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Diablotin 3 session logs
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Session date: April 3, 2016
Diablotin date: End Fourth-month


<DiablotinNarrator> Okay, so, a couple things

<DiablotinNarrator> First is that various people have used various different methods for character gen, and as a result we have some possibly annoying imbalances.

<DiablotinNarrator> So basically - if you used the monster advancement method (adding +4/+4/+2/+2/+0/-2 to stats and then adding levels from there etc.) then you are probably more powerful than people who used the regular character creation method of 82 points for stats etc.

<DiablotinNarrator> so basically I want to know who did what, show of hands, so I know how big an issue this is and how to fix it ;)

<Silver> Regular

<Vreel> (regular character creation here...)

<Clovani> I used the monster advancement

<Hettienne> Well, I just took the immature norn stats right from the book and juggled attributes a bit, as we discussed

  • TinyZola used point buy

<Thea> Monster

<Eletheni> yeah, I did what Hettie did

<Danys> terry I'm not sure what we are defining as 'regular'

<Silver> Point buy

<Vreel> Character Creation rules from the D3 wiki

<Danys> *nod*

<DiablotinNarrator> basically I'm asking, did you use the stats of your 'base' creature in determining your attributes, or did you do a point buy from scratch.

<Vreel> point buy from scratch

<Danys> I point buyed from scratch

<DiablotinNarrator> it's okay if it wasn't precisely the +4/+4/+2/+2/+0/-2 thing, I'm okay with people juggling the stats in different ways.

<Eletheni> I used the stats of my base creature

<Hettienne> I guess I used the creature? I think?

<Clovani> I was under the impression we were supposed to do the monster advancement way

<DiablotinNarrator> Tuck - for some people's choices that was impossible

<Clovani> ah

<Thea> Some folks' base creatures were like a regular PC race.

<DiablotinNarrator> righyt

<DiablotinNarrator> Anyway I think probably the easiest way to solve it that doesn't involve asking anyone to completely remake their character is to add some attribute points to people whose totals are low.

<Clovani> I'm cool with that. I mean, I can remake my character, no problem but it will take a while

<Eletheni> sure, or I'm happy to rework things after this session

<Vreel> My total is 84, but only because I used background points to add two attribute points to my pitiful strength

<Eletheni> I don't know how much fighting stuff we're expecting to do today anyhow

<Hettienne> HETTIE SMASH.

<DiablotinNarrator> right, so 84 is a pretty low total, and we would want that to get a bit higher to be more in line with other characters.

<Clovani> Mine is 91 including background points and level bonuses and everything else

<Thea> From the five monster totals I know, the average is 107.

<DiablotinNarrator> that's what I'm suggesting. basically if your total attribute points are like... under 90, we want to look at that.

  • TinyZola has a total of 80 after size modifiers

<TinyZola> :3

<Eletheni> Yeah, I'm at 107 + 1 for level advancement

  • TinyZola flit flit

<Thea> (Dorien, Aubrienne, Margeaux, Hugo, Hettie) (Assuming juggling stats around kept the overall total still the same for Hettie and Hugo)

<DiablotinNarrator> But Steve is right that it may not be a big issue today

<Vreel> My size modifiers and levelling-up attribute points from regular character creation are included in my 84 total

<Silver> (90 here)

<Danys> mine is just under 90... 87

<Silver> (after levels and stuff)

  • Danys checks ians but I think it is aroudn there

<DiablotinNarrator> right, so my concern is with some people being up above 100 and some people being more like low 80s, that's a pretty big difference.

<Vreel> We might actually need to bump things up today if we do any sort of skill checks, though

<Thea> Right

<Danys> hah he is also 87, but we are very close in level

<DiablotinNarrator> now it's only for a few sessions, so it may not be a big deal overall, but I don't want people to wind up feeling like their character is really underpowered compared to others

<Vreel> I mean, if I suddenly have more attribute points to spend, those are likely going to go into things like INT and WIS which aren't all that important to combat but are important to skill checke

<DiablotinNarrator> and fixing the attribute point imbalances is probably the simplest way to do that.

<Danys> Ifeel like I might have missed some size modifier stuff for making lathra though

<Clovani> If you do raise int or Con, don't forget skill and hit points going up :)

<Vreel> yeah

<DiablotinNarrator> well if people want to take the time now to sort it out, that's okay with me. it will just mean a shorter game session.

<Silver> For today you could just give the lower stated people a +2 to rolls, and then decide how to fix it afterward if you are worried.

<Danys> Idon't think it would takelong to add some attribute points

<Vreel> If it's just a matter of having more attribute points, tell me what my total should be, it'll take maybe 5 minutes to make the changes

<Danys> yeah

<Vreel> Especially since the sheet has all those built-in calculations

<Silver> true

<DiablotinNarrator> I guess what I'd say is, if your stat total is below 90, bring it up to 90.

<Vreel> ok

<TinyZola> kk

<Vreel> 92 for me then b/c of background point expenditures  :)

<Eletheni> yeah I didn't use the sheet, I found I was going to have to subtract a ton of stuff before re-adding it

<Clovani> Oh<, Julie, I need to roll HP

<DiablotinNarrator> okay

<Hettienne> *SNIP SNIP*

<TinyZola> :3:3

<Silver> lol

<Vreel> As tempting as it is to put more of those points into strength, I don't want to be a forgotten one who looks like this: 4c3b3770b80a31b4115cb8c8e5b33c84.jpg

<Vreel> So I will keep my negative STR bonus

<Vreel> all done

<Thea> You would be the most ripped forgotten one. No one would forget you.

<Hettienne> well, at least she didn't skip leg day.

<Danys> also all done obver here3

  • TinyZola has ghalso spent his filthy lucre
  • Clovani high fives Vreel. "Welcome tot he negative strength mod club!"
  • Hettienne high fives you, accidentally turns you into paste

<Clovani> heee

<Clovani> Just don't touch the dodo.

<Clovani> He's delicate

<Thea> Pretty sure you'd have to low five him. ;)

<Hettienne> lol

<TinyZola> too slow-do

<Clovani> heee

<DiablotinNarrator> let me know when you're ready with any updates you were making

  • TinyZola is

<Clovani> ready

<Silver> no updates, ready

<Hettienne> ready

<DiablotinNarrator> also if we find after playing with these characters for a bit that something is weird or not working out right, we can always fix it after.

<Eletheni> indeed, I definitely want to rework

<DiablotinNarrator> whether if I find that I need to put some limits on powers that are way too strong, or boost other things, we can always make adjustments and say a wizard did it :p

<Thea> "The First World is very mutable."

<DiablotinNarrator> indeed

<Eletheni> ooh, a wizard!

<DiablotinNarrator> Another thing I wanted to mention, and this is a fairly minor point, but the 'common' language of the First World is Sylvan. so if you don't have Sylvan, you might want to make sure you take it.

<DiablotinNarrator> there is also Aklo, which is the language of evil fey. so that's an option if you have extra languages and aren't sure what makes sense to take.

<Silver> (fixed... have both now :P)

<Clovani> ditto

<DiablotinNarrator> other valid life choices include Celestial, Draconic, Infernal, etc.

  • Danys is not clever enough to get extra languages

<Danys> but i do have sylvan

<DiablotinNarrator> cool

  • Hettienne has Tongues

<DiablotinNarrator> that works too :)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay, I think we are more or less ready?

<Eletheni> well, as ready as I'm going to be

  • TinyZola tranqs Steve with caffeine
  • Vreel is just updating her languages

<Vreel> we can start, though

The party finds themselves changed into fey; chaos ensues

<DiablotinNarrator> The world comes into focus around you and you find yourselves in a place that is both familiar and strange, in forms that are also both familiar and strange.

<DiablotinNarrator> The terrain around you is a grotto covered in fungus of various shapes and colours, odd but also quite beautiful.

<TinyZola> OooOooOOOOOoooh.

  • Danys looks around, stratled

<Hettienne> Fffffffffffuckin' MUSHROOMS

  • TinyZola is a teeny tiny flying green lady with a shock of red hair on top

<Clovani> Oi... wahahappen?

  • TinyZola blinks and looks towards the very loud voice
  • TinyZola shrieks D:

<TinyZola> AAH!

  • Hettienne is a giant, beautiful woman with long black hair and an enormous pair of shears.
  • Amanita stands before you, regal and majestic

<Thea> What a strange vision.

  • Vreel strategically considers her surroundings, a bit perturbed, and trying to remember how she got here.

<Amanita> Please, remain calm...

<Eletheni> I ... we ... ohhh.

  • Clovani is a small gnarled old man with a huge head and giant beard riding a dodo
  • wererogue1 disappears
  • TinyZola realizes Amanita is enormous... "AAAHHH!"
  • Silver glances around trying to come to grips with the situatoin
  • Hettienne has black eyes and pale skin, and looks cranky.
  • Lathra disappears
  • TinyZola spots the flying lizardlady

<TinyZola> EEEEE!

<Hettienne> Who are all these tiny assholes? D:

<Amanita> I have brought you here in the only way I could. I apologize for the .. abrupt transition.

  • Thea looks little different, other than pure white, obviously blind eyes.
  • Danys is a beautiful girl with long blonde hair, wearing a cloak that mostly covers her luxurous fox tail >.>
  • Eletheni is an enormous winged woman with the body and torso of a blue-green serpent. Her hair is silver-white. She wears a long flowing white tunic and a green silk scarf.
  • TinyZola wraps her arms around a strange black wildcat cub and tries to fly away with it, to little success
  • Silver is a platinum pelted leopard, with tiger stripe markings and eagle like eys, instead of cat eyes.

<Drenio_the_Dodo> Squaaaaaack!

<Clovani> Quiet you!

<TinyZola> AAAH!

<Hettienne> (do they still look like weirdos with True Seeing?)

  • Vreel is about a foot tall with bright red hair full of leaves and twigs. Her hair adornments and her clothes together make her kind of blend in to the leaf litter out of which the mushrooms grow.
  • Clovani thunks Drenio with his cudgel
  • Veren is a white-furred humanoid rat with clouded white eyes
  • Lathra was a little black rabbit-y looking girl
  • Hettienne looks down at the weird scissors in her hand.
  • Anny is a small elf-looking woman with long flowing red hair, about 3 feet tall, with dragonfly wings and a grumpy expression

<Hettienne> Denise? NYcki?!

  • Danys leys got of Veren when she realizes she is holding his hand

<Danys> oh, I'm sorry...

  • Lathra giggles and tries to climb up Eletheni
  • TinyZola gives up trying to fly away with the cub and climbs on top
  • Eletheni wears a long sword with a great quartz in the pommel on a scabbard. She looks around, confused.
  • Aux is a muscular dark-haired elven-looking man in a fur cloak and not a lot else.

