Denise Murodea

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Player: Elanya

Race: Human

Class: Brawler

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Vital Statistics

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 180

Eyes: Dark brown/black

Hair: Light brown

Skin: Light brown


Denise is a young girl from House Rat who grew up in a tight family unit in the Shambles. Both of her parents worked in factories, her father as a riveter in an airship yard and her mother in a clothing factory. After her mother was in a factory fire that killed many and left her mother permanently debilitated form her burns, she worked very briefly as underage labour in a dress factory to try and bring some extra money into the family. Before long, she found she could have more freedom and still bring in as much money (though less regularly) running with the local gang of teens, the Seething lane Swarm who'd taken over the neighborhood during the war. The gang broke up, however, after an altercation with someone who'd been kidnapping kids turned into a disaster and one of their own, Argent was captured by the guard after he was the only one not to run away. Subsequently, she made friends with Mireva and started hanging out out with her new friend around the borders of and in The Shade. She helped stop an altercation with the Humanist Defense League from getting grossly out of hand, which earned her the gratitude and respect of some of the shadar-kai community. This translated into the gift of a magical tattoo, and also finding someone, a shadar-kai brawler named Syrez who was willing to teach her to fight more effectively.

After the war ended and older people with more life experience came back, what was left of the teenage gangs were either crushed or absorbed into longer-running criminal organizations. In Denise's case, she was recruited into the lower ranks of the Mala Tajna, an underworld organization associated with House Rat traditionalists. This seemed fitting as her mother and brother Mikel were both turning more and more to the old ways of their people, her mother rejecting the place of the house in modern society as factory drones, and her brother devoting himself to becoming a Channel. Her strengthening ties with the criminal underworld, which she sees as a viable way to earn income to take care of her family has resulted in much tenser relations with her father, however, and she is currently living in Rhenea with her aunt Hettie. She nominally works for Ander Suterre, a Mala Tajna operative and liaison who works out of Titania's cabaret. She also does other odd jobs for cabaret employees and regulars.



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