Colin, Kolya & Dovev, 12/4/2002

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<Dovev> ~My name is Nabeshin, I've got an afro <Debbie> (snick) <Debbie> (I've enver really thought of Dovev singing, before...) <Dovev> I've never thought about Dovev singing about afros <Dovev> ~girls on film <Dovev> ~I come from the lands of the ice and snow <Dovev> ;D <Dovev> ~from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow! <Dovev> la la la <Dovev> *swim*

  • Dovev is bored.

<Debbie> There, letter sent.

      • Debbie is now known as Colin
      • Colin is now known as Colin_
  • Colin_ misses Rachel.

<Elanya> why? o_O

  • Colin_ liked her.

<Colin_> ^-^ <Colin_> She was nice.

  • Colin_ is working with the carpenter occasionally now, and not just as a stableboy.
  • Colin_ wonders if the Duke liked those arrows he made...
  • Colin_ wonders when the Countess and the Duke will get married.

<Elanya> (arent' they already married?)

  • Colin_ wonders when Rachel and Nikolai will get married, but that doesn't seem as likely.

<Colin_> (Technically...) <Colin_> (But they were going to remarry, I think. ^-^) <Colin_> (I'm not sure)

  • Colin_ is going to visit Kolya today; he heard Kolya was hurt.
  • Colin_ has cleaned himself up so he's right neat and tidy.
  • Colin_ is now inside the castle and looking about nervously, apprehensive still about Dovev!
  • Dovev is hiding under Kolya's bed, mwaha.
      • Elanya is now known as Kolya
  • Kolya is sleeping

<Dovev> (under the floor under Kolya's bed, even) <Kolya> (I'm probably going out at some point, depending on the time, but I'll play for now ;)

  • Colin_ runs his hand through a thatch of unruly hair which he tried to tame with water.
  • Colin_ finds out where Kolya

<Colin_> (where Kolya's room is from a Boggan) <Colin_> (where are you going, Heather-chan?)

  • Colin_ heads that way.

<Kolya> (Hand out with Dean and Jason) <Kolya> (hang) <Kolya> (Possibly just hang Jason ^-^)

  • Colin_ finds Kolya's door closed and hesitates.

<Colin_> (ah)

  • Kolya is dozing, more than properly sleeping
  • Colin_ taps on the door quietly.
  • Kolya doesn't usually leav his door open anyway ;p
  • Dovev raises his head up through the floor at the sound.
  • Kolya opens his eyes briefly, and listens to see if he did hear something or if he was only dreaming
  • Colin_ fingers something hard and smooth in his pocket and wonders if he should knock again.

<Dovev> (O_o)

  • Colin_ taps again.

<Colin_> (heehee!) <Kolya> Hello?

  • Dovev flicks out his tongue to smell the air...

<Colin_> Hello? Master Kolya? <Dovev> . o O (Only the carpenter's boy) <Dovev> <w> sssssssss... <Colin_> (It smells like that Satyr who went on an adventure down in the cellar a while ago... terrified of Dovev, he is...  :^D <Kolya> Oh, um, just a second... <Colin_> Master Kolya? It's me, Colin. Oh, ok! I'se can wait.

  • Kolya throws his shirt back on and combs his hair out with his fingers

<Dovev> ss <Kolya> ...

  • Kolya loks aroudn for the source of the hissing
  • Dovev sinks back into the floor with a quiet hissing sound :)

<Kolya> . o O ( just Dovev... creepy! O_o )

  • Kolya ambles over to the door
  • Colin_ waits behind it, cheeks and neck ruddy from scrubbing.
  • Kolya opens the door

<Kolya> hello? <Kolya> Oh, hey Colin...

  • Colin_ 's hair is all slicked back too. He's wearing nice (for him) clothes as well.

<Colin_> Hi, Kolya!

  • Colin_ grins.
  • Kolya looks thinner than last time you saw him, and pale and dark circles under his eyes

<Colin_> I heard as you were sick and so I came to see how you were and to give you sometin'

  • Kolya smiles tiredly
  • Colin_ peers up at Kolya.
  • Kolya opens the door woder so the Satyr can come in if he likes

<Kolya> come on in... <Colin_> Oh, hey, did I get you at a bad time? 'Cause I can just go again...