<Eletheni> Stop, wait! No!

  • TinyZola attempts to ride the little cat to safety

<Silver> (Hettienne would also see Silver as a long silver haired woman, with mismatched eyes)

  • Eletheni squirms to try to bat Lathra away, her tail flailing wildly
  • Hettienne feels sure that her family are here... but?!
  • Hettienne squints at the fox-tailed woman.
  • Thea just stands serenely next to Amanita, shuffling a Harrow deck.
  • Danys has looked around and then returned her attention to the Queen, certain at least of who she is

<Hettienne> Den...ise?

  • Danys looks up at the Giant woman

<DiablotinNarrator> Hettienne, you would perceive these people as the forms they're currently wearing, but with some odd overlays - the rat-person also seems to look like a human. The elven man seems to look like a whirlwind.

<Hettienne> That you, girl?

<Danys> No, that's not quite right... it's Danys

  • Danys says thoughfully

<Hettienne> Huh?

<Danys> Do I... know you?

<Hettienne> It's me, Hettie... Don't you recognize me?!

<Danys> I feel like I'm waking up ffro na dream, ;my mind is a little foggy

<Thea> She remembers the dream...

  • Thea mutters

<Hettienne> This is some fey bullshit.

<Danys> It does sound familiar

<Hettienne> We gotta find Nycki and get outta here.

  • Danys says apologetically

<Eletheni> Are you ... friends of the Voice?

<Amanita> Oh dear... :/

<Amanita> I think this is more confusing for you than I'd hoped.

<Hettienne> I ain't a friend of no one from this messed up place

  • Danys loks back to the queen

<Amanita> The forms you've taken are the closest I could manage to find, but it seems in some cases the change has been more jarring.

<Thea> It was bound to me an adjustment, your majesty.

<Thea> (be, rather)

<Clovani> What are you mumblin' about? What forms?

<Hettienne> How do we get out of here?!

<Vreel> North is that way.

<Danys> .....have you brought us here for some purpose, your majesty?

  • Vreel points.
  • TinyZola rides her majestic mount into a mushroom 'forest'

<Vreel> But not much use without knowing where we want to go.

<Hettienne> Back to Diablotin.

<Amanita> I brought you here to save you from the ritual the cerebral fungus were conducting, and - I hope - to help in ending the Blight.

  • Danys frowns a little, trying to place the name

<Vreel> Right. Haven't heard of that place.

<Eletheni> Ah! I do know that name! That is where the Voice lives.

<Hettienne> So... you're sayin' you messed up all their brains?

  • Hettienne says to Amanita.

<Hettienne> Which one of them's Nycki?

  • TinyZola shouts from hiding "MY BRAIN IS JUST FINE"

<Hettienne> And that *Is* Denise, ain't it?

  • Anny flutters up near to your face, Hettie

<Anny> ... Hettie?

<Hettienne> Nycki?

<Hettienne> Oh thank fuck.

<Hettienne> ... You're tiny! :o

<Anny> nooo... well... maybe?

<TinyZola> Who's Hettie?!?

<Anny> My name is Anny.

<Clovani> Who are any of you idjits?!

<Hettienne> Me... who's talkin'?

<Hettienne> Oh, ANnyck, you gotta remember. ;_;

<TinyZola> :D

  • TinyZola gallops back out

<Hettienne> You... you just stick with me an' we'll get back where we belong.

<Hettienne> You too, Den. :|

<Anny> I remember you

  • Anny says to you, Hettie
  • TinyZola rides her little cub the whole 10-20 feet back to Hettie since she's the largest thing around.
  • Anny settles onto your shoulder
  • Hettienne claps a large hand on Danys' shoulder.

<TinyZola> HETTIE!!!!

<Danys> oh!

  • Silver shakes her head at the confused and chaotic crowd
  • Hettienne looks down at the tiny person (do you look like Zola but tiny?)
  • TinyZola alights as the cub reaches her feet and flies up around her head

<Lathra> Tweety?

  • TinyZola IS a pretty pretty green lady who has some similarity to Zola

<Hettienne> ...Zola?

<TinyZola> Yessss <3

<TinyZola> Hettie you're enormous @_@

<Hettienne> I am?

<Hettienne> O_o

  • TinyZola has striking eyes

<Hettienne> I thought everybody else was just small

<TinyZola> Yes, you're so big, like ten buildings big

<TinyZola> No, you're all big.

  • Aux keeps quiet for now, eyeing everyone with a wary suspicion

<Lathra> I'm not small, I'm just right

  • Lathra reappears
  • Danys is gonna name a K: nqature roll to at least know people's races maybe?

<Silver> If you need a service Queen, I don't know about these misfits, but if the boon is great enought I will assist... if not?

  • Lathra tries to climb up Hettienne

<TinyZola> Where's Hugo gone, Hettie?

  • Clovani pulls up on Drenio's reigns and trots over to Amanita. "You there. You're royalty. And you look like you know what's goin' on 'ere. How'd I get 'ere?"

<Danys> !roll 1d20+11

  • TinyZola rolls for Danys: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 23 ].

<Hettienne> I dunno.

  • Vreel will approach the Queen and bow respectfully.

<Eletheni> Hugo. The Voice.

<Hettienne> Who's the bunny?

<TinyZola> Who said that? Who said Hugo? @_@

<Amanita> I brought you all from the Second World... you helped me. Saved my life. I couldn't leave you there to perish, so... I brought you here, in forms that would adapt to this plane.

<Vreel> Your Majesty, while they all do... whatever they're doing, I'd rather think about what to do next. Since you seem to be the only one who knows where we are, is there someplace we need to go?

<Lathra> I'm Lathra! She's not Lathra.

<Clovani> I ain't been to the second world in nigh on twenny years.

<Eletheni> I did.

  • Lathra says from Hettienne's thigh

<Thea> You mentioned the Blight. So it is not solely a part of the dream?

<Amanita> Although you have already done me a great service, I fear I must ask more of you.

  • Hettienne tries to scoop up the bunny-girl.
  • Lathra is happy to be scooped

<Danys> I was from there.... I think...

<Hettienne> Well, ain't you cute.

  • Danys frowns trying to sort out her memories
  • Lathra beams
  • TinyZola sits on Hettie's broad shoulders

<TinyZola> Who's that?

  • TinyZola points at the lillend

<Drenio_the_Dodo> Squaaaaaack

  • Vreel can't believe how rude these people are, not pausing to listen to royalty.
  • Danys is trying to listen but people keep talking to her
  • Eletheni slithers deftly over to the tiny green woman.

<Danys> What is it you require, your majesty>

<Eletheni> Do you know Hugonel?

<TinyZola> eeee hettie D:

<Hettienne> I dunno.

<Lathra> Oo!

<Eletheni> (for whatever value of comes out of a 20 foot long snake woman)

  • Lathra hops down and runs over to stand by Danys
  • Lathra salutes.

<Hettienne> Some of you look different to how you... look, but none of you look like the real yous.

<TinyZola> H- Hugo's my friend @_@

<TinyZola> Where's he gone?

<Hettienne> "cept for her...

  • Hettienne nods to Thea.

<Hettienne> But she don't seem to have a clue who she is.

  • Vreel turns to Danys, since we are both standing near Amanita.

<Eletheni> He is ... here, perhaps? He is the Voice who sings to me.

<Eletheni> I am Eletheni.

  • Thea seems to glance in Hettie direction for a moment, a pitying look on her face.

<Thea> (Hettie's rather)

<Vreel> You're big. Well, bigger than me, anyway. Can you shout or something to get their attention? I'd like to hear what the Queen has to say, but no one's going to hear anything until everyone SHUTS UP.

<TinyZola> Is he in your head? D:

<Eletheni> That's ... not quite right ... I think.

<Eletheni> But he is here, in some way.

  • Silver sighs, hops up on a nearby mushroom and curls up to wait, while amusingly watching the confusions.

<Amanita> In order to end the Blight, we - the rulers of the Four Kingdoms - must join our forces together. Now that I am freed from the Cyst's control, I can fight to keep it at bay, but to truly remove it, we will need the help of the Lord of Winter as well.

  • Lathra continues to salute, and fidgets
  • Danys looks at Vreel, and then looks around at the general chaos
  • Danys looks back to Amanita as she speaks

<Thea> That won't be easy.

<Amanita> No, it will not.

<Thea> Perhaps he will grant an audience, and we can plead our case.

<Vreel> Winter's not my favourite thing, but I've been to his lands before. I can get us there.

<Lathra> I bet it's be Just Difficult Enough!

<Danys> he may require some service of us....

  • Vreel says confidently.
  • Danys nods to vreel
  • Lathra gives up on saluting and flops on the ground
  • Silver eyes the bunny and licks her lips
  • Clovani looks around at the group. "Ancestor's preserve us. This will only end in tears."

<Thea> Only for some.

<Hettienne> Maybe for you, tiny bird man.

  • TinyZola hops into the air and makes a few circuits of the lillend, looking to see if Hugo might be on the other side

<Amanita> If you can secure his aid, then I give you my assurance that you will also find your way home.

<Thea> Will you be safe in the interim, your majesty?

  • Eletheni considers Amanita's last statement thoughtfully.

<Clovani> Ha, now that's a trick I'd like to see.

<Danys> hmm

<Silver> So thats the boon you offer? A way home?

<Amanita> Now that my mind is my own again, I can guard against further incursions from the Cyst.

  • Thea nods deferentially.
  • Danys considers, trying to sort out what she means and what has been said

<Lathra> Oo a Quest! I'll fetch my armor and Noble Steed!

<Clovani> No offense, Milady, but I ain't had no home this last score years.

<Vreel> Noble steeds aren't much good in snow up to your neck.

<Hettienne> You, shortgreen, you said you knew the way.

<Vreel> Unless they can fly. Then it would work, I suppose.

  • Lathra looks around, notices Silver, and hops over.

<Hettienne> Get leadin'.

<Vreel> Yes, I am Vreel, The Pathfinder.

<Lathra> Be ready, noble steed, we must make haste!

  • Vreel says, as if you all ought to have heard of her.

<Hettienne> Sure you are.

<TinyZola> Hettieeeeee did you find Hugo?

<Hettienne> That's swell.

<Hettienne> No and I ain't lookin'

<Danys> (have I heard of her?)

<TinyZola> And Denise? Where's Denise?

<Hettienne> Foxy there is Denise.

<Silver> Oh little bunny, you seek my services as well?

<DiablotinNarrator> (those of you who have more fey-world-type memories would know of Vreel :)

<Clovani> (What would we know of her?)

  • TinyZola flies around Danys a few times to get a look at her.

<Vreel> (hee... I saved someone important once, and am sought as a guide by people who need one... and can afford to pay.)

