

<Nycki> well... I guess if they do ask, I'll go for it. Might be it'll come to nothin', like I said.

<Nycki> Either the boss'll decide to stick around longer, or they'll settle on someone else for the job.

<Hettienne> You'd be great though

<Nycki> aw, thanks

  • Hettienne gives your hand a squeeze.
  • Nycki squeezes back

<Nycki> we got a bit of time before you gotta go to work... I wish I didn't feel like just passin' out ;p

<Hettienne> Hah, I know right?

<Hettienne> You feel like eatin' anything?

<Nycki> unhhn... maybe some toast.

<Nycki> nothin' too smelly :p

<Hettienne> awright, let's see what we can manage...

  • Nycki will help you with finding some non-offensive food ;)
  • Hettienne will try to find us something that won't just come right back up... and maybe after we can rub each other's shoulders and commiserate some more :3

<Nycki> :3

<Nycki> (so cuuute)

<Hettienne> (:3)


Zola fills Denise in on that bastard Servan's doings

  • Zola calls the club and Hettie isn't there yet so she calls and leaves a message with Ander to ask Denise to come to the club because of metal-arm dude.
  • Zola will invite you into her dressing room once you arrive.
  • Denise wanders back through the Mysterious, glamorous part of the club @_@

<Zola> So your boss told you this was about that Servan guy right?

<Denise> yeah..

<Zola> Well apparently he's not so in-prison as we were lead to believe.

<Denise> oh, yeah

<Zola> And he and his metal foot whore friend were out taking pot shots at MY Noren >:|

<Denise> no, he scarpered a while ago I guess >.

<Denise> oh no!

<Zola> She missed, whether that was intentional or not, we don't know.

<Zola> But we're not taking it lying down >:|

<Zola> Bright was there and he and Calix caught her but she escaped when Calix came up to check on us.

<Denise> well, she never hit me neither, an she only hit Ander in the arm when she took a shot at him, so I ain't been real impressed with her

<Denise> huh

<Zola> When they were chasing her, Servan jumped out and shot Bright with some dart thing with his arm.

<Zola> I shared his memory and I'm pretty sure it was him, at least.

<Zola> Have you been digging into this stuff more?

<Denise> yeah, he's got those

<Denise> well... sorta >.>

<Zola> I want in.

<Denise> I ain't had ny leads on catchin' him though

<Zola> Noren's lawfirm has been thinking about taking the military to court over this whole bloodforged thing... some of the subjects have come forward.

<Zola> That might be why they felt the need to send a message, or get rid of him.

<Zola> But that was a fucking mistake.

  • Denise grins

<Zola> Noren's going to run, and he's going to win, and we're going to nail everyone we can to the wall for what they did to the vets with those experiments

<Denise> messed with another pf the worng gals, huh?

<Zola> And if he's lucky, Servan's going to get himself in jail for real.

<Zola> That is if I don't get to him first.

<Denise> oh he was in jail for real

<Zola> Well obviously it wasn't a good enough jail.

<Denise> His gal broke him out, plus a bunch of other folks

<Denise> I guess it was supposed to be some kinda special jail... it aintrealy clear, though, on wether they had soem help on the inside

<Denise> I mean, I thik the other folks just cut an ran 'cuse the chance was there, but I dunno

<Denise> we ain't found any of them yet neither

<Denise> an this is like.... stuff folks ain't suppsed to know, ya know?

<Zola> Noren wasn't all that sure as to why they'd take shots at him at this stage in anything either, so I thought maybe it might be about the election too, you know? And so we've got ... someone looking into the other candidates.

<Zola> But maybe you and yours might be able to dig around that too?

<Zola> Charlen Audemars and Tatiane Renaud

<Denise> Well, Tatiane Renau;s a Corriveau but I don't figure they're mixed up with all this stuff or we'da heard more from 'em about it, one way or another

<Zola> Yeah, Audemars is a vet, but so are lots of folk these days.