  • Colin_ looks very healthy and about to burst into Wilderhood.
  • Dovev hisses quietly to himself.

<Kolya> no, its fine...

  • Colin_ 's voice is in that awkward stage where it sounds as if it could crack any moment.

<Colin_> Oh, all right then.

  • Colin_ ambles in to Kolya's room and looks around.

<Kolya> (I need closure on that anecdote!) <Kolya> (Kee watching the skiis. I mean skies.) <Colin_> Caw! <Kolya> (There is the usually boggan baked goods basket, picked over by various guests, a pile of books, some flowers and stuff... <Kolya> caw?

  • Colin_ 's eyes grow round.

<Dovev> (bang!)

  • Kolya has a desk and stuff, anda wardrobe

<Colin_> (British thing, not sure if that's how you spell it. Exclamation of surprise/disbelief.) <Dovev> (cor?) <Kolya> (it's cor.) <Colin_> (yeah, that's it, but they pronounce it British-ly) <Colin_> (and so it sounds a bit like "caw") <Colin_> (^-^) <Kolya> (Depends on where they are from. It is definitely "cor!" in Sheff.) <Colin_> Wow... no wonder you and Silas don't come visit me much anymore... Who'd want to with such a swank room! <Kolya> (There is no such thing as *an* English/Brittish accent) <Kolya> eh? <Colin_> (true.  :^D) <Kolya> I guess...

  • Colin_ has never seen such a nice room before. ;^D

<Colin_> Is everyone's rooms like this? <Colin_> In the castle, I mean?

  • Dovev is hungry.. :/

<Kolya> Um... I don't really know... <Kolya> some are probably better <Kolya> like, actual important' people's <Colin_> Oh, don't you? I thought you might, sincen you were a chamberboy.

  • Colin_ grins.

<Colin_> Once. <Kolya> ...did you want a cinnamon bun or something? <Kolya> oh, right

  • Kolya shakes his head

<Kolya> I'm not thinking very straight these days <Kolya> No, this is just sort of an average room, I guess... <Kolya> Like the guest rooms <Colin_> That's okay, and yes, please, I'd like a cinnamon bun or something... <Colin_> *This* is average?

  • Colin_ 's jaw drops.

<Colin_> Wow... <Colin_> You sure are lucky. I'm glad you're headin' up in the world. <Colin_> I am too, y'know, I'm working with the carpenter finally!

  • Dovev thinks about things he would like to eat. :D

<Colin_> Look, I made this. <Colin_> (Colin might be yummy.  ;^D) <Kolya> hmm?

  • Dovev hisses happily at the thought of food.
  • Colin_ pulls a little carved horse out of his pocket.
  • Colin_ drops it.

<Colin_> Wha- wha was that?

  • Colin_ 's face drains of colour.

<Kolya> ... <Kolya> Dovev. <Kolya> He';s hiding under the bed again <Dovev> . o O (rabbits.... seals.... selkies... stag...) <Dovev> ssss

  • Colin_ looks extremely alarmed!

<Kolya> it's okay though <Colin_> (selkies? o.O) <Kolya> the countess put him in here <Colin_> D-d-d-dovev? <Colin_> In here?

  • Colin_ 's voice cracks.

<Dovev> . o O (Fish... pheasant...) <Dovev> . o O (foooood...) <Kolya> um... yeah <Kolya> He won't eat you or anything, though.. <Kolya> Unless you're trying to kill me, which I somehow doubt

  • Colin_ shakes his head vehemently no.

<Kolya> well, there you go... <Colin_> Are you in that much danger?

  • Colin_ asks, frghtened but impressed.

<Kolya> I don't know <Kolya> probably not

  • Kolya shrugs

<Kolya> me sits down on the best

  • Colin_ stoops to pick up the horse he dropped and tries not to get a glimpse of Dovev.

<Kolya> there's buns and stuff in the basket, if you want a snack...

  • Kolya says as he looks at the horse you are picking up
  • Colin_ holds the horse out for Kolya. It's pretty, almost lifelike in its accuracy, but quite small.

<Colin_> It's for you... <Kolya> oh, wow..

  • Kolya looks at it

<Kolya> thanks.. <Kolya> that's really good <Colin_> You're welcome... uh, thanks.

