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Laris's personal slave, Calkas is a gnome of roughly 150 years of age He was born as part of a tribal group to the west of Thantopolis. With their longstanding alliance with the elves of Aethrennar, Calkas's tribe sent many of their members to serve in the elduar capital. When Aethrennar offically joined the Empire of Bael Turath, Calkas's tribe sided with the elves and left. The tribe fought alongside the elves against their former eladrin allies. Some years later, warring against Aethrennar's ally, Thantopolis, Calkas's tribe was defeated and he was captured into slavery. He was sold to be a tutor for young members of the Thantopolitan nobility, and it was in such a role that he was acquired by Laris's family almost thirty years ago, when Laris was about eight. Even though Laris no longer needs a tutor, Calkas remains in a role as something between a valet, household manager, and advisor to the shadar-kai Dominus. In truth their relationship is more like Laris's closest and longest-lasting friendship.

Is a secret follower (and former priest) of Sehanine.


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