<TinyZola> She doesn't look like Denise, are you sure? @_@

<DiablotinNarrator> (she is a well-known guide and scout... C, if you have specific Great Deeds in mind that she's done, let me know :)

<Lathra> Aa! A talking horse!

<Danys> I have heard of you, pathfinder...

  • Danys says to vreel, then eyes Zola

<Danys> (she looks like Denise if Denise were a Disney Pincess with a fox tail ;)

<Clovani> Aye, I've 'eard of you. You're shorter than I imagined.

<Thea> I doubt height has any bearing on her abilities as a guide.

<TinyZola> OK maybe.

<Eletheni> Hugo is not here, but is not in Diablotin. He is ... in thought?

<Silver> So what do you offer for my service little phooka?

<Lathra> Clearly we are heroes of legend, the Black Knight and her Talking Steed.

  • Lathra strokes Silver's muzzle lovingly.

<TinyZola> Hettie ;_;

  • TinyZola flies back over to land on her shoulder again

<TinyZola> I'm afraid ;_;

  • Silver chuckles

<Danys> I will accept your boon, your majesty... There is someone at home I want to return to

<Silver> affection will only get you so far...

<Hettienne> Just stick with me, Zola.

  • Veren turns his clouded eyes to Danys, looking at her intently

<TinyZola> You'll find everyone?

<Lathra> Oo! If you want something from me to let me ride you I've got a magic rock you can use!

<Hettienne> I'll get us home.

<TinyZola> Okay >_>

<Danys> A human boy..... his name was...

  • Danys frowns

<Hettienne> Emver, Den.

<Danys> oh this is awful :(

<Hettienne> (Enver)

  • Lathra fishes around in her pack, pulls out a stone and holds it up proudly

<Hettienne> His name's Enver. ANd he's gotta be one of these folk here.

  • Vreel shakes her head; she keeps getting too distracted by these other people's apparent madness.
  • Silver eyes the stone

<Veren> That's me. Or ... was me.

<Silver> what is it?

  • Danys peers at him in regard

<Danys> (in turn)

<Lathra> It's the legendary Pooka stone!

<Danys> No..... he was a human boy. I think. A woodsman....

  • Veren shifts into a human young man. His eyes stay a clouded white, but he looks... more like Enver.

<Hettienne> He's a tunnelruner.

<Lathra> (Does Silver have any pockets or pouches?)

<Veren> Like this?

<Hettienne> It *is* him!

<TinyZola> Oooh, I know him.

<Thea> She's lying.

<Silver> (nope)

  • Thea says to Silver.
  • Danys looks confused and a little upset maybe

<Danys> I - I don'

<Lathra> I am not >:|

<Vreel> Your Majesty, I accept your offer of a boon, though I do not yet know what form it may take. I can get this lot to the Winterlands, if that's really what you think is the wisest course...

  • Lathra huffs

<Danys> t remember. I'm sorry :(

<Eletheni> These are the actors in some terrible play where everyone has forgotten their lines.

<Hettienne> That kinda sounds like Hugo.

  • Vreel eyes everyone else, wondering what the fuck Amanita is thinking, sending this lot of nutjobs to beg for Winter's aid.
  • Hettienne makes a face.
  • Anny looks unhappy, and shifts back into his humanoid-sized-rat form instead

<Anny> (ww)

<Veren> looks unhappy, and shifts back into his humanoid-sized-rat form instead

<Hettienne> Yer a wererat, Enver! :o

  • Thea will move over to scoop up Lathra.

<Thea> I can give you a ride, free of purchase.

<TinyZola> No, he's...

<Veren> No, I'm ...

  • TinyZola rolls [ 1d20+15 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 15 ] totals [ 27 ]
  • Veren looks uncertain about what exactly he is

<TinyZola> (What is he again? :P)

<Clovani> an idjit?

<Thea> No need to pout.

  • Lathra jumps in surprise and blows on her hands

<Danys> some kind of....hengeyokai?

  • Danys guesses

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+11

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 12 ].

<TinyZola> Yes, one of those

  • Hettienne resists the urge to punt the bird-man. This time.

<Veren> Yes! A Nezumi.

<Danys> yes.

  • Veren says, sounding relieved

<Silver> It seems someone has offered you a better deal

  • Danys does a little as well

<Danys> that's right

<Thea> (Actual pooka dust, Lathra?)

<Drenio_the_Dodo> Squaaaaack

<Lathra> (Yup.)

<TinyZola> Nezumi nezuyou.

<Thea> (What's the DC?)

  • Clovani turns to Drenio "Oh hush, you, we don't even know them."

<Danys> I suppose I might know yiou - Iwas....raised by rats.... after I came here....from the second world

<Lathra> (I'm not clear on whether there's a save for the intoxication version, but if there is it's Fort 13)

  • Clovani seems to get into a minor argument with his bird.

<Hettienne> You *are* a rat. :|

  • Danys says as if she is trying to put all the things she knows about herself together in a way that makes sense

<Hettienne> We all are.

<Danys> Well that's what they say

  • Hettienne gestures to herself, Veren and Anny.
  • Danys agrees with hettie

<TinyZola> I'm not ^_^

  • Vreel waits patiently, used to being forgotten by the high and mighty.

<Lathra> (5ft range)

  • Danys reaches behind her under her cloak and pulls out a lkittle rat with reddish-brown fur

<Thea> !roll 1d20+7

  • TinyZola rolls for Thea: [ 1d20+7 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 7 ] totals [ 11 ].

<Danys> This is Mik....

<Hettienne> Mik?

  • Clovani cudgels Drenio lightly once again, ending the argument

<Danys> he's my companion

<Hettienne> Like your brother?

<TinyZola> Mik mik mik mik

<Thea> Ah, that's bringing back some memories...

<Danys> no, he;'s not my brother. NOt really

  • Anny brings a small rat out of one of her bags as well.

<Anny> Hey I got one too :D

<TinyZola> I like rats :3

  • Eletheni turns to Hettie.

<Hettienne> Oh! :3

<Danys> But he one of the rates from the old cellar in the woods

  • Thea shakes her head as if to clear it
  • TinyZola flies down from Hettie to see Danys' friend

<Thea> No, that's the illusion.

<Danys> (rattes ;)

<Danys> <speak with rattes> hello there :)

  • Danys says to Nycki's companion
  • Lathra calms down and smiles at Thea

<Lathra> Oo is the horsie right, will *you* be my Noble Steed?

  • Danys lets Mik go - he lokos around then scampers around to go hide....somewhere under her cloak >.>
  • Lathra carefully tucks away her rock

<Anny> This is Ander.

<Hettienne> Ander. Heh.

<TinyZola> Hee hee no it isn't.

  • Anny says, with her little ratte friend

<Thea> I would be proud to serve.

<TinyZola> He wasn't with us :3

<Danys> <ratte>Oh, do I know you?

  • Danys asks the ratte
  • TinyZola follows Mik

<TinyZola> waaaait

<Danys> maybe I know a different Ander..... he's a rat too, and very wise

<Lathra> How wonderful! Hi ho, and all of that rigmarole!

<Danys> but he lives in the Cellar

<Hettienne> He lives in Diablotin. :|

  • Danys holds out a hand to Ander to sniff

<Andertheratte> Of course I know you :3

  • Danys smiles

<Hettienne> Ugh, this is just gin' round in circles. Can we go and get this done with?

  • Eletheni shakes her head at all this, moving away from you to clear her head.

<Danys> what are you doing out here?

  • Andertheratte says to Denys in ratte

<Lathra> Thanks you so for bringing us together, good horsie!

<Eletheni> Do you think that I am Hugo himself?

  • TinyZola hears the name Hugo through a layer or two of Danys' clothes

<Hettienne> You talk like 'im.

<TinyZola> HUGO?!

<Andertheratte> <ratte> I help Anny... I give her my magic :3

  • Danys nods solemnly

<Anny> Hmph.. yeah, *your* magic.

  • TinyZola squirms and pops out the back of Danys' top

<TinyZola> Hugo?

<Danys> (wait you were under my top @_@)

<Vreel> I've been ready for the past ten minutes or so.

  • Vreel shrugs.

<Vreel> Are the rest of you ready?

<Danys> (or just under my cloak)

  • TinyZola followed Mik and got lost!

<Thea> By all means.

<Clovani> Oi.

<Amanita> I can transport you to the edge of my realm, but no further.

<Eletheni> I will come ... if only to sort this out.

<Thea> We are grateful for any assistance.

  • Danys reazches up and gently but firmly grabs Zola from out of her cloak

<Vreel> "

<TinyZola> Oh hi :3

  • Danys nods to Amanita, refocusing her attention

<Vreel> That would be most helpful, Your Majesty. Thank you.

<Clovani> Fine. Spose I ain't got naught better to do.

<Danys> yes....

<Danys> Your majesty, have you any advice on how to complete this quest? I feel liek we are missing some important information @_@

<TinyZola> Like where's Hugo? :(

<Vreel> Are you all coming to the Winterlands, then?

<Hettienne> We need his help to stop the blight, and it's in his interest; it's simple.

<Hettienne> Yeah.

  • Danys nods

<Amanita> When you find your way to the Icebriar, you will need to speak with Eranthis and tell him that we seek his aid to stop the Blight.

<Danys> So we need to tell him that you are prepaered to work with him?

  • Eletheni reaches into her satchel and dons a lion-skin cloak (looks just like one Hugo had on ...)

<Lathra> <to Thea> I wasn't lying, you know.

<Hettienne> What, no scarf?

  • Vreel nods, leaning on her weird-looking skinny staff thing.

<Amanita> Yes.

  • Amanita says to Danys

<Danys> I don't mean to be rude your majesty.... But he may not be willing to accept thatwe speak for you

  • Eletheni is wearing a lovely green scarf

<Danys> without some token

<Thea> <to Lathra> It's magic, it's a stone, and you are a pooka. That I believe. :)

  • TinyZola wriggles free of Danys and flies up around Hettie again

<TinyZola> Is that Hugo?

<Amanita> I can give you a token, certainly.

  • Lathra shrugs

<Lathra> I'll take it

<Danys> Hmmm...

<Hettienne> (no *mathcing* scarf? :p)

<Danys> perhaps someone, er, larger shoudl hold on to it?

  • Danys suggests in a way that she hopes sounds diplomatic

<Hettienne> I can hold on to it, sure,

  • Danys is not very diplomatic though >.>
  • Amanita reaches out and breaks off a piece of a nearby fungus, shaping it with her hands into an orb.

<Hettienne> .

  • Amanita offers it to Hettienne, as the largest person ;)

<Danys> thank you, your majesty

<Hettienne> Thanks, ma'am.