  • Colin_ bravely moves towards the basket, trying not to think of a dragon claw reaching out and grabbing his leg as he does so.

<Colin_> (Dovev can smell the fear, prolly.  ;^D)

  • Dovev will.. smell his ankle ;D

<Colin_> (it is trembling) <Dovev> *flick* <Dovev> (with my tongue) <Colin_> (touching his hocks with your tongue?  :^O ) <Dovev> (well, I use it to smell :)

  • Kolya puts the little hose beside the book he is reading atm.

<Colin_> Uuuh-aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh! <Dovev> (and to scare children :D) <Kolya> (It is a recipie book ;D)

  • Colin_ faints.
  • Kolya winces at the shriek

<Dovev> ... <Kolya> .... <Kolya> the hell? <Kolya> Colin?

  • Dovev floats up through the bed.

<Dovev> ... <Colin_> (He's deathly afraid of Dovev. ^-^)

  • Kolya kneels by the kid and shakes him a bit

<Dovev> <w> Sssorry.

  • Colin_ rouses.

<Kolya> ...umm... did you do something? <Dovev> sssssssss... <Kolya> You okay? <Colin_> Don't eat medon'teatmedon'teatmeplease! <Kolya> al...riiight.. <Kolya> I'm not actually hungry at the moment, and I'm told Satyrs are kinda touch... <Kolya> (Tough)

  • Dovev swims up towards the celiing and coils up amidst the rafters.
  • Colin_ blushes deep red when he realizes it's Kolya.

<Colin_> Uh, uh-

  • Colin_ scrambles up to a sitting position.

<Kolya> you okay?

  • Colin_ nods.
  • Kolya sits back down on his bed

<Colin_> Is he gone? <Kolya> ..

  • Colin_ squeaks.
  • Dovev is so vastly amused by this :D

<Kolya> umm, just, don't look up? <Colin_> Uhhhhhh- ahhhhhhh...

  • Colin_ manages not to faint again.
  • Dovev waits for Colin to look up...
  • Dovev yawns a dragony yawn to show off his teeth.
  • Colin_ 's eyes widen with fear.

<Colin_> Sh-sh-sh-sharp... <Kolya> I'm pretty sure he isn't supposed to eat anyone withoutg asking first, anyway <Kolya> yeah... <Colin_> He- he *licked* me!

  • Colin_ squeaks.
  • Kolya laughs

<Kolya> ..sorry <Kolya> that's how he smells things. <Colin_> R-r-r-rachel used to *play* with him!

  • Colin_ sounds like he doesn't believe that but is too polite to call Rachel a liar. ;^SD

<Kolya> um.... yeah? <Kolya> SO did Tally and Aidan. <Colin_> A-are they *crazy*? <Kolya> no...

  • Colin_ tears his eyes away from the dragon and looks to Kolya again.
  • Colin_ 's mouth is quite dry.

<Kolya> he hasn't eaten me yet, either

  • Colin_ hasn't touched his sweet bun yet but is clutching it still in his hand.

<Colin_> C-c-countess told him not to! <Kolya> you want some water or something to wash your stomach down with? <Colin_> But- I'm just a 'prentice... no one cares if I get eaten... <Colin_> He was going to eat me in the cellar! <Kolya> I doubt that <Kolya> ... he was?

  • Colin_ nods.
  • Kolya looks up at Dovev

<Kolya> Were you? <Dovev> sss...

  • Dovev shifts.
  • Kolya rolls his eyes

<Dovev> (I have no shoulders... I can't shrug) <Kolya> I expect if he were really trying to eat you... he would have :D

  • Colin_ closes his eyes slowly, trying not to faint again. Hoe embarrassing, fainting in front of Kolya!

<Kolya> (eh, I've fainted in fron of much more important people ;)

  • Colin_ opens his eyes again and tries to nibble on his bun, darting nervous glances up at the rafters every now and then.

<Colin_> <w> How can you sleep with him under your bed? <Kolya> very safely ;) <Kolya> the rhythmic hissing helps me sleep ;)

  • Colin_ shudders.

<Dovev> ssssssssss... <Colin_> You're crazy, Kolya...

  • Kolya sighs

<Kolya> possibly <Colin_> Wh-who's guarding the Countess now, if he's here? <Kolya> Umm.. <Kolya> Mi... I mean, the Duke?