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> never heard of 'em

<Denise> I could ask the bosss... only he's gtta back off on this stuff for another reason :p

<Denise> speakin' of candidates

<Zola> Yeah?

<Denise> yeah

<Denise> So, Servan Aigel ain't his real name

<Denise> its Alex Derant

<Zola> Yeah, that seemed clear :P

<Zola> Name rings a bell.

<Denise> that's 'cause his da is Taveras Derant

<Zola> He's running against Ander isn't he?

<Denise> yep

  • Zola scowls

<Zola> I'm really not a fan of coincidences lately.

<Denise> well I don't know what it is, but.... >.>

<Denise> I did some...lookin'....

<Zola> Yeah?

  • Zola offers a cigarette

<Denise> he's gt a sister too, 'bout my age

<Denise> an I know she ain't seen 'im

  • Denise shakes her head

<Denise> they said that he went to ths rest home, after he were hurt in the war

  • Zola lights one up for herself

<Denise> and then he just stopped writin' 'em back, and then he disappeared and they never heard from him

<Zola> Probably the meat-grinder Noren's clients want to sue about.

<Denise> yeah

  • Denise can tell you the name though heather doesn't know it
  • Zola hasn't heard about the escapades yet so it doesn't mean much to her.

<Zola> Do you think her Dad might know the truth?

  • Denise thinks

<Denise> I dunno, I ain't looked into him so much

<Denise> I know he's a vet too though

<Denise> it seemed like.... Aigel don't really want nothin' to do with who he used to be, from all I know

<Denise> so, like, maybe his da is runnin' to see what he can do 'bout .... like, how the military doesn't do much for its vets an all >.>

<Denise> In the shambles that'll be a real seller

<Zola> Could be... Haft made it sound like it REALLY changed people. I wondered from what Noren said if it was less about the magic and more the process, but maybe it is the magic and it stuck with this dude.

<Denise> I dn't think they come out right the head

<Denise> but.... there's more

<Zola> Yeah?

<Denise> you shoudl talk to hettie, though

<Denise> I guess he sais stuff 'bout workin' for some red Priestess

<Denise> like he's still go friend in the government - an the church too

<Denise> she know more 'bout that stuff though

<Zola> Well that'd maybe be the folks who broke him out

<Zola> Red Priestess? >:|

<Zola> Sounds like some priest of Cat needs a good excommunicating.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> an also like - he'd worked for the church some before the war

<Zola> Before the war?

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> man there's so much stuff, I can' even all keep track :/

<Zola> So maybe his leanings towards the Evictors aren't new?

<Zola> I know...

<Denise> no.

<Denise> or like - they got worse

<Zola> Once he became a psychopath

<Denise> un huh

<Denise> ugh

<Zola> You can tell Argent any of this you want.

<Denise> okay

<Denise> I will.

<Zola> You just make sure to tell him I want in on burning their house to the ground.

  • Denise grins
  • Zola is too angry to return it

<Denise> he's ot a lotta stuff goin' on right now.... I guess we all so

<Zola> Things were going really good for me...

<Zola> I was thinking of throwing one last show as Mico and coming out to everyone.

<Zola> And... proposing to Noren on stage.

  • Zola puffs her cigarette conspicuously

<Denise> hmm?

  • Denise blinks

<Zola> You know, something showy to declaer my love?

  • Zola puffs 'casually' s'more.

<Denise> no, yeah, that's real swell

<Denise> but likw what....abotu Mico... ":o

<Zola> Well... I was gonna tell you before I went out on stage, if that's how I was gonna do it, but I wasn't planning on right now.

<Zola> I'm just a little distracted.

  • Zola laughs a bit

<Zola> Mico's not my friend, he's my old face.