<Hettienne> I'll take real good care of it.

  • Hettienne tucks it away.

<Vreel> Right then, are we ready?

<Amanita> In the meantime, I will do what I can to keep the Blight from spreading further. The cerebral fungus are only one manifestation of its power.

<Amanita> You may encounter others on your journey.

<Clovani> Oh, that sounds pleasant

  • TinyZola flits up close to Eletheni's cloak to examine it

<Amanita> Tell Eranthis that they sought to open a gate to the Outer Realms, if he cannot be convinced to help otherwise - that at least may alarm him enough to stir him to action.

<Hettienne> Right.

<Thea> As you wish.

<Amanita> Thank you for your service in this matter.

<Silver> A boon is a boon

<Clovani> Shall we get this shipwreck a-sail, then?

  • Silver hops off her mushroom

<Vreel> You are most welcome, Your Majesty.

<Hettienne> Well, thank *you* for not lettin' us get killed by gross brain mushrooms.

  • Vreel nods at Clovani. "Indeed."
  • Danys nods

<Danys> thank you, your majesty

<Lathra> Yeah thanks for making Lathra not die! She's my friend!

<Thea> By your leave, your majesty.

  • Amanita nods

<Clovani> Oi. The things we do for royalty.

<Drenio_the_Dodo> Squaaaaack

  • Amanita waves her hand and you will find yourselves transported to what is ... presumably... the edge of her realm, as promised.
  • TinyZola blinks @_@
  • Lathra nods solemnly to Drenio

<DiablotinNarrator> The terrain here shifts abruptly, moving from a land of fungal growths to a more green and natural landscape.

  • Drenio_the_Dodo nods at Lathra and rolls his eyes
  • Vreel takes a moment to get her bearings.
  • TinyZola goes to find her feline mount.

<Thea> (Who's land is this that we're moving into? Green doesn't seem like Eranthis.)

<Vreel> Right, this way. If you can try to stay within 100 Danys-sized feet of me, it'll be hard for anything to surprise us.

<DiablotinNarrator> Thea - it's neutral territory between the kingdoms.

<Hettienne> (what's everyone's speed)

<Thea> (Cool)

<Vreel> Move beyond that and the chance of ambush increases exponentially.

  • Thea follows Vreel.

<Clovani> (50 on the dodo, 20 off it)

  • TinyZola trots along at 20' :3
  • Veren is 30'

<Hettienne> (nice)

<Thea> (standard 30')

  • Anny has fly 80' but if she has to walk it's only 30'

<Hettienne> (40)

<Silver> I know your skill Pathfinder, but I'm sure the rest of us are not unskilled

<Silver> (50')

  • Aux is 50' normally
  • Vreel has her Environmental Awareness thing going so I have tremorsense and blindsight within that 100-foot radius.

<Aux> (but as a whirlwind, all bets are off ;)

<Danys> (30)

<Vreel> Probably not, but Her Majesty charged me with guiding you all in safety to Icebriar, and I take my responsibilities seriously.

<Thea> (Yeah, Aux is crazy fast)

<Lathra> (Currently 30' (Thea mount), normal 30' fly 60')

<Danys> yes, Pathfinder, I am a druid...

<Clovani> Aye, lass. I make a mean cuirass. Dunno how that helps us here, though.

<Danys> I'm sure we can work together to succeed

<Thea> The Forge.

<Vreel> Absolutely.

  • Thea says, holding up the eponymous card.

<Clovani> Aye, the forge. What about it? Oh.

  • Hettienne uses Moment of Prescience, without really knowing what she's doing :v

<Thea> Strength through diversity.

<Thea> The blending of disparate elements into a stronger whole.

  • TinyZola hunts bugs with B. in Hettie's shadow.
  • Vreel is 20' but when running, it's 100'

<Hettienne> !roll 1d100

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d100 ] getting [ 10 ].
  • Hettienne looks out over the grass.
  • Silver will cast Guiding Star on this spot (to be able to find her way back)
  • Clovani looks out under the grass

<Vreel> I have strengths in detecting anything land-based, but some of you flyers could be of assistance in keeping an eye on the sky above us.

<Vreel> (Should I roll Survival to get us on the right path?)

<Hettienne> Huh.

<Hettienne> A heart as cold as ice can still be moved by love.

<TinyZola> ./~ Love ./~

  • Danys leaves no trail thrugh the grass

<DiablotinNarrator> (sure, Vreel)

<Vreel> !roll 1d20+21

  • TinyZola rolls for Vreel: [ 1d20+21 ] getting [ 15 ] which, after the modifier [ 21 ] totals [ 36 ].
  • TinyZola begins to sing

<Danys> (I can roll to assist >..)

<Danys> (>.>)

<Danys> !roll 1d20+16

  • TinyZola rolls for Danys: [ 1d20+16 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 16 ] totals [ 22 ].
  • Danys canm consult with Vreel, anyway

<DiablotinNarrator> Well I think with that, you are able to determine which direction to head in, for sure.

  • Vreel is wise enough to take advice. :)

<Vreel> (Who can fly - Zola and anyone else?)

  • Anny can fly

<Clovani> (I can if necessary, but it takes a spel)

  • Aux *can* fly but you might not want him to right now ;)
  • Vreel asks TinyZola and Anny if they can be the sky-scouts

<TinyZola> (Why not?)

<TinyZola> What about B? He can't fly :(

<Aux> (because whirlwind)

<TinyZola> (Oh :V)

<Vreel> He'll have us for company on the ground.

<Danys> I can take care of him

  • Danys offers

<TinyZola> OK

<Danys> what;s his name?

<Vreel> Look, I wouldn't ask if there weren't a very real chance of attack from the air.

<TinyZola> B.

<Danys> okay

<TinyZola> Attack D:

<Danys> well, it can be quite dangerus, with the blight...

<TinyZola> I'll take a look @_@

<Vreel> I sort of get the feeling that the First World is new to a few of you... And I'd like you to stay alive so you can get back to your little-devil-town.

  • Hettienne snorts.
  • TinyZola gives the big-to-her-little-cat a kiss on the head and takes off into the air

<Danys> We seem to be a strng company, if nothing else...

  • Anny will also fly to keep an eye on the skies

<Vreel> We have that going for us, yes.

  • Danys will pick p the kitty
  • Lathra watches everyone flying up.

<Lathra> What's going on up there?

<Thea> They're scouting.

  • Vreel seems to have an unerring sense of direction and detours from it only to find an easier path.
  • Vreel will jog if she needs to, to keep from slowing the rest of you down.
  • TinyZola flits about in a somewhat manic fashion above, first ahead, then behind...

<Lathra> Oh, ok. Bo-ring.

<DiablotinNarrator> As you scout and take in the territory around you, you see signs of Blight here - black growths on the trees, dead patches of grass, etc.

  • Silver prowls through the undergrowth, unhindered, and leaving no trail of her passing.
  • Danys frowns

<Hettienne> Hrm.

  • Danys also fdoes not seem to be hindered whatever by our terrain ether

<TinyZola> D:

<Veren> That looks unwholesome.

<Danys> Well, if we're successful, then we can clear it all out at once

<Danys> That's the blight

<Danys> hopefully Lord Eranthis will agree to cooperate

<Hettienne> I think he will.

<Vreel> Someone who's better with feelings can think on the Norn's prediction.

<Vreel> How to sway the Lord with Love.

  • Danys nods

<Hettienne> Maybe he's sweet on amanita.

<TinyZola> ./~ Looooove ./~

<Danys> Oh I don't think so....

<Thea> Or one of the other Queens?

  • Danys thinks

<Veren> (anyone with k:history can make a roll)

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+11

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 23 ].
  • TinyZola rolls [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 15 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 23 ]

<Danys> I heard something once.... but I'm sorry, my mind of a jumble :/

<Veren> !roll 1d20+12

  • TinyZola rolls for Veren: [ 1d20+12 ] getting [ 14 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 26 ].

<TinyZola> (23)

<Thea> !roll 1d20+21

  • TinyZola rolls for Thea: [ 1d20+21 ] getting [ 18 ] which, after the modifier [ 21 ] totals [ 39 ].

<Anny> !roll 1d20+12

  • TinyZola rolls for Anny: [ 1d20+12 ] getting [ 16 ] which, after the modifier [ 12 ] totals [ 28 ].

<Eletheni> (I can fly (70), for reference)

<DiablotinNarrator> okay - for those who got over a 25, you know there is a story - the Lord of Winter loved a human woman once, and brought her to his land to be his queen. But she betrayed him with one of his knights, and out of revenge, he imprisoned her in a tomb of ice.

<DiablotinNarrator> Thea, since you got a 39, I'll say - you believe this is not a fully accurate version of the story. It was a long time ago, and details have changed with many retellings.

<DiablotinNarrator> You believe there *was* a human woman whom he loved, and he did create a tomb of ice for her, but the precise details may not be fully understood.

<Thea> Perhaps the old story holds a clue to securing his assistance. I will look to fate for an answer.

  • TinyZola ./~ singing scouts some trees ./~

<Silver> what old stories?

<Thea> (I'll wait til we stop for the day, but I have a lot of divination stuff. Between me and Hettie, we should be able to get some answers. :))

<Thea> The Cold King once loved a mortal, but it ended poorly.

<Clovani> (I can augury once per week if need be)

<Hettienne> (I have divination at will >.>)

  • Vreel will keep an eye on those following her and call a halt when several appear too tired to go on, or with enough time left to set up camp before darkness falls, whichever comes first.

<Thea> (Yeah, I'm jealous. I have it once per day. :p)

  • Danys nods

<Thea> (I also have Legend Lore, but it'd take literally days to cast.)

  • Eletheni will fly to scout as required, mostly to keep some distance from all these people calling her Hugo.
  • TinyZola passes overhead ./~ "And every stroke... a bucketfullllllll..../~

The fey set up camp

<Thea> Oh, no need to set up camp.

<Thea> (How many people do we have?)

<Vreel> (14 I think?)

<Hettienne> (dang)

<DiablotinNarrator> (depends who we're counting as people... some folks have animal companions/familiars/etc)

<Clovani> (wow)

  • Thea summons two Secure Shelters

<DiablotinNarrator> (but there's 9 PCs, 3 NPCs, and some hangers on ;)

<Hettienne> (will I fit? :v)

<Clovani> Now that I can get used ta.

<Thea> (I was just checking on that)

  • Clovani yells at the dodo to wipe his feet before entering the shelter.

<Eletheni> (yeah, me too, I'm 20 feet long)

<DiablotinNarrator> (your tail can just stick out the door ;)

<Eletheni> (heh)

  • Danys can help with non-magical shelters for anyone larger who needs one?