  • Kolya shrugs

<Kolya> I don't think She's under any threat... <Kolya> . o O ( then I wouldn't know, would I... :/ ) <Colin_> (does he he actually capitalize the "she?"  ;^D) <Kolya> (yeah, why not) <Colin_> (heehee) <Colin_> The Duke has to sleep sometimes, doesn't he? <Dovev> <w> I do not

  • Kolya glances up at Dovev

<Kolya> ... rigt <Kolya> (Right) <Colin_> Uhhhhhhhh-ahhh! <Colin_> He *talks*?

  • Colin_ squeals.

<Kolya> didn't know that <Kolya> ?

  • Colin_ shakes his head, pale as a ghost.
  • Kolya seems vaguely surprised
  • Colin_ stares up at the dragon, eyes wide with fear.

<Colin_> I'm sorry! I didn't know or I wouldn't have excluded you from the conversation! <Colin_> . o O (Please don't eat me!) <Kolya> well... he doesn't talk *much* anyway

  • Kolya glances upwards again, and the rubs his eys with one hand

<Kolya> ynyg

  • Colin_ notices that Kolya is tired.

<Colin_> Oh... I ought to go. <Kolya> hmm?

  • Colin_ stands up and brushes himself off, relieved for the excuse to leave the dragon's presence.

<Colin_> You, um, sound tired. <Dovev> . o O (Smells like... chicken!) <Kolya> oh... well, I'm always tired, really

  • Dovev hisses laughter at his little joke :D

<Colin_> Oh...

  • Colin_ glances up at the dragon again.

<Colin_> . o O (Eeep? What's he making that noise for?!) <Dovev> (maybe it's my HUNGRY noise ;D) <Colin_> There's a boggan I know, she makes this juice that tastes really good, and she says it's good for building up energy. <Kolya> Yvonne? <Colin_> There's, um ginger? In it? No, um, gin- gin-something. <Colin_> Yeah, her. <Kolya> Ginseng? <Kolya> yeah... <Colin_> Yeah, that's it! <Kolya> She's already been co-opted to the 'Make Kolya get better faster' team <Kolya> :/ <Colin_> Oh... <Colin_> Hey, it must be nice that everyone cares so much about you.

  • Colin_ smiles.

<Kolya> yeah, I guess so

  • Kolya smiles too, but it is, as ever, tired seeming

<Colin_> I really should go before I tire you out because then Dovev might have to eat me. <Colin_> It was nice seeing you, Kolya... <Kolya> yeah, thanks for coming by, Colin, good luck with the carpentry :) <Colin_> Thanks!

  • Colin_ grins.

<Colin_> You should see the things my master's working on right now... <Colin_> Wow... <Colin_> Someday maybe I'll be that good. <Colin_> Then I can make furniture for the Countess, too! <Kolya> I'm sure you will... you seem pretty talented to me, anyway <Kolya> cool, I just wonder where she'll put it all :o <Colin_> I don't think it's possible to run out of room in here. <Colin_> But I really should get going. <Colin_> 'Bye, Kolya. <Kolya> bye, Colin...

  • Colin_ glances up at the dragon fearfully once more then darts out of the room, closing the door behind him.
  • Kolya glances up at Dovev too

<Kolya> ...You enjoyed that, didn't yoU? ;p <Dovev> ssss

  • Dovev flaots back down from the ceiling.

<Dovev> (floats) <Dovev> <w> I have a reputation

  • Dovev floats down throuhg the floor.

<Kolya> I suppose. Maybe I shluld have told colin that you *would* eat him, if I weren't here... <Kolya> heh <Kolya> .

  • Kolya will pick up[ the little horse and look at it again

<Colin_> (It's sanded smooth, so it's very pleasant to hold) <Colin_> (It looks almost as if it might neigh.) <Kolya> cute.

  • Kolya puts it back down

<Kolya> *sigh* <Kolya> (Shall I just continue to roleplay sick alone Kolya, then? ;p) <Dovev> (we could start something new) <Colin_> (*snick* you want Lina to meet Dovev?  ;^D)

  • Kolya stares at it for a while, maybe thinking, maybe mind-blanking, who knows..