<Denise> :o

  • Denise is flabbergast but liek also trying to keep perspective

<Denise> well... like... gosh :o

<Zola> I mean, maybe I could get a big star in here on my birthday, and get records for gifts, but it was a lot less work than that :P

<Denise> But you odn't sound nothin' like h- Mico :O

  • Denise says, more impressed than disbelievng

<Zola> I had to practice a long time for that.

<Zola> You know Ysabeau Chanuier, singer who was on stage with me on our Birthday? She helped with that.

<Zola> She was also me for a bit of the night, to help keep things less obvious :)

  • Denise nods

<Zola> I'm not sure how my singing as Mico will be anymore, so I was thinking one last concert... let the cat out of the bag... move on.

  • Denise nods

<Denise> that would be real swelll

  • Denise says, recoverin

<Denise> real romantic, like too, proposin' like that :3

<Zola> I know, riiiight?

<Denise> you shoudl still oughtta do it

<Zola> I ought to do it as a fundraiser for the bloodforged to spite the bastards.

<Denise> heh

<Zola> I'll run that by Noren, in case that's a bit TOO brazen.

<Denise> I'll keep lookin' into him, an I'll let folks know if it comes to anythin'

<Zola> Thanks. I'll let you know if we find out anything either...

<Zola> WE ought to start having regular meetings or something.

<Denise> gosh I been to so many meetin's lately - an you too I bet. ho can you not be all meetin'ed out? @_@

<Zola> Well, mostly I only show up to the public ones where I try to draw a crowd and then relax the rest of the time. I'm not ... well I wasn't trying to keep watch for assassins.

<Denise> that's more my kinda work

<Denise> Maybe you gotta hire someone to watch 'im

<Zola> Yeah, that's on the list.

<Denise> sorry but the best is guardin' someone else ^_^

<Zola> Hah

<Zola> Well if you have any good suggestions, gimme a ring.

<Zola> I figured we could ask Bright's bodyguard if he knows anyone.

<Denise> well you got real money - if you want someone whose the *very* best you oughtta talk to Syrez. he's my trainer. he mostly don't do that kinda work no more 'cause he don't gotta, ut I know he could be tempted

<Denise> I think the gal he's with now is Nauk'hel, but I don't figure that'd be too much a problem.... but I dunno about politics

<Denise> I kno Rhenea's got part of the Shade too

<Denise> an that's a big headache

<Zola> It might be another delicious slap in the face to the Colour Guard too.

<Denise> yeah :)

<Zola> I'll mention him...

<Denise> well you think bout that, I can talk to him if you want, he likes me ^-^

<Zola> Maybe Calix knows him too.

<Denise> maybe

<Zola> If you know how much would tempt him, that might help. I wouldn't even know here to start on a bid to not make it be insulting

  • Zola laughs

<Denise> gosh I dn't even know these days.

<Denise> Money's so confusin', goin really form rags to riches @_@

<Zola> You and your boy bought yourselves a mansion yet? :)

<Denise> we're still lookin'

<Zola> You'll have to find yourselves one with lots of rooms for little ones :D

  • Denise gives you the look she had been reserving for Argent whenever he brought up weddin' dresses
  • Zola is immune!

<Denise> why is everyon so keen on me runnin off to have litters as soon as we tie the knot :p

<Zola> I didn't give a timeline :P

<Zola> I don't have one either... it's a crazy thought!

<Zola> Now that I can ...by accident and everything... O_o

<Denise> I bet I don't gotta give *you* the talk though - right? >.>

<Zola> You had to give HIM the talk? o_o

<Denise> Enver?

<Denise> no, hah

  • Zola looks relieved

<Denise> well I mean

<Denise> we *di8 tlk

<Zola> That would have been pretty awkward.

<Denise> but like, not *that* talk

<Zola> "Oh honey, that's not how it happens..."

<Denise> he went an boosted a whole crate a potions once we decided we were gonna do it for real

  • Denise says, blushing a bit but knowing you are exactly the person she can tell this too, crime and all :V

<Denise> now I just take one everyday just in case >.>

<Zola> You can probably afford to hire your own alchemist now!