<TinyZola> (You can be the central support)

<Vreel> (Like... Hettie)

<Hettienne> (I do feel that firrint through a regular door would be... problematic)

<Thea> (It doesn't mention a height. It says it's 20' on a side, and has accommodations for eight)

<Hettienne> (fitting)

<Vreel> (8 medium sized creatures is probably the default)

<Clovani> (I assume that means 20' tall as well?)

<Thea> (I can summon more if you need one to yourself ;))

<Danys> (I think that one wudl hold hettie on her own if she can get in :p

<Silver> (large are generally considered 4 medium I believe

<Hettienne> (yeah and I'll have to crawl through the door on my hands and knees @_@ )

<Vreel> (A bunch of us are itty bitty)

<Danys> I dn't mind statying outside, either

  • TinyZola camps in the overhang of Hettie's bosoms

<DiablotinNarrator> (so one for Hettie + Danys, Anny, and ... whoever else she is willing to let in there? ;)

<Hettienne> (zola)

<Thea> (Oh, huh, each comes with it's own Unseen Servant :))

<Danys> (Veren? >.)

<DiablotinNarrator> (ooh fancy :)

<Vreel> Excellent, thank you, Thea.

<Hettienne> (sure Veren)

<Vreel> Can anyone set wards or do we need to set up a sentinel roster?

  • Hettienne keeps an eye on her Rattes.

<Thea> No need to entirely rough it.

<TinyZola> What's a sentinel rooster? :3

<Danys> I think a watch would be wise

<TinyZola> buck buck

<Thea> The doors are warded with an alarm, at least.


<Danys> we don't want any surprises in the morning <Vreel> People taking turns staying awake to watch over the rest of the people, who sleep.

  • Vreel explains for Zola.

<TinyZola> That's a silly name for that

<Aux> I don't need to sleep.

<Hettienne> Problem solved

<Clovani> Well, some of us do

<Danys> h... would you mind keeping watch then? we can keep you cmpany, but two at a time would be better anyway

<Vreel> Only if you willfully mispronounce it.

<Aux> I will keep watch.

  • Thea can also put Magic Circles against Evil in each of the shelters.
  • Aux agrees

<Danys> I can take a shift, but I do need some rest

<Silver> I'll stay outside

<Thea> Thank you, sir knight.

<Hettienne> She's a lady.

  • Aux is a he :)

<Danys> I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name?

<Hettienne> (sorry, I thought you meant Argent)

<Hettienne> (Silver. w/e)

<DiablotinNarrator> (Argent is a she ;)

  • Danys says to Aux, but looks to Sil;ver as well

<DiablotinNarrator> (just to be confusing)

<Danys> names...

<Silver> I'm called Silver... sleep well.

<TinyZola> Are you sure you aren't Hugo?

  • TinyZola squint
  • Danys nods

<Aux> and I am Aux.

  • Aux says to Danys
  • Danys nods

<Danys> I'm Danys....

<Vreel> I can take one of the middle watches.

<Lathra> "Silver Sleepwell", it does roll off the tongue...

  • Vreel doesn't need 8 hours of sleep since she has no spells.

<Danys> Nice to meet you both... and everyone else I suppose :o

<Lathra> <not so q> And an excellent name for a horse! Bravo!

<Silver> I haven't eaten yet little bunny.

  • Silver gives a toothy grin

<TinyZola> Maybe the tents come with dinner

<Lathra> Oh we must fix that at once! I'll help you look for... grains?

<Lathra> What do horses eat?

<Thea> That would be appropriate for a horse.

<Lathra> Ok good, I wasn't sure

  • Thea grins.

<Danys> Hmm.... I can see if I can find anythign to feed us with

<Hettienne> Sugar lumps?

<Danys> apples

  • Danys says sort pf absent mindedly

<Danys> and hay

<Hettienne> Carrots.

<Lathra> Dang horses have it good.

  • Vreel will point out some edibles that people can harvest if no one has rations.

<Vreel> (or if no one has summon food & water)

<Silver> that we do

  • Danys will go out and gather/hunt and needed
  • Hettienne snips grass with her huge shears out of boredom
  • Danys only has purify
  • Anny flutters around you, Hettie
  • TinyZola follows along after Danys, licking the occasional mushroom.
  • Vreel works at picking her meal and some extra for ohers, but picking enough food for all of you, especially you bigguns, is a bit too much to ask.
  • Silver will go off and hunt as well, since we have stopped.
  • Vreel would be up all night.

<Clovani> Well, if you folk can bring food back I can cook it up well enough

<Silver> worst case, we can always eat your bird.

<Veren> Should we try some further divinations while we wait?

  • Veren asks Hettie and Thea
  • Hettienne sips from a giant canteen.

<Hettienne> Divinations?

  • Lathra shifts to rabbit form and runs off after Silver to help her hunt
  • Drenio_the_Dodo will squaaack and cower
  • Thea will try all the divinations

<Clovani> Go ahead. I'd be glad for the quiet.

<Hettienne> !roll 1d100

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d100 ] getting [ 82 ].

<Thea> (I've got Harrowing, Divination, and Contact Other Plane)

<Thea> !roll 1d100

  • TinyZola rolls for Thea: [ 1d100 ] getting [ 70 ].

<Thea> !roll 1d100

  • TinyZola rolls for Thea: [ 1d100 ] getting [ 42 ].

<Hettienne> !roll 1d100

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d100 ] getting [ 90 ].

<Thea> (Harrow bloodline lets me roll twice and take the better)

<Hettienne> Ask how to find the Winter King's love

  • Veren will sit down and go into some kind of trance

<DiablotinNarrator> What are you casting/asking, Thea?

  • Vreel will do her best to make sure everyone's comfortable after eating, before going to sleep with instructions for someone to wake her for one of the middle watches.

<Thea> Divination, how can we secure the Winter King's help?

<Thea> (Also debating Contact Other Plane, but it's scary.)

<DiablotinNarrator> (okay, just formulating my answer)

<Thea> Hmm

<Thea> 'Melt the shard of ice that pierces his heart.'

<Thea> If we had more time...

<DiablotinNarrator> !roll 1d100

  • TinyZola rolls for DiablotinNarrator: [ 1d100 ] getting [ 91 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> (man divination rolls not our strong suit right now...)

  • Veren stirs, coming out of his trance after about 10 minutes

<Veren> The ancestors are unclear :/

<Clovani> There's a shock. Never known ghosts to be naught but cryptic buggers.

<Veren> I'll try again tomorrow.

<Veren> They aren't ghosts - they're the spirits of my ancestors.

<Clovani> And how's that different, then?

<Veren> If they were ghosts, they could scare you.

  • Thea smiles at that.

<Clovani> Hah. Most ghosts couldn't scare a knee-high brat much less an old man like me. What with their boohooin' and all. Daft things, mostly.

  • Veren just shrugs at that

<Clovani> Still, doesn't hurt to ask anyone who might know somethin' I spose.

  • Clovani will brew herbal tea for folks while they wait for foodstuff

<Thea> :/

<Veren> Why do you think we were brought here?

<Thea> If we could winnow it down to specific questions...

  • Veren asks any of you who might have an answer

<Thea> We weren't.

<Hettienne> To get help to get rid of the blight

<Thea> We were brought back.

<Hettienne> an' more immediately, 'cause of those brain things that were tryin' to kill us.

  • Vreel will help Clovani

<Clovani> I still don't know what you folks are on about.

<Thea> (Out of curiosity, what's the dodo's intelligence?)

<Hettienne> That's cause the trip scrambled your brains more.

<Clovani> Last I remember I was camping and then suddenly I was in that grove with you all.

<Clovani> (9)

<Drenio_the_Dodo> Squaaaaak

<Thea> (So, with Detect Thoughts being constantly active for me, would it be fair to say I could pick up some of it's remembrances? Assuming it's been thinking about Dorien and all.)

<Clovani> (I would think so?)

<Clovani> (Also its frustrations :P )

<Hettienne> Gods but that's an ugly bird.

<Clovani> Finally we agree on somethin'.

<Thea> <nodding to Drenio> He remembers.

  • Drenio_the_Dodo cocks his head at Thea

<Clovani> remembers what?

<Thea> Well, he remembers a version of the truth.

<Drenio_the_Dodo> Squaack!

<Thea> Like she does.

  • Thea nods to Hettie.
  • Clovani turns to Drenio "Oh now, don't you start with this nonsense to!"

<Hettienne> So which one're you then?

<Hettienne> Bird brain...

  • Vreel still thinks you are all nutters, but is too polite to show it or say anything.

<Drenio_the_Dodo> Squaaaaaaaaack

<Hettienne> Haha, fuck me, it's Dorien isn't it./

  • Hettienne pokes its beak with a large finger
  • Drenio_the_Dodo flaps excitedly

<Thea> In part.

<Thea> It retains some of the person you're remembering.

<Clovani> You're all nutters. The lot of you.

<Drenio_the_Dodo> Squaaaack

<Thea> But it's a refraction of it's true identity.

<Clovani> Yes. You too.

<Vreel> So, where did you all come from? This little-devil-town?

  • Vreel asks curiously.

<Hettienne> Diablotin.

<Hettienne> It's kind of shitty, but it's *our* shitty. :|

<Clovani> Diablotin. I heard of the place. Never been there.

<Vreel> I haven't. Heard of it, I mean.

<Clovani> Fella I worked for used to talk about it some. Traders came by from there now and again.

<Clovani> Big place. Fulla people

<Vreel> Explains why I've never been there, then.

<Anny> Traders came to here from there?

  • Anny asks, tilting her head

<Vreel> I'm not much of one for cities.

<Clovani> Na, this is when I was in the Second World

  • Anny has acquired a cigarette from somewhere and is smoking it idly

<Clovani> Long time back

  • Anny nods
  • Drenio_the_Dodo will waddle over to Thea and tok at her.

<Thea> Hello, little one.

<Vreel> Tea, anyone? It's steeped long enough.

<Hettienne> You got any coffee?

  • Hettienne asks without a lot of hope.

<Thea> Tea would be lovely.

<Clovani> Sorry, only tea. And I'm havin' ta scrounge what I got left a that.

<Vreel> What's coffee?

<Thea> (I'm thinking Thea probably has an assortment)

<Clovani> It's a second world drink. Bitter stuff. rots your breath.

  • Vreel wrinkles her nose. "Why would you want to drink it, then?"

<Clovani> Beats me

<Hettienne> Makes life worth livin'

<Clovani> No accountin' for taste

<Vreel> I've got lots of tea, if you want some.

<Hettienne> You all are' drinkin grass water, so I guess not :p

  • Vreel offers for Clovani.
  • Vreel gives Hettienne a strange look.

<Clovani> Why thank you milady

<Clovani> Good tea is one of life's few pleasures.

