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Diablotin 1 session logs
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Diablotin Game 37 From RocksfallWiki [edit] Summary

Twelfth-month, 2196:

   * 26th: The world premiere of 'The Learned Ladies', introducing Pavo Arsenios!
   * 27th: Belden learns that she is pregnant. When she tells Rab, he asks her to marry him and she says yes. 
   * Festival Day 1 (Night of the Bear): The wedding of Rayce Elzior to Ivona vak Andras, where many things happen.
   * Festival Day 3 (Night of the Ox): Loch makes a discovery while researching at the Athenaeum, which he then talks to Mataline about.
   * Festival Day 4 (Night of the Wolf): Falke takes Ilse out to dinner and proposes to her. They sleep together for the first time.
   * Festival Day 5/6 (Night of the Owl, Night of the Cat): Boden and Belden are summoned by Sister Rosiane to the birth of Lygia's baby. Lygia cannot be saved, but the baby, a boy named Halden of Gouge, is healthy. Also at the birth are Patric Dyess and Sister Odelise. (Game 37)
   * Festival Day 6 (Night of the Cat): Boden tells Kalman what happened with Lygia and the baby. (Solo 43) 

[edit] Logs

   * Game 37
   * Solo 43