  • Denise grins

<Denise> I hear Dorien's starti' his own business ^-^

<Zola> A legit business?

<Zola> Maybe you could be his best customers :)

<Zola> Actually Noren & I ought to give him a call I suppose :P

<Zola> Not that I'm not used to the baby-proof shenanigans.

<Zola> :V

<Denise> un uh...

<Denise> ...

<Zola> I know, it'd be a shame to waste it.

<Denise> Is that real different for girls than for boys? or... wth boy parts, I guess?

  • Zola explains the ways in which it is different :V

<Zola> I'm told that it can be really amazing with a friend at both ends.

<Zola> I've been too busy for that so far >_>

<Denise> huh

<Denise> ...I don't thik I'm real interested in that sorta thing

<Zola> What if there were TWO Envers?

<Denise> well *if* there could be, then maybe

  • Denise concedes

<Denise> but to *real* ones don't seem too likley

<Denise> (two)

  • Denise shakes her head

<Zola> There's spells a bit like that, I wonder if I could find one.

<Denise> we got real off topic >.>

<Zola> Yeah, true :P

<Denise> but you look less like you're gonna murder the first one to cross you, so maybe that's good

<Zola> I wouldn't be too sure about that.

<Zola> You tell your aunt she's got enough money to get a phone now.

<Denise> wel, if Nycki moves in for real prolly they'll have toget one, btu I bet hettie won't give no one the number so they wn't call :p

<Denise> well, maybe like... Korisse

<Zola> She's not that prickly.

<Denise> mmmm, you ain't seen her in the mornin' ;)

<Denise> or just like, lately in general @_@

<Zola> You haven't seen ME in the morning :P

<Denise> heh

<Denise> I guess not

<Zola> What's stressing her out lately?

<Denise> ahh,, things >.>

  • Zola quirks a brow

<Denise> thing's she'd shot me for tellin' if she dont' want it told yet :p

<Zola> Huh.

<Denise> it ain't nothin' bad, though

  • Denise reassures

<Zola> Now I've got scheming to do

<Zola> Well, not scheming.

<Zola> Her own shop maybe...

<Denise> heh

<Denise> I'll leave you to it :p

<Zola> Good to see you kid.

<Denise> you too, Zola....

<Denise> when *i* get a phone I'll for sure give you the number ^-^

<Zola> You'd better.

<Zola> Ander might get sick of me leaving messages about our new club

<Denise> yeah he's real sick of it already >.>

<Zola> Tell him I played him a real tiny violin

<Zola> :P

<Denise> but this were important so it were okay.

<Zola> Or that he can pay for your phone

<Zola> Work perk? :)

<Denise> heh, maybe

<Denise> I'll see you around though - least *you*'re not hard to find!

<Zola> Oh wait, I should give you Noren's number

  • Zola does so

<Denise> thanks

<Zola> In case there's a short notice hunt on

<Denise> okay

  • Zola says that rather seriously
  • Denise nods

Lathra, Argent, Aubrienne and Leiris discuss the rest home

<Leiris> (So, are we talking in the car after the 'tour'?)

<Lathra> . o ( I could turn into a snake and sneak back in... oh dear, I'm doing the thing again )

<Argent> (yes)

<Leiris> (maybe grabbing lunch at the pub in the village a mile or two away ;)

<Argent> (yes)

<Aubrienne> Okay, well, that all seemed super sketchy.

<Leiris> Very odd.

<Lathra> This was a marvelous idea, Leiris dear

<Leiris> oh... the trip, or the lunch?

<Argent> Claar is bad news. We can't let Raimond stay there.

<Lathra> And yes, I was rather dissatisfied.

<Lathra> Who are these Claars?

<Aubrienne> At least one of them has already been involved with the Irminsul, at Seda Grove.

<Argent> yeah her

<Argent> and I don't think they're keeping him there for his own good

<Lathra> With the Irminsul?