<Vreel> Grass doesn't make very good tea. I use mint, and chamomile, and sometime willow bark, depending on what I'm making the tea for.

<Hettienne> If that's your pleasure no wonder you're such a sour twisted little bird

  • Vreel will dig some of her herbal teas out of her haversack for Clovani.

<Vreel> There you go. I can always pick more.

<Clovani> Much obliged

  • Vreel assumes Hettienne is referring to the dodo.
  • Veren will accept the tea if it's being offered around

<Vreel> (How big is Veren?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (human sized - probably like 5'8" or something like that)

<Vreel> (And does Veren identify as male or am I assuming?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (yes, male)

  • Vreel laughingly suggests he might want to serve himself.

<Vreel> This is the size of cup I have...

  • Vreel shows him her own tiny cup.
  • Veren can pour himself a cup of appropriate size, then

<Vreel> (Prseumably the pot Clovani used was big enough for a few human-sized cups of tea, at least)

<Clovani> (how big is vreel?)

  • Vreel is 1 foot tall, or thereabouts.

<Clovani> (So is Clovani :) )

<Clovani> (about 1 1/2 feet)

<Clovani> (I'll assume he used a large pot, yes)

<Clovani> (And proabably a stepstool to reach the stove :P )

<DiablotinNarrator> All right - the hunters can return after a while with some ... hm, what's least offensive? birds? ;)

<DiablotinNarrator> (rabbits are right out)

<Vreel> (deer? We have a bird among us)

<Danys> 9I wuln't put iot past silver though >.>)

<DiablotinNarrator> (heh)

  • TinyZola has berryface
  • Drenio_the_Dodo takes offense

<Danys> (ground squirrels ;p)

<DiablotinNarrator> (maybe a deer would be good, yeah. more meat for less effort ;)

<Danys> (cool)

  • Clovani will cook up a big stew for everyone

<Clovani> (well, everyone who eats cooked food)

  • Aux will have some experimentally, and then is quite taken with it
  • TinyZola stares into the pot dubiously

<Hettienne> Alright little man, you can cook, anyway.

<Aux> I've never had something with these spices...

<Danys> very nice

  • Clovani will sing off key as he cooks
  • TinyZola will sing along ./~

<Aux> I don't really *need* to eat, though, so if people are hungry, please take my share.

<Vreel> Of course he can...

  • Vreel keeps forgetting you people know virtually nothing about fey. ;)

<Thea> Thank you; it is delicious.

<Danys> (some of them :p)

<Vreel> It's very good.

  • Vreel smiles for Clovani.

<Clovani> Why thank you. Been a while since I cooked for naught but myself.

<Clovani> And birdbrain over there

<Drenio_the_Dodo> squaaaaak

<Danys> its been a while sinece anyone has cooked for me...

  • Thea will give him scritches

<Thea> (him being Drenio)

  • Drenio_the_Dodo will tok and nuzzle her

<DiablotinNarrator> You eat your dinner and people can retire to sleep, unless you guys had anything you needed to do before that?

<Vreel> (No, but we do have the watch schedule)

<DiablotinNarrator> (yes)

<Thea> (It's always second watch ;))

  • Silver plans to sleep outside, on the roof, as a mouse, using some foliage as cover in the nook of the chimney.
  • Anny makes herself a little spider-hut inside the roof of the actual hut

<Anny> (out of webs)

  • TinyZola finds a nice warm spot on Hettie once she's asleep :3
  • Clovani sleeps on Drenio
  • Silver will take whatever watch

<Clovani> near the fire

  • Thea sleeps in an actual bed. @.@
  • Danys will take morning watch so she can sit outside in the quiet
  • Danys will also slee in a bed for most of it though :)
  • Clovani snores. Loudly.
  • Danys is glad to be in the rattehut

<Thea> How does such a tiny man make such a large noise?

<DiablotinNarrator> Your night passes uneventfully, other than being disturbed by the snores of your companions

Silver, TinyZola, Lathra, and Danys go hunting

  • Danys passes through the area prtty much unimpeded, replying on her sense of smell as much as other cues to find likley prey >.>

<Silver> rabbits are not known for their hunting skills

<Silver> can you speak in that form, or am I talking to the wind?

  • TinyZola follows on the not entirely stealthy cat cub

<Danys> I'm no sure she can

  • Lathra puts a paw on Silver

<Silver> (unless you have wildspeach feat you cant in wildshape form)

<Lathra> <to Silver> . o O (Pshaw! Rabbits are excellent hunters!)

<Lathra> <to Silver> . o O (It's a well-kept secret)

  • Silver sights

<Silver> At least we can use you as bait.

<Silver> (sighs)

  • TinyZola helps B subdue a vicious fern :E

<Lathra> <to Silver> . o O (I was totally going to suggest that!)

<Lathra> <to Silver> . o O (I can flush them out!)

<Lathra> <to Silver> . o O (The wild sugar lumps)

<Danys> What is she doing?

<Silver> She's talking to me

<Danys> oh, hmm

<TinyZola> Ha-ha!

  • TinyZola severs the fern with her rapier :E
  • Lathra grabs the fallen fern and snaps its neck, then presents it to TinyZola

<Danys> Zola, you can collect some of those berries over there and take them back to camp?

<Silver> I'm not sure why I even decided to come.

<Danys> come hunting, or come on the quest?

  • Silver sniffs the ground for larger prey
  • Danys sniffs around as well as looking for other sign

<Silver> Oh, I know why I'm hunting.

  • TinyZola tries to weave a little bag or basket out of the fern
  • Danys nods

<Danys> Well.... clearling the land of the blight would be to everyone's advantage I think.... if its renown you crave, I think that if we can do that, ther'll be plenty to go around

<Danys> or even adventure....

<Silver> renoun does have a certain value... and I have no liking for this blight.

  • Danys nods

<Danys> ...Do you remember how the queen brought us together?

<Silver> like a dream... a dream I'm not fond of remembering.

  • Danys nods

<Danys> It's all so strange

  • Lathra turns back into a person

<TinyZola> We were all in the sewers before.

<Danys> its like a dream for me too

  • TinyZola lugs a berry over to her fern

<Danys> but I can't remember it clearly enough to make sense of the pieces

<Danys> I remember being.... underground, I thoght it was the queen's cave

<Danys> and we did save her, like she said...

<Lathra> I think I was here before you all turned up.

<Danys> oh?

<Lathra> Yeah, like I was here and then I met the other Lathra and you lot turned up like Dimension Sliders.

  • Danys loks down at you, a bit suspicious but curious if you have anything to actually add

<Danys> hmmmm

<TinyZola> Well then where's Lathra?

<Danys> that... could be right, actually

<Danys> yu met this other lathra?

  • Danys says dubiously

<Silver> arn't you Lathra?

<Lathra> I don't really remember but she's my friend and she must have told me aaaaall about her life.

<TinyZola> If Lathra's missing we'll have to tell Hettie so she can find her.

<Lathra> She's Very Interesting.

<Danys> yes...

<Danys> though it is a little strange to have people keep telling you you are someone else

<Silver> strange... it could be just a game by the Queen, to trick us into doing her will.

<TinyZola> She's just glad to have that skinnything out of her mouth D:

<Lathra> Oh, nobody could ever trick you, Silver. You're far too wily.

<Danys> the....what?

<TinyZola> The CysT @_@

<Danys> she did say somthing abut that...

<TinyZola> Here ...

<Silver> oh flattery might save you from being eaten... or maybe not.

  • TinyZola drops her berry in place and flies over to Danys
  • Lathra looks around, then holds perfectly still

<Lathra> <w> DID YOU SEE A CARROT?

  • TinyZola casts Share Memory and shows Danys

<Danys> :o

<Danys> (what kind of spell is it?)

<Silver> what did you do?

<TinyZola> (Divination)

  • Silver eyes narrow

<TinyZola> (You can will save if you want :P)

<Danys> that's... horrific :o

<Danys> (No, its okay)

<TinyZola> So gross @_@

<Danys> (What all do you show me?)

<TinyZola> (Her throwing off the control and it crawling out of her... just a minute worth)

<Danys> (okay)

<TinyZola> (Not sure if you'd get the "We must fly!" part, but maybe)

<Danys> (if i get a full minute, probably)

  • TinyZola goes back to her berries, all like, five of them.

<Danys> That's not everything though

<Danys> I think Lathra is rght

<Danys> we were here before

<Danys> I know my life here'

<Danys> maybe she pulled us together

<Danys> she said something like that. didn't she?

<TinyZola> Put us in feyshapes.

<Danys> I'm not just a shape

  • Danys says firmly

<Silver> I'm in my own shape

  • Silver is very vehement

<Danys> yes

  • Danys agrees

<TinyZola> Maybe. Hettie'll work it out.

<Danys> but there's....something... :/

<Danys> maybe

<Danys> I do want to go back him

<TinyZola> She's enormous.

<Danys> i miss my rats... and my boy :/

<Silver> Norns are fake, playing at knowing fate. I wouldnt put my trust in her.

  • TinyZola sits down and starts eating a berry

<Silver> nobody tells me what my fate is, I make my fate.

  • TinyZola shrugs

<Lathra> Ok right this is all veeeery interesting but can we hunt something now?

  • Lathra turns into a snake and flies around Silver

<Lathra> (Ok I don't turn into a snake)

<TinyZola> I am feasting on my kill :E

<Danys> okay

<Lathra> (misunderstood)

<Danys> well, she's right though.... let's worry about the immediate for now

  • TinyZola brings her little packet of berries over for Danys to carry

<Danys> thank you

  • Danys will pass it to Mik to take care of, who has come out from... wherever he hides on her person >.>

<Lathra> Maybe we can bring down a wildebeest...

  • TinyZola climbs up on B sleepily

<Silver> if we find one, I'll let you try first... how about that?

<Danys> well we won' find anything if we keep being so loud >.>

<Silver> but we must find one first... hold tight little bunny, I roam fast.

  • Lathra goes starry-eyed, then regains a look of determination

They set off again towards the Lake of the Black Swans

<DiablotinNarrator> When you wake up in the morning, there are signs that a storm is coming. The sky is clouded and dark, and there are distant rumbles of thunder.

  • Vreel sighs and pulls her woven cedar bark raincloak out of her haversack.

<Vreel> Might be a slog today.

  • Danys pulls the hood up on her cloak

<DiablotinNarrator> Vreel, you know that as you continue along this route, you will pass by a lake called Lake of the Black Swans, and then you'll pass into a forest called the Thousand Voices.

  • TinyZola tries to keep B from pawing at the dodo >_>

<Danys> well if we make it far enough north, it could be snow

<DiablotinNarrator> And then past that forest, you'll be in the Winter King's territory.

