César Nazarius

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César Nazarius, born de St. Nazaire, is a young man of age 17, with red hair and pale skin. He is Mother Alma's brother, and once lived in the undercity, a worshipper of the forbidden human gods. He was captured when he was just a kid and put in the arena against some wild beasts, expected to die quickly for the amusement of the crowds. To everyone's surprise, he survived his first fight, at which point Halden took him under his wing to train him alongside Dom and Laurin. He is very tall and strong, and the ladies like him, but he's not the brightest fellow around. He's affectionate and cheerful, despite his hard life.

In the leadup to the Tal-Antar's awakening he became enamoured of Sendhel, who appears to return the affections, and has arranged for Kalman Vak'andres to free César from the Arena, like Kalman once did Boden.

In the years since then, he and Sendhel have parted ways, but the relationship between he and Kalman grew and the two are now a couple.