<Lathra> You're saying they want him for his tree?

<Argent> especially since things probably didn't turn out how they wanted in the Shade.

<Aubrienne> Well, they used the first one to make the warforged, if I'm remembering correctly.

  • Argent nods

<Argent> and they've made some of those half-warforged as well

<Aubrienne> Yeah.

<Lathra> What did they do... and want in the Shade?

<Leiris> Some other goal requiring a great deal of raw magical energy? Or making more warforged and half-warforged and the like?

<Argent> there was a squad of them fighting the fey when Amanita was blighted.

<Aubrienne> Given Seda Grove, and the events in the Shade, I doubt they're at all interested in Raimond's health. -_-

<Leiris> So, perhaps this is a foolish question, but how do they get the tree ... out of him? or can they use it while it's in his mind somehow?

<Argent> it gets even worse... some of these half warforged are known associates with the Colour Guard.

<Aubrienne> Oh gods.

<Aubrienne> Colour Guard with access to an interplanar portal? That sounds particularly problematic.

<Argent> Well Suzetta Claar is a powerful sorceror. Is it hard to believe she wouldn't just go in his dream and get what she wanted.

<Aubrienne> I'd hate to think what that would do to poor Raimond.

<Argent> we travelled into it with magic.

<Leiris> And are there other people like him? Or is he the only one who happened to have this.. unfortunate horticultural side-effect.

<Aubrienne> Yes, but we didn't try to destroy the Irminsul, or whatever she'll try.

<Aubrienne> I don't believe we've heard of any others.

<Argent> that I don't know

<Lathra> How was she involved at Seda Grove?

<Aubrienne> She helped in destroying the Irminsul there and using it to create the warforged, as I recall.

<Aubrienne> She wasn't in charge then, though, I don't think.

<Lathra> Do we know if they have official backing ? Or can we try and grab some evidence and get them shut down?

<Leiris> Who else was involved? Do we know?

<Argent> obviously a faction in the church, at least the Order of the Cat.

<Leiris> that might tell us how 'official' any of this is.

<Argent> our host knew much more than she let on

<Aubrienne> Clearly.

<Lathra> I quite concur

<Aubrienne> I'd like to try to get a better look at what's going on in there.

<Lathra> I think I rather agree

<Leiris> how would we do that?

<Aubrienne> Well, I'd like to try scrying, but they might have it warded.

<Argent> we need to know a little more about what we're dealing with, we saw just the surface of that place

<Leiris> I thought it was lucky enough to catch her off guard and convince her into as much of a tour as we got.

<Lathra> Yes... I think that was your doing?

  • Leiris nods

<Leiris> I erased the last few moments of her memory, so that scream was forgotten. I guess that was enough to get her to agree to a brief tour.

<Lathra> Well jolly good show

<Leiris> Whatever the scream was, it put her off - we weren't meant to hear it, I suspect.

  • Leiris smiles, blushing a little

<Aubrienne> Well done, indeed. :)

<Lathra> So, we shall try scrying, and then go straight to the domino masks and grapnel guns?

<Aubrienne> I think there's a step in-between, Lathra dear.

<Argent> Here's my thought, I'll stay in the village and head back on foot this evening to check the place out and see who comes and goes in the morning, at least try to find an easier way in than the front door, and an idea of who we may run into.

<Aubrienne> I'd like to help with that. I've got a few new spells that might make reconnaissance easier.

<Lathra> A recconoiter! How clever!

<Argent> you can try scrying and magic to see what else you might learn.

<Leiris> shall we book rooms for the night, then? even if perhaps some of us aren't staying in them...

<Lathra> I wonder if any of the staff come here after work...

<Leiris> and - would it be worth asking around? it could be that some of the locals are more aware of what's going on there...

<Aubrienne> It's possible.

  • Argent nods

<Leiris> or perhaps that would attract too much attention.

<Argent> I worry if we stay here, it might.