<Vreel> (Are there any special hazards in/around the Lake of the Black Swans and the Thousand Voices forest that I can prepare my charges for?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can roll k: geography I guess?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (or k:nature)

<Danys> (I was just going to ask if I can...)

<DiablotinNarrator> (sure)

<Vreel> (K:Nature it'll be... there's no K:Geography on the sheet so I didn't know it existed)

<Danys> (just roll the higher of the two ior shoudl I roll geography even if it is lower?)

<Vreel> !roll 1d20+23

  • TinyZola rolls for Vreel: [ 1d20+23 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 23 ] totals [ 24 ].

<Vreel> (ew)

<Danys> !roll 1d20+8

  • TinyZola rolls for Danys: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 14 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 22 ].

<DiablotinNarrator> Vreel, you think it should be fine, no problems.

<Danys> (that's geography)

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+11

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 17 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 28 ].

<Thea> (Can anybody roll this?)

<DiablotinNarrator> Danys, you think that the Thousand Voices is a contested area - some smaller petty fey lords squabbling over it. There could be issues there.

  • Danys hmmms

<Hettienne> (I have k nature and k geography; at the same level)

<Thea> (In that case, I also have K: Nobility ;))

<Danys> Theforest coudl prove tricky, but I think we can manage

<Vreel> (Destiny Reroll...)

<Vreel> !roll 1d20+23

<Danys> there are a lot of petty lords up there >.>

  • TinyZola rolls for Vreel: [ 1d20+23 ] getting [ 12 ] which, after the modifier [ 23 ] totals [ 35 ].

<Vreel> (that's better)

<TinyZola> Pretty lords? :3

<Danys> oh, maybe some of them, I suppose

<Danys> but petty

<Danys> and ladies

<DiablotinNarrator> Okay - you have the same information as Danys, plus you believe there are swan maidens at the Lake of Black Swans - they might be helpful, depending on how you approach them or what their mood is.

<Hettienne> (I got a 28 do I get the same?)

<DiablotinNarrator> (Hettie, you can have that impression too, sure, although you would probably be somewhat confused where the information is coming from in your brain :)

  • Vreel will fill people in on the two places we'll be passing by.

<Thea> !roll 1d20+21

  • TinyZola rolls for Thea: [ 1d20+21 ] getting [ 13 ] which, after the modifier [ 21 ] totals [ 34 ].

<Vreel> The Swan Maidens might be helpful if we're polite.

  • Danys nods

<Danys> I'm sure I've dealt with them before...

  • Danys frowns

<Danys> maybe not these ones

<Danys> hmm.

<Thea> (Honestly, that can be for whatever roll. All my knowledge skills are the same)

<Hettienne> Why... do I know this shit?

<TinyZola> I think I met a Swan Maiden once :3

<Clovani> Why wouldn't you?

<TinyZola> In a car, with Hugo.

<DiablotinNarrator> Thea, you have the same info then

<Thea> <to Hettie> Because you're remembering.

<Vreel> Don't steal their skins, or show disregard for the lake or its environs, and that'll go a long way.

<Thea> Respect their home and do not take their possessions? I hope we can manage. -_-

<Clovani> Generally not stealin' someone's skin is a good way to show respect, aye.

<Hettienne> shut your mouth, girl. this ain't my memory.

<TinyZola> Maybe it is, Hettie... what if we have aaaancient memories @_@

<DiablotinNarrator> You proceed another ... perhaps hour or two? time is a bit bendy here.

<Vreel> Alas, some people are terrible at resisting temptation.

<DiablotinNarrator> The storm that is threatening to strike doesn't quite do so, always seeming a bit away from where you currently are, but it continues to be overcast and windy.

  • Anny seems in a cheerful mood, flying in the wind
  • Anny flies back down, however, and will consult with Hettie

<Anny> That lake up there... something ain't right with it.

<Hettienne> Ain't right how?

<Hettienne> !roll 1d100

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d100 ] getting [ 37 ].
  • Anny shrugs

<Hettienne> Hrm.

<Hettienne> ... The Blight

<Anny> It's black and gross.

<Hettienne> The Blight festers in the black waters

<Hettienne> We're in for some trouble

<Clovani> Bugger

<Aux> Are the swanmaidens affected by it as well?

  • Aux asks Hettie, since she seems to have some insight.

<TinyZola> Maybe there's mushswans D:

  • Hettienne thinks.

<Hettienne> !roll 1d100

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d100 ] getting [ 37 ].

<Hettienne> It hides beneath the sruface, concealed...

<Hettienne> so... maybe?

  • Hettienne frowns

<Hettienne> This junk just comes to me, I dunno.

<TinyZola> Let's not go there :/

<Vreel> (Are you sharing this info with us, Hettie?)

<Hettienne> (I'm saying it out louad, yes)

<Thea> Vreel, how close must we pass to the lake?

<Hettienne> !roll 1d100

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d100 ] getting [ 35 ].
  • Vreel tries to think if there's a way to give the lake a wide berth...
  • Danys considers as well

<Danys> !roll 1d20+8

  • TinyZola rolls for Danys: [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 6 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 14 ].

<Danys> (ha ha)

  • Danys looks to Vreel
  • Vreel will just use her profession: guide for this one, i think.

<Vreel> !roll 1d20+11

  • TinyZola rolls for Vreel: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 4 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 15 ].

<Vreel> (we both suck)

<Hettienne> (I will use k: gegraphy to see if I know another way... long shot but why not)

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+11

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+11 ] getting [ 8 ] which, after the modifier [ 11 ] totals [ 19 ].

<Hettienne> (poop)

<Danys> well, at least we know *simething* is there - we can be prepared

<TinyZola> Maybe it won't wake up?

  • TinyZola rolls [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 1 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 9 ]

<Vreel> I don't think there's any way to bypass the lake, not without adding days and days onto our journey.

<Hettienne> Godfuck.

<Hettienne> The shrieking voices of a thousand children cry out beneath the steps of the Horned Hunter.

<TinyZola> D:

<Hettienne> Fucking fuck

<Danys> what?

<Hettienne> @_@

<Thea> Well, as Danys said, at least we can be prepared.

<Hettienne> I don't know, you fuckin' tell *me*!

<Anny> That don't sound too good.

<TinyZola> Hettie? D:

<Thea> Hmm?

<TinyZola> (Who's the Horned Hunter?)

<Danys> ...shriekers, maybe/

<Danys> ?

<DiablotinNarrator> (people with k:nobility can try that re. the Horned Hunter)

<Thea> !roll 1d20+21

  • TinyZola rolls for Thea: [ 1d20+21 ] getting [ 18 ] which, after the modifier [ 21 ] totals [ 39 ].
  • TinyZola rolls [ Error. The syntax is !d20 xdx+x. ]
  • TinyZola rolls [ 1d20+8 ] getting [ 16 ] which, after the modifier [ 8 ] totals [ 24 ]

<DiablotinNarrator> Thea, you know there's a powerful satyr who is one of the minor lords who vies for the control of the Thousand Voices Forest.

<Thea> Well, just another obstacle, I suppose.

  • Thea sighs.

<TinyZola> Why are the children shrieking :(

<Anny> Probably no good reason.

<Anny> I mean, kids. they just scream a lot anyway.

<TinyZola> :/

  • TinyZola does not look convinced...

<Danys> well, children of what, I think is a good question >.>

<DiablotinNarrator> As you crest a hill, you can all look down and see the lake below. Its surface is indeed slick with a black, slimy ooze of some kind, and at its center swirls a slow-moving, unnatural whirlpool. Circling above it, you can see some black swans flying.

<Hettienne> Yeah

<Hettienne> That don't look good.

<Danys> :|

<Danys> those poor girls...

  • TinyZola keeps B close to Hettie >_>

<Hettienne> Looks like it might be time for some snippin'

<Veren> We should consider how we want to approach. Are we going to try and pass by without disturbing it, hoping that if we can fix the Blight as a whole, it will also fix this, or do we want to intervene?

<Hettienne> !roll 1d100

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d100 ] getting [ 60 ].

<Danys> oh.... I don't want to have to fight them... they're not themselves.

<Danys> (Does the blight count as a disease? Like - does remove disease fix it from people?)

<Thea> Our responsibility is to try to defeat the Blight as a whole.

<Thea> The more time we spend combating it here, the more it can spread elsewhere.

<Hettienne> Help now could lend aid later.

<Silver> The may be appreciative of our assistance.

<Silver> (they)

  • Hettienne says in that odd tone of voice again

<Danys> okay...

  • Thea looks at Hettie consideringly

<Anny> Like, if we help them, they might could help us?

<Hettienne> Yeah.

<TinyZola> Maybe they know where his heart is.

<Silver> although I have no clue on how to aid them/

<Danys> (I can make a Heal roll to see if I know, Julie?)

<Hettienne> Clean the lake?

<Thea> Then let us lend aid as we can.

<Hettienne> Anyone got a fairy lake-cleanin' spell?

<Hettienne> A pocket full of that mushroom killer stuff?

<TinyZola> Maybe we can wish it clean

<Danys> !roll 1d20+13

  • TinyZola rolls for Danys: [ 1d20+13 ] getting [ 9 ] which, after the modifier [ 13 ] totals [ 22 ].

<Thea> I doubt it would be so simple as a single spell.

<Danys> not for thet lake

  • TinyZola tries to wish the lake clean >_<

<DiablotinNarrator> (it could be that a remove disease would help an individual who was affected, yes. it wouldn't help, like, a lake)

<Danys> make for the maidens...

<Danys> I could only help one of them today, though :/

<Danys> (maybe for the maidens)

<Anny> I could help 'em too, if it's for gettin' rid of a disease.

<Anny> Some of 'em, depending how many,

  • Danys counts the swans

<Danys> Well... we'll do what we can

<DiablotinNarrator> You can count seven, Danys.

<Danys> it looks liek seven... :/

<DiablotinNarrator> (we should probably stop here - we're missing enough peopel who might have things that could affect this situation that I don't want to go too much further ;)


Veren and Danys try to figure out whether they can/should snog

  • Veren emerges from the hut in the early morning, a little before dawn
  • Danys is keeping an eye out, and puttering with things around the campfire

<Veren> good morning

<Danys> Good morning Veren...

  • Danys straightens her cloak.... you can barely see her tail, really >.>
  • Danys had been chatting with Mik, who is sitting on her shoulder

<Danys> I was just getting some things in order for breakfast

  • Veren nods, and walks with his staff over to sit down near the fire.
  • Veren can barely see anything really ;)

<Veren> it smells good

<Danys> well, there was a lot of deer, even for so many people...

  • Veren nods

<Veren> did you sleep well?

<Danys> oh yes.... i don't envy those in the other hut though

  • Danys shakes her head
  • Veren nods

<Danys> did you?