<Argent> at least all of us

<Leiris> but I'd be happy to entertain them with a game of cards and try to get some people talking.

<Lathra> It seems like a natural extension of what we're officially here for, but I agree that if we're staying longer than needed it could appear odd.

<Aubrienne> Depends on how we play it. Buy a few rounds, make it seem like we decided the trip back wasn't worth it tonight.

<Argent> your the driver, should I get you a bottle

<Lathra> (Was there a river or stream at the facility?)

<Aubrienne> I wouldn't say no...

<Lathra> I never say no to a bottle

<Argent> oh, and I need to see your shoes

<Aubrienne> I'm sorry?

<Leiris> (there was a river you passed over on your way between the village and the facility - it is closer to the village though)

<Argent> make sure they're suitable for trampsing through the countryside

<Argent> if your comming with me.

<Aubrienne> Oh.

  • Aubrienne will raise her foot at Argent playfully, showing small, reasonable boots.

<Aubrienne> I reserve the heels for special occasions. ;)

<Argent> hope you dont mind them getting dirty

<Aubrienne> That's what prestidigitate is for.

  • Argent smiles

<Argent> so me and Aubrienne will do some scouting, you two will talk with the villagers.

<Argent> We'll have a few drinks and Aubrienne and I will get a room, so we can rest for tonight.

<Leiris> All right.

<Lathra> Maybe someone will play cards with you, dear

<Leiris> And we can take over your room later I suppose!

<Leiris> oh, I'll try not to fleece them. I'll play dumb and cheerful :)

<Lathra> Yes, be nice

<Leiris> and, should we expect you back at any particular time? Just in case we need to send out a rescue party or something.

  • Leiris asks Argent and Aubrienne

<Aubrienne> (What time is it right now?)

<Argent> I want to see who comes and goes in the morning, give us a couple of hours to get back here, so 10 in the morning is when we should be back.

<Leiris> (probably about 1 or 2 in the afternoon - just after lunch)

<Lathra> If we've got a spare hour, I can mark one of you so I know if you're ok?

<Leiris> that sounds like a good idea

<Aubrienne> I'm thinking...if I prepare ahead, I could accompany Argent incorporeally so as not to be a physical burden. I'm not nearly so steathily-inclined.

<Aubrienne> I'd still be able to cast and do most everything I can normally do.

<Lathra> Fancy!

<Argent> I'm fine with that as long as it doesnt leave me in a lurch wondering where you are.

<Aubrienne> I'll have hours with it, and my body would be in our room, so I'd be here and with you. :)

<Argent> even better, that way if I do get over my head, you can bring the rescue team

  • Aubrienne gives a thumbs up.

<Leiris> All right, that all sounds like a good plan. Should we ... perhaps phone anyone and let them know? or wait until we find out more?

<Aubrienne> Maybe I'll leave a message with Titania. Let her know about my latest insanity.

<Lathra> Well I must phone Dasra, and I'd like to let Raimond's mother know what we were told about dangerous inmates too.

<Lathra> Oh and the lawyers, of course.

<Lathra> But I won't mention our... ongoing investigation.

  • Leiris nods

<Leiris> I think there was a phone in the hall, so as long as we're discreet in what we say over the phone, in case anyone is eavesdropping.

<Lathra> Of course

Gen tells Madds about her day

  • Genevriel has cooked a decent meal for Madds and herself. She isn't a virtuoso in the kitchen like her father was, but she can make something palatable.
  • Madds seems content with it :)

<Genevriel> (I think it could be the evening of her meeting with Philida so Madds would know Gen was going to see another potential weird divine channel thing like she is in the afternoon.)

<Genevriel> (We don't actually know we're "oracles" I think?  ;) )

<Madds> (okay, makes sense)

<Genevriel> So how was your day?

  • Genevriel asks between mouthfuls.

<Madds> Not too bad. But I imagine not as interesting as yours.

  • Genevriel raises an eyebrow.

<Genevriel> I think you overestimate things.

  • Genevriel smiles.

<Madds> Well, I didn't meet any other unusual spellcasters like myself who might have information that helps me better understand my own messages from the gods, or whoever :)

  • Genevriel smiles slightly again.

<Genevriel> It was good to meet her, but she doesn't really have any more knowledge than myself. So that was a little disappointing. Still, two heads are better than one.

<Genevriel> And she did get me thinking about things a bit, so there's that.

<Madds> So she's in the same boat as you?

<Genevriel> Mmmmaybe?

<Genevriel> She's not marked the same way I am, and her magical focus seems to be a little different.

<Genevriel> But voices in the head, that's the same.

  • Madds nods

<Genevriel> Only hers say "We will not fade away," not "We are all one."

<Genevriel> She thinks it might be the dead. So that's kind of depressing.

<Madds> hm.

<Madds> she was in the war too?

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> And she, like me, probably should have died. For her it was getting caught in a gas attack without a mask.

<Madds> ugh.

<Madds> that's awful.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> She said she remembers passing out, and then she saw a path opening up, and she was out... I only remember passing out.

<Genevriel> The part I have the most trouble with is... she thinks the voices might be calling from the Void. To date, I had kind of been hoping they were calling from the Centre...

  • Madds nods

<Genevriel> We both wonder if we might actually have died and been resuscitated by whoever the voices represent. And that's also kind of depressing, if they're in the Void.

<Genevriel> But then I guess it's only what I'd deserve.

  • Genevriel sighs.

<Madds> Well, like you said, she doesn't know any more than you do. Maybe her interpretation is wrong.

<Genevriel> Well, the really disturbing thing is: what if we're both right? Then the Void and the Centre might be the same thing. And... well. You know I was raised in the Way of the Wheel. So that is a bit hard to swallow.

<Genevriel> What do you think about it? The Void and the Centre not being different things, I mean.

<Madds> I'm not a theologian... but I do know that it seems like a lot of things changed after Serpent's ... revival, or whatever you want to call it.

<Madds> So maybe that's something else that's changed? I don't know.

<Genevriel> Philida has been going to Church of Serpent ceremonies.

<Genevriel> She did explain to me that the Church of Serpent thinks that the Void has changed, yes.

<Madds> Maybe the boundaries between those things aren't as clear as they used to be. I don't know.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> I don't either.

<Genevriel> But...

  • Genevriel sighs.

<Genevriel> There might be a way I can learn more.

  • Genevriel doesn't seem super enthused about whatever this way is.

<Madds> What is it?

<Genevriel> Well, I've learned enough Celestial that I was able to understand what the One said to me in Psyra.

<Genevriel> And I used to have dreams about the voices.

<Genevriel> Not always pleasant ones.

<Genevriel> So then I learned the Pleasant Dreams spell that we both have come to love so that I could get a decent night's sleep.

<Genevriel> But maybe it's time to try... not casting it...

  • Madds nods

<Genevriel> On me, anyway.

<Madds> Well.. if you want to try that, you know I'll be there.

<Genevriel> I'll keep casting it on you.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Madds> I'll wake you up if you want me to. or at least be there after you wake up to hold you.

  • Genevriel nods, tearing up a little.

<Genevriel> Thank you.

  • Madds takes your hand.

<Madds> if it doesn't help, you can always go back to casting it.

  • Genevriel nods.

<Genevriel> If I'm going to do this, it should be on a weekend, so that you don't have to worry about going to work the next day.

<Madds> all right

<Madds> whenever you feel up to it.

<Genevriel> I don't know if I'll ever feel "up to it."

<Genevriel> But let's pick a weekend and I'll ask for time off from work because there's a strong possibility that I'll be a wreck.

<Madds> okay

<Genevriel> So, what weekend works for you?

  • Madds will suggest some dates.
  • Genevriel picks one and will roll with it.