<Veren> I had some strange dreams. but not bad, just ... confusing.

<Danys> I still feel a bit like I've just woken up from one and I can't figure out how things actually make sense, or if shoudl even be trying

  • Veren nods

<Veren> Do you feel this connection that some of them seem to have, to these other people and places?

  • Danys considers that somewhat

<Danys> we talked about that some when we were out hunting, and Lathra said some interesting things

<Veren> oh?

<Danys> well, she is a Pooka, qnd you know how they are

<Danys> but they made sense to me, in a way

<Danys> She said that she was lathra, and she had always been Lathra

<Danys> but there was another lathra, and she knew that, and she flet like they must have met because she knew so much about this other person's life....

<Danys> Maybe we are two people, mixed together some how....

<Danys> and that's why some os us remember things better about one life or another

  • Veren nods

<Danys> If I think about it very hard.... I know who I am

<Danys> but I can't seem to hold on to any certainty

<Danys> its frustrating

<Veren> I feel like I can remember things about this person, the place he's from, but it gets mixed up in my mind with other things, people and places I know here.

<Danys> yes, just so

<Danys> Zola showed me something yesterday, something she'd seen.... and when she did I *remembered* it, like I'd been there

  • Veren nods

<Danys> but now.... I still remember what she showed me, but it doesn't feel the same.

<Veren> And... I know you. I remember you.

  • Veren says, a bit more shyly

<Danys> I'm sorry...

  • Veren looks over at you

<Veren> (well, turns towards you anyway ;)

<Veren> Sorry for what?

<Danys> I don't... Things aren't the same for me.

<Veren> you don't need to apologize for that

  • Danys accepts that, and nod

<Danys> I know that.... I want to go home

<Danys> well.

<Danys> I want to fix this

<Danys> and go home

  • Veren nods

<Veren> So do I.

<Danys> It feels like that will put things right.

<Danys> And I can see my boy again

  • Veren looks down, a little upset maybe, but nods

<Veren> I don't expect things will be the same. I won't try to look like ... like him.

<Veren> if it upsets you.

<Danys> :/

<Danys> Veren... you need to be yourself, and worry about your own feelings.

<Danys> I... can try not to talk about it. I don't want to upset you either.

<Veren> I - he - remembers how she smells. Remembers holding her close. I don't know why it's like this.

<Veren> maybe it would be easier not to remember any of it

<Danys> :/

<Danys> Maybe....

<Danys> But - I don't think it means anything. we're not the same, whatever we remember

<Veren> we could start over

<Danys> And maybe when we're through here, I can g home to my woods and my rats and my boy, and you can go back to your.... tunnels... with your girl.

<Danys> I'm already in love

  • Danys says, as gently as she can

<Veren> so am I :/

<Danys> I don't want to start anything else.

<Danys> I'm sorry if I shuld recognize you and I don't

<Danys> I am

  • Veren nods

<Danys> All I can say that if it is you.... then I miss you so very much :(

<Veren> I miss you too.

  • Danys nods

<Danys> Maybe we shuld just leave it at that

<Veren> I don't expect anything from you. I just... wanted to know. Now I do.

  • Danys nods

<Veren> He - I - remember waiting, too. I can wait. I'm good at that.

<Danys> okay.

  • Danys hopes this is settled, the situation makes her anxious for reasons she can't quite make sense of

<Danys> I was going to boil some water so that people can have tea when they get up

<Danys> but I hadn't quite gotten that far yet

  • Danys will try and change the subject to more practical things >.>

<Veren> Tea would be nice, I can help with that.

<Danys> thank you

Anny and Hettie converse

  • Anny will creep out of her web-hammock-thing early in the morning, after Danys and Veren have left the hut, and I guess Zola is still snoozing.
  • Hettienne is mostly asleep, using her ridiculously long pair as a pillow of sorts
  • Anny flits down to crouch beside your face and look at you very closely.
  • Hettienne smiles sleepily

<Hettienne> Hey.

<Anny> hey

  • Anny says a bit warily
  • Hettienne props herself up on an elbow.

<Hettienne> What? What is it?

<Anny> Nothin'

<Hettienne> Don't nothin' me.

<Anny> I was just tryin' to see...

<Hettienne> (sense motive

<Anny> (you can roll)

<Hettienne> !roll 1d20+19

  • TinyZola rolls for Hettienne: [ 1d20+19 ] getting [ 7 ] which, after the modifier [ 19 ] totals [ 26 ].

<Anny> !roll 1d20+15

  • TinyZola rolls for Anny: [ 1d20+15 ] getting [ 18 ] which, after the modifier [ 15 ] totals [ 33 ].

<Hettienne> (lol)

<Anny> ... see if you were awake yet :p

<Hettienne> Well, I am...

<Anny> I figured that out

<Hettienne> :p

<Hettienne> Feels weird t'be so much bigger 'n' everyone.

<Anny> look... you're .. Hettie, right? like really Hettie?

<Hettienne> Yeah, 'course I am.

<Hettienne> I don't know how to be no one else.

<Anny> okay

<Hettienne> AN' you're Nycki.

<Anny> so, ah... we, like, had a thing?

  • Anny seems a bit puzzled

<Hettienne> Have...

<Anny> really? :o

<Hettienne> ...

<Hettienne> We're s'posed to have a baby...

<Anny> :o :o :o

<Hettienne> an get married... an...

<Anny> ... how :o

  • Hettienne feels herself getting sad.

<Hettienne> I ain't really a giant lady, Nyck... Anny.

<Anny> oh

<Hettienne> And you ain't so teensy.

<Anny> oh, okay

<Anny> well that makes more sense then

<Anny> Mostly I remember you bein' real mad at me. Like, that I messed everything up with us.

  • Anny says a bit more quietly

<Hettienne> Oh honey... that were a long time ago now.

  • Anny nods

<Anny> so.. it's okay now?

<Hettienne> It's real okay.

  • Hettienne smiles wistfully.

<Hettienne> I just wanna get back.

  • Anny nods

<Hettienne> An' then we can be happy... an' Denise an' Enver too.

<Hettienne> She's so confused.

<Anny> I was confused too. but I got it straight now.

  • Anny hugs you - as much as she can anyway. mostly leans against you ;)

<Hettienne> Maybe it'll clear up for her too...

  • Hettienne smiles.

<Hettienne> I'm glad you're here with me.

<Anny> me too

  • Anny nestles up against you

Aux and Silver decide they can and will snog

  • Aux has kept watch all night, but doesn't seem tired at all.
  • Aux walks around the edge of your campsite, keeping an eye on things while others sleep.
  • Silver has been keeping guard, for a few hours herself, from the rooftop vantage, but, bored, hops down to approach the strange looking elf.

<Silver> you really don't sleep do you?

  • Silver says quietly

<Aux> No, I don't.

<Aux> I can feel a storm coming.

  • Silver sniffs the air to try to get a sense of it
  • Aux gestures off into the night.

<DiablotinNarrator> (you can sense that the wind is picking up a bit, but it must be far away still)

<Silver> weather here is mutable as everything else

<Silver> storm means conflict

  • Aux nods

<Silver> I did not expect this to be easy or simple

<Aux> You expected this? ;)

  • Aux says with a grin

<Silver> I...

  • Silver is taken back by the statement...

<Silver> I was talking about this task given to us by the Queen.

<Aux> Do you have the foresight of a norn or a seer?

<Aux> Because I must say - even they seem confused.

<Silver> I have experience, foresights and seers are fickle, advice made clear ususally too late to be helpful or only after the fact.

<Aux> That's very true

<Aux> We'll go off our own senses then.

<Aux> They are more trustworthy than visions and portents.

<Silver> as I have always believed.

  • Silver will circle Aux, getting good look at him
  • Aux looks down at you, maybe mildly amused

<Aux> Do you like what you see, little cat?

<Silver> you're no elf, thats for sure, you smell different.

  • Aux nods

<Silver> and they mostly boast of not sleeping, instead of not really doing it.

  • Aux chuckles at that
  • Aux shifts to a form made of wind and mist, whirling around you for a moment before returning to his elven-like form.

<Silver> so some sort of cloud elf is it? Is that how you sense the storm?

<Aux> I am the storm clouds gathering, I am the lightning that strikes the ground, I am the wind that drives the rain before it

<Aux> I am a bralani, more specifically

<Silver> I suppose I should be impressed.

<Aux> Aren't you? ^-^

<Silver> at least you'd be able to keep a cottage dust free while I sleep, I guess thats impressive.

  • Aux laughs

<Aux> You think you'd get to sleep? ;)

<Silver> more boasting... I do like you.

<Aux> Good!

<Aux> I have a feeling we might be here for a while. So we might as well get to know each other.

  • Silver shrugs as best as a leopard can

<Silver> I'm not doing this to leave this place, I'm doing this for the fame, and for the favors it brings... and because the Blight doesn't smell right.

<Aux> Those seem like as good reasons as any.

<Silver> and what are your reasons?

<Aux> Well, it ought to bring some good opportunities for battle.

<Aux> I wasn't doing anything more important, anyhow.

<Aux> And like you said - the Blight has spread too far already. I don't want it to reach my people's lands.

<Silver> Too much has been spent already not to keep going forward.

<Aux> What do you mean?

  • Silver shakes her head...

<Silver> Errant thought, nothing more... I travel alone quite a bit... they slip out.

  • Aux shrugs

<Aux> As long as you're not prophecying, it's fine. Talk to yourself all you want :)

  • Silver laughts

<Silver> I know no futures.

<Aux> Living in the present is best.

<Silver> Too bad you're stuck walking around these cottages all night... it would be nice not to be alone for a while.

  • Aux chuckles

<Aux> Well, there are others who've offered to take their share of watches. Just because I don't sleep doesn't mean I can't take a break.

  • Aux gives you a wink and a smile

<Silver> I'm going to go for a strole... if you manage to take a break before I return... and if you can find me... who knows?

<Aux> you think you can hide from me? ;)

  • Silver will shift to her normal form, bow and quiver on her back, long silver hair pouring off her head.

<Silver> I guess we'll find out.

  • Silver smiles and saunters away, with a "come find me" sway

<Aux> Go ahead, take your head start. I'll catch up.

  • Aux will go let Vreel and whoever else might be on watch that he's taking a break and will be back... in a bit.

<Vreel> Try not to make *too* much noise.

<Aux> ... no promises.

<Vreel> Well hopefully you can fight in flagrante, then.

<Aux> What fun is it if there isn't some fighting involved? ;p

<Vreel> Hey, whatever suits your fancy. I'm not judging.

<Vreel> Enjoy.

  • Vreel waves you off.
  • Aux will do his best to track down Silver...